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Dante’s Inferno: Now They’ve Made Hell Into A Video Game

Posted by Job on March 3, 2009

The world is becoming less fearful and more mocking of God with each passing day that brings us closer to the return of Jesus Christ, who is Savior, Lord, and Judge. We must become ever more determined to fulfill the great commission!


9 Responses to “Dante’s Inferno: Now They’ve Made Hell Into A Video Game”

  1. Devon said

    Wow..that is pretty bad…and graphic…I enjoy some computer gaming myself but I will never venture near some of the evil stuff out there…I like sport and flight games…but this is awful…

  2. Job said


    Never had the hand – eye coordination required to master video games, nor was I ever able to figure out all those “secrets” or “tricks” in those games that was actually required to be able to effectively play them. For that reason, the video game thing totally passed me by.

  3. Devon said

    Well Job, you havn’t missed much really….they are fun for a little while….I am always reminded of what the Lord said…’Redeem the time’…..more so then ever in these dangerous days.

  4. theoldadam said

    Unfortunately the game may become a reality for many…not so much fun…then.

  5. dawkinswatch said

    Job Man I like you guys but I think you guys are too ready to give the reformation a clean bill of health. I understand Jonathan Edwards used to read straight from ” Dante inferno” on his revival meetings.

    I would like you tackle British Israelism and Rosicrucianism, let us face it the Church Of England is practising a new age version of Christianity.

  6. Job said


    So, because John Edwards read from Dante’s Inferno in order to cause people to repent of their sins and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and because of the existence of some apostate and heretical movements that Jesus Christ warned us would come, we are supposed to reject sola scriptura? And for what? What harm has the sola scriptura doctrine ever caused anyone in the history of Christianity? (I can think of PLENTY of harm that Christians who REJECT sola scriptura have caused … wars, inquisitions, slavery, the Holocaust, etc.)

  7. dawkinswatch said

    That is not what I am saying.

    I am only pointing out that Christians that the Reformation especially Martin Luther received backing from Rosicrucians and they also had a motive to rebel against Rome, (even though I do not supposrt Rome)frequently someone like The Church of England has used the Bible exoterically while they have practised Christian mystery.

  8. Amazing… and appalling all at once. Here’s my ruminations:

    1. You know, I pray for the dudes making that game. You have to go into some dank recesses of your mind to pull out the sardonic pictures seen on that preview. Saved folk just aren’t comfortable with making stuff like that.

    2. This will never catch the light of day in my chateau.

    3. And of course, this was the natural progression in gaming – to make hell cool! Well, it is a game, right? Fiction, right? Yeah, not so much, and neither is the part about hell being cool. It’s actually balmy down there and a place probably rated M.

    Thanks for bringing this out.


  9. Is there any surprise here? Yesterday’s pleasure read is today’s video game. Most Christians don’t even know Satan is not in hell, because of its popular unbiblical things, that too many Christians took interest in.

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