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Burning Incense To Caesar: Regarding Avigdor Lieberman’s Proposed Loyalty Oath In Israel

Posted by Job on February 27, 2009

Two things.

First, I am thoroughly shocked at the intense and pervasive anti – Israel and anti – Semitic feelings around the globe that has been growing exponentially since the September 11th terror attacks. Now I do have a theory on why SOME of this is taking place, specifically among certain corners of the left. First, there has always been a large anti – Semitic presence on the left, but it has been largely muzzled by an apparently pro – Jewish sentiment in that body. I said “apparently” because it was never legitimate, but rather many of these people’s using the Jews. First, Jews were a bold, intellectually vital, and financially necessary part of the radical left in its early days. Second, it was unbecoming to be an open anti – Semite while simultaneously agitating for equal or special rights for blacks, women, Hispanics, homosexuals, atheists etc. Third, and perhaps most important, Jews were very important as a strategic weapon against conservatives, which at the time was primarily led by anti – Semitic (or at least non – Zionist) paleoconservatives.

Now the situation has reversed itself. The radical left is now mainstream, fully in control of the government and further having made major inroads in our corporate and financial institutions. So, they no longer need the courageous leadership, brilliant ideas, or financial backing of Jewish socialists. Also, multiculturalism and relativism now make it entirely possible – indeed fashionable – to denounce Israel and Jewry as evil while glorifying suicide bombers who target Israeli schoolchildren as freedom fighter servants of “god” through the religion of peace. And most importantly, the left can no longer use the charge of anti-Semitism to attack the actions and motivations conservative opponents, because the paleoconservatism of the recent past has given way to a pro – Zionist neoconservatism, many of whose ideas and leaders come from the ranks of conservative Jews, and much of whose money, numbers, and organizing muscle comes from premillennial dispensational evangelical Christianity. So, where a conservative was often called “anti – Semite” as a political tactic in times past by leftist activists, modern leftist activists now bash Jews and Israel far more overtly, publicly, and viciously than the conservative WASP (or as it were Roman Catholic) bankers and politicians ever did in private, and now use “homophobe” as their weapon of choice against conservatives. The best example of this startling shift: where leftist Martin Luther King, Jr. was a fervent Zionist and employed communist Jews as his speechwriters, organizers, and strategists, Barack HUSSEIN Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright casts his lot with the Palestinian terrorists and counts Louis Farrakhan (and similar) among his support system. Not the Palestinians, mind you, for the overwhelming majority of Palestinians are not violent criminals, but people and groups who have blood on their hands and are thirsty for more of it. And where King was roundly criticized for his Zionist position, Obama and Wright were only challenged – and in an extremely muted fashion – by a few neoconservatives.  This is only explicable by a rapid and amazing rise in the climate of anti – Semitism (both that which exists and that which is tolerated in others) which can only be explained by the activity of evil spirits. 

So, it is in this context that Avigdor Lieberman is being called – amazingly – “Jewish Hitler” in some circles. I will not even bother to explain how such a moniker, such a comparison, is so grotesquely inaccurate and inappropriate that it can either only be made by someone who is unaware of Hitler’s ideology and behavior and is merely used to calling someone that you disagree with “a Nazi” (which does honestly seem to be increasingly the case … the media and the education system seem fine with willfully refusing to educate people about Hitler and the Nazi regime so that any view or ideology that they disagree with, including those in the New Testament, can be accused of either contributing to the Holocaust or leading us to a new one … a columnist for the Detroit Free Press actually claimed that George W. Bush’s proposals to cut taxes and create private Social Security accounts could lead to a state policy of exterminating low income people, and yes people like her often tend to be pro – abortion!).

And what makes Avigdor Lieberman so monstrous? Quite simply, his proposal for a loyalty oath, that all citizens be required to publicly express loyalty to Israel’s continued existence as a Jewish state. Those who refuse have to options: to leave Israel (and if I am correct, it is at Israel’s expense!) or to remain there as a sort of second – class citizen. Lieberman has even stated that a person does not need to declare loyalty to Zionism, which comes with a lot of political and religious implications that a lot of people (including haredi Orthodox Jews!) cannot abide. Such a person merely needs to be willing to declare an acceptance of the fact that Israel exists now and of its continued existence in largely its current makeup and form (a secular western democracy with a mostly Jewish population where Orthodox Judaism plays a huge role – indeed a larger role than Christianity ever has in America, as it is modeled more closely after 19th century Lutheran Germany or Anglican England than America) – in Jewish government and institutions.

Jewish supporters of Lieberman’s proposed oath point out that the United States requires the same of people beocoming  naturalized United States citizens. That is a willfully false comparison, as Lieberman’s oath would be required of everyone, both natural born citizens and already naturalized citizens, as a requirement of retaining their citizenship. In America, it is practically impossible for a natural born or naturalized citizen to be stripped of his status against his will. 

However, Israel is not America. Enumerating the many differences between their legal code and its underlying assumptions and our own would be rather unwieldly, but suffice to say that a Christian could spend a year in an Israeli prison for giving a “Gideon’s Bible” containing the New Testament (as they of course all do) to a Jewish 12 year old. Like all parliamentary democracies, Israel lacks freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and other things that make America much more of a constitutional republic than a pure democracy. 

Also, what Israel chooses to do with its citizenry is ultimately a matter of state, not of the cross. And though I believe Lieberman’s proposal to be exceedingly unwise, as it would be the doings of a democratic state that is not only secular but “founded on and governed according to anti – Christian principles and values” (it is a Jewish state, after all, so cast aside your premillennial dispensational Christian Zionism long enough read the 1, 2, and 3rd John and take its contents seriously) as opposed to the doings of a church or other body of professed Bible believing Christians, my position must be neutral, one of the many things that has happened and will happen in this world until Jesus Christ comes back. 

Yet and still, I cannot restrain myself from considering this policy past and future. It reminds me of the persecution against Christians in the Roman Empire. Christians were required to swear loyalty to the Roman state – and its state religion – with Caesar as head of both the state and religion with the status of a minor god in the religion by signing a document and bowing before either Caesar or his effigy. People who did so received certification of having done so, and people found by authorities in a condition of not having this certification either had to burn incense to Caesar or his statue immediately, or be subject to arrest, torture, and death. This policy resulted in the deaths of Christians in numbers exceeding a million, and the imprisonment or torture of still more.

I think that it is fair to point out that some Christians interpret the “mark of the beast” portions of Revelation to refer to this time, while others – myself included – believe the Roman persecution to be a precursor to the much worse persecution still to come under the great tribulation.

With that in mind: consider this. Were Israel to actually implement Lieberman’s policy (which by the way would take major changes to Israel, including but not limited to a major redirection of public opinion, big changes of Israel’s laws, and a complete overhaul of the composition of their largely liberal courts, which are far more likely to sentence conservative Israelis to 6 months of community service for speech code violations for displaying shirts and bumper stickers with slogans offensive to Muslims – again, Israel has no freedom of speech – than approving a citizenship test), then in order to be viable and practical, the government would have to be able to differentiate between who has taken the loyalty oath and who hasn’t. (After all, Christians had various ways of evading detection and capture by the Romans.) This is not the case of apartheid South Africa, where it was very easy to use physical appearance to determine different treatment by government authorities. Israel is not even planning on automatically deporting those who reject the loyalty oath, but rather giving such people the option of remaining as second class citizens. 

So, how is this to be done except A) completing a national computerized database or registry of people who have  and haven’t declared a loyalty oath and B) requiring people to carry evidence of their loyalty and status with them on their person so that the government officials – and anyone else who decides to enact similar policies of their own, including banks, grocery stores, and other businesses – would be able to differentiate and treat people accordingly? Would it take the form of an identification card that a person would be forced to carry? Well, those can be forged. What about a government – issued microchip? 

But that is just Israel, you say? Wrong. Various interests in America have been promoting “national ID cards” and “national registries” for years to combat everything from legal immigration to voter fraud (not to mention databases of people allowed or not allowed to buy firearms, and also of sex crime offenders … are “hate crimes” offenders next?).  If Israel adopts a national registration and ID system to implement their loyalty oath policy, then other western style governments are very likely to emulate it for their own national ID systems to address their own (real and perceived) problems. As a matter of fact, dictatorships and other authoritarian regimes are even more likely to. 

So, for no other reason than that, Lieberman’s proposal is something to watch and think about, along with the many similar proposals in our own country, especially those who prefer national ID cards over simply building a border fence, or people who claim that there aren’t simple and local solutions to voter fraud.


31 Responses to “Burning Incense To Caesar: Regarding Avigdor Lieberman’s Proposed Loyalty Oath In Israel”

  1. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ ~~~ Why are you shocked at the anti-Israel sentiment after 9/11 ? ISRAEL DID 9/11 !… 9/11 was used as a pretense to start TWO (so far) ILLEGAL wars of aggression… In Iraq, over 1.5 million innocent people have been murdered (vs. 2000 U.S. dead)… In Afghanistan, they are NOT EVEN COUNTING the dead ! These countries were not enemies of America, but enemies of Israel, and of the Rothschilds ! ~~~ ~~~ Re: ‘Lieberman’s oath’… It is merely a ‘legitimate’ way to treat Christians and Muslims as second-class citizens (as they always have)… What Christian can swear allegiance to an ANTI-CHRIST Jewish state ?… ~~~ ~~~ B.T.W… you did not mention the fact that Christians are regularly cursed openly, spat upon and even beaten in Israel. You also left out the BURNINGS of New Testaments in broad daylight in Israel… would these anti-Christ Jews swear an oath of loyalty to a Christian state ? If they did, they would most certainly be lying; thinking of their ‘Kol Nidre’ the whole time !

  2. James said

    “First, I am thoroughly shocked at the intense and pervasive anti – Israel and anti – Semitic feelings around the globe that has been growing exponentially since the September 11th terror attacks.”

    I don’t get why you’re surprised: most of Christendom believes the Jews are going to have their skin burned off their bones in a literal lake of fire for all eternity for not praying to Jesus and worshipping Him every day. “Oh, but we LOVE the Jews!” Rubbish! The Jews are only useful to Christians insofar as they play their role in Armageddon, otherwise Christians are content with the Jews serving as eternal firewood for God’s wrath. Why the false sentiment in this life? Why bother? Who do you think you’re kidding, exactly?

    Loons like “The Prodigal Son” just serve my point: he ignores the millions of Jews living peacefully in every part of the world to further his paranoid propaganda. Should we ignore the conflicts of terrorist Christians in Ireland over the years or should we also gather that Christians are ALL a bunch of terrorists?

  3. Diane said

    as usual, you have no proof of what youre saying about 9/11-
    How come you dont speak out against the killings of millions of Christians and Jews in Arab countries?

  4. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ ~~~ The proof is ample, and there for anyone who cares to find it… if you have not found it – then you have yet to take an honest look. If you wait for the Jewish controlled media to tell you Israel did it… you will be forever in darkness, because you will NEVER hear it ! ~~~ ~~~ Please, tell me : where in the world are ‘millions’ of Christians and Jews being killed ? And personally, I’m amazed there hasn’t been MORE backlash against Christians ! Bush said God told him to attack ! As Job so eloquently put it : that is a self-evident LIE ! So-called Christians are murdering arab peoples NONSTOP ! Again, showing by their fruits that they DO NOT walk with Christ. This too, is self evident !

  5. The Prodigal Son said

    Angel… ~~~ ~~~ for David’s sake I will reply to you here… Elsewhere you said, “I know traditional Jews are not saved. But they will be soon…” ~~~ ~~~ Please give us a scriptural (New Testament) backing for this… ~~~ ~~~ “… This is one reason God is bringing them back to their homeland.” ~~~ ~~~ God has had NOTHING to do w/ the murderous theft of Palestine ! This as well, is self-evident… if a murderer has not the Father – what of state-sponsered murderers ? Truth is, REAL Jews know that God has FORBIDDEN them to rule in Jerusalem… they have been exiled BY GOD until He returns (diaspora)… so ?

  6. angelpurplewings said

    prodigal is a muslim. Israel had nothing to do with 911….it was a bunch of muslims that did it, and the murderous palestinians danced in the streets. They are state sponsored murders and should be pushed into the sea. 🙂

    Since prodigal has never read the old testament prophets, I invite him to do this. It is too much for me to quote here. a multitude of times, God promises to destroy the enemies of Israel, and reestablish Israel forever in the land. Isaiah, jeremiah, zecaraiah, daniel, etc. And God promises a new covenant with them. God is bringing them home, and he has NEVER Forbidden them to stay away. in fact, the sooner they all return, the sooner all their enemies will be destroyed and the land cleansed of the palestinian terrorists.

  7. The Prodigal Son said

    John… ~~~ ~~~ Elsewhere you spoke of a young Jew you met during a war protest. First, I would like to commend you for putting your convictions into ACTION… ~~~ ~~~ IF the Jew you met was really against Zionism… then he MAY have been a REAL Jew. They are very few, so I doubt it… but it’s possible. Did they have darker, olive skin – or were they white ? REAL semites of course, are NOT white. Many real Jews (who – for the most part – reject the Talmud and Israel) numbered among those Jews who were left behind (by Zionists) to starve and die from typhus during WWII (a war instigated BY Zionists). Research ‘Iranian Jews’… THESE are REAL, semetic Jews ! They have no desire to go to Israel, despite repeated offers and added incentives… They live in perfect peace right where they are, where they’ve been for centuries. The same was also true of Iraq’s Jews…

  8. angelpurplewings said


  9. The Prodigal Son said

    (cont…) ~~~ ~~~ Also John, check out a website called : ‘Jews Against Zionism’, which is based in NYC. These are the REAL Jews we saw greeting the President of Iran when he was in N.Y. for a United Nations conference. They publicly HUGGED and KISSED Ahmadinejad, all of them smiling and laughing together, while the fake Jews (the vast majority) tried hard to prevent him from even attending the meeting ! You will learn a LOT about the truth of WWII from their website ! Click on : ’10 questions to the Zionists’ ~~~ ~~~ P.S. … Real semetic Jews are ALSO treated like second-class citizens in Israel… Ethiopian Jews are treated even worse…

  10. The Prodigal Son said

    Angel… ~~~ ~~~ Oh… you can’t give me something from the New Testament ? Imagine my shock ! ~~~ ~~~ The Old Testament prophets foretold the coming of Elijah (John the Baptist) and of the Messiah, Jesus Christ ! Of course, if you were REALLY a Christian… you would already know that !… I am done conversing w/ the likes of you.

  11. Diane said

    I just want to commend you for trying to help John on the other thread, that was the right thing to do, but youre wrong in your continuous attack against Jews.

    Jews in Iran and Arab countries were slaughtered almost to extinction or exiled. But you dont talk about those refugees.

  12. Diane said

    Did you get a chance to read my comment on Identify the enemy?

  13. Diane said

    you mentioned the case of molestation of a 3yr old is permitted in the Talmud, I read that as well and was shocked. But after rereading it, I saw that the belief was that the child would regain her virginity and should be treated as a virgin before marriage when she is older. To their credit, this protects the young girl.

    This is unlike Islamic practices that kills women and girls when raped. In PRACTICE, men in Islamic countries ‘thigh’ infants (having sex), but I ask again, where is your condemnation of this??

  14. Diane said

    have you not heard about the Arabs attacking Christian villages in Southern Sudan? In a very short period of time 27,000 boys were orphaned and had to leave Sudan because the order was to kill all males no matter the age.

    I would also suggest you visit the Voice of The Martyrs website.

  15. angel said

    Hi Diane,

    I gave a web link to the true talmud. I have physically held the book in my hands and read parts of it. I gave a web link to the true talmud on this site. The quotes you have have NOTHING to do with the real Talmud. This is fake stuff the muslims put out to defame the jews.

    you mentioned:
    -taught that our Savior practised
    sorcery and enticed Israel in to
    apostasy. Babylonian Talmud Seder
    Nezikin, Vol III Sanhedrin

    -taught that Adam had sex with
    animals before the creation of Eve
    Babylonian Talmud Seder Nashim Vol
    I Yebamouth

    There is NO vol III, Sandhedrin.!!!
    There is NO Nashim, Vol I !!!!!!

    This is fake stuff….this is all fantasy and lies from the internet. It is garbage that has been put on the internet by muslims.

    Read for yourself, and do not listen to lies.

    chapter by chapter:


  16. angelpurplewings said


    I answered your question, but it must have gotten deleted?

    I cannot see where the post is now….but you quoted
    a vol III from “sanhedrien
    a Vol I from something….

    There is NO Vol I, Vol II in the real talmud. This is a fictious talmud put out by muslims to defame the jews. I have held the real one in my hands and read parts of it…..there is no sections like you mentioned. The information you are getting off the internet is false info, provided by muslims. It is meant to deceive people.

    I also provided links on another page called Identify the enemy….

    it gives a link to the real online Talmud….

    you can read the talmud for yourself, and you will not find any of the sex stuff on there.


  17. angelpurplewings said


    Read for yourself, This is the real Talmud.

    chapter by chapter:

  18. Diane said

    I checked the sites you listed yesterday, thanks. This is very interesting. A couple of years ago a did a search on the net and now Im going to have to look into what youre saying. Have you gotten a chance to thoroughly read The Code of the Maimonides Book Four The Book of Women?

  19. angelpurplewings said


    no,…..but I will not believe anything unless I have a hard copy of it. I will look around.

  20. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ ~~~ I assure you… I am not wrong about the Talmud and the fake ‘Jews’… I spent months trying to prove myself wrong, but all I found was MORE PROOF ! They are ACTIVELY anti-Christ ! ~~~ ~~~ Look, the Talmud (oral laws / traditions of men) was put to paper 3 or 4 hundred years after Christ’s crucifixion, in Hebrew of course… so it’s contents remained a mystery to the great majority of Gentiles for centuries. ~~~ ~~~ Martin Luther himself DID learn to read Hebrew, and when he read the Talmud… he was thouroughly shocked and disgusted & rightly so ! (and no, ‘purplewings’, it was not written by Muslims !) The vatican and pope after pope denounced it specifically BY NAME, ordering all copies to be burned, OVER AND OVER ! Why would they react in such a way to an inocuous book of ‘civil laws’ ? ~~~ ~~~ This is all common sense to me, but again – I have spent MUCH time on the subject. Why can’t you see the source of repeated ‘persecutions’ in so many nations IS the Talmud, and it’s contents ?

  21. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I went to your links and found that what you present is not the entire Talmud but a summary of sorts. Below is a link which points out things in the Talmud very contrary to the Old Testament teachings. If you are sincere in finding the truth of these matters I suggest you look at the link and the passages it explicitly cites and compare them.

    I found other evidences on the net that said the same thing Prodigal points to. If you could produce a copy of the entire Talmud that we could all access that would settle the matter once and for all.



  22. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ ~~~ Oh, you enjoy reading Maimonides ? Here’s a quote from him for you… “It is the duty of every Jew to exterminate infidels with one’s own hands – infidels such as the pupils of Jesus of Nazareth.” – Rabbi Moses Maimonides… ‘Book of Knowledge’ ~~~ ~~~ As for ‘purplewings’ ‘ Talmud links… There are versions such as Rabbi Rodkinson’s that have been cleaned up… censored for Gentile consumption, but the majority of Rabbis refuse to endorse it, because it contradicts ‘the sages’ ! … anyhow I will say that the all the Talmud passages I have ever read did not contain any references to ‘VOL. I, VOL III, etc’. That is where our aggreement ends. There are many, many sexual references… I found a couple regarding the sex w/ 3 yr. olds issue (which you feel is innocent in it’s intent ?!?)…

  23. Diane said

    No, I dont enjoy reading Maimonides. I find the ignorance of people embracing a tradition that denies women the opportunity to learn the Torah, considers her voice being heard teaching the Torah ‘filthy’, and that fathers should not teach their daughters the Torah, an act of oppression and something that Christ condemns. I will look into what Angel is saying though.

    Concerning the law of a 3 yr old:
    That passage doesnt state that there is no judicial punishment for the offender, nor is there any indication that Im aware of that they tolerated such behavior. The passage that I read falls short of justice in my opinion of young women who are raped over the age of 3, which I will explain later.

    …a minor girl three yrs old or less, who has had intercourse, even if with an adult male is entitled to a ketubbah (monetary stipulation to be paid in case of a divorce) of two hundred zuz, because she will eventually recover her virginity and become like other virgins. [The Code of Maimonides, Book Four, Book of Women Yale University Press 1972]

    This passage is not teaching it is ok to rape 3yr olds. It is stating that if a young woman is sexually molested she is still deserving of the treatment of a virgin if she later marries and then her husband divorces her.

    God considers false weights and injustice an abomination, and the injustice to women here is where is her protection after the age of 3 in case of rape?

    What of the questions Ive asked in #10, 12, & 13?

  24. The Prodigal Son said

    Maybe these passages will help clear things up a little for you… ~~~ ~~~ “Come and hear ! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her – she becomes his.” – Sanhedrin 55b ~~~ ~~~ And also… “A girl of the age of three years and one day may be betrothed by intercourse.” – Niddah 44b ~~~ ~~~ These quotes are from the Soncino Babylonian Talmud, a translation completed by a team of top Rabbis (not Muslims) in London, England in 1932. ~~~ ~~~ To see it in it’s UNCENSORED entirety, visit

  25. The Prodigal Son said

    … A few more for you… this one re: the seven Noahide laws… “One additional element of severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation.” – Sanhedrin 57a ~~~ ~~~ “Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, especially the New Testament.” – Shabbat 116a ~~~ ~~~ “When a Jew murders a Gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile, he may keep.” – Sanhedrin 57a ~~~ ~~~ [This one is quite relative to the ‘financial crisis’ we are experiencing w/ Madoff and all the banks today !]… “The Gentiles are outside the protection of the law, and God has exposed their money to Israel.” – Baba Kamma 37b ~~~ ~~~ “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a Gentile.” – Baba Kama 113a …

  26. Diane said

    outside of the Lord Jesus Christ, man’s traditions and laws are corrupt. My continued question to you has been why dont you address the evils of other people groups and the evils written in their books, and your response consistently is to focus only on the Jews. This discussion is a constant one-way street and a waste of time. May Christ open our eyes to the truth of the evil of all men and our need for His salvation.

  27. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ ~~~ I care deeply for people of all walks, but in general, I do tend to care more for the poor & downtrodden… the least – if you will. ~~~ ~~~ Other than that, Christ told the Pharisees that they were the synagogue of satan… Did He not ? I agree with my God ! ~~~ ~~~ Their evil deeds are now GLOBAL ! They almost control the WHOLE WORLD NOW… including my country and yours. There are only FIVE nations left which the Rothschilds do not control !… I bet you could guess which ones if you tried. Here’s a hint – Iraq WAS # 6… So who’s next ? Would you believe Iran ? Oh yes ! North Korea ? Libya, Venezuela and Cuba… Then… World domination (or ‘the world to come’ as they call it) ~~~ ~~~ Why do so many so-called Christians IGNORE the teachings of our Lord regarding these money-changing murderers from the father of lies ?… BEWARE THE LEAVEN OF THE PHARISEES !

  28. Diane said

    the numbers of the comments have changed, but the serious atrocities committed by other people groups that I would like you to respond to are mentioned in comments 11, 13, and 14.

    The Jewish people slaughtered in Arab nations and also the Jewish refugee crises from these nations (see comment 11).

    Islamic practices such as mis yar marriages and worse mut-ah where men may have sex with an infant (they call it ‘thighing’). There are Arab feminists who recommend women in the Gulf seek assylum in other countries such as Spain, because they receive no protection in the home or in the courts. I dont see Israeli or American women seeking assylum in Arab countries. The oppression is stifling and is an extreme humanitarian crises to say the least. (see comment 13)

    The exodus of 10s of 1000s of Sudanese boys because of the Arab slaughter that still continues to this day. There is a good documentary called the “Lost Boys” that documents the lives of some of these boys. Also Voice of the Martyrs is a good site for information of Christian persecution in Arab countries.
    (see comment 14).

  29. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ ~~~ Oh yes, now I remember this thread… What else exactly are you expecting me to say, Diane ? Your latest post is #28… did you read post #27 ? Because that is a response, and it is addressed to you… is it not ? You could also refer back to #4… ~~~~~~ I know you will just say I’m anti-semetic, but I will tell you this : … ever since our JEWISH controlled government either commissioned, or allowed the Israeli Mossad to carry out the mass murders of 9/11… ever since 9/11 – when the JEWISH controlled media LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH TO US… and FRAMED the arabs for perpetrating 9/11 … I do not believe ONE WORD THEY TELL ME ! ESPECIALLY anything regarding arab Muslims !! ~~~ ~~~ In a courtroom, when a witness is discredited, or perjures themselves… then ALL of their testimony is immediately DISCARDED as unreliable ! All they do is LIE, and – as I’ve said before… the ‘Kol Nidre’ is their licence (before their god) to tell lies all year long !

  30. The Prodigal Son said

    … also, have you heard of the Scofield Study Bible ? The translation and compilation of that Bible was commissioned & financed by Zionist Jews ! Hmmmm… wonder WHY they would do that ?? ~~~ ~~~ Well, guess what ? The Jdws have pulled one of those on the Muslims too ! Corrupted Qu’arans published by Jews… with ADDED commentary designed to further radicalize a DESPERATE, impoverished people… ~~~ ~~~ … So, we have the Scofield Bible Doctrine which brainwashes dull Christians into supporting Israel, because they believe that they will be ‘raptured’ off of the earth before the tribulation… the sooner the Jews rebuild the temple, and the anti-Christ comes – the sooner they get to go to Heaven (ha !)… And we have the twisted words of Mohammed encouraging Muslims to ‘martyr’ themselves, and fight against the oppression (which the Jews also supply !) ~~~~ ~~~ Hmmmmm…

  31. The Prodigal Son said

    Now I will again refer you back to comment #4 by yours TRULY… where I state that : I cannot believe there is not MORE backlash against Christians in Muslim lands ! Look what America (Israel) has done to the arabs ! Wars of aggression based on false pretenses & LIES ! THIS IS MURDER ! How many of them have we killed, Diane ? Do you even care ? Are you blind to this MASSIVE KILLING MACHINE which still rolls on as I type ? On OUR side U.S., Canada, Britain, & Australia, there have been LESS THAN 10,000 soldiers killed since 2001… would you care to guess how many dead there are on THEIR side ? Since these cold-hearted racist bastards are NOT EVEN COUNTING how many people (or WHO) they are killing in Afghanistan… no one really knows ! This (not counting the dead) is particularly, disgustingly evil… ~~~ ~~~ I can say with absolute certainty that OVER 2 MILLION arab peoples have perished, punished for something they DID NOT DO !

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