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Christian Women With Weave, Was Your Hair Offered To Idols?

Posted by Job on October 14, 2009

Let us remember the verdict of the Jerusalem council of Acts 15 where the Jewish Christians decided the guidelines for sanctification and holy living for Gentile Christians. Consider this verse:

That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.”

Now consider this nugget from an article on the movie “Good Hair“:

… the movie, “Good Hair” … details the lengths to which some black women and men will go for straight hair … from a hair salon where a 6-year-old maintains a stiff upper lip as a chemical relaxer sits on her scalp, to the temples of India where the hair women sacrifice in a religious ceremony is swept up, sent to factories and exported as weave

Of course, I know the difference between eating something and putting it in your hair. I also know that Paul liberated this principle from being made into legalism in 1 Corinthians 8. However, allow me to propose this:  humans generally need to eat meat in order to be healthy. So, if there was a choice between damaging your health by doing all that one possibly can to obey Acts 15:29 and thus becoming malnourished or eating meat and being healthy, Paul said to eat meat. Also the context of 1 Corinthians 8 is that the meat that had been offered to idols was then mixed and sold with all the other meat, and it was impossible to tell which meat was which.

So while Acts 15:29 made it unlawful to KNOWINGLY eat meat offered to idols – which is practicing idolatry – UNKNOWINGLY eating meat offered to idols was not idolatry and thereby harmless. The reason is that the prohibition is not on the meat itself, which was fine, but rather the idolatry, which is sin. So this was not  a choice between being an idolater and not being an idolater. Instead, it was a choice between not APPEARING to be an idolater and being malnourished, or APPEARING to be an idolater and being healthy. Paul’s reasoning was that appearances don’t matter, only the heart does, so go ahead, buy your meat at the market with no worries as to whether it was offered to idols or not – because it was impossible to tell – and eat it.

However, where meat serves a vital human need, I would argue that hair weave does not. It is entirely cosmetic. So even though it may be lawful, is it nonetheless expedient (1 Corinthians 6:12) for a Christian woman to adorn herself with hair offered to idols? Is such a thing edifying (1 Corinthians 10:23)? Is hair offered to idols and then sold for a price an appropriate covering (1 Corinthians 11:15) for the body of a Christian woman, seeing that such a body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) as opposed to a pagan temple filled with idols? And is acquiring and wearing costly weave that has been offered to idols a way of keeping 1 Timothy 2:9-10?

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

Now of course I am not going to claim that it is a sin for Christian women to use weave because it MIGHT contain hair offered to idols. Not only would I be guilty of violating 1 Corinthians in saying such a thing, but I would not even be able to rely on the literal interpretation of Acts 15 or Exodus 20:3-4 (the passages concerning idolatry specifically and practicing false religions – which includes participating in their rites and ceremonies – in general). Instead, I am just providing more information for Christian women (and men) to consider in our efforts to make better, more Christ-honoring decisions. After all, where does the idea to go out and put weave in your hair come from? Or the idea that we have to look a certain way come from? Generally the media, Hollywood, mass entertainment, Madison Avenue (commercials), and what have you. They sell you an image of beauty that is not real. I am not merely referring to this image because so much of it is literally fake, whether the product of airbrushing, lighting, cosmetic surgery, photo editing etc. but because it takes our minds and hearts away from the true beauty that is Jesus Christ that is revealed through us through the wonderful works of His creation (Romans 1) and causes us to exchange it for a lie, an image conceived not in God’s mind or made by God’s hands but rather created by man’s hands and conceived in his sinful, corrupt rebellious minds. And what are images conceived and made by man? Merely idols.

So the real issue is not that the hair MAY HAVE BEEN offered to some idol in some Hindu temple. The issue is that your DESIRE to use weave – wherever its origin – probably comes from looking at magazines, watching television, coming up with some false image of beauty that you desire. So, the false idol that is the problem is not in some temple in India, but rather is inside the temple of your own heart! And these false images and idols promoting a perverted, corrupted sense of beauty and attractiveness in the media have only two real purposes. The first is mammon, money. I fear continuing to sound like a leftist or socialist, but the fact is that these images are disseminated to cause you to buy the magazines that contain them, which contain still more images that cause you to want to buy the makeup, hair products, clothes etc. that make the magazine publishers a lot of money.

The second reason, make no mistake, is to challenge and attack Biblical notions of modesty, decency and sexuality. Most of the publications, TV shows, movies etc. that endlessly present these images also ceaselessly mock anything resembling notions of Biblical purity, including but not limited to marital fidelity. Even if they don’t directly attack it, they undermine it with the lie that a man and wife can sit and look at that junk 24/7 without either A) being tempted to stray (adultery) or B) fantasizing (which is also adultery Matthew 5:28), or similarly that our children can watch it without either being tempted to commit fornication or fantasizing about it. So similar to my challenge regarding tattoos, the issue is not whether weave is permissible according to scripture, but whether the motivation to get a weave is Christ-honoring in the first place.

That said, there may be many motivations for getting hair weaves that are completely legitimate, i.e. totally unrelated to wanting to look like the female vampires in these soft-core pornographic magazines and music videos. Some women may state that their husbands like the way that it looks. Others may profess that it is a look that they prefer for themselves. Others still assert that in their work environments (office or professional jobs, etc.) they must maintain a professional appearance. Again, I am in no sense asserting this to be some sort of law that has any bearing on anyone’s salvation, justification, sanctification or consecration. There are also many who may perceive me to be just totally off base, tilting at windmills and causing unnecessary division and confusion (stumblingblocks as it were) when I should focus only on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, risen, and will one day return. To such people, I apologize in advance, and please know that it is not my intent. Instead, my reason for dealing with this topic is this Biblical one: Christians, beware of and be separate from the world and things in it, whether it be its mindsets, its desires … or its idols. After all, we only have to look at the world of televangelism. Paula White, Medina Pullings, and many others are counted among those who market their own appearance, and tie it into their false health/wealth/family prosperity gospel doctrine. Jan Crouch, Juanita Bynum and Cathy DuPlantis are just among the many who proudly declare that they have had cosmetic surgery (or surgeries)! Extend it a little further and we have professed evangelical Christians Carrie Prejean’s lingerie modeling (and plastic surgery), Heidi Montag’s Playboy modeling, and Miley Cyrus pole dancing, all done for a little bit of fame and fortune that even were it to last 1000 years would be a mere flicker of an instant in the eternity that we will either spend with Jesus Christ in New Jerusalem or in the outer darkness where the worm never dies, the fire is never quenched, and there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. Again, the issue is not the weave, but the heart and where it lies.

However, for people who are considering the issues raised in this post, allow me to refer you to an expert on the topic by following the link below:

I’m a natural systah

Also, for those who may be wondering what all of this is about to begin with, please play the video below.
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40 Responses to “Christian Women With Weave, Was Your Hair Offered To Idols?”

  1. Diane said

    I don’t believe Chris or any one person can speak on the motivation for all women who wear weaves or wigs.

    but on the topic of relaxed hair and natural hair…

    I’ve noticed a growing problem in the attitudes of some women who have made the decision for themselves to go natural. On the issue of modesty, some of the natural ladies are very content with their decision and it shows beautifully. On the other hand, some naturals are extremely obnoxious and filled with bitterness, to the point where women who are relaxed and some who are natural are repulsed by their negative obsession with other peoples’ hair.

    This is very similar to the topic of women wearing makeup…

  2. WOW, I had no idea that this offering-up of hair was going on! That is so crazy to me! I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing hair that was offered to idols. We know that those idols aren’t real and that the hair is simply just hair.

    Getting a weave, on the other hand, may not be pleasing to Christ. He knows that we are beautiful and that we shouldn’t be adding or taking away from us, his beautiful creation. But the same argument could be made about make up, which I wear. So, with that, we must know that the Lord sees us only as without flaw. However as humans and members of society, beauty regimens do matter, at least somewhat. Everything should be in MODERATION.

    • Prince said

      jessicastephenson, is it because you wear makeup that’s why you see nothing wrong with it? God will not judge by our own standards BUT BY HIS

  3. toni said

    Hi..I know women who wear weaves because they have breaking,balding,thinning hair…I also know women who wear weaves/wigs because they are allowing their perms to grow out…I also know single women/women who wear wigs because they cannot get their hair fixed monthly….this seems like petty women stuff to me…we should help them if we are so concerned…nobody says anything when sister Maggie wears a wig…but if a certain sister gets her hair fixed and it look to cute…the gates of hell break open.

  4. toni said

    Perms,hair colors,makeup are not natural either.

  5. “….to the temples of India where the hair women sacrifice in a religious ceremony is swept up, sent to factories and exported as weave“

    Now after it is exported, Her hairstylist puts it in her hair-with glue or sews it in her head.

    Then when it is time to remove the weave, the hairstylist does not use the take down removal system technique to get the glue out or to detangle the sew-in weave. So now she goes bald, has thin hair or damaged hair.

    How can a women go from using idol dedicated hair to being bald? By her choice-she bought the hair and paid the hairdressser.

    Did God intend for us to destroy the natural beauty he gave us with the money he has blessed us with?

  6. Rosemary said

    I totally agree with this article. i am a 25 years old, young, married for 6 years now. i used to relax my hair and i used to work at a hair salon for almos 4 years. my hair used to look beatifully long and healthy, but after a while getting deeper in my spiritual relationship with teh Lord i realized that relaxing, or wearig false hair is an offense to God. Why? because you are saying that he did not have enough power to make it right, we are in disatisfaction with his creation. remember what the scriptures says iin psalms 139 David said “you created me in my mother’s womb and he said every thing God made was written in a book before and then he created it. so taht means that it was not God like did not have anything thing to do and was just inventing something he had every coordinated to do it that way. there is a verse in i believe in 1 timothy 4:4 that sayd that everythign God created is good and nothing is to be rejected. so i really thought about it, i prayed about it, i had difficulties taking teh decision as always when we want to do things to please God is difficult but, now i feel the greatest. my husband is a young man and he loves it, there are also many other ladies who have taken their own decision as well to do it.

    we cannot rely on the here as our way of living a holy life it must start within, in your heart of course. what difference it make from a person that do not want to be black and wants to be white, or someone with a big nose they ghet surgery and turn it small? is teh same, whether you change your skin color, hair color, hair texture you are practicing ADULTERY yes. when you pour water on the cow milk you are aultering that milk is the same in our bodies we are twisting what God have made.

    and from a professional way i could say taht the reson for damaged hair are teh chemicals we apply to the hair that was not suppose to be using tehm is like the body. God did not made teh body for alcohol that’s why when people drink they get liver problem. when they smoke they get lungs problems. that is it, what ever is not supose to be in your body it will destroy it. God said we cannot make white nor black one single hair and even though women dye the hair the real color always comes out, for example gray hair, it does not matter how much you try to avoid it, it will come out because God created that and that’s our nature. so let us just take care of God in his almighty power decided what each one of us would look like.

  7. Just for the heck of it, I punched in a search engine the sentence “is it a sin to get a hair weave” and your blog entry came up. I’m glad to read it. I’m a 50 year old Black woman who has very short and kinky hair that doesn’t ‘take a perm’ It’s been this way all my life, and I’ve never been able to grow my hair more than 2″ at the most. Yes, I’ve gotten my chops busted for it , too. Told I was ugly and “unfeminine” and that no man will ever want to date or marry me. Yadda Yadda. Anyway, Re: the part in your blog about the Good Hair movie, here is a personal anectdote: This year at Easter/Pascha, I was received in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Part of the ceremony involves a tonsure. That’s where the priest cuts a small amount of hair from your head in the sign of the cross. It symbolizes the first offerings to God as a baptized and/or Chrismated new illumined Orthodox Christian. Anyway in the weeks leading up to that day, I thought over the idea of hair weaves and what I saw in the movie “Good Hair” and it dawned on me that if I were to wear a weave for that event, it would be like offering God something that was not only not my first fruits, it would be something that was offered up to idols. In this case the hair from extensions actual goes to two idols: the one in the Indian temple, and the idol of “vanity” so many women in Europe and North America worship nowadays…and that includes a lot of women who call themselves Christian. Anyway, I figure at age 50, even if I were to start suddenly donning wigs and weaves I’m not really kidding anyone. Everyone would know it’s fake, and all it would be doing is advertising to the world, look at that vain and desperate woman who is afraid of aging. My Christian witness would be for naught. So here I am short haired and for the most part at peace with it, despite the occasional swipes I get from thoughtless and vain people from time to time. IMO More women who consider themselves truly Christian should re-think all the vanity they indulge in with the hair, the makeup etc and ask if they are putting their looks and what other think of them before what God thinks of them..and bottom line is God doesn’t care about whether or not we’re dressed to the 9s or are wearing Estee lauder or have hair we can shake in the wind or if we look “dateable” or not! After all, doesn’t the Scriptures in 1 Timothy 2:9 teach “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array” and Proverbs 31:30 say “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”

  8. Amina said

    Amen My sister! May God bless you and reveal many more things to you..

  9. Joy Ipinniwa said

    I like this article! I stopped attaching any extraneous thing to my hair since three months now and i feel more at peace with God about hair issue. I encourage other ladies to try and stop placing ‘looks’ over ‘life’. Life here is the true life in Christ Jesus which gives us hope of eternity.

  10. simishine said

    In d bible paul said ur heart dat matters. Am graduatin n am thinkin of usin weaveon. I am a christian n i no my heart is pure so wat i wear does nt matter its my ina. A woman didnt put makeup n dresd lik d 1915 type n ar huby dumped ar 4 anoda woman.if am wrong corect me

    • Chidi Christian said

      To God, everything matters; in certain places in the Bible the LORD was specific with the heart and also specific with the body. Your heart is as important as your body. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the LORD. You don’t need vanity to make you beautiful, JESUS makes us beautiful. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Cheers!!!

  11. […] […]

  12. Paul said

    Now if u are saying so, we are not here to argu, but to encourage. Romans 12 said we should offer our bodise as livin then are we no pixin weav on the head? And the head is the part of the body, so do not polut the temple of God, ur dressing must be differen from that of the world, pls brothers and sisters, let us not be decieved by anyone. The bible says in hebrews, there is a way that seems ryt to a man but at the end it leads to death. So pls obbey what the bible says, anybody who depends on what the bible says, he should be trusted but not all people pls. There are fales prophet in the world, they are asignd to decieve the peaple, so dont be decieved.

  13. janet said

    personaly i dont joke wit my looks. i try to be beautiful even when it means i cant aford a meal i must pay 4my beatiful

  14. Inga okola said

    In Africa some of the urban women use make up n weaves but once someone dies,they remove all this and look natural.As far as im concernerd make up n weaves makes women look fake and not in line with The will of Jehovah God.

  15. Divine said

    My hair is too thick, and hurts to come, though ℓ̊ don’t want to perm or fix weave because its not good for a christian lady, what do you advice??

    • Maryline said

      Pray about it my sister and God will answer your prayer according to your desire. He won’t deceive you nor forsake you. Your hair will become soft and easy to manage, only when you pray in believe

    • mercy said

      Pls my sister, go on low-cut, ur skull shld nt be shown, it makes u free from all condemnation abt hair and it is the best for u and God bcos is purely natural.

  16. beryl said

    I really like the article…and of recent,i decided to go natural.m nigerian.and keeping my hair without relaxing it and fixing it i.e only packing my hair would make me i decided to go on low-cut.after cutting my hair,i realized in the bible that a woman’s hair is her glory and a respect to her superior which is the the problem is that,i want to let my hair grow but i hv a serious stubborn hair.was wondering if i can always relax it and pack it than letting it grow stubbornly so that i will look dirty ….plz i rily need an answer urgently from a biblical ground.tnkz

  17. Netallia said

    Who cares if you wear weave! there is not one perfect person on this earth who does not sin! you may come close to it but no one is perfect and everybody on this blog knows that! God is the only one that can judge us and when the time comes all this dosent matter. All he is looking at is if you truly followed him, regardless if you sinned or not. That is what Christ was on the Christ for, helllooooo! He died for our sins. Its bashful for someone to refer to someone as “un Christian like” just because they wear hair extensions, make up, jewelry, etc. I don’t understand how diamonds are from Africa, what God put here but its wrong to pay for the beauty god put on this earth. I guess the were supposed to stay in the cave or some? All im saying is that the bible is condraticting. Very few people actually read the whole book, so before people go on trying to quote something from it or just cause they read a chapter and think they know, read the entire book. Because it is MAN made after all, Il let God handle me. I just aint no heathen

    • Keisha said

      You say who cares, God is the only one that can judge us and when the time comes all this doesnt matter. i think all this matters because when the time for judgement comes there is no time for repentance. You cant be a follower of Jesus Christ and disobey Him and his commandments,like someone said God doesnt judge by out standard but HIS. I notice when things dont suit us as humans we tend to be defensive, get mad or twist things to make them favourable to us. Anyway i notice this thread is a bit old but im glad i bumped into it because i watched sis Linda Rika’s testimony in hell where she was tortured by demons because of her weave and fake nails, she said the demons said to her, ”dont you know these things belong to us”, she said the demon said you people think when God says no liar will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven He;s only referring to spoken lies but putting on fake hair, nails etc is a lie because thats not the real you. May i say i do like my wigs, im not ashamed of my hair but i have a typical kinky, painful, stubborn hair, i do let it out sometimes but its hard to manage where as i can just put on a wig and go. Anyway as much as i was disturbed by sis Linda’s revelation i was also very confused because i watched another heaven and hell testimony of a young lady(Sarah) who Jesus used to bring to heaven and tell her things. One day she went to have her hair done and when Jesus called her to heaven, Jesus said to hair, i see you had your hair done Sarah, Jesus did not condemn her nor rebuke her. I 100% believe both sisters’s testimonies, and other heaven and hell testimonies because they dont contradict each other as far as heaven and hell is concerned. But this weave thing is really bothering me and im praying for God to reveal the truth to me. It matters to me what God wants me to do and i dont want to miss heaven just because of a wig/weave.
      I did not just bump into this threat i specifically googled it.

    • Don’t think about who cares, the Bible says little forces spoil the vine, you can’t follow Christ genuinely without abstaining from His forbids and no sins is common in the eyes of the Lord. gold , silver and diamond were made for building not clothing. dedicate yourself to God and He will lead you.

  18. Olaoluwa bolade said

    Tank 4 dis, it has really blessed me, wat about just relaxing one’s hair

  19. tutu said

    Thks sis,but bible said we should be submitive to our hsbd,my hsbd want me to wear earing and chain and put relaxer on my hair,i personally like my natural hair and i av threw my jeweries away but my husband dont like it.what shd i do? Obey him or….

  20. Doreen Klutse said

    I am so much impressed about your submission on this topic on hair extensions. God bless you

  21. Israel Dumalor said

    God help us

    • Sam Brian said

      what should i do? i have preached to my wife a bout weaves and wigs. she said it is better she leave me than leaving putting them. please help me. my cell phone 0710855591. i’m 21yrs old.





  24. KIT said

    Amazing how ladies of today have the slightest clue how they look when they put on that weave on. In short words, I will say they look very eerie most of the time, like witches in a coven about to start casting spells. Many of you have been having demonic oppression since you started wearing that fake hair, many of you have not been able to conceive, many of you have become uncontrollably promiscuous to your own surprise, many of your are depressed and cannot even tell why.

    How can you, a human person, take another persons hair and put on your head? Apperantly you think God is so stupid that he just put a head on your head for nothing. If you are married and you wear human hair on your head do you know that you will continue to have problems in your marriage? Think about it, YOUR “HEAD” HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKING OVER BY A DEMONIC ENTITY, so when your husband who is supposed to be your rightful “HEAD” wants to take his place, that DEMON will just be causing you to oppose him on every front. Some of you would even just argue with your husbands not because he is wrong but because the DEMONIC force controlling your head, is causing you to be in the opposing, programming your minds to oppose your own very husband for no reason at all to your own heart ache!! Don’t you see that satan is wicked.


    After all, you still have not found happiness after all the billions you spend buying demon infested heair.

    Be careful and stop talking rubbish. Be careful!!!!

    Repent, and renounce that repugnant, ugly, stinky, untidy, eerie demon of a thing you are carrying around on your most angelic and beautiful God created african head.

    • KIT said

      Imagine going and buying hair that a woman cut off from her private part, and attaching it to the hair on your own private part, or hair another woman went and cut out from her arm pit, you go and buy it and attach it to
      the hair in your own arm pit. How much more the one that they take from their private areas and go and sacrifice to idols, then you go and buy that same hair and attach to the hair on your own private. What is the difference?

      Did you know that some people now go to the graveyard to exhume bodies just for the purpose of stealing and selling their hair, did you know that some people whose hairs you are currently wearing are locked up in a cage somewhere and are left to starve to death after being raped and shaven bald? Have you taking the time to think about this before putting your money down to buy these hairs?

      God will have mercy on you!

      Now that you know that there is a possibly that the hair you are wearing, belongs to someone who had probably been abducted, sold off as a prostitute, raped and even maybe killed by now how do you feel.

      Think about it. They are dead, and you are wearing their hear!! Just think about it…and think about the repercussion of your ignorance.

  25. jerry benson said

    First let us look at their deamand for the Bible,weave:Were they are been used,Who used them,Were they are use.The HOLY BIBLE is the greatest book in the world but less read.The Bible can b read at HOME,CHURCH noy in clubs or script club ony real belivers read GOD’S WORDS.BUT FOR weave,WOMEN IN THE SCRIPT CLUB WEARS IT,95 % 0F THE WOMEN THAT GOES TO BEACHES WERE WERE PEOPLE ARE NAKED HAS THE WEAVE.let US LOOK AT THE KIND OF PEOPLL AND THE % OF PEOPLE THAT BUY tHE HOLY BIBLE AND THOSE THAT BUY THE WEAVE.

  26. Nellie Charity Thengo said

    This article has blessed my heart and increase my faith in Christ Jesus, i became born again for long time but i was still blind not knowing the truth until i met one brother on face book, God used him to open my spiritual life, i am fighting the good fight now as Paul said in 2 Timothy 4 vs 7. I have realize that to walk with God need to deny yourself. In Roman 12 vs 2 say we should not be like the worldly people but rather be like people represent the Kingdom of God. Ecc 1 vs 1 vanity is vanity….. all the things of the world is vanity. let us not indulge in such things. may God bless you for this wonderful article that sharp the life of christian woman to live Holy lives, we are not fighting for holy wood but we are fight for Holy city of God. let us be alert , for the devil is moving like roaring lion look for someone to devour, let us allow Holy Spirit to help us and show us direction to be ready for the bride that is Christ Jesus, He is coming soon!!!! Without Holiness no one will see the Him. Hebrew 12 vs 14. We in the race and we need to match with effort to pursue our crown God prepared for us, 2 Timothy 3vs 8 ( Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day and NOT ONLY ME, BUT TO ALL WHO HAVE LONGED FOR HIS APPEARING. May God bless you.

  27. prophecynewsandviews said

    If a person is aware of something being offered to an idol, and they use that thing anyway IDK I would call it like I see it sin. Thanks for this posting ironically I got the same topic today.

  28. Ngozichukwu said

    Is a privilege to come across people who can bodly proclaim the word of God and sticking to the truth without minding what our generation is turning into.
    I am from a country that we usually need relaxer to maintain our hair due to it’s texture.
    But recently, it has been laid in my heart that things should be kept naturally as it was created.
    On the course of trying to handle this issue, I came to realise that all that God created is good and there is no need for altering not even a single part of body in the name of fashion.
    May this truth strike in the hearts of men and grant us more understanding

  29. Wisdom said

    Lets Choose B/n Obeying Human And God.
    Genesis 1.
    Our Natural Skin Colour,hair Colour And Style Is Good In The Sight Of God.
    Stay Blessed.

  30. women wearing weaves is an abomination before God. women should be natural, fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes will land women in hell.

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