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“Emma” The Angel at the 4 0’clock Show – The short clip is classic to show up Canadian Revivalist Todd Bentley for exactly what he is, a liar and cheat besides a thief!

Posted by Job on May 21, 2009

Submitted by a supporter.
Still waiting for Todd Bentley’s former supporters to step up and take responsibility instead of just trying to quietly let the matter drop, and also to promise to pledge to follow Biblically faithful ministers in the future.

89,000 hits since 06 April 2009 "Emma" The Angel at the 4 0’clock Show


Remember this? There has been 89,000 hits…

May have started it all.

Also, It has been admitted that Todd was drunk (on the spirit of Alcohol) every time he mounted the stage to deceive the crowds of blinded Christians with his false signs and wonders.


The crippled wife of the so-called miracle worker was publicly disgraced and rejected and all the public glowing testimonies of how God chose for him went up in smoke as his secret affair was uncovered.



"Emma" The Angel at the 4 0’clock Show

 The short clip is classic to show up Canadian Revivalist Todd Bentley for exactly what he is, a liar and cheat besides a thief. Especially in the light of the revelations about his affair, the quickie divorce from Shonnah and the new marriage to Jessa Hasbrook – and the lack of repentance for any  of it.

] Here’s Todd Bentley, Shonnah Bentley and their kids, as well as mother in law, Val Andres involved in an elaborate charade at Lakeland. All involved knew what Todd was saying was nonsense, Shonnah knew what she was doing  – the only ones to be excused are Todd’s  kids because of their youth. One wonders where the mistress Jessa was – watching from the sidelines, perhaps? Manifesting? Collecting the offering?

From 0.49 seconds onwards –

Todd Bentley

“[Said to Shonnah].  Come here honey. [Turns to audience] I asked my wife and children to come up onto the platform, as the Lord told me there was going to be a special anointing for families.

My mother in law’s here too. Stand up mum! Come on, this is my mother in law.

My father Dave Bentley and my mum in law Darcia are online in the chatrooms – you can talk to them in the chatroom. I’m telling you ….  And he said, I’m with you in spirit – my father –because God has done something in our family. My children are here too – can you stand up Laura-Lee, Esther, Elijah – come here, just one moment. These are my children….

They are here tonight as a prophetic sign because God told me about this Monday night, He told me this Monday night He was going to anoint children. He was going to heal marriages, and there was going to be great breakthrough in family.

If you’re watching on God TV get ready for a breakthrough in your family tonight. Tonight’s a night of miracles in your house.

Maybe Bentley had to get rid of his wife, because she was not healed in his Lakeland-revival… He needed a healthy, nice looking woman. Ruitje

Todd Bentley is not stupid though his followers are! Bentley’s mentor is Benny Hinn who moved to United States married an American and made himself a huge mega cash cow in a Country where we have separation from church and State unlike Canada!

Rick Joyner, the deceiver, is not addressing at all the real issues like Todd Bentley was and is still an unrepentant drunkard, liar, thief, adulterer and wizard who has not confessed his sins nor repented of them! For example Todd asked for 1,000 people to donate $ 1,000 dollars ($ 1million) so he could make a down payment of $ 475,000 on property on a lake in Lakeland for a love nest for Todd and his mistress Jessa.

Todd stole the money under false pretense and he is obligated by God’s word to restore the money!

And Todd’s wife Shonnah Bentley was just as much of a liar and deceiver who carried on with the masquerade of a perfect and wonderful marriage at Todd’s coronation in Lakeland but knew all about Todd’s being a drunkard and a womanizer!

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8 Responses to ““Emma” The Angel at the 4 0’clock Show – The short clip is classic to show up Canadian Revivalist Todd Bentley for exactly what he is, a liar and cheat besides a thief!”

  1. Ray said

    At the You Tube video above, we can see some so-called “prophets,” that somehow (despite being “prophets”) did not know about Todd’s shenanigans.

    How? They really aren’t prophets?

    BTW, there is an article at entitled “Rick Joyner Announces Todd Bentley Remarriage And The Start Of Restoration Process, While Begging For Cash For Fresh Fire USA”.

    That article, plus a You Tube video entitled “Todd Bentley – Last Meeting – They Already Knew,” seem to show that some of these so-called prophets knew that Todd was involved in these shenanigans, yet they continued to back him and let him continue to lead this “revival.”

    They seem to need restoration from their deceiving ways as much as Todd Bentley does.

  2. Felt like taking a trip back to the past…. WOW… what a great page… I just emailed to my list… Since he’s trying to comeback we’d better stay vigilant right?
    Pat Holliday

  3. dawkinswatch said

    look I do not know what is going on? What is going on?

  4. David L. Williams said

    As for what we see today’s popular prophets involved in, perhaps reading what God did in such a case in the past will clarify it. Read 2Sam 24:1 and put it with 1Chron 21:1, both on the same subject. DavWms

  5. Anulee said

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