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Gospel Artist J. Moss Admits That Performing Carnal Sexually Suggestive Gospel Music Led To His Fall Into Adultery

Posted by Job on August 29, 2009

J. Moss is one of the many contemporary gospel artists that also includes Tonex, Deitrick and Damita Haddon, Yolanda Adams, Virtue, Trinitee-5:7 and Mary Mary that uses glamour, glitz, celebrity, their looks etc. to increase their record sales. I suppose their equivalent on the Christian/CCM arena would be Stacie Orrico, Jaci Velasquez, Kathie Lee Gifford and Amy Grant. Make no mistake: this does include promoting sensuality and sexuality. Where secular music once revitalized itself by emulating gospel music, contemporary gospel and Christian artists now do their level best to imitate secular music. Now as modern R&B music has now degenerated to the point where it is only and constantly preoccupied with casual sex and provoking puerile emotions, emulating that means not only copying the dense syrupy musical style, but even inserting the heavy breathing, moaning and groaning, oohing and aaahing, purring, seductive singing and talking, and even the known sexual catch phrases common to this musical genre. The modern trend of gospel musicians emulating R&B music by sampling (taking portions of other songs to create your own songs) only increased this, as it is now common to take R&B, rap, and disco songs that 1. are all about sex and 2. everybody is very familiar with, so it is impossible for the person listening to the gospel lyrics being sung over the original music to not associate what the original song was about, especially since – as stated earlier – the gospel song also contains the heavy breathing and other stuff like that, only amplifies what is going on. And in addition to the way the music itself SOUNDS there is often the LOOK. If the gospel or Christian artist is physically attractive, they flaunt it. Look at the album covers, videos, concert performances and it is skin tight clothes, heavy makeup, thighs, cleavage, unbuttoned shirts etc. It is no surprise that younger Christians raised in this environment or who have recently converted to it like Heidi Montag and Carrie Prejean see nothing wrong with being lingerie models and Playboy bunnies.

So, J. Moss openly acknowledges in his interview with Gospel Pundit that his falling into sexual sin was the direct result of his cultivating his sexy image to sell records.

This was simply coming off of “We Must Praise,” being a big dawg, V2 over 100,000 [units]… this was just J being “the man.” Being told he was fine every day, being told he was sexy every single day, being told that people wanted him to be their baby’s daddy… you know? EVERY DAY. You think the R&B people have it hard? The gospel people do too.

What he leaves out is that the REASON why gospel music types endure this – or at least why it is so prominent – is because they promote themselves as celebrities and flaunt their appearances. If you play with fire, don’t be surprised when you get burnt.

He goes on:

So, I began to move further and further away from Christ, and got further and further involved with those temptations. And it led to that situation. And I have to tell you– when I get up now to talk about it, a lot of people say “J, you’re talking too much, we’ve moved on, we’re good.” And I say “nah, man. There are people out here DYING from this stuff.”

Look, I have seen J. Moss on concert. The ladies like him because of the way that he sings, the way that he and his dancers dance, and the way that he plays to them, courts them, in the audience, no different from how an R&B crooner would do. Who knows how many lonely, poorly-adjusted, or immature teenage girls are affected by it. He complains about the temptation that came as the direct result of his tempting others? He is surprised that there are all these women (plus not a few homosexual men, let’s get real about it!) who are more than willing to buy what he is selling?

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death, but I gotta get up and tell people that the wages of sin almost KILLED me, in terms of suicidal thoughts. I was plotting it out, thinking it out… all kinds of depression. I was going through the scrutiny in the media, the blogosphere, everywhere… that stuff was rough!
And when we sin, we chip away at salvation. Every time, we KILL something– we kill faith, we kill credibility, we kill relationships, we kill families… every time, we kill a piece of something.”

I am not going to deal with J. Moss’ Pentecostal “lose your salvation” doctrines except to point out that I strongly believe that the Bible teaches the doctrines of the preservation and perseverance of the saints; that one cannot lose or throw away his salvation and thereby undo the work of Jesus Christ and thereby defeat God. However, those who did believe in the “lose your salvation” doctrines, the old Wesleyan Methodists and the Pentecostal Holiness group, felt that the way to lose your salvation was personal and corporate holiness, by adhering to a strict moral and religious code and by encouraging others to do the same. But Moss is part of a generation of gospel artists that have tossed that aside in favor of causing people to fall (and according to their own doctrines “lose their salvation”) by being a source of temptation. Instead of their music, their appearance and their example being something positive that strengthens and encourages Christians, it is a snare to them: both a false image of happiness that comes through fame and wealth, and also the sensual nature of the singing, music, wardrobes and dancing.

This really is the key quote:

I realized that people who are not going to Bible class, or to church on Sunday morning, will listen to me at a concert because they love me or they love my voice. So, NOW is my chance to say “you know what? Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what’s really real. Let me stop making you feel good all the time, and let me tell you what’s real.

We are not supposed to draw people with how we look or sound. We are supposed to draw people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul the apostle by his own account was not a handsome man, was not a gifted orator, and did not have a pleasant speaking voice. But he preached Jesus Christ and you saw the result. Jesus Christ Himself, despite how He is commonly depicted in movies and artwork, was a very unassuming Man by appearance: a common laborer from the despised Nazareth (“the ghetto”) surrounded by “low class” people, acting as a religious instructor despite not having attended rabbinical school, riding on a donkey etc. Many opposed and rejected Paul on account of his hard words, and many opposed and rejected Jesus Christ because of His hard sayings, associations, and human origins, including Jesus Christ’s own brothers and sisters! Even after all that he has been through, J. Moss is still planning on using the “bait and switch” technique with carnality and human pleasure, “making people feel good” as the bait. The only difference is that he is going to put more emphasis into the “switch.”

But this is what I don’t understand: Moss was already very strong with that. You go to his concerts, you watch him on TV, watch his videos, listen to his music, and the CONTENT was already very strong … a legitimate Pentecostal message that can save. (My goal here was never to attack Pentecostalism.) And Moss is not one of the many people in his genre who affects speaking in tongues or promotes prosperity/Word of Faith. Cut away from what he is doing to enhance his personal fame and album sales that dishonors Jesus Christ, and there is a very clear, discernible and strong gospel message that promotes and glorifies Jesus Christ.

And that is what J. Moss needs to stick to. He doesn’t need the “bait and switch.” He just needs to stick to a message that he fully knows and believes: Jesus Christ and Him crucified with no bells, whistles, switches, or R&B moaning and heavy breathing. Let us all pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that J. Moss does follow that direction with his music and ministry.


41 Responses to “Gospel Artist J. Moss Admits That Performing Carnal Sexually Suggestive Gospel Music Led To His Fall Into Adultery”

  1. I feel that what you are saying is only partially true. We say the gospel world is changing to much that the music is to much like the secular world but I have a question. Why do you look at it as us falling and not growing? I can tell you this , the same way you see it as making people fall, you also have to see how it makes people stand and re-evaluate themselves . I can say so many people I know and am friends with, never listened to Christian music, not due to the lyrics so much but more the fact that unfourtunatley , we tend to stay the same and put god in a box to much in our faith . But, those people where drawn in by the music and heard the words and thought wow I never knew this could sound this way, that god doesn’t sound only like hymns and choral madrigal music. Nothing wrong with those types of gospel music , but they realized they could relate to the way the music was being portrayed. And I do not think that every way they dress is always right . But, be careful with what you say, because you blog sounds a bit to judgmental. And you could be looked at as another way to keep people from coming to Christ in the way of being another example of no one preaching grace EVER . Your entry never speaks of grace once. It only states whats wrong with everything and everyone . You said what you said , now do something about it and stop being the judge and jury . You have no right judge anyone REMEMBER THAT. Find the grace in your heart to forgive . You stated that even homosexuals will buy into what he and others are selling, GOOD it means its reaching them and maybe it will make a difference in their life and salvation . Just remember, our mission is to bring those who don’t know him , to know him. If you forget that , then whats the point. Even jesus made close friends with those who where considered the worst of society deemed the lowest and he forgave them and brought them to know his LOVE LOVE LOVE . I feel you have forgotten that I hope you realize grace is the truth learn to forgive and not dwell please fire and brimstone is only half the story.

    • Alex said

      J. Moss must have been misinterpreted even though be aditted to err! This means he populated da kingdom morethan he harmed it! This finger pointing, acusing materials shouldn’t hit da media! You’re surpose to be praying 4 God to strength their ministy not Tongue slander them…you sentence them by doing so!

      • that is not true Alex…..the day and time we live in so many in the church are doing the same thing in the dark, and no one knows, but GOD said let it be known in the church congregation what his sins are! this is the old way of handling a members sins….He was suppose to come to the church with his sins..and ask for forgiveness!

  2. Psalms 1 said

    To the last post “reaching” them is a common mistake Christians are making today with some flavors of Gospel Music and Holy Hip Hop. Music does not draw people to Christ, the HOLY SPIRIT draws them. Jesus and his disciples never used music to reach anyone, they simply preached the True Word of God. “Gospel” is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So “Gospel Music” should be based on the aforementioned. What has happened to Gospel Music and Youth Ministries is that we are trying to sell the World a knockoff version of their secular music and lifestyle. People are listening to gospel music now that hadn’t previously because there is very little difference in the music (From R&B or some Rap). We are not to be “equally yoked”. Gospel artist today are looking for CD sales, Grammy’s, Christian American Idol shows, etc. Jesus is no longer in most of Gospel Music. Take for example Mary Mary Albums. I have gone through all of their albums lyrical content- averaging over 4,000 words an album. Do you know how many times the word “Jesus” is stated? Only once (1) in the first album. A short old hymn- What a Friend (We have in Jesus). That’s over 4 albums 16,000 words. So I ask you, can you effectively bring or “reach” someone to Christ without the vary mention of Jesus?

    Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4). “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord…” (2nd Corinthians 6:17).

    • Alesia said

      As one who is a former secular song writer, I have to agree with the writer of the blog. Let’s remember the Bible and consider the motive of the enemy. Isaiah 14:12-14 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. The enemy uses this same approach with man in this way, exalt him/her make them a “star an idol”. We as Christians sometimes overlook the obvious, Exodus 20:4-6
      You shall not make for yourself [a]an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing lovingkindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments. American Idol, causes many Christians to overlook the the implication, of the intension of the show or take lightly what is clearly against God’s will- creating IDOLS. We worship ministers, singers and people in the public eye, what a dis-service we do them! I speak to this from firsthand knowledge, being in secular music myself for over 18 years. I’ve seen it time and again, the enemy builds you up to distroy you with the desires of your flesh. We should exalt the Lord only! To point out the trouble in the music is not to say that we should not have mercy, we are all subject to error. We are in further error when we do not allow God to use us to share what we are aware of. Please be careful about what you listen to and watch, the serpent is crafty and what often times looks innocent and or like progress is – Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

      • I concur Alesia…..I to have written R $ B love songs, and Gospel songs…..I see there is no line drawn anymore to distinguish and those in the church have jumped ship and never even knew it!

    • Lady V said

      AMEN. Jesus saves, not music. Christianity is not about being entertained, it’s about being Christlike. People talk about “not judging”- please figure out what that is. When readers of the Bible, seek to set their standards based on God’s word and uphold themselves and others to those standards, that is NOT judging. Let us stop making excuses for ourselves. Yes, show love, but let’s get real- some of these things are quite obvious. Singing God’s praises while your cleavage is hanging outside is OBVIOUSLY not being a modest woman as the Bible dictates. I myself know when am not reresenting Christ and any spirit-filled believer would too. I will not makes excuses for myself and I will not use them for others. God requires holiness, sanctification, set-apartness (my own word). He does not change. I did not say that, His word says it. The bible says that we are drawn away by what?- OUR OWN LUSTS. Inside and outside the church, we just want to do what we want to do. I pray that those who are committed to God’s ways will stand firm. This is a war and it’s not only against non-believers, but clearly many “believers” think they can create their own way. I know this only results in failure and a superficial relationship with God. Let us strive to live so that God’s awesome glory will be revealed- this is what should dazzle the world, not our voices and our looks.
      Peace, love and blessings on you all.

      • Melly said

        Lady V,

        I largely agree with you, but I have to say I take exception to your statement that we are at war against non-believers. It is in error. The enemy is our, well, enemy. We should be reaching out to non-believers (and our brethren) in love, even when we are holding them accountable or providing correction. I think that people fail to realize that. Yes, we should be uphold the standards set forth in the word, but we should also share the love of Christ in everything we do.


        • LadyV said

          Wow I don’t know how I stumbled back upon this after so long, but I have to say that you misunderstood- not because of you, but because I did not write clearly. I did not mean we are at war with unbelievers. I agree- the enemy is, well, the enemy. Peace to you.

  3. Paul N said

    I am late but good stuff!

  4. Minister Kabia said

    This is a very interesting conversation. I speak as a Minister of the Gospel, A musician, A singer/songwriter and a lover of music. First things firt…Music is ammoral- neither moral nor immoral; neither good nor evil, right nor wrong similar to money. It is often incorrectly stated that “money is the root of all evil” when that is not what scripture says. 1 Timothy 6:10 reads “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” It is not the money itself that is evil but how it is perceived and used. Music similarly is merely a tool to accomplish a certain goal. Secular and Worldly artists use music to promote themselves, sell records, make money and thus fulfill the “American Dream” (Whatever that is). A Christian artist should use music to do quite the opposite to promote GOD, sell Jesus (ie. encourage people to “buy” into the Gospel message), thus storing up treasure in heaven and fulfilling God’s dream to save souls. Better yet “They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. 1 Corinthians 9:25.

    That being said much of what has already been said is both accurate and disheartening. While I love to listen to Deitrick and Damita, J Moss and Mary Mary. The image they portray is a stumbling block to me. I bought Damita’s CD and as a Christian and married man I had to actually take the front cover out of the CD case because in my opinion she is inappropriately dressed. Never thought I’d have to do that with a Gospel album… I believe each person is entitled to their own style, however I do feel that as Christians we should take care to be modest. The guys aren’t so much doing a Michael Jackson and showing their chests (to my knowledge) however the excessive “bling” blinds me from their message. Prior to being a Christian and even early on as a Christian I loved to dress nice and look good. I became troubled in my spirit though when I came to realize people knew me more for my clothing than for my spirituality–for what was on the outside of the cup rather than what was on the inside. This in large part is where I feel many of these artists have gone wrong. They look just like the world and thus often draw worldly people. Giving the benefit of the doubt, maybe they are considering 1 Corinthians 9:22 “To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. 21 To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. 22To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.” If this passage is in any way the motivation for what they are doing, I think there has to be a mindset that says if I’m trying to save them I probably should not cause them to lust after me or what I have in the process OR Worse yet I should make sure they don’t win me as I attempt to win them!

    Not only are many of these folks conducting themselves like the world and looking like them, they are forming alliances with some of the most worldly and vulgar producers. 2 Corinthians 6:14 regarding not being yoked together with unbelievers in context of the time of its writing was specifically referring to not going into business with non-Christians. This is essentially what is being done. I must say to this point that what they are doing is similar to what many megachurch’s and non-megachurchs are wrongfully doing each Sunday. Friends of mine that are professional Christian artists are hired on a weekly basis to sing at churches, and when they get there to their surpise they find that the keyboard player and drummer are the best of the best but many of them ARE NOT EVEN CHRISTIANS some of them don’t even believe in God. They merely treat a Sunday service like it is another “Gig”. While I am certain God wants the best I don’t imagine that is what he had in mind LOL! Todays top Gospel artists like Deitrick Haddon seem to be doing very similar by hiring and working with producers whom they know have produced some of Radio/Satan’s greatest hits. They go to these guys because they are the best at what they do–>The question is if that is what God wants them to do. BUT to their defense, what would be said of Deitrick if he worked with those folks and they were so moved that they gave it all up for Jesus and became Christians! Jesus did hang out with and was known as a friend to sinners. He was friends with them enough to convert them. I certainly hope this is what Deitrick and others have in mind.

    On musical style whether Rap, R&B or Rock & Roll AGAIN Music is Ammoral. Man did not create these styles of music themselves GOD put it in their hearts. What they do with it will determine whether it is good or evil. Personally, what I write is what is inside of me and what I have been influenced by. Like everything else in life we must keep the meat and throw out the bones. My music sounds like a mix of R&B, Gospel and Jazz. I do think it is very important to not sample songs that are known to have negative connotations and/or that would remind a regenerate Christian of former days in the club doing things they had no business doing. Christian artists should not subject others to that. However, I write and think it fine to write things “in the style of” Beyonce but without the sensual and sexual stuff and with a Godly and positive message. In discussing stealing in Ephesians 4:28 it does not say that the thief who has been stealing should cut off his hands or never use them again, because the hands themselves are not evil it says he “must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.” Again, the style of music is not in and of itself evil–its all about the message it is coupled with.

    Questions for you all:
    What do you do with someone like Usher or R. Kelly if they become a Christian and want to make music? Only encourage them to write and sing Old hymns? Make music similar to what they have been making but without the bad stuff? Make no music at all?


    • As a Christian musician I really appreciate your post. The question of musical style and lifestyle are very important. I believe that the Church and Christian artists need to be very careful about how we live and who we associate with. I also KNOW that everything the Lord means for good Satan makes every attempt to defile and we as flawed humans often take the bait. Many colleagues and friends and others I know or know of came to the Lord because they were hired by churches. They may never have come to the Lord otherwise. And of course, Satan also sends infiltrators and people make bad judgement calls. Our world is fallen and it’s always going to be messy, sadly! Right now I believe Gospel music in particular is the most creative and innovative right now. The rich harmonic and rhythmic palette of Gospel is very related to jazz and R&B. And again Satan will always try to exploit the sensual feelings that a certain grooves and harmonies can evoke. It’s up to us as believers to let God empower us to not cross the lines in every arena of life. Knowing that the enemy will always be roaming like a lion to destroy. We must do our best not to put ourselves in position to fall. AND We must have grace and mercy towards ourselves and each other when we fall. AND we must not settle for being second rate musically to avoid seconding worldly. My motto is everything is balance. It is the most difficult and most important thing to achieve. I pray I have it in my life. And I often fail. But I will try to make the absolute most of whatever talent God has put in me. And that will always include trying to be creative and trying to sound at least as good and current as secular music. Again I think Gospel right now is the most musically diverse and interesting genre right now because of it’s embrace of most styles of music and incorporating them with the message of Jesus Christ. (Mind you if you know me you know I love to rock too! The perfect song to would be montuno-funk-rock with Fred Hammond, Israel and Take 6 style vocals. But that’s just me.) But to sum up the issue of the title Hypocrisy and Moral Failure. You can’t have a moral failure if you don’t have morals. You can’t be considered a hypocrite if you don’t have an ideal. Moral failure is not necessarily hypocrisy. It’s absolutely wrong but it’s not NECESSARILY HYPOCRISY. If King David would have said to the prophet Nathan that the rich man who took the the poor man’s lamb should be punished and then said he himself should not be when Nathan revealed that the rich man represent King David, THAT would have been hypocrisy. (To go on top of his adultery and arranging the husbands murder on the battlefield.) But he admitted that he had been utterly sinful and he repented. HYPOCRISY would have been to say “That doesn’t apply to me.” What he he did was horrible but it was not hypocrisy. It was the failure to live up to the ideal. God bless (even and especially those who don’t believe in Him or know whether or not He exists) and may we all live up to our ideals. Believer and non-believers. And when we fail as we all will. Let us deal with each other with honesty about our failings and with grace and mercy without judgement yet somehow without excusing it and saying that wrong is right. Balance is HARD, HARD WORK!

  5. krystal said

    Well this is fresh news to me. I haven’t had the luxury of browsing the net for stories as I experienced a minor set back late last year. But that’s not important right now. I’m not going to be one of those people who respond to things like this by saying “OH MY LORD! HE DID WHAT? HOW COULD HE?” nor am I going to be one of those “so-called scholars” who try to bring other people’s flaws into the light to prove their points. What I will say is that it is a sad event and we are not perfect. He made his mistakes and he will be dealt with by the only being who matters…….. God Almighty. Jesus is coming soon people. Focus on getting your own lives together instead of others.

    • Lady V said

      You “say focus on getting your own lives together instead of others”. Is that what Christians are here to do? Focus on themselves? I don’t think so. We need to be aware of what is going on around us and with our brothers and sisters. Paying attention to the lives of others is the only way that we can pray and encourage each other in the areas that are weak. Like I stated before. This is a war. Soldiers who pay no attention to those in their camp will have a serious problem. If you are also taking your advice, why are you “browsing the net for stories?” Just to know something? Paul admonished Timothy to “rebuke” when necessary. Our problem nowadays is everyone thinks that everyone else is above rebuke. Think again. We, as Christians are accountable to the rest of the body of Christ. What one does, affects all. The head, affects the body, the eyes, ears, nose, etc. If we claim we are different and yet are not, that is an indication of a serious problem. God’s power is not being seen in our lives because we are clearly not focused on Him. God does not fail, nor forsake and He will empower those who are willing to be used by Him. We all have struggles but they ARE able to be overcome but ONLY through keeping focused on Christ. There is no other way. To those who rebuke in love, keep on doing it. We have to nip these things in the bud when they arise in our families and our churches and not let the enemy have a stronghold. Everything and anything does not go. Let’s get that straight. And yes, I will say “OH MY LORD”. The day we are not distressed about these things is the day we just accept sin in our lives as no big deal. Be shocked, be appalled, be grieved- we can still love and feel those things. THOSE feelings are sin yet you are quick to rebuke that? Wonder of wonders.

  6. Sunshine67 said

    Personally, I feel dress the way you think you would if God was in your presence. Now of course we all know you should not dress in a way that your bathroom parts are showing. Basically what I am saying is cover up. Now if people are tempted even after you are covered up, then they need to deal with their own lustful thoughts and issues.

  7. dabrotha said

    This is a very well-reasoned post. As a songwriter who has written and performed both secular and praise music, and as a church planter and bible teacher, this is a very good reminder and encouragement.

  8. just leam said

    j moss is a man i love so because he sings the hearth of man with is expedient voice that i do fall under is annointing.Thank god for j moss cos he is free indeed through christ our u just james?

  9. CharityIsrael said

    This article is Divinely thought provoking! It has challenged me to check my motives behind my music! I’m not sealing SEX, I’m serving my Savior! If one wants the temporary luxuries of the world, please go be a part of it and stop using gospel music as a cover up to promote your real agenda! That goes for the gifted orator posing as a preacher or the psychic posing as a prophet, stop USING the church and Church let us stop being so gullible(driven by the senses) and start checking for fruit! we are bewitched by vocal ability and nice musical chords so much so that we’ve confused emotional response(crying, shaking, and etc.) with the anointing which at times may not evoke an emotion! Gospel music is turning from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and becoming the gospel of Everything But Christ! My prayer is Father help us all and even now, Come Lord Jesus! Come!-Charity Israel

  10. Nathan said

    Very interesting topic i find here having been posted by a friend. Reading everyone’s post gives a lot of insight into what God is saying. I pick one valid pointer from everyone, which is to ‘keep watch and pray at all times’. I’ve been a music producer of the gospel for over 17years and i must say that it not an easy road. People, remember that we ‘all’ must strive to attain God’s standard. This is not to excuse the misgivings of our brethren. I agree with the 1st person’s comment. The bible speaks of us correcting ‘in love’. I hear a few murmurings of ‘ill-will’ amidst some of these commentaries. As much as we’d love to comment, let us remember that ‘some’ of these gospel artists are God’s on reps. We need to continually ‘pray’ for them. Some of us are parents and have kids. It all starts from us before our kids become like Eli’s children. Let us all be quick to listen but slow to speak..esp condemning words. In addition, Christ died for ALL men, not believers alone. We are also not at war with unbelievers, we are at war with spiritual wickedness in high places. Let he that stands take heed lest he falls. God help us all.


  11. Ediomo Ibanga Essien said

    Captivating n i write as “DR. OF MUSIC”-COVENANT,sm1 who has gone tru musical challenges,who trains pple on hw 2 sing,one who is musically inclined etc… To evry1 who has written dwn smtin,search ur hearts n see if ure truly right. To me music is ur lifestyle(worship). Thre’s alot 2 music dan we think/write. More dan music.

  12. J moss is the most inspiration GOSPEL SINGER I have ever heard in my life. If listening to him praise can change my faith, I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering where is J moss today. WhiteAmerica.4,3,2,1.

  13. Alex said

    J? Pls try & be careful next time o.k? You get misinterpreted d more…

  14. Akande felix said

    May the good Lord bless His word and have mercy upon us and our generation of music ministers amen.

  15. Soul I. said

    All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teachin, rebuke, correctn and trainin in righteousness…2tim3:16

  16. M. Campbell said

    Not to focus on a side issue, but the author brought it up. So where does Jesus ever teach that His disciples can’t lose their salvation? …and how does it compare to what He teaches in John 15?

  17. sugabear1976 said

    I’m so disappointed with the musicians now. I use to inspire to hv a record deal but when I seen even the ones I thought were strong in God actually compromise for fame & fortune it made me say “You can have it, it ain’t even worth me losing my salvation.” Deitrick Haddon is singing w/Faith Evans.. FAITH EVANS?! Everyone wants to make a “love” album now? It’s borderline secular now. The men of God are talking abt havin swag instead of the Holy Ghost. I could care less abt their STANKIN flesh! I’m working out my salvation everyday then they wanna display they flesh & entertain these demons & I invite it in my home cause I think they’re “saved.” Naw, I ain’t on that! I’m done w/ these compromising Gospel/Christian artist..

  18. Manasoulsings said

    Whoever wrote this has 50 percent credibility, the rest is Religiousity! How many souls have you one with this article? ZERO!

  19. We perceive J. Moss as baiting and switching when in actuality music was a central part of worship in ancient Jewish culture – even rhapsodic music. I think we should draw clear lines about what is a church-based sound and what is not since so many music forms actually stole the “sound” from gospel. When King David danced before the Lord with all his might and came out of his clothing, surely it was not to an old hymn…at the same time he also fell into lust and adultery, which led him to conspiracy and murder – go figure. We need to be converted through and through,and led of the Holy Spirit and we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. I agree that we look, sound, and even dress and act so much like the “world” that it is difficult to discern the righteous from the unrighteous, the great divide is always the lyrics and as you rightly stated J. Moss has some heavily, spiritual lyrics. Let’s pray for one another…I appreciate J. Moss, Mary Mary, and Dietrick, because they are the best substitute for Usher, Beyonce, and Keisha Cole, but there is no substitute for holiness, without which no one will see GOD. So we had better examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith!

  20. brother joseph said

    1TIMOTHY 6-10-11 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.Some people,eager for money,have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.But you,man of GOD,flee from all this,and pursue righteousness,godliness,faith,love,endurance and gentleness.

    • brother joseph said

      John 14-21 whoever has my commands and obeys them,he is the one who loves me.he who loves me will be loved by my Father,and I too will love him and show myself to him.

  21. nadespink said

    This is so sad. They were some of my favorite artists. And these are the people that are supposed to be leading us to God?? This is terrible. 😦

  22. Syreeda said

    I am glad that J is being honest. Their is a spirit behind all music. We as Christians need to test the spirits behind these songs,and yes, gospel music too. I had J moss CD and unfortunately i had to throw it away because of the sexual spirit that was behind his songs. Also, i get weary when Christian artist start to refer to there followers as fans. The ppl that are listening to you are God’s ppl and they belong to him. However, it takes courage to admit what he admitted. God is a forgiving God. Look at david, but God still called him a man after his heart. Yes we fall, but God forgives, Move on and sin no more.

  23. ABIDOYE said

    j moss is like a role model to me.and i don’t believe that he does all those accusing activities.j moss,i wanna urge you to be careful about all things.and is it true you have joined the illuminati?

  24. […] J. Moss – page […]

  25. B.P. said

    You have the right to believe what ever you want to believe but that doesn’t give you or any body else the right to force their belief on other indviduals that donot believe the same.

  26. Ryan Mabiza said

    Where sin abounded grace abounded all the more

  27. Harry said

    Well, that’s thought-provoking! Our voices and looks may get the attention. But our message must take the centre stage. We, ministers, have got nothing to flaunt… We only have the Gospel to preach.
    And thank God for this article. I think the average Christian ought to spend more time in prayer, that they may discern the true message conveyed- whether looks or the gospel.

  28. Ryan said

    Where sin abounded, grace abounded all the more

  29. Benson ovoke said

    what can i say, James moss is my man. I believe Gods grace will prevail over his life Amen

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