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Zondervan Publishing Hippo Bible Commentary Series Authored by Africans

Posted by Job on October 15, 2009

See link below.

New Commentary Series – by Africans

Also note this comment:

It is worth noting that the book is published in Africa by Hippo Press – a consortiu of African evangelical publishers that have combined under the facilitation of Langham Literature – one of the ministries of Langham Partnership International which in the USA is known as John Stott Ministries. This book is part of the fulfilment of the dream of John Stott himself to encourage indigenous scholars ans writers in the majority world countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is exciting to see this vision bearing fruit. Sam Ngewa is also one of the editors of the Africa Bible Commentary – which has sold over 80,000 in English in Afria, and is available also in French, Portuguese, and Swahili, with translations in Hausa, Amharic and Malagasi on the way. This too is entirely written by African evangelical scholars, some of whom got their doctorates through Langham – JSM. Check out the stories at


One Response to “Zondervan Publishing Hippo Bible Commentary Series Authored by Africans”

  1. Dave Emme said

    Thanks for sharing this. Seeing this (or something similar on Logos) the first thing I think of is emergent postmodernism where we are to accept a post colonial hermenutic often shown to be about how bad white people are for colonizing African nations-though we have nothing to do with that-since we are white we are to share the blame and “reconcile” according to McLaren. Seeing this is indiginous pastors as opposed to wanting to make me feel guilty for being born white-an d Stott is a really good writer-I really enjoy him, I can now consider buying this-as I have had great experiances with indigenous pastors of a country our country actually colonized-the Philiipines-though it was liberals and social gospel proponents who encouraged McKinley(a democrat) to do this so we can rescue them from a colonizing country(Spain) for Christ.

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