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A Book On Spiritual Warfare From A Ministry That I Like

Posted by Job on July 26, 2009

Written by a pastor who adhered to amillennialism, but I won’t hold that against him.



10 Responses to “A Book On Spiritual Warfare From A Ministry That I Like”

  1. Devon said

    I had read this book years ago and I still have it on my shelf….your right, it is a good book on a interesting topic!

    Dev in Canada

  2. Diane said

    Hello Devon.
    Have you experienced having to pray deliverance for an individual? I have prayed in certain instances where it seemed to calm the individual, but not the kind of deliverance we’re speaking of here.

    I was in Montreal back in the early 90s and a woman was walking down the street coming toward me. I was about to cross to the other side, looking both ways waiting for the cars to clear, this woman had at least 4 different voices coming from her. I felt completely out of my league, but from that encounter, I knew I had a lot to learn about Christ’s command to cast out demons.

    If you have had any experience it would be great if you shared it.

  3. David L. Williams said

    Having been in the deliverance ministry, I was curious to read the book from a ministry Job likes. I found much of it factual and needed information for the Church. But toward the end, it became apparent it follows the Seventh Day Adventists beliefs. The book comes from a 7th Day Adventist site.

    Again near the end, the author believes the true Church will be called out of Babylon, the whore churches. There, they will at last be cleansed of her spots and wrinkles. I don’t agree with many of their beliefs, but I agree with this. But I also believe one of the spots She will be cleansed of is wrong interpretations of the Bible, namely that the Jews’ purpose is done and over with. The “replacement theory.”

    I believe there are many saved people in the 7th Day group, and like with many denominations, God has patience and mercy waiting for the time He chooses to cleanse and straighten out many wrong men’s traditions of what is in the Word. That is needed in EVERY denomination, including the 7th Day Adventists. DavWms

    • Job said

      7th Day Adventist? This ministry has always promoted itself as nondenominational (indeed anti-denominational!) when I listened to them on the radio! On their website, this ministry promotes the book as having been authored by the pastor of the church and being published by the church.

      Please see this:

      “We are not affiliated with any denomination but seek only, under the headship of Christ, to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Our hearts are open to all of God’s elect remnant who desire to be ready for the soon return of our Lord.”

      This is a list of their local churches:

      I try my level best not put anything from the Seventh Day Adventist group of Ellen G. White, who among other things asserts that Jesus Christ and Michael the archangel are the same and that there are other ways to heaven apart from Jesus Christ (the “inclusivism” of the Roman Catholic Church and a position increasingly adopted by evangelicals), on this site. Now I am not saying that you are wrong, as I have made my share of errors. (For instance, I have had to stop supporting the Abrahamic Faith ministry because of their “only call on the Name of Yeshua because the Name of Jesus is a pagan deception” nonsense, and I also had to end my longtime promotion of the ministry of Bill Keller because of his ties with Roman Catholicism.) So if you have information that ties the ministry that produced this book to Seventh Day Adventism, let me know and I will immediately remove this post.


      • David L. Williams said

        Job, in the few minutes I had since your post, I tried to retrace my steps to find the 7th Day info. I can’t seem to get to where i saw the 7th connection, but will try again as soon as I can. DavWms

  4. Diane said

    Hi David,
    I clicked the link and went over to the site and quickly glanced at the information, and it did seem pretty good. Maybe just ignoring the denominational emphasis, yet gleaning the solid teachings is, like you said very needed.

    • David L. Williams said

      Diane, I’m so glad to see you posting again. You always make good sense when you write. I suspected you were posting on another site where I saw the name “Diane” and it was good logic. I’ve necessarily cut way back on posting for medical reasons. DavWms

  5. Diane said

    David, may the Lord bless you with a speedy recovery. It’s good to see you and Devon posting.

  6. Devon said

    Hi Diane….I can honestly say that I have never been involved in any kind of deliverance situation or where there were explicit demonic activity…that is very interesting…

    Take care


  7. David L. Williams said

    Job, I am confused. I spent much time on Midnight Cry’s site yesterday, clicking on every available link to find out more about them. What can I say? One of those links went to a 7th Day info site, promoting them. I have since searched and searched, but cannot find the link again. I have gone back to my Explorer’s “My History” to find it, as well. It shows nothing aside from legitimate Midnight Cry links.

    I have no idea how this happened. I am embarrassed now finding no proof to back up what I posted above. I ask you to delete my comments above, since they are obviously wrong. I apologize for my mistake and ask forgiveness. DavWms

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