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Four Year Old Girl Tells Police My Whole Family Is Dead

Posted by Job on August 29, 2009

Please pray for this little girl. Here is a quote: “an officer grabbed the child and whisked her away from the site where police say Richard Ringold, 44, shot five people, killing four, including the girl’s mother and sister.”
This is yet another in a string of horrific crimes that has been plaguing the metropolitan area that I live in for the past several months. The area that I call home and am raising my family is rapidly spiraling out of control. Amazingly, the local media is trying their best to talk about it as little as possible. They report the individual crimes, which are increasing in both number and gruesome nature, but do not dare try to put the facts together, because the facts lead to a society descending into chaos, rebellion, pride, selfishness and arrogance. They refuse to do this because doing so would lead to people asking questions of whether what is being taught in schools, shown on television and books, what is broadcast over the radio, the content on the Internet etc. is responsible for this. Studies have proven that the proliferation of pornography and occult content in particular greatly increase violence in a culture, yet not only are these studies ignored, but the people who produce them are vilified in a most demonic nature. Christians spent decades warning and predicting that these cultural trends would lead to increased violence, and when their predictions – indeed prophecies based on the truth of the Word of God – came true, the prophets and their message are ignored. There isn’t a single person in the media who will admit that the Christians who warned against these trends decades ago were proven right, and that is why no effort is being made by the media to correlate or analyze these horrific crimes and the complete disdain for the value of innocent human life.

People have rejected even the sense of law, order, self-respect and mutual benefit that God graciously gave to the world through general revelation, the sort which resulted in such things like the code of Hammurabi and pax Romana that were attempts to restrain base human wickedness. And yes, this is what once called itself a Christian nation, and though we came far short of what Jesus Christ actually taught (as evidenced by slavery, genocidal treatment of Native Americans, segregation, exploitation of the poor and immigrants etc.) now the primary problem is that people who call themselves Christians are not sharing the gospel in places that badly need it. I am not talking about this “engaging the culture” or “taking back the culture” campaigns, which are really just attempts to impose a form of godliness onto people. Instead, I am talking about going door to door, inviting people to church, and sharing the gospel with them. However, this is no surprise as fewer churches, even evangelical churches, regularly share the gospel of Jesus Christ from their pulpits. And while I am not a social gospel person, I am convinced that true preaching leads to true conduct. True preaching would convict and inspire born again Christians to do things like help the poor and homeless, become foster parents and child mentors, and other things that are regrettably often more associated with “bleeding heart liberals” than Bible – believing Christians who take the “faith without works is dead” exhortations of James 2 just as seriously as they do the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and abortion.

What are we going to do? Are we going to just watch these things spiral out of control, saying “this is the type of judgment that this wicked nation that elected Barack Obama deserves” (or if your politics are more liberal saying “this is the type of judgment that comes on a nation that invaded Iraq and killed all those innocent people for no reason”) and sit back waiting for the rapture? Or are we going to meet the challenges created by this disintegrating culture with prayer and evangelism? By visiting prisons, helping widows and orphans, volunteering at soup kitchens, opening up our wallets and hearts even in these bad economic times (or especially in these bad economic times) and giving up our two mites (Mark 12:41-44) or our little handful of meal and cruse of oil (1 Kings 17:11-14)?

I am a person who believes in spiritual warfare and deliverance, and it is time to put on the whole armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-20. Do not limit that passage and concept to casting out devils, prayer warfare and other topics, though those are certainly valid. Instead, in order to rise up to the challenge of these evil times so that not we but or Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be glorified, we have to consciously, willingly, joyfully combat this evil with the whole counsel of God, “from Genesis to maps” as the old time fundamentalists used to say. Right preaching, right worship, right living, and right service are mandated by every believer in this wicked time. We have to live the gospel, we have to proclaim the gospel to all men. Now is not the time to worry about people laughing at us. How can we worry about people laughing at us, turning their backs on us, and rejecting us when we have an entire family – save one grievously wounded little girl – killed by a sinner with a shotgun? Don’t talk to me about gun control, about how the easy access to firearms caused this tragedy and how we need to limit their proliferation and access. Instead, the problem here is GOSPEL CONTROL, where Christians have limited the proliferation and access to the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST by neglecting to preach it to all men and neglecting to live it. Problems like these are due to our putting our light under a bushel so that no one can see it. They are due to our salt losing its savor, so it is now useless, fit for nothing other than being cast out and trod upon. One day, we are all going to stand before Jesus Christ in judgment. When Jesus Christ asks “where were you when all this evil was happening around you”, what will your response be, Christian?

4-year-old: ‘My whole family is dead’


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