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Christians Should Expect Persecution

Posted by Job on May 30, 2009

[livevideo id=C77B3D61555B496B8BECA31F2A4612D3] It is a popular pursuit for many pastors and teachers to discuss the great tribulation that will occur during the very last days, and to be on the lookout for evidence that this great tribulation is right around the corner. The truth is that there is a message that is far more useful and urgent, which is that Christians are called upon to experience persecution, rejection, scorn and other forms of tribulation right now in our daily Christian living, and that if we are not experiencing such persecution, then it is evidence that we are not walking in full obedience to Jesus Christ.


3 Responses to “Christians Should Expect Persecution”

  1. dawkinswatch said

    I am not in to the masochist form of Christianity, persecution in and by itself is not an indicator of christians not being right. The only difference between us and Comunist countries is that we still have rights aand constitutions.

    The Chinese do not.

    • Job said


      Performing the very signs and wonders that you speak of so often got Paul the apostle thrown into prison. Yet another example of how your form of Christianity is self-styled and detached from Biblical revelation as the final authority.

  2. dawkinswatch said

    Job I know what you are saying but I have seen people saying yeah, I want to be a matyr.

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