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Wanted: Christian Movies That Actually Present The Person And Work Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on April 15, 2009

Jesus Christ movies – that is, adaptations of the gospels and such – exempted. Christian movie fans, please recommend. Exceptions: not really looking for “Left Behind”, “The Omega Code” or any of the other Cloud Ten Productions or Generation (the Paul Crouch TBN studio) products right now. I will be liberal and state that the three movies from Sherwood Baptist Church (“Flywheel”, “Facing The Giants”, and “Fireproof”) qualify, but I have those already.  Other than those (and “The Robe” and “The Perfect Stranger” series, both which I have decided not to acquire at this time) I am at a loss to think of any more. Oh yes, and Roman Catholic propaganda need not apply. Thank you.


30 Responses to “Wanted: Christian Movies That Actually Present The Person And Work Of Jesus Christ”

  1. Diane said

    Movies of Jesus Christ…

    (I hope these aren’t the exempted ones)
    The Gospel of John
    Jesus of Nazarath

    though, one of my favorite Chrisian movies is Behind The Sun. It’s a story of a young Arab who comes to the US for a college education, meets some caring Christians, and becomes a Christian.
    Filled with a strong desire to share the Gospel with his family in the Middle East, Samir (I think that’s how you pronounce his name) returns to his homeland, very much underestimating the danger that awaits him, but the love and burden on his heart for his family outweighs any concerns of rejection, and he returns.

  2. theoldadam said


    There is a newer one from about 5 years ago…and an older one from the 50’s.

  3. theoldadam said

    Granted, the Luther movie speaks of the person and work of Christ for us.

  4. Diane said

    To their credit, TBN years ago did produce China Cry. I am not quite sure why the difference in quality, it could be because it is biographical. But it is a pretty good movie showing a vibrant educated young woman who put all her hope in Communism to stablize a turbulent China, just to find herself stripped of her career in a work camp ran by the Communist. In despair, she is forced to acknowledge her faith and dependence in Christ, though not having lived her life for him, the oppression and persecution made her resolute in her childhood faith.

  5. Diane said

    Oh yea. I forgot about Luther. I loved the scene where he’s on trial!

  6. Diane said

    Oh, 1 more thing about the movie Luther. As a caution for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, you might want to prepare to discuss the issue of suicide, if you plan on watching it with younger viewers.

  7. theoldadam said

    “…you might want to prepare to discuss the issue of suicide, if you plan on watching it with younger viewers.”

    Good idea, Diane.

  8. Diane said

    Howdy Steve!

  9. theoldadam said

    Hello, Diane!!!

  10. Devon said

    My fav of all time is Jesus of Nazareth…..granted, I know our Savior didn’t speak with an English accent but nonetheless a wonderful production…tremendous acting and overall, stays true to the gospel accounts along with some dramatic license that doesn’t take away from the essential truths of the Gospels.


  11. Diane said


    I absolutely love Jesus of Nazareth, it was very well done and the actor has to be one of the best in this role ( I agree about the accent :)).

    Job or anyone,
    What is Flywheel about?

  12. Yemi said

    Checkout “The Final Inquiry” it’s fictional…A roman soldier sent to investigate the resurrection of Jesus and ended up accepting Him as Savior.

  13. wearymom said

    I recently saw “Amazing Grace” based on the true story of William Wilberforce. It tells about his quest to end the British slave trade. He is encouraged in this quest by reformed ship captain, John Newton who penned the hymn. This movie is very well done, great acting. I was spellbound and will watch this one again and again.

  14. Devon said

    Yes Diane that is my fav movie of all time…the wonderful actor that played our Savior in that movie was Robert Powell….I have never seen the Lord portrayed better in any other movie about Christ….obviously he didn’t look very Hebrew but that’s ok….

    I bet I have watched this movie 50 times or so over the decades…I remember watching when I was in the world getting stoned with a bunch of friends in the late 80’s…one of my buddies was a new age russian jew…he was very impacted by this movie…as we all were…sitting stoned out of our minds yet the Gospel still got through…

    One time, me and my muslim friend (now a Christian) were getting very very high and my buddy starting having what they call a bad trip…a very bad trip…he was getting scared and paronoid….I thought to myself what am I going to do? So I wrapped him in a big blanked and put on Jesus of Nazareth and it absolutely calmed him down and brought peace to him….even before we were both saved, the Lord was using this movie in our lives…even in the midst of our depravity…

    If a movie of our Savior can so touch us, I can hardly wait to meet our Dear Savior in person..



  15. Rita said

    A great movie I saw recently is called “The Sobbing Stone”. We rented it through Netflix, but Christian Book Distributors and Amazon sell it. It is based upon Luke 19:40. If you want a movie that presents Jesus and what He did for us…I would highly recommend it. It is about this little stone that was found, and scientists can’t figure out why it keeps crying. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it will have you on your knees by the end!

  16. Diane said

    Devon I’m grateful to God things turned out ok and that you both gave your lives to Christ. Wow, talk about amazing grace!!

    It is amazing what we’ll do when scared. Something inside of us instinctively says “get the movie of Jesus of Nazareth”. Lol and hallelujah to God for He is good.

    I enjoyed Amazing Grace as well, but I wish the producers would have placed more emphasis on the saving power of Christ in the life of John Newton. But I did like the fact that Wilberforce couldn’t have withstood that type of opposition without God being with him. But all in all it’s a great movie.

  17. Remnant said

    Don’t hate me for saying this but despite the few Catholic artifacts in the background, etc., the movie, “BELLA” is one of thee finest movies i have ever seen; it is such a powerful and beautiful anti-abortion movie (without ever using the word!), and such a fine example of what Christian behavior SHOULD be that I think every Christian should watch it. If only we Christians would/could be more like that man (main character) and possess such love, quietness, and integrity. This movie is GREAT. (for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it came out in 2008 and won major awards, even impressing liberals).

  18. Remnant said

    P.S> Well, i am sure that your automatic response to something that impresses liberals is that it must be an evil thing then, but what i mean is that this is an anti-abortion movie, and liberals being impressed and moved by an anti-abortion movie is truly amazing.

  19. Job said


    Flywheel is about an unsaved unethical failed used car salesman whose business and family are saved when he accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and begins running his business in a Christian manner. It was never released in theatres but went straight to video. It is my favorite of the 3, even if Fireproof was the best made in terms of the writing and the technical stuff.

  20. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ ~~~ First I will say that though I have yet to see it – I have heard good things about a movie called “Ostrov” (Island)…which is a Russian film with english subtitles. Available through Amazon… ~~~ ~~~ Second… please explain to me the difference between a motion picture which “… presents the person of Jesus Christ…”, and an icon – a static picture which presents the person of Jesus the Christ… How is it that one is O.k. to you, but the other is not ? ~~~ ~~~ Just curious… thanks !

  21. Remnant said

    I have to add that while BELLA is not about JESUS CHRIST per se, there are certainly people who can represent Christ and His love to a lost world; there are types of Christ, just as David was a type of Christ, and there are types of satan/antichrists, just as King Saul, Judas, Herod, etc. So while Bella was perhaps not created to teach people about Christ Himself, it certainly presents an awesome picture of a Christlike person that lots of people could learn from. The main character does very little actual speaking, and it is his actions, his selflessness that speaks volumes about how to show Christlike love to others. ACTIONS REALLY DO SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  22. lesha said

    Is it true that there are people who are seeing Jesus, i.e.not on screen, but say, in their house, or yard or showing up at their church? If this Jesus showed up at your house, what would you do?

    • Remnant said

      What? You are not reading the Bible. Jesus warned us that many would come in His name, pretending to be Christ. But to not believe such people: “Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightening cometh out of the east, and shineth eveno unto the west: so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”. –Matthew 24: 25-27

      I have to say, I am rrrrrreally growing weary of biblically illiterate people in the churches. No wonder “christianity” is in such a shameful state in this country. OPEN YOUR BIBLES PEOPLE! READ WHAT GOD SAYS!

  23. nan said

    The message in the move, Facing The Giants was good, but the acting was absolutely horrible. If they are going to make a movie, then at least get some Christians who know how to act. They sounded like they were reading a script. Fireproof on the other hand, really good acting. When you have good actors it really brings the message to life on-screen. I enjoy these types of movies with good messages of life in them, but I can’t stand bad acting.

    • Job said

      “If they are going to make a movie, then at least get some Christians who know how to act.”

      Those are rather hard to come by in small southern Georgia towns!

  24. Bill said

    Sorry– most Jesus films are terrible, artistically and, often, spiritually– guilty of a ridiculous sort of triumphalism or piety. Again, sorry, but “Fireproof” is artistically ridiculous. Best films about spiritual issues: “The Third Man”. Yes, shocking– because Christians aren’t used to moral complexity. We simplify things and that’s why many people find us unconvincing. Best film about grace: “Groundhog Day”. An amazing exploration of real “grace”. The Bill Murray character has to move beyond simple acts of self-serving piety to true acceptance and love. My personal favorite Jesus film, by the way: “Jesus Christ Superstar”– a real living, breathing, sweating, believable Christ.

    • Job said


      You know very well that “Jesus Christ Superstar” was made by a person who denies the deity and resurrection of Jesus Christ and made a film to suit his purposes. I prefer “The Miracle Maker”, “The Gospel of John”, and others that depict the Jesus Christ of the Bible. And “Fireproof” was artistically outstanding, better than 98% of the dreck that gets nominated for Academy Awards.

      “Yes, shocking– because Christians aren’t used to moral complexity.”

      Right … as if the books Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Judges, Joshua, Chronicles, Kings, Job, Acts, Judges and the gospels are completely devoid of moral complexity. Moses: murderer. David: murderer and adulterer. Jacob: a manipulative sneak who emotionally abandoned his wife. Peter: denied Jesus Christ three times. Paul: murderer. Wow, you are right, the Bible is full of one dimensional characters and linear narratives.

      Best film about grace: “Groundhog Day”. An amazing exploration of real “grace”. The Bill Murray character has to move beyond simple acts of self-serving piety to true acceptance and love.

      While I myself love “Groundhog Day”, I seem to have missed the part where Bill Murray’s character repented of his sins, confessed belief in the resurrection, and submitted to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you are going to assert any allegorical elements to “Groundhog Day”, well I am sorry, but I prefer “Pilgrim’s Progress”, as the “true acceptance and love” performed by Murray’s character in Groundhog Day could have been done by a Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Scientologist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, or atheist. The same is true of practically any film that so many allege contain Christian or spiritual messages, what Salvation Army founder William Booth called “Christianity without Christ.”

      His full quote: “In answer to your inquiry, I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, … and heaven without hell.”

      Sorry, but I am looking for movies that William Booth, who I would assert knew a bit about moral complexity, wouldn’t call a chief danger to our times. An excellent movie that articulated just what William Booth was talking about: “The Time Changer.” I would imagine that the maker of Jesus Christ Superstar would loathe that movie. Tim Rice: “It happens that we don’t see Christ as God but simply the right man at the right time at the right place.”

  25. Diane said

    I know of a Christian married couple, in which the wife became very concerned about the types of shows their children were watching, so she went out and bought a bunch of Christian children videos, some of which the husband thought were badly produced, with horrible costumes and corny story lines. I had to agree with the horrible costumes. The dog was a tall man in a dog costume that stood up on his two feet!! Lol :). The husband needless to say was repulsed, but the wife saw the spiritual value and her children learned and applied those lessons.

    Some unexpected financial problems came on hard and fast, and who do you think was watching the Psalty video when the wife and kids came home……

    Some movies that others may consider artistically horrible may be movies that have a powerful impact spiritually.

  26. Diane said

    A list of good children’s videos (not the one with the dog :)) are the ‘Animated Stories From The New Testament’ from Nest Family Entertainment, such as

    Treasures in Heaven
    The Parables of Jesus
    The Miracles of Jesus
    The Righteous Judge

    Some of the newer ones aren’t as good as the ones produced in the early 90’s, but these are some of the best children videos I’ve seen.

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