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Gospel Superstars Mary Mary Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Posted by Job on May 25, 2009

Looking at their video “God In Me”, which promotes the same Christian celebrity culture that causes people like Carrie Prejean to think that it is OK to prance around semi-nude, it is no surprise. Look, these folks know that Barack Obama will sign the most radical piece of abortion legislation in history, and will also greatly advance the homosexual agenda. But they don’t care, because to them it’s just about pleasing man, themselves.

Really, that is what the gospel scene that they are in is all about. Worship music, praise music, gospel music should be about worshiping God. The goal, the desire should be to glorify God and to please God. But the scene that they are in, the scene that invited Carrie Prejean to present at the Dove Awards, it is about pleasing man. Why? Because you have to entertain an audience in order to get airplay, video play, and sell records. That is why we need celebrity figures that look like models (and beauty pageant contestants) to “sing” this “music.” That is why they are showing a lot more leg and a lot more cleavage than in the past. As a matter of fact, defenders of Carrie Prejean’s “Christian modeling” are actually setting a precedent where Christian artists will be allowed wear bikinis (or even less) in gospel videos and take the same roles in violent or sex driven movies as any other artists with no one batting an eye.  Basically, since it is about entertainment and making people feel happy, whatever standard the world sets for entertainment and pleasure will inevitably be emulated by this industry.  It is all about making people happy and feeling good. 

Now I disagree with people like this fellow and this fellow who claim that the use of instruments in worship was fulfilled in Jesus Christ along with the tabernacle/temple, sacrifices, and rituals. However, we cannot deny … take away the instruments (as well as the secular music styles) and most contemporary Christian artists would never sell. People who have no interest in serving the Lord and only want to be entertained would have no interest in buying it. That is what you get with market-driven consumer Christianity.

This is nothing personal against Mary Mary, I actually have all their albums save their most recent one. But they are part of a scene that professes to worship God when it is actually about entertaining men in exchange for money. 

Promoting Obama:
Getting their kids to promote Obama:
Mary Mary’s God In Me:   Mary Mary hanging out with worldly friends and basically taking making music in praise of the Lord to be a joke:
But hey, they talk about traditional marriage and family in these videos, so that makes them God pleasing, right?


8 Responses to “Gospel Superstars Mary Mary Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama!”

  1. Diane said

    Hmmm.. besides the encouragement factor in their music I don’t believe Mary Mary promotes modesty. You buy all their albums except the latest but speak about the songs being ‘entertaining’ and that it’s ‘market driven consumer christianity’. The post shows a conflict in your convictions, you’re either a part of the ‘market driven consumer christianity’ or you’re against it.

    Some of their songs can be encouraging, but their music doesn’t tend to bring about a Christ-like humility in my family, so I feel very uncomfortable when my husband is playing their music.

    If you buy their music, knowing all you know why speak against it?

    • Job said

      Good point. Allow me to say that I bought their albums before I knew better, and I have not seen fit to discard their albums yet as I had to with Tonex. Also, I no longer listen to the albums. Truthfully I am listening to more preaching these days than music.

      • Diane said

        I used to take the cd covers off, copy the lyrics and cover the faces of the artist with old pages that fell out of my bible, when I bought a cd that really had a few good songs that exalted Christ, but the artist was trying to have that sexy pose. Regrettably, I don’t do that as much now, but sometimes I turn the picture inside out.

        Unfortunately, some of my favorite worship artist have gone in the wrong direction. Darlene with Hillsong used to be my favorite, but one of her cds a couple of years ago showed a departure from worshipping Christ to what seemed to me to be a positive music with very little mention of Christ.

  2. melinda said

    it doesnt take much to figure out what they are about, MONEY AND THE WORLD. they sing songs that glorify themselves or are just pointless and have nothing to do with God. they dress like prostitutes, they even pose together in one picture where they are wearing honeymoon gear and standing very close to one another as if they are posing for playboy. they are in cahoots with common, who is a muslim, kanye west, sing with david banner who has songs like f-em or something of that nature, and everyone else that belongs to the world. it doesnt even take a scripture to figure out something isnt right, even when i wasnt saved i could have picked up on this craziness. veggie tales can even teach a thing or two about this garbage.

  3. melinda said

    my above comment wasnt a reply to anyone, that was just what i wanted to say, because things have gone too far. we cant serve 2 masters, it just wont work, because GOD SAID SO.

  4. dawkinswatch said

    What do you expect?

    I cannot expect entertainers to be that politically savy and they might upset their fans if they are not down with the Obama revolution.

  5. Believer said

    I was once a supporter of MaryMary but something about them began to really annoy me and turn me completely against them. Sadly, their clothing does not show modesty(some of that stuff is way to revealing for thirty/ forty something so called christian women) or humilty and all I see is wordly, monetary gain and acceptance written across their foreheads. You can’t serve two masters and what is up with that mockery of show that is broadcast on BET.Yes, I think they sold out a long time ago.

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