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The True Cause Of Michael Jackson’s Death!

Posted by Job on September 14, 2009


8 Responses to “The True Cause Of Michael Jackson’s Death!”

  1. Devon said

    Very powerful video and poignant! The one thing I can say about Michael is that it is reported that in his last hours he was reading his Bible…whether he repented or not, we cannot know….but it is sobering…we need to be ready now!

    • Well Devon, you’ve said all that need be said 🙂 .

    • marsha said

      I know the point that you are trying to make and it is a good one but you seem to imply that it is only Michael Jackson that has sinned, I thought I read that all have sinned. I think it is a little unfair to use Michael Jackson for your argument since there are so many lies that have been said about him that would make him seem to be the worst sinner of all, but even if he was all that they say he was, if he repented then he to would have been saved just like you. It also seems to assumes that he did not repent. facts that you do not have access to. And I also wonder would have used Elvis in the same manner as you did Michael Jackson. And last point, since so many people seem to think that he was this great evil person my question is this, while he was alive did you ever pray for him? He did ask for prayer. And if not, why not? And if you did how do you know that your prayers were not answered. Why assume that he is in hell, the thief on the cross was saved just before he died. Oh and by the way except the rapture comes first we will all die, just like he did the question is will we awake to everlasting life.

  2. theoldadam said

    Sin is the real cause of ALL of our deaths.

    “The wages of sin is death.”

    We will all pay that price. But the Lord loves ‘fresh dirt’.

    His favorite thing to do is to go to the bottom of graves and pull His children up outta there.

  3. The Prodigal Son said

    “The wages of sin is death.”…

    This refers to the second death, which Christians are SAVED from – through faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ…

    IF they believe, AND are Baptized, AND receive the Holy Spirit.

    The cause of Michael Jackson’s death was the Israeli made anesthetic – ‘Propofol’…

    He was murdered people !

    Consider his conversion to Islam…

    Consider his new song.

    Consider his upcoming world tour…

    Was he planning on drawing attention to the plight of the Palestinians ?

    Consider this line from one of his songs :

    “Jew me, sue me… Kick me, kike me…”

    ‘Kike me’ ?!? Ouch !! That must’ve made a lot of ‘Jews’ very angry !

    It doesn’t sound like Michael had a very high opinion of so-called ‘Jews’ !

    Also consider that he will be worth MORE dead than he was alive !

    Here’s who really killed MJ – in all probability…

    And why aren’t African-Americans angry about this ?

    • Job said

      Because most African-Americans aren’t anti-Semites. The doctor who prescribed those drugs to Michael Jackson was black. Also, it was the Nation of Islam who pressured Michael Jackson to stage a world tour FOR THE PURPOSE OF RAISING MONEY FOR THE NATION OF ISLAM (that’s right, Jackson was going to do all the work and give a large percentage of the proceeds to the Nation of Islam) even though Jackson’s doctors and family insisted that he not do so because he was clearly not physically or emotionally healthy enough to do a world tour! It was in the course of a rigorous exercise and practice regimen for this world tour, which AGAIN the Nation of Islam PRESSURED him into doing, that his heart gave out! And AFTER they pressured him into taking on a workload that caused his death, THEN the Nation of Islam started putting out the “it was the Jews!” lie in order to redirect attention from themselves, and naturally every anti-Semite on the planet picked up on it.

      And why was Michael Jackson doing the bidding of the Nation of Islam? Because the Nation of Islam was the ONLY ONE who came to his defense when the PEDOPHILE CHILD MOLESTATION SCANDAL was at its highest! At the time, THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WILLING TO BE PUBLICLY ASSOCIATED WITH HIM, AND IT WAS THEM WHO STARTED PLYING THE LINE THAT MICHAEL JACKSON’S ACCUSERS WERE LYING AND THAT IT WAS ALL PART OF SOME JEWISH CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY HIM! It was also the Nation of Islam that arranged for Michael Jackson to go to Bahrain, where 1) child molestation is LEGAL and 2) where Jackson could escape his creditors, who were closing in on him! Jackson was encouraged to blame “the Jews” for his financial problems instead of his own horrible spending habits and money management and his string of failed investments, including that $1 billion dollar contract that he signed with Sony, THE TERMS OF WHICH HE NEVER EVEN TRIED TO LIVE UP TO (Jackson was SUPPOSED to run his own record label and find and develop talent … he just took the initial installment on the money and ran, and Sony cancelled the rest.)

      But of course, N.O.I. was going to want payback, cold hard cash. But Jackson was broke, and no one was buying his horrible albums. The only way for Jackson to repay the Nation of Islam for their advocacy and arrangements was by earning money through touring. So fine, let the black community start demanding what caused the death of Jackson. The first thing that will come out will be just how many children Michael Jackson molested (which yes, does include kissing and fondling), and the second thing will be this mutually exploitative relationship that he had with the Nation of Islam (which will force the many blacks who romanticize that Jesus Christ hating cult to stop). Oh yeah, and why should the black community advocate for a fellow who spent his entire adult life trying to convince the world that he was white? Everyone now associates Jackson with the fellow who for years bleached his skin, bleached his hair, and had several iterations of plastic surgery (many speculated that he was trying to look like a male version of Elizabeth Taylor). Nobody even remembers the dark-skinned kid with the Afro from the ghetto who was the lead singer for the Jackson Five. And the fact that the Nation of Islam attached themselves to a fellow who wanted to be white just shows that they were bloodsuckers trying to bleed him dry of cash, and that is what led to his death!

      And they killed Jackson because he was going to attract attention the Palestinians? Please. Everyone in the world but neo-conservatives are advocating the Palestinians these days. And as if all these people were going to change their opinion on the legitimacy of the state of Israel based on the activism of a homosexual child molester who hates the black race more than David Duke does.

  4. The Prodigal Son said


    Thanks for the reply ! I guess you missed me, huh ?

    Sincerely, I hold no animosity toward you (or anyone here), and I hope you can say the same.

    I admire your dedication, and your strong defence of your beliefs… as I’ve said before – you ARE earnestly contending… in a way that is an example to all !

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    The Nation of Islam caused Michael’s death ? What ?

    Jackson’s death has been ruled a HOMOCIDE, remember ?

    And you believe that Islam is responsible ? I think that the investigation will show that is not the case !

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Now – are you actually saying that black people don’t care that Michael was murdered because they’re not anti-semites ?

    One of the first questions a detective will ask is ‘que bono’ – who benefits ?

    Jackson’s musical and financial manager, the ‘Jew’ Charles Koppelman said, “Michael could generate more money now that he’s dead than when he was alive.”

    Who’s making money right now – on the surge of sales so common with the death of a musician ? Islam ? Come on !

    Do you really think that Michael’s enormous star power (whether justified or not) would not have brought a TON of attention to the plight of so called ‘arab’ peoples (who actually ARE Semitic peoples) in Occupied Palestine and elsewhere ?

    And if – as you asy, “Everyone in the world but neo-conservatives are advocating the Palestinians these days.’…

    Then WHY are they still living in the world’s most densely populated area, driven up against the ocean, into what is now the world’s largest open air prison ?!?

    You’ve made a good observation though… if EVERYONE but the neo-cons is advocating for Palestine…

    Then WHY can’t anyone help them ? Why is a civilian population STILL being illegally, collectively punished ?

    “Who is like the beast ? Who is able to make war with him ?”
    – Revelations 13:4

    Now the U.N. has come out with it’s own report, detailing the war crimes committed by Israel upon the largely civilian population.

    Is the U.N. ‘anti-semitic’ ?

    Is the whole world anti-semitic ?

    And if that is your contention… could you please explain to me – what is the CAUSE of this’anti-semitism’ ?

    Where does it come from ?

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    And again – Thanks for the reply.

  5. Sihle cebo said

    This is it! Here we stand! We’re the light of da world so lets feel grand…
    This we need!
    As Michael Always ever wanted, so don’t let go now guy!

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