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The Error That Led To COGIC Leader Charles Blake’s Joining Hands With Sodomites

Posted by Job on April 6, 2009

Major thanks and blessings to Pastor D. L. Foster for covering the issue of Church of God in Christ leader and head pastor of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ Charles Blake for signing the universal declaration of human rights. Many supporters of Charles Blake have gone to his website and also to my Youtube site where I posted a video of Blake speaking on the topic. Many have responded to the effect that Blake only intended to support human rights, not homosexuality, and as a matter of fact he is a leader in opposing the sin of homosexuality; that his views concerning this area are doctrinally sound. Now I know little concerning Charles Blake’s views and ministry, so I will defer to the statements of his congregants and supporters, who quite naturally are far more qualified to speak to such issues.

Realize that the issue here is not so much Blake’s actual teachings and views on homosexuality, but the fact that Blake compromised himself by dealing with the human rights crowd in the first place. If you join with people who have anti – Biblical agendas, then you inevitably wind up being servants of that agenda. That is why the Bible makes it clear that Christians, especially pastors, are to be very careful about whom we walk with and join ourselves to. This is true of both the “Christian right” and the “Christian left.”

You see, no Christian should ever endorse the concept of “human rights” because according to the Bible, no such thing exists. Read the Bible, and you will never see anything stating or implying that people have human, civil, or individual rights. The Bible has nothing to do with rights, which constitutes treatment and benefits that individuals and groups deserve and that others – including ultimately God – are obligated to provide them. Rather than being a text that grants humans rights, it gives us responsibilities, all of which center around believing in, obeying, and serving God. Again, the Bible speak of rights given to man, but of man’s responsibility to God.

It is true, of course, that the Bible contains many instructions outlining ethical and moral treatment of human beings. But be not deceived: these things are in no way general, and are certainly not because humans deserve this, or have some “right” to this treatment. The idea that this is the case is the common fallacy of political and ideological liberals and conservatives. Liberals de – spiritualize the Bible, in the process removing everything about God and man’s obligation to him, and instead read it as a philosophical tract. So, for liberals the requirements for ethical behavior contained in the Bible is truthfully all the Bible is, and as a result they remove it from its intended context. Conservatives, for their part, use the Bible as a social contract for imposing laws and morality on society at large. While this does emphasize human obligation over rights, this obligation is to the state and society (the world) instead of to God, and as a result often rejects true justice and mercy (the weightier matters of the law).

Though they are opposite ends of the political and even theological scale, in truth liberals and conservatives both create this error for the same reason: that the Bible message is not meant to govern everyone, but rather only members of the faith community in a covenant relationship with God. In the Old Testament this was Israel, in the New Testament it is the church. The exhortations to ethical behavior and treatment of humanity was only revealed to God’s elect; how they were to treat believers and everyone else. Outside of instructing believers how they were to behave towards their fellow man, the instructions that we should love one another, treat one another well, and defend the powerless have no context and application. In short, it is not because of the inherent worth or value of human existence that gives people the right to be loved, well treated, and defended. It is solely because God commands us to do so.

And why does God tell us to do so? It is not because of the people, their value to God, and His love for them, though God certainly does value and love us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to take on sin and be slain on a cross. It is because God is a holy and righteous God, and He expects His covenant people, His elect, to reflect His holiness and righteousness in our behavior. If we are being cruel towards our fellow man, we are not reflecting God’s holy and righteous character. So again, our responsibility to treat other members of the human race with love, decency, and respect is our obligation to God and is an act of loving and serving God.

Evidence of this is the famous statement of 1 John 4:20 “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” Now the humanist perspective on this verse only focuses on how we are to love our brother. Of course, that is wrong. The verse is not about loving your brother at all. It is about loving God. The verse is contained within a passage of 1 John concerning our loving God, and speaks of how this is accomplished. It is not a passage on how we are to love humanity, it is a passage that tells us to love, honor, and obey GOD by loving humanity.

The same is true of Jesus Christ’s teachings about how Christians should treat widows, the poor, strangers, those in prison, orphans, etc. He did not teach that Christians should do this for the sake of people in need because they inherently deserved this behavior, had some human or civil right to this treatment. Instead, Jesus Christ stated “as you do to them, you do to me!” Again, Jesus Christ made ethical treatment of humanity an act of service to HIM, not to humanity. Again, please read Matthew 25:34-46 and you see the emphasis is on Jesus Christ, not on people. Goodness to people is presented as a way of loving Christ, not as an obligation to humanity for humanity’s sake. And again, we are to love humanity because God loves humanity, because as God’s people we are obligated to reflect God’s loving, holy, and righteous character in all that we do, including but not limited to how we treat other people.

Of course, the liberal Christian reads that passage, despiritualizes it, and humanizes it. That results in the emphasis being removed from God and placed on man, and a reading where man inherently deserves and is obligated to receive good treatment, and other humans are obligated to give it. This, of course, comes from liberal theology’s rejection of original sin. The idea that human, civil, or individual rights exist can only be countenanced if we reject the idea that we are nothing but sinners who deserve only wrath and can only be saved by God’s grace, and that any value that we have is not inherent, but rather because God graciously gives that value to us. 

So the question has to be asked: why is Charles Blake, the leader of a very theologically conservative denomination (it’s true, if the issue of women in ministry is removed, Pentecostal denominations are actually the most conservative) following after liberal theology to begin with? The answer: the civil rights movement. Charles Blake is black, and has bought into the belief that human rights is the logical extension, the next phase if you will, of the movement that Martin Luther King, Jr. led. To be honest, he is 100% correct. Martin Luther King, Jr. said so himself!

The problem is that the civil rights movement was not a Christian movement at all. It was not a movement designed to bring people to the Jesus Christ of the Bible and cause them to obey and serve that Jesus Christ. Instead, the civil rights movement was about securing better treatment for humanity, and the movement merely appropriated Bible texts that were convenient to their agenda while completely ignoring others. This should come as no surprise, for most of the civil rights movement’s leaders were explicitly not Christian, and even those who professed to be Christian – like King – rejected the doctrines that actually make a person Christian. Virtually every preacher, pastor, etc. in the upper ranks of the civil rights leadership rejected the inspiration and authority of scripture, and King himself rejected the deity of Jesus Christ, seeing Him as merely a human political leader.

Yet, because the civil rights movements gained black people in America so many temporal benefits, it is practically impossible for any black man to stand up and say that the civil rights movement was never Christian in any sense and retain the respect and support of the black community. So, black people desiring this respect and support must continue to carry water for the band of atheists, communists, homosexuals, theological liberals, Jews and other decidedly non – Christians that were the civil rights movements’ spokesmen and leaders and for their movement. This, of course, means black Christian pastors that choose to lead overwhelmingly black congregations. It is sad to say, but any pastor of a black congregation who shares with his congregation the hard truth concerning the civil rights movement will find himself no longer leading – or truth be known employed by – a black congregation in short order. So, as a pastor of a large, prominent, respected church containing many black members of some influence and reputation AND having a leadership post in a black denomination Bishop Charles Blake has to not only go along with it concerning the civil rights like everyone else, but embrace it. 

Not only that, but because of the status that he has attained in being a clergy in, of, and for the black community, Blake finds himself under a great deal of pressure. It is not enough to merely be a black preacher, but he is under pressure to be a black leader, to take up the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other civil rights leaders and carry it forward. The narrative has long been established that black ministers cannot simply ply their trade as white, Hispanic and Asian ministers do, but have to add a social justice/social activism/civil rights component. If you are the leader of a small humble storefront congregation that has 75 members, it is easy to resist the pressure, the temptation, to be “more than just a minister” but a civil rights leader. But the more influential, the more prominent that you become as a pastor in the black community, the greater the pressure and temptation to take up Martin Luther King Jr.’s work becomes. The problem is that the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. was not the work of Jesus Christ, not least because Martin Luther King, Jr. did not even believe in Jesus Christ, let alone serve Him. 

So it may yet be true that Charles Blake has the Biblical view towards homosexuality. What is equally true, however, is that Charles Blake has an unBiblical behavior towards the world, and exhibited it by going along with these unbelievers with the human rights declaration despite knowing full well that these unbelievers will – as unbelievers tend to do – use the human rights declaration to support and promote sin while opposing righteousness. There are two verses that apply here. Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Well, Blake is walking with these people despite knowing full well what they are all about. Now while Pastor Foster is focusing on the homosexuality angle (which is a bit regrettable because it somewhat clouds the issue) the main problem with the universal declaration of human rights where I am concerned is that it is very much a religious universalistic – or at the very minimum religious pluralistic – effort, working to make the “many paths to heaven” lie the only acceptable language of religious discourse and bringing us closer to the day where saying that Jesus Christ is the only path to heaven is bigotry – a human rights violation! – because it offends Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, wiccans, etc.

Second, there is James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Look, Pastor Charles Blake is a very educated, intelligent and accomplished man. He knows what these human rights people are about. He knows what the civil rights crowd is and was about. He knows that “human rights” has no place in a Biblical worldview. Yet he does this because of his position in the world and his desire to keep it. 

So ultimately, this has nothing to do with homosexuality at all. It is all about worldiness, and what Bishop Charles Blake has allowed himself to get mixed up with is still more evidence why Christians, most of all pastors, should heed the Bible’s instructions to flee it. 

P.S. I don’t want any of you folks coming on here quoting what some famous preacher or theologian says about human, civil, or individual rights, and I ESPECIALLY do not want to read any nonsense about “natural law” or any other perversion of what scripture teaches about common grace. Those things are not the process of a literal, exegetical reading of scripture, but notions that came to us from systematic theology. Systematic theology is the convergence of Bible doctrines (which truthfully, is not exactly the Bible itself, but is honestly one step removed) and western philosophy, and western philosophy originated and is largely rooted in pagan Hellenism. Now while systematic theology has its uses (especially for westerners and we do live in a western culture … I should point out that for non – western people systematic theology is must less useful and more problematic, and non – western Christians have been trying to communicate this fact for centuries), it has to be directly wedded to the Bible to make sense. But once you depart from the Bible, well let us just say that I am convinced that a skilled enough systematic theologian could make a compelling case that 1+1=3. If you don’t believe me, go read about how some of the great systematic theologians justified such things as torturing and killing heretics. Yep, the same folks who went around prattling about human or individual rights derived from natural law thought nothing of tying someone to a stake and burning him to death, using green wood so that the death would be as slow and painful as possible. The truth is that if you read the Bible exegetically and refrain from eisegesis (infusing the text with ideas and meanings that aren’t present), you will not find the concept of human, individual, or civil rights and liberties in the Bible, only of man’s responsibility to respond to God in faith with service, obedience, and trembling. 


10 Responses to “The Error That Led To COGIC Leader Charles Blake’s Joining Hands With Sodomites”

  1. gcmwatch said

    Job, my friend, all I can say is you worked this out with a fine tooth comb. Its sound and really widens the lens on this tragic episode not just for COGIC but for the Christianity. Blake has enormous potential but he is squandering it by chasing after religious sham-wows.

    Im especially struck by your commentary on human rights, civil rights and biblical responsibilities. Very thoughtful and truthful.


  2. Diane said

    I pray that Blake is calling men and women to repentance, sees the worth of all human beings, but avoids going along with any agenda that would silence the need to call homosexuality a sin. There is deliverance in Christ for those bound in that lifestyle and satan is working hard to keep men and women from hearing the truth about the choices theyve made and the resulting consequences physically and spiritually.

    There are people in the medical field that are awakening to this pressure to ‘normalize’ homosexuality and falsely give it a clean bill of health. Some in the medical field have felt hijacked by the movement, but are now finding the courage to be objective in reporting the problems with it.

    But regarding Christians in social movements being wrong, I would have to disagree. The temptation to vere off course is there, but it cannot be denied Christians have been apart of many social movements. The abolitionist movement, red cross with humanitarian aid, and the women’s movement were all headed by or filled with a good percentage of Christians.

    I see the point youre trying to make… your view might be that God does not use these methods, and you might not appreciate their contribution and believe it wrong, but I for one greatly appreciate the issues theyve confronted, and I dont believe they could have been successful without God’s blessing, which I believe to be the weightier matters of the law.


  3. The Prodigal Son said

    … I agree that the Red Cross is an indispensable organization… after all during WWII, the Red Cross were the ONLY ones allowed in to the concentration camps where the gays, the gypsies, the slavs and the (REAL) Jews (who did not want to… or could not afford to go to Palestine) were held. ~~~ ~~~ They also recently released their records from the camps which show that over the ENTIRE war, in ALL of the camps there were less than 300,000 Jews who died… the names and causes of death were also listed, and they make no mention of any homicidal gas chambers. ~~~ ~~~ The Red Cross are the only ones who have stated the truth of what happened in WWII, and we are greatly indebted to them…

  4. Pastor is right. Job, work your jelly!

    That was brilliant. Hopefully, this will end up at… say and someone will wake up or shut up. One of the two wouldn’t be a bad thing for his church or the Church.

    Again, nicely done.


  5. All of the so-called “big-time” Bishops and TV celebreties are punking out when it comes to Homosexaulity, they are afraid thier tithes and speaker offerings will drop….most of them have Gay choir directors!

  6. also focusonthecross/don’tgiveup!!!
    video on
    please pass it on

  7. this was inspired nr God. He sadi to tell them “HE ALONE IS GOD”

  8. Thank you brother Job. Most excellent piece. Human rights isthe religion of self. It is man trying to provide for his own needs without God. It is Babel, where men attempt to make a name for themselves, not needing God. It is secular humanism where man has the ability to solve all of his problems. Where we are slowly lured into siding with sodomites because the buzz word is,”God is love” and we don’t want to appear to hate. But true love requires us to warn the wicked, not agree with him. Lest he die and his blood be upon our hands.
    It is Genesis 3:5 “and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”
    It is the religion (unholy) practice we are seeing in the church today. Where man is supposedly called to usher in the kingdom of God on earth. Where we can have our stuff now. Because the Holy Spirit is in us, we are one in spirit therefore we are gods, able to call those things that be not as though they were. And where preachers have forsaken the narrow path for the wide. God will say, “I never knew you.”
    Wonderful piece. Think i’ll keep a copy if it is alright with you. Mind if I hand it out?

  9. Jacqueline said

    Greetings in the name of Jesus:

    I agree that human rights is a religion (of self, doctrines of demons, devlish wisdom, and seductive/deceptive). I agree with the other comment that it’s self and a effort of the works of the flesh (carnality against) God to build another tower of Babel.

    This human rights covenant is God’s deceived creation’s attempt to build solutions for mankind’s program of humanity, outside of the Word of God. It’s a dangerous document. Solomon jointed with heathen gods turning his back on His true God, and died in that state.

    The declaration basically is evil man’s attempt to rewrite the scipture. Every descripture of marriage has already been defined, Why not just quote the Word, all whom receive Jesus as Lord and obey hearken to the voice of the our Sheppard as a lifestyle shall live and all whom reject Him, rebell, disobey shall die in hell per Epes. 4, Gala. 5, Revel, Deut. God repented He made man during the days of Noah. Jesus said the Days of Noah would come again.

    The Lord, through His Holy Word, has already defined humanity, safty, issues regarding the oppressed, marriage and other subjects in the letter–why would any Christian leader who loves Jesus line up with antichrist (Workers of Iniquity, followers of satan)and give credence to their false gods??? all of these satanic leaders, enemies of the cross leading millions of souls away from Jesus have quoted their source of false gospel unto their false God in the human rights document.

    Why in the world would a Christian leader enter a written covenant with the servants of satan, the antichrist to improve the needs of humanity? Nothing satan does works!

    One of God’s names is Yahweh (the Great I AM), which means our God of humanity. He alone made a way for the Hebrew Children–God is the same yesterday, today and forever!!!!
    All provisions for mankind, safety, peace, harmony, life, liberty, eternity, healing, deliverance….etc. etc. is provided by the King of Kings and Lords of Lord–on the cross. For those whom believe. This is why Jesus wants people to come to him or else they experience curses and calamity–which are in the world more and more due to sin, transgression and iniquity. God is building His new Kingdom, this world will eventually be destroyed.

    Jesus said it is finished on the cross, Jesus does not need the antichrist to seek for Him in with all their false bibles being quoted in the document. Abomination.

    Come to the living water,and we will never thirst again is what God tells hthe hurting.

    Thirst and hunger for righteousness and you SHALL be filled is what Jesus teaches.

    The precious precious Blood of Jesus is still flowing.

    The point is, who will partake of Truth?

    When we recieve Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we walk in His Truth alone without compromise with AntiChrist Satan followers, leaders who are enemies of the Christ, to attempt to destroy the TRUTH of Jesus, His diety and Word…

    Jesus said that these days would come, the Great Apostasy.

    Brothers and Sisters of Christ Jesus, this human rights document for so called human rights (we are called to be crucified with Jesus daily–if we want to really talk about rights–without Jesus e are wicked and evil,

    this document is another means of satan to prepare the hearts of not only Christians, but unbelievers the world to accept the One World Religion, the one world order. It easies a compromising document forefront along with all of the other trappings of the enemy–to pave the path, to weaken the base of Christianity and Jesus, an attempt for all to recieve other doctrines as a choice, other than Jesus being the only way to God–to send souls to hell. They say in the document all people are equal, and should have the same rights. yet all amnkind are not righteous, only feww will go to heaven, amny to hell. Even those whom claim to love Jesus are candidates for hell, when they betray Jesus as Judas did.

    Jesus said Him in matthew 7:19-23, many shall say Lord Lord and He shall respond, depart from me you worker of iniquity–I never knew you.

    The One World Order controlled by the antichrist, the mark of the beast, etc has all been prophecied in the Word mainly in Daniel and Revelation. Other issues:pro choice abortion agenda, gay rights laws through the White house administration, calling all religions equal, the inclusionary false doctrine, Oprah winfrey’s new age theology of lies being taught online through her program with her New Age Partner/guru; America’s cruelity of God’s first chosen people Israelites regarding their land taken. The chip is on the scene, leading up to the Mark of the beast, one world currency is in process–with the so called economical collapse in motion to usher in the one world banking and currency system–. All being built up to set the stage of the antichrist to rule a one world government in due season.

    Many false prophets, angel of lights and wolves in sheep clothing are in the Christian church.

    Unfortuantely, many laypeople are disciples of their bishops and pastors instead of Jesus. Jesus said in Mark 8:34, if anyone is to belong to Him, they must pick up their cross daily, deny self and follow Him.

    Many professing Christians follow their bishop, paster, prophet, etc., even if the person is in error. Many leaders start in the Spirit yet end up in the flesh or bewitched–seduced by demons.

    Many are religious, but lost–bound in the spirit of religion–voiding the Spirit of God, not seeking the face of Jesus and His truth. Busy pursuiing the dictates of the world and flesh. Praying yet never waiting to hear from God.

    How in the world can a Christian bishop hold hands in a circle and pray with antichrist religion leaders who directly serve satan and believe that it is O.K. with Jesus, this is heresies and sets the stage for the gulible to believe this is O.K., not sin. It is to be luke warm and without repentance spewed from the mouth of Jesus.

    Or baby Christians to stumble–or be confused by decision to compromise with satan’s world leaders, direct enemies of Jesus, who refuse to repent.

    Father God we pray. In Jesus name for the eyes of the people to know right from wrong according to Your Holy Spirit and Word, to see truth and know error & repent of it and to follow Jesus.
    Not the flesh of man. We pray for deliverance of Your Leaders from idoltry & pride which leads to destruction, we renounce alligence to the enemy and ask Your divine help to be strong by taking heed to Your Holy Word. Oh God Your Holy Word does not need pagan’heathen, antichrist leaders interpretation.
    We pray for Christian leaders to repent who have been seduced to partnership in covenant with antichrist world leader, for this is not Your way. The Word is already established, Father we pray that we Your faithful servants will bring out the Word to show Your creed that establishes safety, and defines all that mankind needs in terms of spiritual laws for humity. For Your Word is already established, Jesus is the Word made flesh. per John 1. In Jesus name amen.

    My personal testimony:
    I wanted to share an example regarding safety, man’s law gives right to a restraining order for victims and children of domestic violence. We know that God allows forth police, courts and restraining order laws in the land. Some of these enities are corrupt, nevertheless, does a restraining order stop a perpretrator from murdering their victim? No, in all too many cases the retraining order only aggrevated the perpretrator and the devil uses the batterer to murder their spouse. Restraining orders can work, but not always–God’s sovereinty is certain for all whom come in Covenant with Father God thru Jesus per Romans 8:28.

    I want to share, I was once a victim of domestic violence,the perpretrator pulled the trigger with the double barrowed sawed off shot gun being placed 4 inches from my head. I cried out the name of Jesus, and by His power, divine intervention– the bullet richocet the opposite direction from my head into the wall. Romans 8:28.

    My point is the power is not in the letter of evil leaders nor flesh, the power is in God, made available through Jesus our Lord. Zechariah 4:6.

    This one world religion document is an abomination in God’s sight to fix a problem on earth, of safety, violence, etc. in agreement with satan and his leaders, its blasphemous.

    When the heart of mankind is fixed, the land is fixed. Know this, that Jesus said, these perilous days would come….the love of many would wax cold due to iniquity.. Matthew 24:12-14.

    Iniquity and violence was first found in the heart of lucifer, whom was lifted up with pride. Jesus paid the price for our iniquity and violence and gave provision per Isaiah Chapter 53 as prophesied. The antichrist religions are full of iniquity and violence in their heart–full of lust–because they do what their father sayan does, decieved and liars, all their false gods are blasphemous and an abmonination in the sight of the One True and Living God through Jesus our Lord.

    God has allows warned His people to come from among strange gods have nothing to do with them, reprove them, shake off the dust..

    Bottom line, the only healing for the World is not in some one world religion signed document, but is in God’s Holy scripture not the koran, as shown in the document–it is in TRUTH which says:









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