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Tim Tebow: Being Exploited And Misled By Focus On The Family

Posted by Job on January 26, 2010

College football star quarterback Tim Tebow is making a thinly veiled anti-abortion advertisement for the pseudo-Christian group Focus On The Family that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl. Though they may yet buckle to pressure from wicked people who support the abortion procedure, that CBS has initially agreed to show the advertisement can be construed as evidence that the Tebow advertisement has nothing to do with a legitimate Christian message, and as such is not something that truly offends a world ruled by Satan that hates and has rejected Jesus Christ and will return to this same world to judge it one day.

Were Tebow’s message one that warned people of that impending judgment and informed them that accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the only way to avoid the wrath of the judgment of the Lamb that is certain and soon to come, there is no way that CBS would air it. Thus, Focus On The Family is doing what it always has, which is promote a political and cultural agenda that is entirely comfortable and conformed to this world, which includes not only the mammon of big business like CBS, but the group of adulterers, homosexuals, pagan occultists, greedy corporatists, and bloodthirsty warmongers that rule this nation. Perhaps the greatest evil that groups like Focus On The Family, the Christian Coalition and their correlates on the religious left like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is their deceiving Christians into thinking that we don’t have to separate from the world. Instead, they teach us that it is not only ok to be worldly, but that we HAVE to join forces with the world – so long as we are on the right team with the right values and agenda, the “right side” or “the left side” of the world – in order to promote and defend God’s agenda. The fact that Jesus Christ said that “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH” and that we are to be nothing but Jesus Christ’s humble slaves, His own Body doing nothing but His bidding just as Jesus Christ did nothing but God the Father’s Will during His sojourn as a human on this earth, is cast aside by virtue as the same temptation that Satan used to deceive Eve: the appeal to our human vanity, the pride of life.

So, we have the religious right telling us that if we are conservatives, we are good Christians and we can make this nation righteous and holy. We have the religious left telling us that we are liberals, then we are good Christians and we can make this nation righteous and holy. The truth is that no nation can be righteous and holy – even Israel failed in this mission – and that all will be judged by the one God who is righteous and holy, America included. The big deception is that these political Christian movements deceive you into thinking that you are choosing one side over the other when the truth is that behind the scenes, both dominant political movements are joined together in promoting iniquity. But then again, how much “behind the scenes” is it? After all, George W. Bush declared to the world on many occasions that he supports abortion rights, homosexual rights, religious pluralism, and rejects Biblical inerrancy and infallibility.

On those issues and many others (including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into “bailouts” purporting to save the economy, and the promotion of military, political, economic and cultural globalism as well as New Age philosophical and religious thought) there was no substantial difference between Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, and incidentally for the dispensationalists, Bush had the same policy towards Israel – pushing them towards a “two-state solution” with Palestinian terrorists – also. It is just that these political false Christians have done an excellent job of pulling the wool over the eyes of so many that we THINK that there is a difference.

And now these people have apparently succeeded in getting Tim Tebow, a very young man who has lived a sheltered life, to join them in their wickedness. (This comes after the governor of Florida, a scoundrel on many levels, has been brazenly attempting to exploit Tebow’s fame to aid his re-election attempts.) Similar to the Carrie Prejean outrage, it is becoming a common tactic among the political wolves seeking to devour the Christian sheep to prop up and exploit young Christians into being spokesmen – positions of leadership and influence – despite knowing full well that they lack the wisdom and maturity that the Bible requires for such positions of responsibility (there is a reason why a term for “pastor” in the New Testament is “ELDER”). Where are the adult Christians in Tebow’s life, his parents and pastors, whose job it is to redirect his zeal from the snares and deceptions of the enemy and onto the path that Jesus Christ actually told us to take?

Look, even from a secular standpoint, the Tebow commercial is extremely problematic. Where testimonials, or testimonies of personal experience, are a requirement and blessing in the Christian life, in other contexts they are often abused to the point of being deceiving and manipulative. This appears to be one of these incidents, where Tebow relates how he could have been aborted. And of course, young men and women who love Tebow for his exploits on the football field and his good works off it are supposed to be whipped up into a frenzy of shock, fear, anger and rage and in response run out to elect more (pro-abortion and at times closeted homosexual!) Republicans to office, and of course to send more money to Focus On The Family, who despite being so financially destitute that they were forced to lay off dozens of staffers and pare back their “ministry activities” are somehow able to come up with $2.5 to $3 million for a Super Bowl advertisement.

But here is the problem: Tim Tebow’s mother was advised to abort Tebow because SHE WAS VERY ILL AT THE TIME. What are we supposed to do? Endorse the idea that a mother is supposed to always unconditionally sacrifice her own life to have a child? Where is that in the New Testament? Someone show me! And does this Christian doctrine of being required to unconditionally sacrifice your life ONLY apply to pregnant women? If so, why? Because the baby is innocent? WELL SO IS THE MOTHER! Or truthfully, from an honest theological perspective, the baby is just as guilty of original sin as the mother is! Don’t want to believe it? Well, you need to stop reading your fake political “pro-life literature” from Focus On The Family, National Right To Life, the Christian Coalition or whoever and start reading the TRUE pro-life literature, meaning ETERNAL life, which is THE BIBLE (and regarding this original sin issue specifically the first 12 chapters of the book of Romans is a good place to start). And again, who else has to live under this standard? If there are two people in a burning building and you can only rescue one, would you have to allow them both to burn to death because choosing one over the other is murder? Or what about a sinking ship? There are 100 people on it, but only room on the lifeboat for 99. So do all 100 people have to die because sacrificing that 1 person’s life to save the rest is murder? If not, then what right do we have to say that a woman UNCONDITIONALLY HAS to risk her life to have a baby? Again, pro-life Christians need to make this case USING SCRIPTURE. So not only is deceiving Tebow away from the gospel of Jesus Christ into making political messages that have NOTHING to do with that gospel bad in and of itself, but Tebow is being used to deliver THE WORST ANTI-ABORTION MESSAGE POSSIBLE.

Now do not be deceived. I despise abortion and greatlywish for the procedure to be generally illegal. (And unlike the sham pro-lifer politicians and activists who ALWAYS waffle when confronted with this question, were abortion illegal, yes I would certainly advocate putting any doctor who performs the procedure or any woman who receives it in jail where they would belong.) So in this way, I am like Tebow. The issue is that by relying on Tebow’s personal story to send a message that is manipulative, deceptive, and highly medically, ethically and theologically suspect … look what if some pregnant single mother with 8 kids and no reliable family support who loves college football and is inspired by Tim Tebow has been warned by doctors not to have her ninth child sees this commercial, ignores her doctor and attempts to carry the pregnancy to term as a result, only to have both her and the child die. Who is going to adopt and take care of that woman’s kids in that scenario? Focus On The Family? Don’t hold your breath. Oh yes, and what if this woman, who was never taken to church by her own parents but knows Tebow’s reputation for Christianity, mistakes the pro-life message for the gospel of Jesus Christ, tries to carry the pregnancy to term because she thinks that it is her “Christian duty” only to have that tragedy happen, AND AS A RESULT NEVER HEARS THE REAL GOSPEL, AND DOES NOT LIVE TO SHARE IT WITH HER EIGHT CHILDREN WHO ARE THEN DUMPED ON STATE SOCIAL SERVICES, THE VERY SOCIAL SERVICES THAT FOCUS ON THE FAMILY REGULARLY ELECTS CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES TO SLASH FUNDING AND PROGRAMS FOR. Look, issues like these are extremely serious and must be dealt with prudently. That is why people who lack the ability to navigate such issues prudently – and a 22 year old football player would almost inherently meet that definition – should stick to very gospel of Jesus Christ that Focus On The Family is seducing Tebow away from. That is why we should stick to what the Bible calls the foolishness and simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected from the dead.

And the person who modeled this for us? Why Jesus Christ Himself. Though not a citizen like the apostle Paul, Jesus Christ was born into and in His human condition was a willing subject of the Roman Empire. Now what are the two main items on the agenda of the religious right? Homosexuality and abortion/infanticide. Well, both were widely practiced in the Roman Empire. (As a matter of fact, some researchers have proposed this as a reason for the rapid growth of Christianity within the Empire in terms of its percentage of the population: no homosexuality or infanticide meant higher birthrates.) However, did Jesus Christ at any time organize a pro-life, pro-family political movement? No. And since Jesus Christ did ALL and ONLY that which was the will of God the Father, it is clear that changing the legal and cultural fabric of the Roman Empire was not His mission.

Well, you might say that Jesus Christ’s mission was a limited one, and it was left to the church to pursue the pro-life, pro-family agenda, right? Not according to the Bible. Read the epistles. Despite living and evangelizing in an overwhelmingly pagan and immoral culture, at no point did Paul or any other apostle advocate an agenda of political, legal or social reform that would have wasted the time and effort of imposing God’s righteousness on the unregenerate. Instead, the entire agenda of Jesus Christ and His apostles to save the lost – to turn the unregenerate into the regenerate – and to teach and lead the found into holy and righteous living. What of the abortion, homosexuality and other sins? Well sin is what sinners do. (As a matter of fact, the New Testament clearly states that even Christians are not immune from falling into sin.) That is not going to stop no matter how many laws are passed, and even if you can somehow physically restrain a sinner from doing wickedness with his hands, he is still going to sin in his mind and heart (Matthew 15:1-20). The Great Commission is Jesus Christ’s commandment to the church to save souls and disciple them thereafter. Passing laws to stop people from having abortions does not accomplish this, and therefore is not the duty of the church. It was not the agenda of the apostles, and it was not the agenda of Jesus Christ. Despite what the liberal theologians claim, Jesus Christ DID NOT attempt to lead a political or religious reform agenda within Israel or Rome, and neither did the apostles. Instead, their only agenda was the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of reformed hearts using the transforming love and power of God. Their agenda is our agenda, and if it is not the agenda of Jesus Christ and the apostles (yes, the apostles are the foundation of the church which Jesus Christ is the only Head) then it is not a true, legitimate Christian agenda but instead a diversion, a deception.

And this is the truly regrettable thing regarding Tim Tebow. Because – as far as I know based on what I have read about him – Tebow was heretofore acting as a legitimate Great Commission Christian. Working on the missionary field, sharing the gospel with those in prison, doing good works for the poor … those were all things specifically commanded by Jesus Christ and done by His apostles and followers as recorded in the New Testament. It is this Focus On The Family evil that Jesus Christ never commanded us and the Bible does not teach us to do that is the problem. It is a temptation of Tebow, to lead him astray from the path of legitimate Christian service and ministry because of his fame, and we Christians should pray for Tebow that he not yield to temptation. We should pray that prudent Christians surround him and tell him the truth, and that Tebow heed their Biblical counsel to avoid the world and all its temptations and to adhere closely to what the Bible commands of him. The call, purpose and design that God has on the life of Tebow, of every Christian for that matter, is contained within the Bible, and we are not to deviate from it. The sola scriptura doctrine of Christianity is essential, and we are not to deviate from it to the right or to the left.

Now it is true … many have been seduced into the arena of political Christianity by the historical fact that Christianity socially and legally reformed the Roman Empire. We are often told of how Constantine converted, how Christianity was ultimately made the state religion of the Empire, and how infanticide, the decadent homosexuality culture, and slavery were abolished, how the status of women and children greatly improved etc. These things are true, but like Tebow’s “don’t get an abortion … had my own grievously ill mother had aborted me OKLAHOMA WOULD HAVE WON THE NATIONAL TITLE!” it is a simplistic rendering of history that ignores some key facts. First, Constantine refused to submit himself to a pastor to learn Christian doctrine and living. Second, Constantine rejected Biblical Christianity for Arianism (and was baptized on his deathbed as such) and persecuted actual Christians. Third: Constantine began the vile practice of making Christianity an instrument of state power, including warfare.

The result of Constantine’s melding Christianity with the state and culture was not the rapid evangelization of the pagans within the Roman Empire. Instead, the reverse happened:  the pagans flooded the Roman state church, bringing with them their perverse doctrines and lifestyles. Altering Christianity into a form where it could be embraced by the culture and government made it A.) acceptable for the unsaved and B) unfit for the saved. In short: a worldly false apostate Christianity of the sort warned against by Jesus Christ (especially in Revelation 2 and 3) and His apostles. Of course, a true invisible body of believers of Jesus Christ existed at that time and through all times, but to claim that Roman state-church-culture was a legitimate expression of it and not the abomination that it actually was is historically, theologically, factually false and dishonest. So are the modern successors of Constantine and his “advisor” Eusebius (considered the creator of Constantinian church-state theology) who live on in movements like Focus On The Family, the Family Research Council, the Traditional Values Coalition, and all of these other organizations, councils, coalitions, groups etc. whose leaders get very rich off contributions that should be going to spread the gospel and help the poor, and whose agenda is not the gospel of Jesus Christ but families, values, culture, morals and other worldly things. How ironic that the actual Jesus Christ warned His legitimate sheep that being a Christian often meant being rejected by your family and culture.

It is because we live in a country that purports to be majority Christian that we can suffer this delusion. But imagine being a Christian in a majority Muslim, Hindu or communist country.  What good would the anti-abortion advertisements of football players do for Christianity in Indonesia? China? India? Egypt? Or even the Hamas-PLO controlled Palestine where Jesus Christ was born? (Or for that matter Israel, where sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ can literally result in a jail sentence? It is a subject that an odd coalition of theological liberals and prominent dispensationalists do their best to tiptoe around, but it is true.) But when Jesus Christ returns, the whole world will see Him, and all delusions will come to an end.

When that day comes, where will you be? What will you be doing? Whose agenda will you be supporting? Will it be the agenda of Jesus Christ as revealed to you by the New Testament? Or will it be some worldly political agenda crafted to gain power, make money and hide the truth from people who so desperately need it? Ultimately, the question is this: who’s side are you on? Where does your heart, the things that you truly love and desire, lie? With Jesus Christ and the world to come? Or this world that God will judge and burn with fire? Are you as Lot, who fled Sodom and Gomorrah and was spared judgment? Or are you as Lot’s wife, who turned and look back because her heart desired Sodom, Gomorrah and the perversions of it and received judgment  – the turning into a pillar of salt, the ending of her life – as a result? (And do not be deceived … the devastation that happened to all that Lot had was the result of Lot’s joining himself to Sodom and Gomorrah in the first place.) Worldliness that is known and regarded to be evil is bad enough, but worldliness that passes itself for Godly virtue – the work of the Pharisees – is particularly insidious. From such things, Christians should turn away. Let us pray that all Christians, Tim Tebow included, are protected by Jesus Christ from falling into this evil and into all others.

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2 Responses to “Tim Tebow: Being Exploited And Misled By Focus On The Family”

  1. Agreed, the number one mission of Christians is the great commission. I would also say that yes, it could be that Tim Tebow was designed by God, was given the public platform that he has, by God so he can share the gospel. And it could be that he is missing the mark by using his time, energy, and platform to further the Pro-Life cause. Yet don’t we see in the bible Jesus’ pleasure with people who have done other good? (Luke 18) I’m a Christian firefighter. I believe that God designed me and others around me to save people from fires and other medical emergencies. I believe that God designed Christian doctors to save people from illness and injury. I believe that God designed Christian policemen to protect people from those with evil intent. Of course Christian firefighters, doctors, and police officers should also further God’s kingdom according to Christ’s great commission. With this in mind, Tim Tebow aside, could it be that some were designed by God to, in addition to carrying out the great commission, speak out for the unborn?

    • Job said

      Kurt Bennett:

      I thank you for your service as a Christian and a firefighter, and I greatly respect it. I do not doubt that God raises up people to bear witness of Him in all walks of life, just as He according to the profession of your mouth has done for you in firefighting. And please do not mistake me … I am 100% anti-abortion. I write often on the abortion issue, and my church has a pro-life counseling and charity ministry that I support. I do not have the position that Christians should limit their sphere of activity to supporting themselves and the Great Commission. There is no commandment or doctrine that would prohibit getting involved in various causes and activities that are meritorious in their own right, especially when such activities open up opportunities to minister to people and share the gospel. I have heard plenty of stories of people who successfully made converts to Jesus Christ during their pro-life activism, and I myself invited people to church when I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

      My issue, however, is people who purposefully pretend that social and political activism are the gospel itself, or if not the gospel constitutes a major and direct avenue for Christian ministry and service. It is not. And we fundamental, evangelical, charismatic and Reformed Christians must be consistent and not double minded or hypocrites. If we are so quick to say that things like civil rights, worker rights, environmentalism, antiwar, child advocacy, antipoverty, social justice etc. concerns of liberal Christians, the so-called “social gospel”, are illegitimate deviations from legitimate Christianity, we must do the same with our professed theologically conservative Christians who fight battles against abortion, homosexuality, pornography, no-fault divorce etc. After all, life does not stop at birth! If you are “pro-life”, then doesn’t stopping wars, battling disease and famine, stopping corporations from polluting drinking water and farmland, finding housing for the homeless etc. save lives like overturning Roe v. Wade would? Honestly, there is actually more Biblical support for some of the political and social activities of liberal Christians than those of really most of the conservative ones, especially when the “actions” of so many conservative Christians tend to be limited to voting.

      Focus On The Family and these other “religious right” organizations have succeeded in deceiving a sizable portion of a generation of Christians into mistaking their political and social agenda for Christianity. I mean, the chasm between what they do and the Bible actually says is a wide gulf. The Bible, especially the New Testament, barely speaks of family issues and never addresses social and political ones. But you can read Christian magazines, turn on Christian TV or radio, and everyone is talking about family issues, politics … everything BUT Ephesians, Corinthians, Acts and Mark. My goodness, why are so many CHURCHES these days called “Family Life Centers”? It is a diversion, a deception. It is wrong when the black churches do their NAACP Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton thing, and it is just as wrong when evangelical churches get sidetracked from what churches ought to be doing. And yes, both the liberals and the conservatives who do this stuff get very powerful and wealthy, and they also very frequently lead lives and make decisions that do not reflect the Bible. I mean, BOOKS have been written on the stuff that Dobson and Focus On The Family says and does, both above board and behind the scenes. It is shocking that they are still considered to be a legitimate Christian ministry.

      Then again, as people still revere Billy Graham despite his promoting Roman Catholicism for decades and his coming out several years ago and stating that he was no longer sure that Jesus Christ was the only way to heaven (and in this Graham adopted the position of the Vatican Council of the 1960s, when Graham first made ties to that false church) I guess it isn’t a surprise. These days, if you are rich and famous, you can get away with a lot of things. The reason is that people’s eyes are not truly on Jesus Christ. Their eyes are on church attendance, social customs, cultural norms, things like that. Well, the Bible says that we are supposed to seek first the kingdom of heaven and all other good things will be added to it. But this scene wants everything else and wants to add a little bit of Jesus – and their own personal idea of Jesus, not the Jesus Christ of the Bible – on top.

      And I have to truly tell you … so many of these pro-life people are frauds and liars. The way to tell is what I mentioned in the post. When the media or a pro-abortionist challenges them on the real issue, they go soft and limp like a wet rag. What am I speaking of? If you challenge them to go publicly, on the record or with the TV cameras on, whether they support putting doctors who perform abortions and women who seek them in jail, they either say NO or they get evasive. Why? Because they know that putting doctors and pregnant women in jail isn’t politically popular. Start advocating that, and no one would vote for them. Their funding would dry up like a puddle in the Sahara. Now if they REALLY believed that abortion is murder, what is wrong with putting the MURDERERS in jail? Remember: these are the same “tough on crime” people who have no problem using three-strikes laws to give life sentences without parole to shoplifters and drug users, so what is the problem with putting a guy like George Tiller in jail? But they don’t advocate that. They are just playing politics to take your money and your votes. And you know who knows this? The pro-abortionists. You can read the scuttlebutt on capitol hill all the time about how as many as half of the politicians who claim to be pro-life aren’t. They play the game, shake our hands, take our campaign checks, and laugh at us and call us fanatics behind our backs. Ever notice how most REAL pro-life measures never even comes up for a vote? For instance, Bill Clinton forced states to cover abortions under MediCaid almost 15 years ago. When that happened, the abortion rate shot up, especially in certain areas of the country and in minority communities. We had a Republican Congress from 1994-2006 and a Republican president from 2000-2008, and not a single bill was even introduced to stop MediCaid from paying for abortions. That’s why this stuff about “we can’t let Obama cover abortions under universal healthcare!” nonsense is just a sham. And the idea that our GOP presidents have been pro-life? Another lie. Ronald Reagan signed the nation’s most liberal abortion law when governor of California, and put pro-abortion Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. When the O’Connor vacancy came up, the Roe v. Wade margin was 4-4. If Reagan appoints pro-life judge, Roe v. Wade gets overturned in 1983! Instead, Reagan PRESERVES Roe v. Wade. By the time he left office, the Roe v. Wade margin INCREASED from 5-4 (really 4-4) to 6-3, where it has been ever since. And George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush? Both pro-abortion. Neither has ever denied it. But let an actual pro-life person like Mike Huckabee run? You saw what happened. NO ONE gave Huckabee ANY campaign contributions EVEN AFTER HE WON IOWA. You know that the GOP party machine and the activists control who gets the money, but it all went to pro-abortionists like Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. They even got Fred Thompson to get back into the race to block Huckabee from winning South Carolina. And Rush Limbaugh? The conservative blogs (who get money from advertisers and the RNC)? Conservative papers like the National Review? They tore Huckabee apart. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a Huckabee backer, but that shows how far they go to get someone who is actually opposed to abortion from gaining real power. Tom Coburn is a guy who actually opposes abortion, and Denny Hastert actually tried to stop him from getting elected to the Senate. Hastert even endorsed his Democratic opponent! Dobson and Focus On The Family know all this stuff, and even more, yet they tell Christians to go out and throw away their money and time supporting these Republicans anyway.

      So yes, Tebow is being used in what is nothing more than the equivalent of a get rich and powerful scheme. The Christians in Tebow’s life, including his parents and pastor, should know better. If Tebow wants to do something for the pro-life cause, he should support LEGITIMATE pro-life ministries like the one that my church runs instead of being used as a puppet by Focus On The Family.

      By the way, for just a little hint of Dobson’s dealings, read this link.

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