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Regarding Evangelical Evolutionary Atheist Hypocrites

Posted by Job on March 23, 2009

This one is courtesy of – and will be entirely lifted from – brother Laz.

 Evolutionary Evangelism

Caught this editorial on the January 10, 2008 issue of the journal Nature,

“Spread the Word: Evolution is a scientific fact, and every organization whose research depends on it should explain why.”

Here are some tidbits,

But die-hard creationists aren’t a sensible target for raising awareness. What matters are those citizens who aren’t sure about evolution–as much as 55% of the US population according to some surveys.

And because the general theory of evolution (and thus its implications) is only scientific in nature and allegedly does not have religious and/or philosophical underpinnings and thus, assertions in those veins,

Evolution is of profound importance to modern biology and medicine. Accordingly, anyone who has the ability to explain the evidence behind this fact to their students, their friends and relatives should be given ammunition to do so.

Seriously folks, how can evolutionists be taken seriously when they rail against certain meddling religious people when what this editorial shows is that they’re not “above” evangelistic efforts when it benefits their religion?

Since it’s been chic to use the word “Bible-thumper” are we going to see the word “Evo-thumper” enter public discourse?

Incidentally, people capable of explaining the science behind evolution do not exist, and that is why it is actually forbidden by law to challenge evolution in public school classrooms, and there is also a movement afoot at elite universities to keep born again Christians from enrolling in their biology Ph.D. programs. So, the battle for the hearts and minds of the lost is on between those of Jesus Christ and those who are given over to Satan. Make no mistake, this is 100% spiritual warfare. Satan is out there working hard to win hearts and minds. Are you, Christian, doing the same, and on a regular, tireless basis? If not, then are you truly in the faith?


8 Responses to “Regarding Evangelical Evolutionary Atheist Hypocrites”

  1. morsec0de said

    “Incidentally, people capable of explaining the science behind evolution do not exist”

    What’s your definition of science?

    Would you accept any explanation?

    Have you ever actually spoken with a biologist?

  2. David L. Williams said

    Job, I for one would certainly not like to see you shut this site down. It is one of the very few places God can lead people to for help in deliverance. Even if they do not post, they can look thru all the titles and find much info their churches will not give them.

    On the other hand, if you feel it is God urging you in this direction, I would not like to be found in the way of that. I pray you hear clearly from God on this, one way or another. Thank you for the work you have done here, Job. DavWms

    • David L. Williams said

      I apologize for posting this on the wrong thread. Should have been on the online discernment one. DavWms

  3. Evolution is a theory, not a fact. God is a theory, not a fact. Tao is a theory, not a fact. Every explanation of who we are and how we got here is a theory, not a fact.

    The universe is simply too broad and too complex for the feeble human mind to comprehend. So, we create theories that too many fools accept as facts.

  4. Mike said

    I believe in evolution because when somebody says something to me, I say “prove it”. I don’t point to a book and say “because this book says so”. From DNA to the entire human body, the evidence of evolution is everywhere.

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