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Persecuted Pakistani Christians Need Your Prayer Support!

Posted by Job on May 20, 2009

Abrahamic-Faith Ministries International
Dear Mishpacha (Family), 

 It’s not often that I send out requests but we do have two requests this time.  One that you pray with us for our work in Pakistan at this difficult time when the Taliban are busy taking over Northern Areas of Pakistan and threatening Christians to convert to Islam or die.

A Christian man went and reported to the authorities that we are running a Synagogue and are double agents for Israel which ensued a lengthy enquiry after which the authorities found nothing to implicate our people in Pakistan but I want to point out a Christian went against our friends in Pakistan while the Muslims and Catholics gave testimonies to support our work.  YHWH’s people will not be put to shame that is YHWH’s promise at least to those who obey His Commandments and we give thanks to Him for His deliverance.

We do have genuine need in our Synagogue in Pakistan for assistance and whatever help you can send we would appreciate it as we have ongoing monthly costs to pay the bills such as water, Electric and gas.  On top to pay the salaries of four people such as two teachers in the primary school offered to the needy children education free of charge for fifty children.  We have just hired a widow who was desperate with six children, we could not say no.  We have promised to support her towards her home and children.

I am thankful to you to those who have been faithful and YHWH will reward you and pray that you keep us under prayers.

Shalom Shalom,

Blessings in Yahushua
L’Chaim B’Yahushua (Life in Yah/YHWH He alone is our salvation)
Rabbi Simon Altaf 

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