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Georgia Southern Baptist Pastor Jonathan Ayers Killed By PLAINCLOTHED Police In Botched Drug Operation AND THE POLICE LIE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!

Posted by Job on September 3, 2009

Georgia pastor shot and killed in apparent drug bust mistake

Residents of Lavonia, GA are reporting that Shoal Creek Baptist Church pastor, Jonathan Ayers, was the victim of a shooting fatality at a Shell gas station in the northeast Georgia town of Toccoa. At the hospital where Ayers was taken, his family was told he had been shot by a drug dealer, but it was later revealed that he was shot by Stephens County drug agents in plainclothes.

Stephens County Sheriff, Randy Shirley, told WYFF News (Greenville, SC) that a woman dropped off from Ayers car was the target of an undercover sting operation. The story that the officers have told is that when the pastor was leaving the gas station, he struck one of the officers with his car and was driving toward a second officer when shots were fired through the door, one of which struck Ayers. Wounded, he drove away, crashing about a half mile from the station. He died a short while later. No drugs were found in his car, though the woman reportedly in his vehicle was arrested on cocaine charges.

Due to the officer involved shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has become involved, but is not releasing specific information at this time.

Family and friends are unbelieving that the 28 year old Georgia pastor was involved in anything illegal or immoral. His brother in law, Matt Carpenter said, “He is one of the Godliest men I’ve ever known.” Ayers and his wife, Abby, were expecting their first child.

Watch the gas station surveillance video at WNEG

More information from the worst newspaper in the country, whose initial report seemed to side with the police version of events, including the fact that the police initially LIED TO THE FAMILY ABOUT WHO DID THE SHOOTING, INITIALLY CLAIMING THAT THE PASTOR WAS SHOT BY A DRUG DEALER:

Family and friends of a Lavonia minister gunned down Tuesday by an undercover police officer continue to look for answers about how he died.

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said Jonathan Ayers, 29, was not the target of their sting operation and that authorities were looking for a woman they say Ayers dropped off minutes before the shooting. That woman, whose name has not been released, had been charged with cocaine possession and distribution, he said.

Ayers’ family maintains he was not involved in illegal drug activity.

“He is one of the Godliest men I’ve ever known,” his brother-in-law Matt Carpenter told “We’re all shocked and absolutely do not believe he was involved in anything illicit or illegal there.”

Carpenter also told that the family was first informed Ayers died in a trafficaccident, and then that he had been shot. Hours later, they learned he died in an officer-involved shooting.

Shirley said Wednesday that Ayers dropped off the sting suspect in downtown Toccoa around 2:30 p.m. and that two agents from the joint task force — composed of officers from Stephens, Habersham and Rabun counties — followed the pastor and attempted to question him.

WNEG-TV has surveillance video showing Ayers casually entering a Shell convenience store in Toccoa around 2:30 p.m.

According to that video, a black SUV carrying undercover officers pulls into the parking lot after Ayers left the store.

The pastor tried to avoid them, Shirley said Wednesday, striking one of the agents after putting his car in reverse.

“They yelled, ‘Police. Stop,’” Shirley said.

Witnesses to the incident also said the officers identified themselves, said Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman John Bankhead.

Shirley said Wednesday that Ayers maneuvered his car towards another agent in a “threatening manner.” However, that is unclear from the video.

Shirley first said that one shot was fired by one of the three agents on the scene, striking the pastor in the upper torso. WNEG-TV reports that Shirley said the agent fired two shots into the car.

Ayers drove off before losing control of the vehicle a block away, striking a telephone pole, Shirley said.

Ayers was pastor of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia. On his blog, he wrote, “I have three loves in my life: Jesus Christ, my wife Abby, and the Church.”

The couple was expecting their first child.

Shirley would not reveal the identity of the woman arrested in the sting. The agent struck by the pastor’s vehicle was treated and released from a local hospital, Shirley said.

“Jonathan would have wanted to witness to the police officers involved in the shooting,” his family said in a statement.

The GBI is investigating the shooting. The task force agents involved have been placed on administrative leave with pay, Shirley said.

UPDATE: Not only did the Atlanta paper, which always tries their best to portray Southern Baptists in the worst possible light, fail to mention that the police LIED TO THE FAMILY about who killed this pastor, but IN TWO STORIES ABOUT THIS INCIDENT, IT FAILED TO MENTION THAT THE POLICE OFFICERS WERE PLAINCLOTHED, WHICH LIKE THE AMADOU DIALLO CASE EXPLAINS WHY THE PASTOR ATTEMPTED TO FLEE. From a SOUTH CAROLINA newspaper: “Floyd said there’s no way her younger brother would have run if he would have known the men who had guns were officers. The officers were undercover and weren’t in uniform, but investigators said they had badges around their necks and clearly identified themselves.” Please ignore the statements of these “investigators.” The same sort of people also claimed that Amadou Diallo should have been able to see the badges around the police officers’ necks (in the middle of the night in a dark alley) and that the police clearly identified themselves (yet Diallo was discovered to have been trying to give the officers his wallet and his beeper, indicating that he thought that he was facing armed robbers). Also, I wonder if these “investigators” have “investigated” WHY THE POLICE INITIALLY TOLD THE FAMILY THAT PASTOR AYERS WAS KILLED BY A DRUG DEALER!

More information that wasn’t reported in the Southern Baptist hating Atlanta Journal-Constitution and had to be gleaned from the South Carolina paper:

“Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009, Jonathon Ayers was shot and killed by a Toccoa police officer. Ayers was at a walk-up ATM machine to get money to have tires put on his wife’s car. After getting his money, he saw men running at him. Thinking he was to be robbed, he ran for his car. He was shot through the door and the bullet went through his lung and liver. He eventually wrecked his car and was taken to Stephens County Hospital. The bleeding of his liver could not be stopped and Ayers died in surgery. Later, it was found that the police officer who shot him thought Ayers was involved in a drug deal. When Ayers ran, the officers open fired. GBI and NCIS are involved in this investigation.”


29 Responses to “Georgia Southern Baptist Pastor Jonathan Ayers Killed By PLAINCLOTHED Police In Botched Drug Operation AND THE POLICE LIE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!”

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  2. Erik* said

    Experience about me trained with Border Patrol & Immigration and Customs Enforcement. My point of view and can speak for others within the field.
    The video shows clear evidence that Sheriffs Office f*ck** up. I live in the south near the border to Mexico. I can tell you that the video without commentary looks like a car robbery.

    Why robbery? 2-3 men dressed like gangsters jumped out of what looks like a Black Cadillac crew cab truck guns drawn.

    The biggest mistake was the failure to use good judgment. They should of called or had a uniformed police officer called to make the stop since in this case it was “undercover.” Not to mention it works better cases uniformed just in case things happen that could result in an excuse for the defense.
    There was one single occupant in car Ayers did not look like he was armed in the 1st place. See a weapon draw a weapon its called.
    If you plan on doing something what ever happened to notifying your superiors first.
    No female is seen in the video. No probable cause existed to stop the vehicle based on articulable facts. The woman is the reason police say they were after.
    Why wasnt the female first apprehended before the firing?

    Based on the video that does not look life threating towards an “officer” or “robber.” That driving looks carefully done not to injure the individuals though he thinks are robbers. How many rounds did the police fire? The S.Office saying the officer felt threatened is called cya… covering your ass.
    Each bullet fired has to be explained thoroughly and in great detail. The woman story could be just a bunch of bull s***. If it is true he is a pastor there to help people who need help in counseling or talk about problems.

    If I were the DA I would have the officer(s) who fired, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Not only that, go after the supervisors its what the countys paying them for huh which is supervise.

    People in the county got to get rid of the deputy in charge. Lies, favors, and then corruption do you want these people representing you.
    Case closed at the price of a life.

    • Allen Lawson said

      I know I may be adding this a little late but here’s an update….First off the Toccoa PD or The Stephens Co. Sheriff’s office had nothing to do with this that i’m aware of. This “investigation” was being conducted by a multi-agency drug task force, or NCIS team to be correct. None of the officers involved were from Stephens Co. As far as the DA goes, seems he was/is in charge of the NCIS team, but was also in charge of presenting evidence to a Grand Jury in Stephens Co. to determine if anything illegal had occured. Needless to say the Grand Jury found “no wrong doing” on behalf of the officer who actually shot Rev. Ayers. Later the Family of Rev. Ayers filed a civil lawsuit in Federal Court against the City and County. Months after the lawsuit was filed the “Training Officer” was fired when the DA “uncovered” evidence that training documents for the officer involved in the shooting had been forged. Yep that’s right, my understanding of this is that the officer wasn’t certified to carry a weapon. Seem’s as the DA may have been doing a little CYA also…I live in the town where this happened and here’s a link to our local news source if you would like to read further….

  3. Trevor said

    to me it looks like he didn’t see the officer behind him because he was running scared and why would you shoot at an unarmed man when you could of just as easily had a patrol car come up and block him in you would think if they were doing a bust they would of had had a radio handy if only people would think before acting my heart goes out to the familly and also yes to the officer for he will have to live with what he did to the pastor and familly for the rest of his life.

  4. truthandconsequences said

    Just another victim of the drug war, wherein we spend billions of dollars to pay men to run around with guns and badges trying to enforce personal morality. It is sickening that is still going on in the “land of the free”.

  5. Ryan said

    Why do we automatically assume the police officers (from what I understand Georgia Drug Task Force…not the Stephens SO)involved in this incident are not Christians as well? Are we to also assume they would have the foresight to know the man in the car was a pastor and a saved induvidual?
    I have been working in law enforcement for almost three years since I graduated from college. It is a challenging profession to be in and be a Christian, but not moreso than any other, I bet. I would hope if I was unfortunately involved in a shooting incident websites such as this would not be so quick to publish such inflamatory articles suggesting I was acting as a wretched, dirty, police officer (yes this is what I think the above article sounds like).
    Furthermore, I watched the video……it does not look good. I think I would try to run as well if confrnted by men with guns jumping from a black SUV, even if they were shouting “police.” Do you know how easy it is to buy a badge and gun? Yikes.
    May God be with the families of the fallen and know he is at home with God. Also please do not discount the prayers for the officers involved……THEY MAY BE CHRISTIANS TOO!!!!

  6. Shawn said

    Just another example of untrained uneducated country folks having badges and guns.
    The “I was afraid for my life because they tried to drive away” defense by these bozos
    in Georgia is getting old and the Feds need to get involved. This happens here in GA
    all the time and is only getting headline coverage because of this particular victim.
    Hope it brings the attention needed.

  7. steve420 said

    you could tell from the way he was fleeing on the video that he new they were police.done alot of drugs myself,never thought of getting killed over them like that,of course i dont hypocritize them or the laws,@#$%-happens,and smoke-on.

  8. Fred Evil said

    Another American VICTIM of America’s insane ‘War on Drugs.’ Yet another DEAD AMERICAN at the hands of those who are supposed to Serve and Protect!

    End the FAILED ‘War on Drugs!’ SAVE our citizenry from an out-of-control juggernaut that is the runaway machinery of Justice!!

  9. Jay said

    It seems Mr. Ayers got caught with a strange woman in his car, with whom he was probably having sex (first mistake). He could not handle being caught, and the inevitable consequences, so he ran from the police (second mistake), selfishly putting their lives at risk.

    When the police say stop, you stop. Some people are making them out to be the villains; Mr. Ayers brought this on himself. The Bible is clear, obey those in authority over you. The Bible is also clear on adultery, lying, and keeping company with a strange woman.

    His blog reflects shaky theology and practice, and questionable qualifications to be a pastor.

    • Job said


      “It seems Mr. Ayers got caught with a strange woman in his car, with whom he was probably having sex (first mistake). He could not handle being caught, and the inevitable consequences, so he ran from the police (second mistake), selfishly putting their lives at risk.”

      You false accuser, you are wrong wrong wrong. Pastor Ayers had already dropped off the woman BEFORE he went in the store. She was GONE. He went into the store, took some money out of the ATM, and came back to the car. Again, the woman was LONG GONE, and there was no one for him to get caught in the car with. Had the woman been in the car or near the car, she would have been involved in the shooting and the accident, probably run over by the car or hit by a bullet.

      “When the police say stop, you stop.”

      What if you do not know that they are police? Again, these were PLAINCLOTHES police officers who pulled up BEHIND HIM after he had made a CASH WITHDRAWAL from the ATM. They did not turn on their siren, they did not blow a whistle, anything. There is no evidence that Ayers heard them say that they were police officers. A witness to the incident said that he did not hear them say that they were police officers. Ayers’ actions were 100% consistent with a person who thought that he was about to be the victim of a robbery attempt by unarmed men.

      “When the police say stop, you stop.”

      Again, like Amadou Diallo, when confronted by PLAINCLOTHES police officers brandishing weapons, it is almost certain that he did not know that they were cops. His family reports that his last words at the hospital were “who shot me?”

      Some people are making them out to be the villains”

      Villains? No. People using bad police procedures that endangers innocent civilians that causes people to mistake police for armed thieves? Definitely. Jay, this has happened before, and police have had to curtail their “sting operations” by judges and police review boards.

      “Mr. Ayers brought this on himself.”

      How? By getting cash out of an ATM and walking back to his car?

      “The Bible is clear, obey those in authority over you.”

      Does that extend to people that you believe are trying to rob you? So, if a black SUV pulls up behind you and points guns at you, do you submit to them?

      “The Bible is also clear on adultery, lying, and keeping company with a strange woman.”

      So what evidence do you have that he was committing adultery? When has he been accused of lying? It appears that you folks are using the fact that he had this woman with him in his car – when the woman may have been someone who simply asked him for a ride, and his family has stated that Pastor Ayers regularly did so, as do many small town pastors – to give the police carte blanche.

      This is the worst part. Had Pastor Ayers been some gangbanger or illegal immigrant with a criminal record, the NAACP or MALDEF would be all over this right now. They’d be screaming “racial profiling.” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over this. So at least questions would have to be answered. But since this was a white Southern Baptist pastor, the media is siding with the police version of the story instead of asking why on earth would plainclothes police officers armed with guns act like carjackers. Look, don’t you know anything about police procedure? This was bad police procedure from the get-go. Bad police procedures get people killed, understand? Even if Ayers WAS a criminal, being a user of drugs and prostitutes is not a capital crime, yet they came up behind him with guns drawn like he was a known armed criminal.

      Also, defender of the police, why have you not mentioned the police’s LIES? They told the family first that he was in a car accident. Then they claimed that a drug dealer shot him. Then they acknowledged being the ones shooting him, but made it sound like a random accident. They only came clean much later. Also, first they claimed that it was only a drug operation. Then they added the “drugs and prostitution” investigation. Yet the woman that they were following HAS NOT been charged with or accused of prostitution. The “prostitution investigation” was only added later to save their hides at the expense of the reputation of a dead man who can no longer defend himself. The NYPD attempted to do the same in the Amadou Diallo case. When Diallo was killed because he mistook the plainclothes detectives who confronted him in a dark alley in a high crime area for people attempting to rob him (and we know this because Diallo tried to give them his wallet and his beeper, which the police mistook for a gun and shot him 19 times) they searched his apartment looking for anything illegal in it so that they could claim that Diallo was a drug dealer or was killed in front of a crack house.

      And his blog reflects shaky theology and practice and questionable qualifications to be a pastor? What is this theology and practice and poor qualifications? Stand behind your charges. Do you not know that making charges without evidence or even specificity is a sin? So are you going to repent of that sin, sinner?

      • John Kaniecki said


        Hi hope you are well.

        And if talking to prostitutes is a sin, or wrong I guess they should have Jesus arrested.

        There are people who come to our congregation who use drugs. We know this and we try to help them with their problems.

        Futhermore giving somebody a ride, even if the were a ‘drug using prostitute’ it is not a crime. Are we to only help ‘decent’ people? I give people rides who need them. If I feel questionable about their character, or know of their drug use, I will simply ask them if they are carrying something that can get me in trouble.

        As far as drugs getting into America blame that on the CIA. The people in the poor neighborhoods do not own planes or boats to smuggle drugs into the US. The CIA uses the money to fund their evil, illegal covert actions. In Afghanastan the major Opium producing country there is an Opium field the size of the state of Connecticut. They defoliated the jungles in Vietnam, why not destroy the Opium crop in Afghanstan?

        Job keep up your righteous stand.



        PS My wife says “What a shame, useless killing.”

    • Amber said

      Obviously you didn’t know this individual…Well, I did! First of all your statement “it seems” and “probably” lets me know that you have no idea what you’re talking about. He would never do anything of this nature and maybe you need to watch the video again! Anybody in their right minds would have acted just as Jonathan did..I would like to ask?? Have you ever been in this type of situation where people are coming at you with guns?? My guess would be NO! So don’t say what you would have stopped knowing it was police!! I have family that has been in law enforcement for over 30 years…and FYI, YOU DON”T HAVE TO STOP FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT IN POLICE UNIFORM OR IN A MARKED CAR! News flash mister…get your correct info before you go making assumptions…

  10. Devon said

    Well obviously the Police made a mistake here but I am not going to broadbrush all of law enforcement because Cops are not infallible! And I am certainly not going to decry the war on drugs because of tragic mistakes…

    I’m sad for my Brother in the Lord that got killed and his family….and Job you do make a good point about him being a Southern Baptist who is white and thus very few people will side with him…..

    But really the bottom line is that this was an isolated incident of poor policing and certainly those officers have to be severly reprimanded.

    Prayers for the family of the Pastor and for those officers that messed up.

  11. God knows the truth! said

    I was at Jonathan’s funeral today. What a tremendous out-pouring of love and support from the community. What a testimony to a tremendous Man of God. The congregation was asked for anyone to stand up if they had given their life to the Lord Jesus Christ under Bro Jonathan’s ministry. You should have seen the people who stood up! Old, young, black, white, all walks of life! Bro Jonathan truly loved people and had a passion to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our prayers go out to his family and Church family. God knows the truth and He is in control. God bless! Let’s hope Nancy Grace gets a hold of this!

    • sarah said

      why so she can blame the police for doing there job you people are so stupid

      • Austen said

        “why so she can blame the police for doing there job you people are so stupid”


        Ya know, if the most intellectual comment you can make is to call people ‘stupid’ then why bother? It’s people like you that makes me shake my head in disgust. If you have inside information on what happened to base your statement around then that’s one thing. But just loosely spitting out words that you know nothing about is what can be considered ignorant.

  12. Robert said

    With regard to comment #4 about the drug war, a field called socionomics is predicting that we will see the end of the drug war in the next few years. They even had an article on this story:

    They Could Have Shot Any of Us

    The second paragraph is probably a very fair representation of what went through Pastor Jonathan Ayers’ mind. I get the feeling that those who learn about this story are going to have yet one more big reason for supporting an end to the war on drugs, or to believe the war on drugs is just not worth the cost, which is not just in money, or lives.

  13. sarah said

    you people are very ignorant very ignorant ,mr. ayers was seen with the lady late night before he was even seen with her that day you really need to get your facts straight . quit blaming the cops this would have never happened if he didnt run. the toccoa pd or stepehens county sheriffs officer where not the ones that shot the guy

    • Jenna said

      Sarah, and you know all this how? Good luck with your “theory”. Igorance…LOL, you are to funny. You speak as if you know what happened. The truth will come out. God is not the author of confusion. He, the Almighty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Master has it covered. Then all the “ignorant” will stand corrected, and will KNOW the truth. Pastor Jon was a man of God. God’s got it.

    • Austen said

      Just because your father is allegedly an officer doesn’t mean there’s no fault. Who knows. Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve. They could’ve not came at him like gangbusters. If he was not armed and not considered dangerous they should’ve not shot at him. Shoot first ask later? See where this is going? There could be an argument all day long. So back off of your superior statements and treating everyone as if they are beneath you with your ignorance statements. Where did you receive your doctorate degree? I missed that part.

      Calm down and maybe convey your words a little more christian like -being you’re a christian 😉

  14. sarah said

    i know because my father whom is a toccoa police officer was there and was the one holding pastor ayers trying to stop the bleeding before he was put in the ambulance. dont talk to me about god because i am a christian and you are right only god and pastor ayers knows what really happen neither you nor i know what happened

    • Sarah, your father being a cop, you know how it is. When someone is shot it often seems those who put their lives on the line end up being the ones treated as if they are the criminals.

      Funny (in a very SAD way) how we don’t see any of this chatter when cops are the ones shot.

      Regardless what they were wearing, running a car near cop is a crime. I’m not saying Ayers was some unsaved heathen, he could have panicked and made an error. But I respect both Romans 13 and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Even some of those cops are likely my brothers. I won’t call anybody in this matter “stupid” or a “liar”, but certainly hope Pastor Ayers is at rest with the Lord. Which only means he’s embracing the reward we all await, to see the Lord as He is.

      I mourn that our brother is not here with us, but rejoice that he’s with someone better than us, he’s with the Lord.

    • BhamMan43 said

      Sarah, You are an ignorant, arrongant, backwoods idiot.

      I hear there has been massive flooding in that sad sack of a little town. I hope it floods up to your ignorant necks.

      You say you know so much because your dad was there. So I guess you know that they dragged Jonathan by his neck out of the car and threw him to the ground like a piece of garbage as he was dying and still not having any idea of what was going on.

      And all of this talk about remorse for the cops that shot him. They have tried to smear this young man of God’s names since this started and there will be a cover up unless we do something about it. Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord, I’d hate to live in that town or be anybody associated with smearing this wonderful young man’s name.

  15. Sunny said

    Sarah, please tell us more. If your father was w/Jonathan holding him, while trying to stop the bleeding, then your father is a good man. I don’t know the Ayers family, but I’d assume it would give his wife comfort in knowing what your dad did.

    I hope you’re being honest w/your story and your dad was gentle/caring while taking care of Jonathan? He must of been scared and confused!! I wonder if he knew he was dying? It’s all so heartbreaking!!

    Silence is a killer as well. I wish I knew how the police officer felt who shot Jonathan? Remorseful? Sorry? It won’t bring Jonathan back, but”sometimes” the words “I’m sorry” can help those who are suffering…

    My heart and prayers go out to all that were affected by this sad and painful shooting. I pray God will give us answers to cope and understand his meaning in taking Jonathan so young, while leaving Abby and their unborn child behind to cope w/such a huge loss. It’ll be a hard road/journey for them.

    My heart hurts/aches for his family/friends/church…mostly for a child who will never know his/her father.

  16. BhamMan43 said


  17. Job said


    Sorry it took me so long to see this and reply. It is true that running a car near a police officers is a crime, but there is no evidence that Pastor Ayers knew that these people were police officers. There is far more evidence that – similar to Amadou Diallo – Pastor Ayers thought he was being carjacked and tried to escape armed criminals. In this instance, the man made no mistake. It is bad law enforcement policy to endanger innocent civilians by acting in a manner that causes people to mistake a police officer for an armed criminal. You are aware that I fully support Romans 13 and the police, and as a matter of fact I have rejected several vile police officer-hating comments from this thread. Also, at no point did I accuse the police officers of “murdering” Pastor Ayers, as the civil rights instigators, radicals and other subversives regularly do. However, the police officers were clearly in error, they followed horrible procedure in several ways, and there needs to be a REAL investigation (not the dog and pony shows that the local police departments and the GBI call “investigations”) to see if the police errors rise to the level of criminal misconduct. And policies do need to be implemented in this “tri-county drug task force” to stop plainclothed police officers in unmarked black SUVs from pulling up behind people and jumping out of their cars with weapons drawn. WHY DIDN’T THEY TURN ON THEIR SIRENS? And for what? Some sting involving some low level UNARMED female drug dealer who AT MOST will serve six months in jail? Whom they could have arrested after she made THE FIRST or THE SECOND drug sale to authorities?

    And again, why did the police LIE to the family of Pastor Ayers twice, including first telling them that he had been shot by a drug dealer? Why did the police change their story, first claiming that it was a drug investigation, then changing it to a “drugs and prostitution” investigation in order to make it appear as if Pastor Ayers was trying to run from being caught with a prostitute? That changed story probably came out after it was discovered that Ayers had no drugs in his system, no drugs in his car, and nothing that would indicate that he was buying drugs from this woman!

    Also, Romans 13 applies to EVERYONE. EVERYONE has to obey the law, INCLUDING POLICE. That means that if police break the law, it has to be exposed and they have to be tried and prosecuted like everyone else. Being a police officer is not a get out of jail free card. That’s why the same Holy Spirit that inspired Romans 13 told us in Acts about the corruption of the Roman authorities. When Paul was beaten and thrown into jail without a trial – illegal because he was a Roman citizen – he let the authorities know about it the first chance that he received, AND he demanded that he be released publicly instead of secretly so that the authorities would have to publicly acknowledge their error!

    Look, even if Pastor Ayers was buying drugs and the services of a prostitute, it is still WRONG for police to act in a way that endangers citizens into thinking that they are armed criminals. That is not just my personal opinion, but that of judges who have heard civil and criminal cases stemming from MANY incidents just like this one.

  18. BhamMan43 said

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