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Are Billy Graham’s Beliefs Anti-Christ?

Posted by Job on May 17, 2009

From Ephesians511, who is back with his site puretruth63 on Youtube and Pure Truth blog.


11 Responses to “Are Billy Graham’s Beliefs Anti-Christ?”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised to hear that from Billy Graham. Unless he was saying that those who are pre-destined who may now be Muslims, Buddists or unbelievers will “eventually” come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and his plan for their lives and accept that calling. But it’s hard to get all of that from that clip…I hope that’s what he meant because what we heard here is not biblical.

  2. Job said


    This is just part of Billy Graham’s longtime progression. His progression began with his embrace of Roman Catholicism in the 1960s, and please recall that it was during the 1960s that the Roman Catholic Church officially adopted “many paths to heaven” pluralism. At the time it was primarily marketed as Roman Catholics’ admitting that Protestants could also go to heaven, but the truth was it was stating that ALL observant adherents to basically moral religious systems would go to heaven, which by the way has long been the position of Judaism, which is that everyone who follows a belief system that teaches the Noahide laws will ultimately be saved. And another part of it was when Graham admitted in a Newsweek interview a few years back that he no longer felt that Jesus Christ was the only way to heaven.

    Be mindful: it was not Christians who made Billy Graham prominent and famous, but rather the media mogul William Randolph Hearst, a figure whose agenda you might find interesting.

  3. nan said

    Billy sold out a long time ago. And the guy interviewing him did too. They wanted the money like so many others and the fame and they got it in exchange for their souls.

  4. Wow, I never knew this about Billy Graham. It just goes to show you how powerful media propaganda is –even Christian media apparently. I’ve never purchased any of his work but I assumed that his theology was sound but I guess not.

    • Job said


      Well, as the story goes, when Graham first started out, in the 40s and 50s, he was basically your typical Southern Baptist of that time, a bit to the left then (which would make him far right in today’s SBC where Rick Warren and some of the other emergent/seeker friendly types make up the left) because of his emphasis on revivals and broad based evangelism, but still definitely within the SBC mainstream. Then the fellow started changing. Theories as to what happened abound. Some say that he lost his faith as he began encountering a broader range of people from other Christian traditions, as recall during that time liberal ideas like neo-orthodoxy, Karl Barth and Bultmann and similar, were huge in Protestant Christianity, and the Baptist scene was no different. Others say that he changed when William Randolph Hearst got his hooks into him, others still claim that he was seduced by the Vatican. Then you have some folks who claim that he was a rotten apple who lacked a strong root or foundation from the beginning.

      But it is recorded history that Graham went from preaching against Roman Catholicism in the 40s and 50s to embracing Pope John XXIII as a mighty man of God and one of the greatest men in the world in the 1960s to being one of the main forces in the ecumenical movement between Roman Catholics and Protestants by the late 1960s and early 1970s. Keep in mind: had it not been for the work of Billy Graham bringing Catholics and Protestants together in America, the rise of the religious right and the elections of Nixon, Carter (yes, the religious right backed Carter, then a Southern Baptist but remember this was when the SBC was liberal, over the liberal pro – choice Republican Gerald Ford), Reagan, and both Bushes never would have happened. By the same token, Clinton and Obama would have never been elected by a nation sick of Reaganism/Bushism.

      A huge role played by Graham, whose stature was due to William Randolph Hearst. And again, an investigation of Hearst’s agenda, his fellow travelers, and the current activities of the philanthropic interests that bear his name to this day is mighty revealing.

  5. Remnant said

    None of this is the least bit surprising; Graham’s apostasy has been well-known and well-documented for many decades now. He is a friend of that wicked Robert Schuller and the popes, and he bows/cowtows to the rich and famous. He embraced the Catholics a long time ago. The book, BILLY GRAHAM AND HIS FRIENDS, by Cathy Burns, is shocking in what it reveals about this man.

  6. churchmouse said

    V. sorry to read/see this news. There are, unfortunately, for us laymen few senior clergymen we can turn to now for guidance. So many have embraced aspects of Modernism, specifically those having to do with evolution of the Christian faith.

    Perhaps it is to get more interview engagements or make their ministries more ‘palatable’ to today’s youth. Maybe Revd Graham wants to make sure his son Franklin isn’t ‘dropped in it’, so to speak, and is paving the way for a successful handover.

    But, I do wonder also, if it is about intimations of mortality. Look at Pat Robertson’s recent comments over the past few months. Very strange. Maybe these guys are thinking, ‘What if I was wrong? Maybe I was too hardnosed in my preaching.’ Perhaps it is down to the rest of us now together with the Bible, looking to each other for guidance. May God help us.

  7. dawkinswatch said


    50 per cent of Southern Baptists are Freemasons- it has been a wholesale takeover of that church.

    When you listen to the Freemasons ministers like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson , Eric Michael Dyson, Norman Vincent Peale 33 degrees and Robert Schuller 33 degrees they are all universalists.

    Because Freemasonry makes them that way, ” the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind”

    Billy Graham his real name is Billy Frank according to the researcher Fritz Springmeier and he worked Randolph Hearst but was hired by the Catholic Church to spread ecumenicalism.

    Accoding to Jim Shaw Billy graham was in the Supreme Council of ££ degrees when Shaw a minister was asked to take the 33 degree ritual.

    Cathy Burns has written the brilliant “Billy Graham and his friends”

    Springmeier has nailed him as a freemason a while back. Get his extensive As Wise as Serpents and 13 bloodlines of the illuminati.

    But what is being left unsaid is that Robert Schuller is the godfather of Bill Hybels and Rick Warren. Now what are the chances that Rick Warren has no masonic influence given his Council on Froeign relation?

    I have a tape of Cathy Burns being interviewed by Texe Marrs ( who has become very dodgy) on BIlly Graham.

  8. Renee Williams-Davis said

    Personally, I think it is a shame that most of us Christians are so narrow minded. There is no room for growth. THe same message you heard as a child is carrying you in this life, just like a child goes to kindergarten and that is the basis for his/her life. THe Spirit is ever changing, evolving, and causes change, growth, new revelations, etc.If you ever take the time and study the belief system before the 3rd century, you will be amazed to find that not everyone believed the same thing concerning Christ. Some of our early Church Fathers interpreted the Bible much differently as it is interpreted today. We must keep in mind that the Bible is a spiritual book, therefore it has different meanings and interpretations depending on your level of growth and maturity. The bible clearly says that there is spiritual milk, and strong meat. What do you think that means. We must begin to become thinking Christians and not just except what has traditionally been taught. We must think for ourselves. Check out the history of the church, how the books of the bible were chosen, what was done to those who dared to believe something different based on what the Spirit had revealed to them, and you cannot tell me that Christ was in the hearts of the church fathers and leaders who slaughtered and confiscated property for believing something different. If you never read for yourselves, you will stay in ignorance.

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