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Wayne Grudem: A Prominent Calvinist Charismatic Theologian

Posted by Job on July 29, 2009

At least according to Wikipedia he is. Investigating this fellow, he seems to be a bit too much of an “avant garde” personality to suit my conservative tastes, reminding me of Mark Driscoll and some other members of the popular Reformed scene. He is also a bit of a “Protestant” ecumenist, working for unity among charismatic/Pentecostal, Reformed, and evangelical churches (where people like me acknowledge that such groups are apart for real and important doctrinal reasons that should not be glossed over).

Still, I wonder if his very popular systematic theology treatment is worth checking out …


6 Responses to “Wayne Grudem: A Prominent Calvinist Charismatic Theologian”

  1. Hi there,

    This might not be too useful because you don’t know what I believe, but I keep Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology on my book shelf next to Erickson and Ryrie. He’s an easy read. Chew the fish and spit out the bones.

    In Christ,


    • Job said

      Mark Penrith:

      Millard Erickson I like. Charles Ryrie, however, is dispensational, correct? And thank you for your recommendation.

  2. DJ said

    In Sunday school, we have spent the last few years working through Grudem’s systematic theology. He is defiantly reformed in his thinking of salvation and God’s sovereignty. He is also very sympathetic to the charismatic movement. However, I feel he does a good job explaining (scripturally) his views as well as the opposing views. Overall, I think he is quite Biblically centered.

    • Job said


      Thank you. I have heard mostly good things about Grudem, but I have wondered if he is too “cutting edge and contemporary” for me. Then again, his systematic theology book was written in 1994-1995, so maybe my concerns are misplaced.

      • I’d agree with DJ’s assessment.

        I’m dispensational *blush* and a cessationist, however I enjoy Grudem because he explains the critical doctrines and the plethora of divergent views accurately and succinctly. He kinda reminds me of the first “semi-Systematized” book I ever read: T. Hammond’s, “In Understanding Be Men” (um, which I wouldn’t recommend, but it’s nostalgic reminiscing about it, although it was short and he was semi-Reformed, so you might prefer it).

        If I was only going to have one systematic Theology book on my shelf though it’s be ___________’s.

        In Christ,


  3. Matt said

    Grudem is perhaps one of the top Charismatic-Pentecostal scholars of our generation. He has provided his wisdom to the Vineyard Community for many years, even having written multiple articles defending the Vineyard against Fundamentalist attacks. He has co-authored a book with John Piper opposing Openness Theology, as well as, discussing the Egalitarian debate, and the topic of healing. His systematic is a must for any theologian hoping to understand the Reformed / Third Wave perspective. You may not like the recommendation coming from me, but I keep his systematic on my shelf along with systematics from Stan Grenz (Evangelical), JR Williams (Charismatic), and a very abriged Barth (Lutheran). I have also owned Erickson at one time.

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