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Paul Washer On Revival

Posted by Job on May 21, 2009



7 Responses to “Paul Washer On Revival”

  1. Remnant said

    JOB, you are really confusing me! In another post (to me) you said (implied) that you are against the use of the words/names “JESUS”, “LORD”, and “GOD”, yet you post stuff by Paul Washer (who i greatly respect btw), who uses all these names. And again, as i said before, your own website uses the name Jesus in it’s title. AND (as i’ve said before) the HOLY SCRIPTURES testify that repentance is evidence of salvation; this repentance is evident in the lives of Paul Washer and many, many others who believe upon the name of JESUS CHRIST, the LORD GOD (as opposed to legalistically using only the Hewbrew, Yeshua or YWYH.

    So again, you are becoming very confusing (NO OFFENSE!). Can you please explain, clarify, and answer all these questions?? I’ve been wondering if you are going off the spiritual deep end here; i just dont know quite what to make of it at this point…AGAIN, NO OFFENSE.

    • Job said


      Well, is it your position that I should edit out that section on the Abrahamic Faith article that is causing so much confusion? Or is it your position that I should delete the article entirely?

      • Remnant said

        I’m not sure. I think it is confusing as to why you posted it (just that first portion that is, not the rest), and confusing because of the style in which it is laid out or written by the author. The way it starts out at the beginning is rather odd. I wasnt even sure what it was asserting at first. And then all of a sudden it launches into a discussion of the Jezebel spirit, after leading off with the topic of the “proper” names to use when talking about God, etc. The lack of transition from one topic to the other…that sort of thing. It is very long and i did not have time to read it all.

        It really did confuse me on your stance, so i just had to ASK. I would find it surprising if no one else was confused by that portion of the article, in relation to your site. Maybe you should ask some other readers what they think. They might think differently than me.

  2. Remnant said



    No, i did not “know perfectly well” any of the things you assert i did (in an earlier response to me on this topic). I have not read EVERYthing on your site. Nor do i have anything against MESSIANIC Jews; i dont know why you think i do. I have no opinion on them one way or the other, currently, as I really know very little about them. I did not even know they still study the Talmud. I hear & read very little about them.

    I’m sorry but i was equally confused by your FIRST reply to me on this issue (on the names), and apparently misunderstood what you were trying to say to me about the transliteration, etc. I thought (it sounded like) you were finding fault with the English translation of Yeshua into “Jesus”. And when i tried to respond to the first reply you made i had great trouble accessing the site, due to problems with my web browser and super slow computer. Your second reply makes your stance more clear to me. But it sounds like you are feeling attacked by my questions, whereas i was only asking in order to clarify/understand. Please dont feel attacked, as there was no aggression felt or intended towards you.

    • Job said


      Nay, when I re – read the post, your objections were perfectly legitimate. Also, when I re – read your perfectly justified question and my haughty reply in self – defense, it looked like I was attacking YOU.

      Just to let you know: I frequently publish things created by others I do not 100% agree with in order so people may benefit from the portions in it that I do agree with. But upon re-reading that section … it isn’t worth the trouble that it is causing. Primarily, I really don’t want someone to read that and start agreeing with it. And since that is a copyrighted work produced by someone else, I really do not have the authority to alter it by removing a section that I disagree with, as it is an infringement upon the integrity of the original work. I have conversed with the people who work for that ministry by email and know that they wouldn’t mind, but it still isn’t the right thing to do. So, I will just delete it.

      It is a shame, because Abrahamic Faith does a lot of good work on discernment ministries and apologetics, especially with Muslims and in the Middle East. I suppose that I let it slip because of the high amount of trust and esteem that I have for the ministry, and was more inclined to try to defend them than I would have from a lot of other ministries. That was my fault, not yours, and I am sorry. You were right from the beginning. I will delete that post and be much more responsible towards material from Abrahamic Faith in the future. The more that I think about it, their position is just wrong, and it looks like they are developing sympathies towards the “sacred name” movement, which is a marginal cult within Messianic Judaism. The thing is that there are legitimate issues with how “Iesous” because “Jesus”, which seems to have been at least in part due to arbitrary and strange decisions on the part of Bible translators and publishers. However, these folks need to admit that the actual spelling of Jesus Christ’s Name in Hebrew … no one knows for sure, as there are varied ways of spelling it, and those variations create differences that are very important. I saw a research article by a Jewish scholar which claimed that the spelling of Jesus Christ’s Name was very close to the spelling of Joshua in Zechariah, and this fellow also acknowledged that the Jewish scholars in the Talmud changed the spelling and did it to denigrate and dishonor Jesus. His work was very convincing and I adopted it as my own, but there is almost certainly no way to know for sure, and anyone who claims to know for sure has to be challenged.

      Ultimately, it is not an issue of which translation or transliteration or spelling, but it is the heart of the person who calls upon the Name. It is not a work – calling on a specific Name or using a specific spelling – but grace, faith and obedience. That is obviously the position of the Bible, and I THOUGHT that it was the position of Abrahamic Faith based on seeing some of their previous work. After all, Jesus Christ likely didn’t even speak very often in Hebrew, He almost certainly spoke most often in Aramaic and possibly at times in Greek, and we know that He used the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the LXX. So if Jesus Christ used other languages, why can’t we?

      In any event, I will delete the source of division and confusion, and will try harder to be wiser in the future.

  3. Remnant said

    Oh Job, you are so sweet. Don’t worry, we all occasionally have our moods and answer in the flesh from time to time. How nice of you to give me a fair hearing and consider the matter.

    I have confidence in the name of Jesus Christ and in the Textus Receptus manuscripts from which the King James was translated. It is what WILLIAM TYNDALE was burned at the stake for; for translating these scriptures. I do not get into all that Greek-talk and such. I look at the FRUIT. Too many people are obsessed with “the Greek” this and “the Greek” that, and they believe the NIV, CEV and other perverted “bible” versions are translated “from the Greek”, but when you look at their fruit they are very immature in the faith and carnal, basically just playing church. Now there is even a “gender neutral” version of the “bible” out from those who continue to pick at the Word of GOD, and they use their “Greek” arguments there too.

    The FRUIT of those who have believed upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and repented of their sins is just evidence that this is The Name. : ) God bless you.

  4. kavitha said

    give me details of “revival of jesus,revolotion” and “jesus the rebel” thank you!

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