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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

Individualism Versus Corporate Solidary

Posted by Job on November 21, 2009

The western individualist and self-centered mindset is against Biblical Christianity, which is that of corporate solidarity. Instead of viewing ourselves as individual Christians helping ourselves through the power of Jesus Christ, we should view ourselves as one collective, one body, one group of people, one elect and holy nation serving and helping each other through the power of Jesus Christ. The message of Christianity is not how God empowers us to meet our own needs. Instead, that is more consistent with new age spirituality. Rather, the message of Christianity is how God works through the collective corporate Body of Christ, the bride of Christ, to do God’s will, which includes but is not limited to meeting the needs of Christians.

It appears that in the west, we have created a false, syncretized view of Christianity that conforms to our own economic and political mindsets where each Christian goes to God for himself and his family and expects God to react to each individual family or household, and the benefits of God are limited to that household, plus perhaps any benefit that a local congregation gets from receiving this household’s tithes and offerings. This is not the Biblical model. Instead the Biblical model is that of the church seeing itself as a living organism, a whole unit where each part is just as interconnected with and concerned with each other as itself. For instance, just as a body cannot walk if it has no feet or it cannot feed itself if it has no hands or arms, Christians are negatively impacted if other Christians are suffering under hunger, poverty, oppression, racism, immorality or false doctrines. Instead of harshly judging and closing our hearts and minds for these Christians, we should pray and intercede for them, work to help them, and advocate justice for them.

Christianity is not a group of assorted individuals seeking their destiny and fortune and doing right what is according to their own eyes. That was the condition of the children of Israel in the book of Judges, a time of great apostasy. Instead, Christians are to be one, have love for one another, and be their brother’s keeper!


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