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Eisegesis Versus Exegesis: When Doctrine Is Set Aside For Opinions and Feelings

Posted by Job on March 4, 2009

Excerpt from post:

What Happens When Doctrine Is Set Aside For Opinions and Feelings

“Eisegesis” — from the Greek root word “eis,” which means “into, in, or among.” Eisegesis is the errant hermeneutic practice of reading or forcing a desired meaning into a text, by applying either an unbiblical or extra-biblical presupposition to the text. “Exegesis,” on the other hand, is the biblical hermeneutic practice of drawing the true meaning of a verse or passage from the text, by using other sound hermeneutic principles to assist in arriving at the right interpretation. Proper exegesis of Scripture requires the Bible student to set aside subjectivity for objectivity.

I would like you to meet Joshua. Joshua is a student (either past or current) of the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry. The school is a subsidiary of Bethel Church, in Redding, CA–sadly, a hub of activity for the false spiritual movement known as the Lakeland Revival, a creation of now disgraced adulterer Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries.

An example of what the false doctrines of these wicked movements produce is the video below. More evidence that people are setting aside the Bible to believe what they want to believe. Please continue to the rest of the post by clicking on the link below.

What Happens When Doctrine Is Set Aside For Opinions and Feelings


24 Responses to “Eisegesis Versus Exegesis: When Doctrine Is Set Aside For Opinions and Feelings”

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  2. The Prodigal Son said

    Exegesis is how the Jews came up with the Seven Noahide Laws… Pluck a word from over here… another few words from here & there… and TA-DA ! Laws for the ‘goyim’ (non-Jews), but STILL people whose family used to be Christian are abandoning Christ to follow these MANMADE laws invented out of thin air… rather than those commandments given by God !

    • Job said

      The Prodigal Son:

      “Exegesis is how the Jews came up with the Seven Noahide Laws”

      It is also how the writer of the letter to the Hebrews came up with his (or her, as some say that it might have been written by Priscilla) masterpiece. And I still say that I see no evidence that Noahidsm is no threat. The biggest threat to Christianity is false doctrines and movements within Christianity, not external threats like Noahidism. If anything, it is Christians being so willing to adopt the practices and doctrines from other religions, such as what happened to Christianity immediately after the apostolic fathers period (from 150 AD and afterwards) after the Gentile Christians chased off the Jewish Christians because the Jewish Christians objected to their incorporating doctrines and practices from the various pagan religions.

  3. theoldadam said

    This young person obviously has never read the bible.

    The Sermon on the Mount was all about Jesus using the Law to accuse and kill us off to our religious pretentions, so that we would have no other recourse than to turn to Him.

  4. Diane said

    I believe he’s wrong about people not being convicted by the preaching of Jesus, but he’s right in his illustration of John 4.

  5. theoldadam said


    The devil can quote scripture, verbatim.

    It he;s not going to deliver the gospel in it’s purity, then we ought not give him the time of day.

  6. Diane said

    Christ is the only One Who has ever preached a pure message. This young man is like everyone else needing to grow and learn. His illustration of John 4 was on point.

  7. theoldadam said


    I say this very respectively, Diane…you are wrong.

    The entire bible contains the pure message of God’s Word.

    It is revealed to us in Law and Gospel.

    This young man has no business preaching a false Gospel.

    The law is there to convict. If there is no conviction, then there is no forgiveness.

    To say nothing of his gang banger style of witnessing.

    Even the Mormons get some of scripture correct.

    That, in no way, should ever mean that we ought listen to a word they say.

  8. Diane said

    God’s Word is perfect,
    but YOUR understanding and preaching will never be perfect. I dont agree with his delivery, but you are the one wrong. Wrong in spirit, wrong in judgement. It is obvious God will bring him along if he’s in Christ, but I will give him credit where credit is due.

    I have stated earlier and will restate here again, I believe he’s wrong about people not being convicted by the preaching of Jesus, by he’s right in his illustration of John 4.

  9. theoldadam said


    That he got something right, does not give him the right to preach a false gospel.

    I also say this about many in my own church.

    They are leading people to hell.

    My Mormon example still stands.

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  10. Diane said

    Joshua said something to the effect of “Jesus not coming to condemn”

    Jesus says Himself “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the Name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3:17&18

  11. theoldadam said

    Jesus also told us that not one jot or tittle of the law will be removed until the Kingdom comes.

    His sermon on the mount told us exactly how Jesus felt about God’s law.

  12. theoldadam said

    If you don’t preach the law, then the gospel is meaningless.

  13. Diane said

    It depends from person to person whether you HAVE TO preach the law. Some are already contrite and under conviction of sin, and all that is needed is repentance and faith in Christ for forgiveness and new life.

  14. theoldadam said


    That is a popular point of view with many.

    But I believe (because we still continue to sin) that we all need the law preached to us, unmitigated, all throughout our Christian lives.

    The Law/Gospel paradigm.

  15. Diane said

    I agree we need truth to grow. But Im referring to being born again.

    The woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears didnt need to hear a message about the law, right before her conversion. Im sure the law was preached at different times to her throughout her life, so it was definitely at work prior, so there was no need at the time of her encounter with Christ to hear about how ungodly she was.

    The danger that I would find with Joshua’s message is if that is ALL he preached (Jesus did not come to condemn), and never preached “repent and believe”.

  16. theoldadam said

    “I agree we need truth to grow. But Im referring to being born again.”

    I need to be born again everyday.

    Thanks, Diane!

    – Steve

  17. Diane said

    God Bless you Steve… to the cross I go!

  18. theoldadam said

    And you as well, Diane!

    God bless you!

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  20. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~~ ~~~ Didn’t notice your reply ’til now… are you talking about Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews found in the New Testament ? … where is the exegesis ? Where did you hear this ? ~~~ ~~~ Noahidism is no threat ? The Seven Noahide Laws have been signed into LAW in the U.S. !… complete with the stipulation that all of civilization was founded on these laws ! Therefore, every law in America is – according to the stipulation – based on the Seven Noahide Laws ! Now factor in that the 1st law against blashphemy, and the second law against idolatry BOTH apply to practicing Christians… and ALL SEVEN prescribe the death penalty as the punishment ! Death by beheading ! EXACTLY how Christians will die in the end, according to Revelation… ~~~ ~~~ Yeah, you’re probably right… no big deal… the only way they could carry that out would be if the Jews ran the country. ~~~ ~~~ Oh, wait… THEY DO !!

  21. angelpurplewings said

    The kid is a little goofy the way he talks, but his doctrine is fine. Jesus did not spend any time condemning the woman but wanted to discuss worship and his Messiahship.

    Jesus went after the heart. This video has nothing to do with Noahide laws.

    So, I agree with Diane.

    it is obvious to me that the kid did read his bible, contrary to what theoldadam said. He actually understood what he read as well.

    If it was modern times, this kid would have success witnessing the salvation message to the woman at the well more than theoldadam, and that is the bottom line – salvation.

    Prodigal is his usual wacked self, blaming stuff on jews. he needs to understand that condemnation is a sin.

  22. dawkinswatch said

    I do not know the context, Maybe he was talking about giving a word of knowledge, which is different.

    Grace needs to be applied to prophecy, otherwise it is a disaster zone.

  23. tao4all said

    Your website must be the poorest excuse for a christian site I have ever seen.

    But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. -Source: Hebrews 5:13

    Here, if you dare:

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