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Survival Strategies For Apostate Times By John MacArthur

Posted by Job on May 26, 2009

Survival Strategy for Apostate Times, Part 1 :: Grace to You

Survival Strategy for Apostate Times, Part 2 :: Grace to You

Survival Strategy for Apostate Times, Part 3 :: Grace to You

Courtesy of SoldierServant.


6 Responses to “Survival Strategies For Apostate Times By John MacArthur”

  1. wearymom said

    I just finished listening to all three of these sermons. They were a great help to me. Thank you for posting them.

  2. Job said


    You are welcome!

  3. anonymous said

    After prayerfully reading my entire Bible and New Testament it was evident that the Shed blood of Jesus covers our healing, protection & financial needs. Romans 8:32 said “Since God did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all will He not with Him (Jesus) freely give us all things”.
    Pastors say “paid in full” means is “it is finished” thing contradict themselves and say God must be paid ten percent for blessings. Help me see how it is logical to go back to the Old Testament Malachi 3 to curse people for not keeping the tithe law when Galatians 3:13 states that “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of THE LAW having been made a curse for us”.
    The law of paying God mentality ignores the finished work on the Cross Colossians said He blotted out the handwriting of Ordinances that was against us, taking it out of the way and nailing it to His Cross. A co-worker told me her Pastor confronted her angrily in the parking lot for not tithing and she left the Church for a while almost not going back. She had no income to tithe. We had a benevolent fund that I have been giving money to my Church for yrs.It was set up to help the poor. I had out of work friends I lead to the Lord and then had them call my Church for help with food or referrals to get assistance elsewhere. To my surprise they were told that since they were not tithe paying members there could be no help or counseling for them. Then the Pastor preached the next week that he would not help cursed non-tithing people & no one else should either. Exactly when did Jesus charge people for help?
    I have heard many other incidents like this. The Bible said who can bring a charge against Gods elect not angels or anyone! Many people are turned off by organized religion because of abuses like this. Any comments on this?

    • John Kaniecki said


      Hope you are well.

      Unfortunately many ‘pastors’ have exchanged the faith of Jesus Christ into a means to make money.

      Helping the needy is a very Biblical concept. Tithing or giving ten percent was commanded in the Old Testament. The New Testament commands us to give as we prosper.

      We must be wise in our giving. Many take advantage of Christian genorocity. But the Bible says give to those who ask.

      It is just sad. What is your church doing with its money. Look over a financial report and budget.



    • Sad. So sad.

  4. anonymous said

    Just wanted to add the Holy Spirit must be grieved when the Lords glory is stolen by any OT works. If we could fulfill the law Jesus would not have had to do it for us.

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