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Beware Eddie Hyatt And The Other Wolves Promoting False Repentance And False Revivals!

Posted by Job on May 21, 2009

submitted by a supporter
Pay attention to this artful deception below. It is not the truth concerning either American history (a nation founded by freemasons, Unitarians, deists, slavers, Indian killers, and gold seekers) or the Great Awakening revivals, which were about saving souls and nothing else. The Great Awakening preachers did discuss the moral and cultural evils of the day, but only as a way of convicting sinners of their sins and bringing them into true repentance. It was a means, not an ends, and was certainly not the hypocritical Phariseeism that makes people think that so long as they aren’t homosexual and don’t get an abortion then they are evangelical Christians of good standing no matter what they believe or whatever sins they commit. It is that nonsense where so many people are actually supporting a beauty pageant contestant with breast implants who works as a lingerie and swimsuit model as a Christian witness against homosexual marriage. Oh, so homoseuxality is wrong but making money off pandering to heterosexual lust is ok? "Revivals" with political, cultural, or other ulterior motives will fail. The book of James states that a double minded man will not receive anything from the Lord. Also, Jesus Christ stated that no one can serve two masters, they have to either hate one or love the other. These folks who love America, western culture, or what have you … well that is their master, and they need to stop calling themselves Christians and just become secular conservative or moral activists.
This world is coming to an end. At the end of the millennium, fire is going to come down, destroy this place like Sodom and Gomorrah, throwing it down just like the Romans and the Babylonians did the temples, and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. When that happens, what will become of all of these political and cultural battles? The same thing that will happen to the rich man who put all his grain in a barn instead of obeying God’s law by distributing it to the poor and the widows, hoping to get rich by selling it later, only to die without ever seeing a cent of the gain that he hoped to get.

These "restore America with revivals" dominionists are no different from Todd Bentley (who by the way is but a third wave dominionist) and the other false preachers that appear at the end of this message.



How U.S Evangelicals Lost the Culture War and the Way Forward.

-by Eddie Hyatt.


Evangelicals may finally be realizing that political activism is not the path to preserving the Christian character and culture of America.

After 30 years of the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition and the religious right, America, last November, elected what are probably the most liberal president and congress in its history. Since that time 5 states have legalized homosexual marriage and others are poised to follow suit. Chuck Schumer, the influential, liberal senator from New York, gleefully declared that, “All this talk about family and traditional values is a thing of the past.” In the midst of all this, Dr. James Dobson, whom many would consider the most prominent voice of the religious right, solemnly announced, “We (evangelical Christians)  have lost the culture war.”


Although this turn of events is disturbing for evangelical Christians, this could be the starting point for a national awakening unto God; but only if we admit our failures and turn from the notion that we can change America by our own efforts, political or otherwise.


We (Evangelicals) Have Been Wrong


Please understand that I am not suggesting that we should not be good citizens and participate in the political process; nor am I suggesting that God does not call some to civil service and statesmanship. But I am convinced that evangelical Christians in America crossed the line in trying to change America through political activism. We thought that if we could get enough Christians elected to Congress and elect a Christian president that we would preserve our Christian culture and heritage. Instead, politics, power and pride became characteristic of American evangelicalism, rather than prayer, compassion, humility and spiritual power. We forgot that America has a history of Spiritual awakenings and that this “revival heritage” has been the preserving force of our Christian culture.


God Will Not Ride in on Either an Elephant or a Donkey


Hopefully, some are beginning to realize that God’s purposes for America will not be realized through a political process or political party. As Dr. Tony Evans once said, “God will not ride into our midst on either an elephant (symbol of the Democrat party) or a donkey (symbol of the Republican party).”


In seeking a political solution to our spiritual problems we, as evangelical Christians, identified ourselves with a particular political party and, thereby, alienated ourselves from over half of the American populace. This is not good! Neither Jesus nor the earliest Christians identified themselves with any of the many political parties that were operative in their day; but, instead, preached a transcendent government or kingdom of God that would transform individuals (and thereby society) from within. We need to take a closer look at the New Testament in this area and adjust our thinking accordingly.


Let’s Remember Our Revival Heritage


Spiritual awakenings are an intrinsic part of American history.

They are a vital part of who we are as a people. Perry Miller, the late professor of church history at Harvard University, said that the Declaration of Independence of 1776 was a direct result of the preaching of the evangelists of the First Great Awakening.

Awakenings such as the First Great Awakening (1726-1750), the Second Great Awakening (1801-1840) and the great Prayer Revival of 1858 have preserved the Christian character of American culture at crucial times in our history. These were not religious excitements generated by the fleshly machinations of professional revivalists, but divine visitations in answer to the fervent, faith-filled prayers of God’s people.


It’s Time For Repentance & Change in the Church


America is in dire need of another national awakening. Such an awakening cannot be organized or strategized by skillful religious marketers. Such awakenings are conceived in the womb of prayer and given birth through the absolute trust and simple obedience of God’s people. If evangelical Christians are ready to admit that political activism is not the way to change America, this could be the beginning of our finest hour. If we will repent for our politics, for seeking power and for pride and call out to God with all our hearts, there is no reason why God will not answer with another national Spiritual awakening.


A Prayer For Spiritual Awakening


Here is a prayer that I offer for Spiritual awakening in this hour; and I pray that individuals and groups throughout America will begin to pray prayers such as this.


Oh LORD God, we come to You in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that we have missed the mark in all our efforts to save this nation. We repent of self-reliance and pride, and for imagining that we could make a difference in this nation by our own human efforts and through a mere political process. Oh LORD, we acknowledge that only you can change the heart of this nation and restore to it the fear and honor that belongs to You alone. We pray today that you will turn our hearts to you. Send the fire of your presence, power and love once again to this nation. We pray for another Great Awakening!




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4 Responses to “Beware Eddie Hyatt And The Other Wolves Promoting False Repentance And False Revivals!”

  1. dawkinswatch said

    Come on Job,

    Some of this stuff is off the mark, are you a deist? Do you still believe in miracles today?

    Blogs have just majored on bashing people who believe in miracles, sure may be there is no discernment in the charismatic movemement and I have also protested the Knights of Malta influenced with Bob Jones, rick Joyner, but these problems are greater in the deist conservative evagelicals.

    Todd Bentley was used by a lot of people but no one has denied that he did miracles. Plus he was under a lot of pressure and maybe we would have crumbled faster.

    Todd Bentley’s mistake was to not separate himself from the likes of Rick JOyner and their messed up seven mountains revelations, which manifested itself in the so called media revival. Todd should have done what he was doing, away from the camera.

    Benny Hinn was just recruited to infiltrate and destroy pentecostal from within.

  2. Diane said

    How is Ed Hyatt’s article above promoting ‘false revivals’? Attacking a sovereign move of God on a community is beyond the ridiculous.

  3. Brad Crook said

    It is obvious that you have not read his book. Dr. Hyatt presents real credible Biblical signposts for discerning what is true vs. what is false. That is the problem that people go off half informed, don’t know the Word of God… and believe many of these “false prophets and teachers” who are infesting the Body, today. Dr. Hyatt is fresh voice in sea of junk. I suggest that you read this book cover to cover… and study the Bible, so that you are a workman approved. “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” 2 Cor. 7: 10-11

  4. C.E.Hinson said

    Eddie Hyatt and his prescious wife Susan are some of my oldest and dear friends. I worked with them in Canada for a season starting a Christian school. We attended bible school together in the early 70’s. Dr. Hyatt is as solid as they come in pentecostal circles. As noted by others he has written a scholarly account of the charismatic movement from Acts 2:4 until today. Mr. Todd Bentley and my brother Eddie are two separate individuals and tend to represent polar opposites in the body of Christ. Todd seems to promote revival for revival sake whereas my friend Eddie tests revivals for the Kingdom of God’s sake. As noted above ….read his books ….you’ll find he isn’t in it for the money. Example: when my family moved to Canada to work with the Hyatts they gave up their apartment and moved into a one room office at the church they were pastoring. No….they have always shown the highest of integrity and lived simply and frugally. Shame on you for questioning their integrity in these matters.

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