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The Proper Christian Response To The Nalid Malik Husan Terror Attack: Concentrate On The Gospel!

Posted by Job on November 6, 2009

With regards to the crime and tragedy of Nalid Malik Husan’s attack at Ford Hood, Texas, where he shot at least 31 people, killing at least 12 people including women and civilians while screaming Allahu Akbar (and motivated by his desire not to be deployed against Iraq (or Afghanistan) as part of a force invading a fellow Muslim and Arab nation) allow me to propose a proper Christian response.

1. Prayer. We must pray for those wounded. We must pray for the families and loved ones of the wounded and deceased. We must pray for those who witnessed or responded to this horrific event, especially police officers, firefighters, ambulance personnel, nurses and doctors. We must pray for the counselors and therapists, both Christian and non-Christian, who will aid people deal with the physical, mental and emotional aftermath of this carnage. And yes, we must pray for the loved ones of Nalid Malik Husan and – presuming that he survives – Husan himself for his conversion to Christianity. Finally, we must pray that the body of Christ responds in a wise, Biblical manner to this event. We must pray that Christians discipline those who fail to respond in such a manner, and that we reject those who respond in a manner that does not honor Jesus Christ.

2. Evangelism. This is the primary way that the New Testament teaches Christians to deal with the non-Christian world, which is sharing the faith of Jesus Christ. This terror attack may cause an increase in fear, hatred and government action. Or it may cause people’s hearts to be desensitized and grow cold. With either reaction, the appropriate Biblical response is to go out and tell as many people as we can, or more accurately as many people as God leads us to, about the kingdom of heaven. Whether Jew, Gentile, Muslim, atheist, Hindu or a person involved in a false expression of Christianity, we must tell people that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who is God, that He is the only way to heaven, that His sacrifice on the cross is the once and for all payment of sins, and there is salvation in no other. This evangelism should not be event-driven, as some attempt to exploit this event or the fear that comes as a result of it. We should not indulge in the sort of “this is why Christianity is better than Islam” triumphalism, for that is a political and cultural worldview argument engaged in by people whose heart is with this world, not those who consider themselves pilgrims, for whom the world and the evils and hardships thereof are not worthy to be compared to the glory of eternity with Jesus Christ. Also, such a message is more useful to preaching to the false Christian cultural chauvinist choir than winning any converts, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Instead, this tragedy should serve is a reminder that this is truly a wicked, fallen world that we live in, one ruled by the evil one, the prince of the power of the air who is Satan, and that evil and death and judgment are the fate of the world and the people not redeemed from it through Jesus Christ’s blood. Events like this one, wars, famines, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, oppressive political regimes etc. should all remind us of this fact, they should remind us of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, the Olivet discourse, the parables on the kingdom of heaven, his teachings on last things (New Jerusalem and the lake of fire), and serve as a burning fire shut up in our bones to go forth and obey the commandment of Jesus Christ given in the great commandments, to go and make disciples of all men, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. If we go forth and keep this great commission commandment, then God will use us to save whom He will, and we will be as drink offerings poured out before God, and by our evangelism God will be praised, honored and glorified.

3. Resist temptation. For many, the temptation to indulge in an improper and non-Christian response will be very strong. Many quarters will use this as an excuse to fan the flames of hate against Muslims. Others will use it as an attempt to attack Biblical Christianity with its stand that Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven as well. However, for many the primary temptation will be a political and cultural one, the opportunity to assert Christianity’s superiority over Islam because of western culture and politics, because it is a superior worldview. Well, the west will come under the judgment of Jesus Christ along with the rest of the sinful world, and on that day the western cultural and political systems will be judged as part of Babylon and fall with the rest, including but not limited to the Arabic cultural and political systems. Further, even if the western worldview is superior, it is still a WORLDview, making it worldly, not holy, not of God, and not something that will last forever in New Jerusalem, but instead is something that will be consumed with this world when it is destroyed with fire. The western worldview will have no part in the new heaven and the new earth that Christians inherit. Further, incidents like this should remind Christians that true followers of Jesus Christ do not give themselves over to passions of revenge, hate, or reprisal. Christians are not to get involved in those things directly, nor in the indirect channels that the political debate allows us to. Where in the past, reprisal to incidents such as this may have been lynch mobs, the current political context allows us to simply demand a toughening and extension of the Patriot Act, profiling, immigration crackdowns, gun control, invading etc. While those issues may have their merits, the fact is that they have nothing to do with Christianity. Read the New Testament, especially the teachings of Jesus Christ. The church was never promised peace, prosperity or an easy time, but rather only conflict, warfare and persecution at the hands of the world that has rejected Jesus Christ. Christians have often forgotten that message by walking in agreement with the world. So Christians should reject the foolish idea that by taking political actions we can somehow make this country and world safe and better for Christians and the spread of the gospel. Take, for instance, the war on terrorism: it has been a disaster for Christians all throughout the Muslim wolrd, especially in Iraq.

So instead of trying to take revenge (or the offensive) against Muslims through political means, we should remember that Jesus Christ alone is to whom judgment was given, that God alone is the one capable of executing vengeance, and that Jesus Christ alone will conquer and rule the nations with a rod of iron, and that Christians cannot and should not perform judgment, vengeance, or rule in Jesus Christ’s place. (Of course, this does not preclude civil governments from doing what is necessary to punish crimes and defend its citizens from criminals and aggression from other nations, see Romans 13 with regards to that issue, but instead those actions are at best the just and necessary ones and should not be viewed as Christian in any sense.) Our job is not to pretend to be Jesus Christ and to usurp His place, but instead to obey and serve Jesus Christ so that He will act through us as His Body.

So in summary, the Christian response to this event is prayer, evangelism, and resisting temptation. Please realize that this should be the Christian response to all events. Thank you.


12 Responses to “The Proper Christian Response To The Nalid Malik Husan Terror Attack: Concentrate On The Gospel!”

  1. Devon said

    It only reaffirms what Islam is all about…a retrograde brutal ideology that has been doing these kind of actions for 1400 years! Nothing new under the sun…just examine muhammed’s teachings and actions and you will understand why Islam produces so much violence! That is reality.

    That being said, I have never seen so many muslims come to the Savior as I have in these days….they are definately more open and they can be won to Christ….the only thing that can heal a muslim or jew or hindu is the Gospel!

    • Job said


      It is not just what Islam is all about. It is what this world is all about. This world is ruled by Satan, and Satan’s only agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. Islam is a manifestation of Arabic culture with a religious veneer. However, other cultures with religious veneers, including those where that veneer is false Christianity, do the same. I have a document that I am wondering what to do with (whether I should publish it to the web or not) that asserts that the Roman Catholic Church killed over 50 million people in their various inquisitions. That is not the number of people killed in crusades and wars that Catholic states participated in, but in the inquisitions alone!

      So, a person is either in Christ and a friend of God, or in this world and an enemy of God and His anointed Jesus Christ. Read Psalm 2, it explains this principle very well! Thank you.

      • Smith said

        In all battles great and small there is a decision that must be made. The decision is based on a complex set of perceptions that are always misunderstood by the opposing side. Secular faith seems to have one thing in common, they all have their own slighted variation on a historical perspective, and they all believe they are correct.

        If that is accepted than unfortunately religion, a supposed redeeming virtue now becomes a paradox in that it corrupts us to strive for superposition, ergo it creates what it seeks to resolve. It would seem consequently obvious that an all-powerful god would have certainly predicted this critical flaw, but it seems that humankind has overcome this by meticulously surrounding themselves in an absolution that presupposes that there is only one truth.

        In our own natural complexity humans appear above all damned to be right. Most of these crusades to persuade fall well short of the initial goals of any religion, which I have always believed was to foster appreciation and respect for all life. And so in my own skewed perspective I present yet another ulterior expression for the tragedy in Texas.

        If you believe there is only one truth than you are pushing to the front of a line that serves no greater purpose. Prayer is hope, and while hope manifests to good things it is often unrealized. Make life meaningful. Be at peace with all life regardless its condition. Do not hope to make it better.. Make it better.

        God does not seek vindication on those who make this world better.

  2. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    How can there be more than one truth? Either Jesus is the Son of God or He isn’t. Either Mohamad is a false prophet or he is a true one. Can Budha be right when he says all this is an illusion when others say it is not? Do all good people go to heaven or only Christians? Is there a hell?

    Having one spiritual truth is like having other truths? Are we wrong to say gravity takes place on Earth? You can tell me all you want you don’t believe in gravity, but when you step off of that cliff your going to fall!!!

    No there is only one truth and that Truth is Jesus.

    Devon has got it right when he scrutinizes Mohammad. His life is not one I would choose to copy. Instead I look to Jesus who did no sin and certainly led no armies to war. I look to Jesus who taught us to Love our neighbours and our enemies.

  3. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are still well.

    I hit the submit comment to well.

    It is of course a noble effort to make the world better. Hitler thought he was going to make the world better. As did Mao. As did Stalin. As did George W Bush. As did Mohamad. As did Pope John Paul. As did Charles Manson. As did many many others.

    So I hope we can agree without question that making the world better must meet some standards. Is welfare a good thing? It helps some who cannot help themselves. It makes others lazy and dependent on the state.

    You see it gets quite complex. Is abortion a good thing? I mean one could argue we are getting rid of unwanted children which will be a burden on society? What about euthenasia? Again one could argue what is the sense of these old people hanging around when they aren’t producing anything. Wouldn’t after they be better off at peace?

    So you see it is very complex. What about war? Is war ever right? What about killing civilians in war such as the United States did when they dropped two atomic bombs on Japan? After all it ended the war more quickly and save perhaps a half million lives of American soldiers alone?

    I am sure you have your opinions on these things. I am sure you have your own truth.

    It is just that we Christians have recognized God as the God of the Bible. We have committed ourselves to follow His way. That does not make us foolish, blind people trusting in something we don’t understand. No we walk by faith but a visible faith. The truth of the people proves itself daily that what it teaches as true. We Christians realize that we are only human and need divine help in this walk of life.

    I think you need some help Smith too. For your truth saying that we shouldn’t have truth is a truth unto itself. And might I add a truth that makes zero percent sense if you really think about it.



  4. Devon said

    Job I would be interested in that document about the RC Church…I think it might be exxagerated…the Spanish Inquisition actually only killed approx 32000 over centuries of its existence. I’m not sure what you might be referring to but you might want to double check on its authenticity.

    As for other false ideologies producing mass death, that is true…However, outside of Hitlerism and Stalinism, Islam is the only ideology that I have known whereas the actually founder was a brutal murderer and taught his followers the same….not counting smaller cults of course…

    As demonic as Hinduism or Buddhism or Taoism is, I am not aware of there essential doctrines being murderous….Islam is unique in that fashion…

    And that is why you will see violence from Islam until the Lord returns…it is the nature of the beast! On the positive side though, as we see more and more muslims see what Islam really is, we have seen them start question their ancient faith….Just look at the Persians….they absolutely hate islam and once they can overturn their govt you will see apostazing from Islam like never before…

    It is our job to be there with the Gospel for these lost souls!

    Take care


  5. Job, this is a well-written, well-explained post. Much respect.

    Here’s an analogy for Muslim haters I shared once and it made people think, “Terrorists are to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.” If we are to begin truly making a difference in Muslim’s lives and share the light of Jesus Christ, we need to understand they see the extremes of Christianity (air quotes to be inferred) equally as offensive.

    Once we understand that, then we can get to really making a difference in the lives of these misled people. Many of whom would make excellent disciples for Christ.


  6. Devon said

    As a student of Islam, Hiscriverner, that is an horrible analogy! NOTHING in the Greek Bible nor the Hebrew Bible could possible back the KKK doctrine! Now as one that has read and studied the various islamic texts from the Quran to the Sira, Various Hadith collections and Reliance of the Traveler, there is ALL sorts of vile and evil murderous texts that ARE doctrinal….

    WE need to be truthful about this…even if it hurts muslims feelings…muhammed was a right evil murdering rape advocating and looting theif!! That is reality…and there is no sugarcoating this..

    AND hence why you have had 1400 years of Islamic brutality upto the present!

    Your analogy, again, is brutally wrong!! If you said something to the effect that some people in the name of Christ have done awful things, then you would be correct…..BUT terrorism is Islamic…Muhammed taught ‘to strike terror into their hearts’…..If you have the time, I would suggest reading Islam’s main texts and you will fine quite easily that it is inherently brutal!

    The only thing your ‘analogy’ does is that it tells me still many many brethren and non christians are incredibly and woefully ignorant about Islam!

    And for the record…we hate islam….not muslims…just as we hate hinduism or buddhism….don’t confuse hating the sin with the sinner!

    • Um, that was my point. Muslims… true Muslims, are by and large, good people. They are deceived and sorely misled, but still good people. Terrorists are not who they are… it is more indicative of the god they serve.

      And I have more hi-liter marks in my Qu’ran than most have in their Bibles. Believe me, I’ve studied. I just hate generalizations. Terrorism is what the idiots make of it. Klansmen are terrorists. Kamikazi pilots were terrorists. Vietnamese children brainwashed in the 60s to do the heinous things they did… were terrorists.

      And yes, Muslim jihadists who have no idea what they believe but rather only care in who they believe are terrorists.

  7. Rose said

    The page below lists Islamic terror attacks worldwide within the past two months. Below that, you can view attacks for each year back to 9/11/01. An overwhelming amount of violence, murder, and mayhem. Though it is true, violence has also been done in the name of Christianity, it has been done in total conflict with what the Bible teaches. (The Catholic Church calls itself Christian but does not uphold the tenets of true Christianity…it is apostate.) Violence done in the name of Islam is done in accordance with what that ideology/religion teaches and is not in conflict at all with the Quran.

    From the above website is this very balanced statement regarding Muslims and Islam:

    “Islam is an ideology. No ideology is above critique, particularly one that explicitly seeks political and social dominance over every person on the planet.

    Muslims are individuals. We passionately believe that no Muslim should be harmed, harassed, stereotyped or treated any differently anywhere in the world solely on account of their status as a Muslim.

    Islam is not simply a belief about God. It is a word that means Submission. Islam is a set of rules that establish a social hierarchy in which Muslims submit to Allah, women submit to men and all non-Muslims submit to Islamic rule.

    Since we don’t live in a Muslim country (where censorship, intimidation and brute force are shamelessly employed to protect Islam from logical deconstruction), we are still free to openly exercise our right to debate the merits of the Islamic value system against Western Liberalism.

    Are men really superior to women as the Qur’an says? Are women intellectually inferior as Muhammad taught? Does propagating material (the Qur’an) that openly curses people of other religions amidst random calls to violence really make for a better social environment? Is it right to keep women as sex slaves, merely because the Qur’an explicitly allows it in multiple places? Should atheists and homosexuals have to choose between the noose and an outward profession of faith in Allah?

    Yes, there are Muslims who take issue with these aspects of Islamic theology, but it doesn’t change what Islam is. Don’t confuse the ideology with the individual. Don’t draw conclusions about Islam based on the Muslims that you know, be they terrorists or humanitarians. Islam must be understood on the basis of what it is, as presented objectively in the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira (biography of Muhammad).

    By the same token, don’t draw conclusions about the Muslims in your life based on the true nature of Islam. Like any other group, not all Muslims think alike. Even if there is no such thing as moderate Islam, it does not mean that there are no moderate Muslims.

    If our years of dialogue with literally hundreds have taught us anything, it is that most Muslims (even devout ones) have only a superficial understanding of their religion. Most never made the choice to be Muslim, so (as with all religion) there are widely varying degrees of seriousness with which they may take the teachings of Islam.

    The Muslims that you know are not terrorists. More than likely, their interests in life are similar to yours and they have the same ambitions for their children. They should neither be shunned, mistreated, nor disrespected merely because of their religion. Their property should not be abused, and neither should copies of their sacred book be vandalized.
    Prejudging an individual by their group identity (or presumed group identity) is not only unethical, it is blatantly irrational, since group identity reveals absolutely nothing about a person. Every individual should be judged only on the basis of their own words and deeds.

    Don’t judge Islam by the Muslims that you know, and don’t judge the Muslims that you know by Islam.”

  8. Devon said

    Exactly Rose…this is a no brainer…terrorism is to Islam what jew hatred is to Nazism!

    That being said, certainly when I present the Gospel to a Muslim, I am not going to denigrate their faith and I would advocate that no one does this….all we have to do is preach Christ to the Muslims or anyone else….when I go to the Hindu, I am not going to make fun of there 300 million gods or so…I will simply present Christ and Him crucified…..

    Between ourselves, as believers in the Truth of Christ, we can certainly talk about false ideologies and be amazed at some of the brutal aspects of such but I have learned over the years that YOU will never win anyone to Christ if you make fun of their false beliefs….


  9. Rose said

    You made some excellent points, Devon. All we need to do is lovingly share the true gospel message…go straight to the heart and the conscience the way Jesus did. The truth of God’s Word will convict them of the errors of their misguided faith, whatever false religion it may be. We don’t argue ‘religion’ with people…but help them to see that they have sinned against a holy God who loved them enough to send the only remedy that can save them…His only Son.

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