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Dutch Jews Denounce Christian ‘Peace By Conversion’ Group

Posted by Job on February 22, 2009

Note below: these fellows are criticizing Christians for evangelizing not only Jews but also Muslims, and also for visiting a concentration camp. 

Dutch Jews slam Christian ‘peace by conversion’ group 

By Cnaan Liphshiz Tags: Jewish WorldIsrael NewsDutch Jews are accusing a Christian organization of insulting Jews and Muslims by trying to convert them under the banner of promoting peace and interfaith dialogue. 

The Jewish community’s umbrella group, the Central Jewish Committee, issued an unusually harsh statement about a conference held by the Christian organization Cornerstone in the town of Soest, near Utrecht, yesterday. 

The organizers of the conference, which drew hundreds to Soest’s Juliana Church, advertised it under the slogan: “The path: Reconciling Jews with Arabs.” Preceding the event was a visit by Cornerstone leaders to a Dutch concentration camp. 


“It is an insult and maltreatment of the Jewish and Muslim faiths to suggest that their followers can only coexist in peace if they convert to Christianity,” the Committee wrote. 

One of the organizers, Cornerstone’s Jaap Broker, labeled this criticism “laughable,” adding that the conference was not geared toward conversion. He nonetheless added that “the only path to reconciliation is to accept Jesus Christ as one’s Savior.” 

In an interview with the Dutch paper AD, Broker is quoted as saying: “Being Christian doesn’t mean losing one’s Jewish identity. They remain Jewish. The Committee is jumping to conclusions.” 

Ronny Naftaniel, a prominent figure within the Jewish community and head of the Center Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI), said he opposed Cornerstone’s Friday trip to the Westerbork concentration camp in the north of Holland. 

“It is upsetting that they come to commemorate Jews [murdered in the Holocaust] while they themselves believe that Jews should no longer exist, and become Christian,” Naftaniel said. 

Broker explained that the organization brought Christian Arabs to the site. 

“Christian Arab leaders want to know more about the Holocaust, which will help create a bond with the Jewish people,” he said. 

In an interview with the local paper Leidsch Dagblad, Broker is quoted as inviting Naftaniel to attend the conference, adding: “But it’s on Shabbat, so he can’t start the car.”


40 Responses to “Dutch Jews Denounce Christian ‘Peace By Conversion’ Group”

  1. Jeffrey Levine said

    These Christians would be far beter oof converting to Judasm.

    After all, the world know that Jesus is a fraud and is despised by G-d.

    If Jesus was God then why did Christianity require spilling so much blood to acquire converts? It certainly wasn’t the beauty of Christianity that attracted them. The same goes for Islam. Growth by violence!

  2. Job said

    Jeffrey Levine:

    “After all, the world know that Jesus is a fraud and is despised by G-d.”

    So my asthma and my kidney disease (caused by overuse of my asthma medication) were healed by a fraud? And no, I did not “grow out of” my asthma. Quite the contrary, my asthma was getting worse to the point where I could not walk across my small yard to check my mailbox without wheezing, and over the counter medication could no longer stop the attacks so I needed progressively stronger – and more expensive – prescription medication. If it wasn’t for the Yeshua that you claim that the world knows is a fraud, I’d be dead now, if not from the asthma and kidney problems, definitely from the viral lung infection that sent me to the emergency room twice that the doctors couldn’t do a thing about. Both were cleared up immediately, the former two by praying, the latter by praying and laying on of hands. So, Jeffrey Levine, how many miracles have you witnessed following your religion?

    “If Jesus was God then why did Christianity require spilling so much blood to acquire converts? It certainly wasn’t the beauty of Christianity that attracted them.”

    You know perfectly well that for its first 300 years, Christianity was not spread by the sword. Quite the contrary, during that period, it was Christians being killed. Various Roman emperors killed over 1 million Christians, most of them due to Decius, who actually tried to kill ALL the Christians, but there were others. The practice of killing to spread a form of false paganized Christianity did not happen until the merger of church and state (arrangements similar to the semi – theocracy Israel I should add).

    You also well know that the sword hasn’t been used to spread Christianity in centuries. You further know that modern missionary activity, which began in the 1800s, was initiated by solitary evangelists with no backings from any state (and in many instances any church) and therefore couldn’t have spread Christianity by the sword even if they were so inclined. Hudson Taylor and Lottie Moon against 300 million Chinese? William Carey against 300 million Indians? Adoniram Judson … more of the same. If they had tried forced conversions, they would have all been dead within a week.

    “It certainly wasn’t the beauty of Christianity that attracted them.”

    Well, what was it, then? Most Christians today live in the third world and live in areas where there wasn’t a single Christian a mere few hundred years ago. A good percentage of those are not only religious minorities, but under extreme persecution in Hindu, Muslim, and communist countries. You have 100 million Christians in underground churches in China alone, and they are being constantly discovered with its members heavily fined, imprisoned, and in a great many instances subjected to forced labor under brutal conditions. And have you heard about the atrocities committed by the Burmese government against its ethnic (and religious) minority tribal Karen population? Of course you have.

    So Jeffrey Levine, why should people convert to your religion? So they can become liars like you? Because your own Torah teaches that liars like you will not enter heaven.

  3. Jeffrey Levine said

    I certainly haven’t lied. Your miraculous recovery is just bogus. G-d had nothing to do with it.

    The Christian sword was covered with blood until just a few hundred years ago.

    Again, I reiterate that people were forced to adopt Christianity. They did not convert becuse of the beauty of the religion. Remeber that Christianity kept its folloers in ignorance (they were not taught to read) so they could not quwstion all of the contradictions within Christinity.

    I see the miracles of Judaism, every day!

    Also remebr that if you are a Catholic, you eat flesh and drink blood at every mass! Delicioso!!

  4. Devon said

    What contradictions are you referring to???Please show me where Christ and the NT taught its followers to use violence?

    I take you never heard of the reformation…that put the Bible back in the hands of the common folk!

    As for the original article, in spite of whining from people, the Gospel has to be proclaimed to Jew and Gentile.


  5. Believer said

    Although most Jews do not believe this, but Jesus is the Savior to the Jews as well.If it were not for the Jews rejection, the rest of the world would not have a chance to experience God’s sovereignty and love.Not coming on the site to bicker or back bite but just to state the true facts.Also, I pray that the jews would turn to Christ before it is too late.

  6. The Prodigal Son said

    Jeffrey Levine… ~~~ I was wondering when a member of the body of the anti-Christ would show up here openly… With the topics that Job addresses here… I knew it wouldn’t be too long ! ~~~ ~~~ How can you say that Christians would be better off converting to the Deicidal cult of Judaism ? Deep down, you know that’s a lie ! Or maybe you don’t… have you even read the Pentateuch ?… Perhaps… but the ENTIRE Old Testament ? The Book of Daniel ?… almost certainly not ! ~~~ ~~~ Your Messiah (and mine !) has COME ! Come to the ‘Jews’ first ! – Who is Isaiah’s Suffering Servant ? Who is Zechariah’s Prince of Peace ? Who is the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the flock ? Honestly examine the Books of History, the Books of Wisdom and the Books of Prophecy… and you will KNOW the TRUTH ! ~~~ ~~~ It’s not too late for you Jeffrey ! Please… for the sake of your eternal soul, drop the ridiculous title of ‘Jew’, and accept OUR Saviour, Jesus the Christ ! ~~~ ~~~ With REAL love,… Joshua

  7. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… You said, “… your own Torah teaches that liars like you will not enter Heaven.”… ~~~ ~~~ With respect… you are wrong about that… Not because the Five Books of Moses don’t say that – but because your definition of the word ‘Torah’ is wrong ! ~~~ ~~~ To ‘Jews’ of today, the word ‘Torah’ is understood as ‘religious study’… and includes not only the Pentateuch, but also the Talmud and the Zohar, etc. Truth is… the Pentateuch has been relegated to the LEAST important of all their ‘religious’ texts ! The Talmud is the supreme authority in Judaism today… JUST like it was in Jesus’ time ! Todays ‘Jews’ follow the Pharisaical ‘traditions of men’ or what they call the ‘oral laws’, telling the great lie that Moses passed down laws that he never bothered to write down ! ~~~ ~~~ Re: Lies… Jews recite the ‘kol nidre’ on the day of atonement, which they believe allows them to lie with impunity – even swearing to God – for a whole year… and incur NO SIN in doing so !

  8. angel said


    You are wacked out.

    you said
    The Talmud is the supreme authority in Judaism today- that is a lie

    Jews recite the ‘kol nidre’ on the day of atonement, which they believe allows them to lie with impunity – – that is a lie

    what kind of drugs are you taking?

  9. The Prodigal Son said

    Angel… ~~~ Nice pipes ! You’ve been working out ! ~~~ ~~~ Why not offer some factual refutations instead of labelling me a liar and insinuating that I must be on drugs ?… I strive to walk in TRUTH… and I have researched many, many, MANY HOURS into topics you obviously know NOTHING about. ~~~ ~~~ I will give you the benefit of doubt and assume you are ignorant rather than malicious… and I will (with Job’s blessing) try to enlighten you… ~~~ You’re welcome.

  10. The Prodigal Son said

    Firstly , the ‘Kol Nidre’… or what may be known as the Jewish ‘License to Lie’ is recited on the Day of Atonement… and may be found in the Book of Nedarim, 23a… (and online) ~~~ ~~~ “… All vows, obligations, oaths… which we may vow or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound from this Day of Atonement until the next… we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, anulled, and void and made of no effect… The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths…” ~~~ ~~~ Can’t get much clearer than that, can it ?… Next you’ll be saying there is no such thing as the Day of Atonement ! Interested parties should also research the origns of the term ‘scapegoat’… it’s quite humorous ! ~~~ ~~~ Re : the Talmud and it’s authoratative posistion in Judaism… are you Jewish ?… Are you a Rabbi ?

  11. The Prodigal Son said

    … “The Talmud then, is the written form of that which, in the time of Jesus, was called the traditions of the elders, and to which he makes frequent allusions.” – Rabbi Michael L. Rodkinson… ~~~ ~~~ … “The Jewish religion today traces it’s descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature.” – Rabbi Travers Herford… Universal Jewish Encyclopedia… ~~~ ~~~ … “The Bavli (Babylonian Talmud) has formed the definitive statement of Judaism from the time of it’s closure to the present day.” – Rabbi Dr. Jacob Neusner… Research Professor of Religion and Theology… Bard College.

  12. The Prodigal Son said

    …”Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptations of custom, and adjustment of law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. ~~~ When the Jew… studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian Academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy. Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered.” – Rabbi Dr. Louis Finkelstein, President of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

  13. The Prodigal Son said

    … “If the Bible is the cornerstone of Judaism, then the Talmud is the central pillar, soaring up from the foundations and supporting the entire spiritual and intellectual edifice. In many ways the Talmud is the most important book in Jewish culture, the backbone of creativity and of national life. No other work has had a comparable influence on the theory and practice of Jewish life, shaping spiritul content and serving as a guide to conduct.”- Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz, Israel Institute for Talmudic Presentations… ~~~ ~~~ … “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe – whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists – we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” – Pulitzer Prize winning author Herman Wouk, in his book ‘This is my God; the Jewish Way of Life’

  14. The Prodigal Son said

    … “The Talmud derives it’s authority from the posistion held by the ancient academies. The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and Palestine were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin… at the present time the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision must be based on the Talmud as the final resume` of the teaching of those authorities when they existed.” – ‘The Jews – History, Culture and Religion’, Jewish Publication Society of America ~~~ ~~~ [Note : the Sanhedrin… the same Jewish High Court which handed up our Lord to be crucified… has after almost 2000 years been reinstated and revived in Israel ! I kid you not !]

  15. The Prodigal Son said

    … “With the destruction of the Temple (70 a.d.), the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view, and a new aspect was given to the Sanhedrin of the past. A new chain of tradition supplanted the older priestly tradition (Abot 1:1). Pharisaism shaped the charachter of Judaism and the life and thought of a Jew for all the future.” – Encyclopedia Judaica, 1905 edition. ~~~ ~~~ (Thanks for your patience Job… I have more, but I’m done now…)

  16. Job said

    Jeffrey Levine:

    You are very much a liar. I have medical records to prove my recovery. What do you have? Alas, nothing but lies …

    And as for

    “Again, I reiterate that people were forced to adopt Christianity. They did not convert becuse of the beauty of the religion. Remeber that Christianity kept its folloers in ignorance (they were not taught to read) so they could not quwstion all of the contradictions within Christinity.”

    This was not true for the first 300 years. It would have been impossible to force people to adopt Christianity or keep their followers in ignorance because the Roman state did not adopt Christianity until 325 AD. Had Christians been forcing conversions, the Romans would have wiped them out in less than a year. The Romans were big on religious freedom (so long as the religion was legal, and Christianity wasn’t!) so Pax Romana wouldn’t never have allowed forced conversions, because that would have caused religious uprisings that would have made governing the empire impossible.

    Of course, you know these things already. But you choose to lie because you have to adhere to your position that Christianity was only spread by the sword. Well, on your side, you have your lies based on your religious chauvinism. On my side, I have peer reviewed academic historical research produced by both Christians and non – Christians. And incidentally, you well know that I am not Roman Catholic.

  17. The Prodigal Son said

    ~~~ ~~~ Now, dear Angel… Why is the Talmud so unknown to non-Jews ? Why was there no usable English translation of the Talmud until the Soncino Edition (1934-48) ? Why, in European history, when the laws of the Talmud became commonly known, was it BURNED over, and over – by order of the Popes, excoriated by Martin Luther, denounced everywhere, and it’s followers exiled from one country after another down through the centuries ? ~~~ ~~~ The Talmud’s basic law is : that only the Pharisaic Jew ranks as a man, or human-being… ALL OTHERS rank as animals. ‘The people who are like an ass (Gentiles) – slaves who are considered the property of the master’. The attitude resulting from such teachings has been resented by non-Jews in ALL countries and centuries. Such resentment however, is portrayed by Jews as ‘persecution of the Jews’. ~~~ ~~~

  18. angel said


    You are really wacked out. You have either not spent any time in a synogogue at all, or when you were there, it did not do you any good.

    The kol nidre prayers are said with great devotion, and a sense of repentance. So is the rest of the very long Yom Kippur service, the next day. They do not waste all their time saying prayers, unless they mean what they say. If they did not care, they would just stay home.

    The talmud is nothing more than the oral law, or civil law with more details. It is needed to further expand on what some crytpic passages mean in the Torah. It is their “concordance” to their scritpures.

    Are you a muslim, faking it, and trying to act like a christian? You talk like one.

    a history lesson was not necessary. Long winded unnecessary remarks are boring.

  19. angel said

    I have no clue where the avatar is coming from. It is not mine.

  20. angel said

    Jeffrey is also wacked out. He needs to have more faith in God.

  21. The Prodigal Son said

    ~~~ No, Angel, I have never been in a synogogue (but YOU have !)… their doctrine is NOT that Jesus is the Christ, so that is not the place for me… ~~~ ~~~ I believe the avatar could have been from our Lord – sometimes online anonymity can be remarkably transparent… Eh, ‘Angel’ ? ~~~

  22. Diane said

    you act like youre the only non-Jewish person whose heard about the things written in the Talmud.

    There are evil things written in a lot of other books, and a lot of evil being done by a lot of people groups, but most of your comments are hateful towards the Jews. Your hate is at enmity with Christ.

  23. David L. Williams said

    “Hate” is the key word in Dianne’s post. Angel, anyone could discern you have a spirit of hate. It bursts out of your posts. I would guess you are looking at man for answers, when the only real answer is a One-on_one relationship with Jesus. As long as you keep looking at man and assessing man, you will not find the real God. Not even if you are looking at the greatest Christian ministers.

    You, like all of us, are going to face Jesus at judgment. He has provided us a way to know Him now, before we are judged. If you are honest with yourself, you can see you are not a happy camper in your present state. Be serious and ask God to make Himself known to you, and you will find there is a wonderful life just waiting for you to answer His invitation. DavWms

  24. The Prodigal Son said

    Diane… ~~~ The Talmud and it’s contents ARE relatively new to me… I had never even heard of it. Only after Israel did 9/11 did I begin to investigate how, or why anyone could do such a thing. The Talmud makes it much more clear to me… ~~~ ~~~ What hateful things have I said ? I hate no one… but they hate me, and they hate you too Unless you’re a Jew ! Are you ? ~~~ ~~~ Hateful books are one thing… but the Talmud is a religious text of laws for Jews to live by ! No other religion has a book like that ! My awareness of Jewish hate towards ALL GENTILES is not hate on my part… it is AWARENESS ! Which I am trying to spread… and you are trying to suppress.

  25. angel said


    I am defending the Jews, who deserve not to be lied about. Prodigal is way out of line. He is spreading lies. I have not hate for anyone. He is the one with the hate. He is totally wacked out. He just lies and lies, and goes on and on…and assumes people will just be so stupid they swallow the lies. Jews do not hate the gentiles. But the gentiles, like prodigal, hate the jews. Scripture says a lying tongue hates the one afflicted by it. So lying is an act of hatred. I do not lie. I tell the truth. I also have read parts of the talmud, and I know it is nothing like prodigal says. It is just some civil laws written down about division of property and what not. Very boring.

    prodical – you admit you do not even read the Talmud. so do not spread stories about something you know nothing about. Prodical, you are a muslim pretending to be a christian.

    and still no clue where the muscles come in….maybe God wants me to be a strong person … 🙂

  26. The Prodigal Son said

    Angel… You are the pretender here, and it’s obvious ! … ~~~ Please tell us : what reason you had for reading the Talmud… and where you read it… and if you missed them, in post # 17 above I asked you 3 specific questions. Mostly, it’s the last question about the BURNING of the Talmud… If it is so inocuous & innocent, as you say, then WHY did Martin Luther and the Popes get so upset ?… Hmmm ? ~~~ ~~~ As for whether or not I read Talmud… Not anymore ! My eyes and my soul could not bear to read anymore after awhile… It is the most vile, disgusting piece of ‘literature’ I have ever seen… and blasphemes Jesus and His Holy Mother in the most explicit ways ! They go SO OVERBOARD… that I have used it to help to help to prove to friends that Jesus Christ DID EXIST ! If he hadn’t existed – then the Talmud would have had no one to blaspheme and defame ! …

  27. Devon said

    Angel, I think David meant to say Prodigal son….I’m sure he will clarify it…

    Prodigal Son, you continue to be a bad witness for our Savior…

    Hate the Devil…it is he who controls all different people around the world…Satan himself doesn’t discriminate..he hates Jews, Blacks, Irish, Natives or whatever all equally…


  28. David L. Williams said

    Ooops, Dev is right. I did get Prodigal and Angel mixed up. I apologize, Angel. And it is true, Prodigal is not a good witness for Jesus. His hate goes before him. DavWms

  29. The Prodigal Son said

    Devon… ~~~ The devil controls all different people around the world ? WRONG ! … All of us have been given FREE WILL… Satan has no power over us except what is given unto him… ~~~ ~~~ Once a ‘Jew’ realizes what their religion and people are saying and doing… they are FREE to CHOOSE to abandon their identity as a ‘Jew’… but very few do. Why ? ~~~ ~~~ Put it this way… if our Holy Bible said that it was perfectly O.K. for me to have sex with a girl UNDER the age of THREE (3 !)- like the Talmud does – then I would NOT presently BE a Christian ! I would CHOOSE to disagree with that as my religion… Judaism is a cult religion – NOT a race ! Once they know what their ‘religion’ entails, and CHOOSE to remain a part of it… that is when they join the forces of anti-Christ. Do you wish them Godspeed ? Are you partaker of their evil deeds ? (II John 10-11)… Also see I John 2:22-23…

  30. angelpurplewings said

    TO prodigal

    I read the talmud because I was curious. I heard bad things like what you said. SO, being a good student, I went to a synogogue, and asked to look at it. I sat there for awhile and read it until I was so bored.

    Everything you say is a lie about it. It is like the book from the DMV, about traffic rules and regulations that you study, so you can get your driver’s license.

    The prodigal is a Muslim pretending to be a christian. I have met imposers like him before. They come on sites and fake it, so they can say bad things about Jews. I have a friend who is an ex-muslim, and he tells me their secrets.

    So prodigal is wacked.

  31. The Prodigal Son said

    Purplewings… ~~~ Your ‘angel’ looks rather sinister… how fitting ! ~~~ ~~~ So you checked out the Talmud, a HUGE 6000 page abomination in a couple of hours, eh ? We are supposed to believe that your friendly neighbourhood synagogue just let a Christian come in and study Talmud for a couple of hours ?… Right ! Christians are FORBIDDEN to study Talmud, so I know that is a lie ! Unless, you’re a Jew… Are you ? ~~~ ~~~ And again, you have ignored my other specific questions… very telling ! ~~~ ~~~ If anyone would like to investigate the Talmud for themselves… it can be found online – in it’s entirety – at : ~~~ ~~~ Anyone who thinks that quotes were taken out of context, THE ENTIRE tractates are viewable. There is also profuse Rabbinic commentary to leave NO DOUBT as to what the ‘old sages’ (Pharisees) meant when the Talmud was put to paper…

  32. Jeffrey Levine said

    The prodigal son has to be one of the stupidest persons I have ever run across. You know nothing about Judaoism, and everything you claim is a lie! Obviouslt you know little about the Talmud and what it actually is. That is very typical of your type of Christians Antisemite!

    BTW Isn’t there a passage in theNT that claims that Jews are born of the Devil. Jews don’t even believe in a devil, so it’s pretty laughable.

    Also why are there so many forgeiens of Christian documents?

  33. The Prodigal Son said

    Jeffrey… ~~~ ~~~ That’s your rebuttal ? That I’m stupid ?… Good one, Levine ! Can your dad beat up my dad, too ? ~~~ ~~~ How about some arguments ? How about some facts ? Why don’t YOU tell us about Judaism, then ? Why don’t you tell me about the Talmud ? ~~~ ~~~ By the way Jeffrey… just because Jews don’t believe in Satan, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist ! The founder of the church of Satan, Anton LaVey was a Jew… so SOME Jews know that, anyway ! ~~~~~~Most Jews don’t believe in our Triune God either, but CLEARLY they have NO CLUE !… Their own Zohar proves that SOME of the Jews know of the Trinity (or they USED TO, anyway !) ~~~ ~~~B.T.W… Do you deny that you are anti-Christ, Jeffrey ? P.S. … Did a Rabbi suck blood out of your penis with his MOUTH, when you were circumcised ?

  34. angelpurplewings said

    Prodigal is wacked. He never read the talmud. it is not 6000 pages long either.

    The jews are nice at the synogogue. they will let you read what they have if you do not act like a butt when you go there.

  35. Jeffrey Levine said

    I already mentioned several facts and typical of losers like you, you ignored them.

    I have heard of LeaVay, but I don’t know anything about him. Prove to me that he is a Jew, please.

    Then address my previous points.

    There is always a difference between what is written in our religious texts and what rekligious people do.

    I didn’t say that the NT speaks if violence. Only that Christians for almost 2,000 years blamed Jews for deicide, and never spared the sword. That most Christians were eiother converted by force, or for stricly political reasons.

    Jews on the other hand stay with the Jewish faith because of its beauty. What person in his right mind would suffer as the Jews have if Judaism offered nothing? It is easy to convert out of Judaism, so why do so few Jews convert?

    Maybe you need Jesus, but the Jews have diorect contact with G-d! G-d gave the Jews the ability to identify the true Messiah, and Jesus was not the one. No matter how you change the Jewish texts, or try and make Jesus the subject of certain prophecies, does not make it true.

  36. John Kaniecki said

    Jeffery Levine,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Read Isaiah 53 or Psalm 118:22. “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.”

    You have rejected the messiah. God knew you were a stiff necked people and that the majority of you would do so. It’s in your own Torah is you had to courage to face it.



    • Jeffrey Levine said

      Sorry John,
      Jews are no stiff necked (a typical Christian statemet) we are just more intelligent!

      G-d gave the Jews all the requirements to identify the Messiah. We know that Jesus did not ,eet any of thise requirements. Just because you are easuily manipulateed, certainly doesn’t make you right.

      Look at all the stories that were made up by the Church because Jesus didn’t accomplish what the Messiah was supposed to do.

  37. The Prodigal Son said

    Jeffrey… ~~~ ~~~ I would rather be a ‘loser’ for Christ, than be a Jewish ‘winner’ for the god of this age… Your people rejected the Messiah… rejected God Himself ! And continue to do so… Therefore, who do you really serve ? ~~~ ~~~ What points have you made ? What have you given me to address ? NOTHING ! Why don’t you do yourself a favor and actually READ the New Testament ? (Oh right… as a ‘Jew’, you are FORBIDDEN to read it ! Ever ask yourself WHY ? Are they trying to hide something from you ?… Reminds me of the way they try to keep everyone from investigating the ‘holocaust’, and 9/11 ! Like there is something they must keep hidden… at any cost !) ~~~ ~~~ IF you did read it, and you were HONEST with yourself… you would see that the Old Testament was FULL of prophesies ABOUT Jesus… which He fulfilled perfectly, to the LETTER !

  38. The Prodigal Son said

    Why do you think Jeffrey, that our Holy Christian Bible contgains BOTH the Old Testment AND the New Testament ? … Hmmmm ? ~~~ ~~~ It is because of the CLEAR fulfillment of SO MANY prophesies ! ~~~ ~~~ “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved. For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” – St. Paul (former Jew)… ~~~ ~~~ “I will provoke you to jealousy by those who are not a nation. ” – Moses ~~~ ~~~ “I was found by those who did not seek Me. I was made manifest to those who did not ask for Me”… said Isaiah. But to Israel he said, “All day long I have stretched out My hands To a disobedient and contrary people.”

  39. angelpurplewings said


    It is true that there are prophecies that are still unfulfilled in Jesus. But it was also prophesied that the person to come would actually come twice, first, as the son of Man, and then as Messiah King. It is all in Daniel, if you know how to look at what is written there. You can contact me for a further discussion at my site if you want.

    love, angel

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