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I Used To Send Jesse Duplantis Money! Lots And Lots Of Money!

Posted by Job on May 18, 2009

From Youtube user wordoffaithchannel.
The Tower of Babel was never actually built!
The nature of Adam (Speaking spirit). The Youtube user’s notes: “Word Faith teachers have redefined some of the major tenets of the historic Christian Faith. Kenneth Copeland recasts Adam as the first God “manifested in the flesh.” So instead of saying that Jesus is the second Adam one could say that Adam is the first Jesus (God in human flesh). Jesse Duplantis expands on this teaching.”
You, not God, decide when to die! Youtube user’s notes: “Jesse Duplantis makes the case that since “death and life” are in the power of the tongue he then concludes that we, not God, decide when to live or die.”
Adam (not God) breathed life into animals
How Jesus defended himself


4 Responses to “I Used To Send Jesse Duplantis Money! Lots And Lots Of Money!”

  1. nan said

    the Bible plainly says that God wanted to see the city and the tower that they built. He is a false teacher.

  2. dawkinswatch said

    You used to give Jesse your money?

    Jesse is a snake oil saleamsn, but he will make you laugh!

    hey Adam!

    You gave your money to Jesse who saw mahogony tables in heaven!

  3. rickyd09 said

    I never sent duplantis any money he was too strange for me, but I did support Kenneth Copeland in the 80’s man was I a fool.

  4. stan said

    From the last video:

    Jesse: “I’m just following Jesus!”
    Me: “Yeah, the one you invented in your imagination.”

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