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Is The Emergent Church Defined By The Transcendental Meditation Of Maharishi Yogi?

Posted by Job on February 20, 2009

This site says yes, and makes a compelling case for it! Please read:

Emerging Mysticism

The Emergent Contemplative Prayer Model

More articles:


4 Responses to “Is The Emergent Church Defined By The Transcendental Meditation Of Maharishi Yogi?”

  1. Jeff said

    Hey, Job-

    In response to your post at returningking: “Could you produce an article on Biblical meditation? Thank you.”

    It’s entirely possible. For the time being, this article (Emerging Mysticism) is the closest synopsis of the biblical intent concerning the term. But, the next article in this series will detail the Emergent Leader’s understanding of (non-biblical) meditation, which, as this introduction has pretty much indicated, is nothing more than warmed over TM.

    I think the key to Biblical meditation is the very antithesis of TM; Biblical meditation requires concentrated thought (to the point of writing the Word of God on one’s door posts, and hanging it from one’s garments) while TM is the exact opposite. TM requires one to “empty” the mind and allow an outside message to “come to you” rather than allowing the message which was “given to you” by the Word of God to be the substance of one’s meditation.

    Thanks for your comments. It is my sincere hope that we can properly warn the body of Christ concerning these numerous unbiblical principles which are gaining popularity in the church; all too often presuming that in some way God’s word is insufficient to lead us into a right fellowship with him. Sola scriptura.

  2. Jeff said

    Part 16 is now published:

  3. I have read your article and find it interesting. I am sure your wish is to dig deep and find the truth.

    However, there is a basic misunderstanding at the core of your thesis about Transcendental Meditation. I have been practicing TM for more than 30 years. And as is the case with numerous others I have met who practice TM, it has had a magnificent influence on every area of life–especially that most important field of spiritual progress. I know many who find that their faith–whether Christian, Jewish or other, has grown exponentially.

    The misunderstanding that seems to have lead your thesis astray is that TM leaves the mind open to outside influences. This is definitely not the case. In fact, one goes inside and experiences that “the Kindom of Heaven is within you”. This is not a theory–it is the experience of millions of people around the world. And there are hundreds of scientific studies, done at the some of the finest institutions in the world, and published in the most prestigious, peer-reviewed journals of the world, that verify the beneficial effects of this simple, natural practice. The mind gets in tune with it’s true nature–which is bliss. And most importantly, any outside influence is weakened and eventually removed entirely. One becomes stronger as one becomes at home with his/her true nature.

    I have on several occasions, as a long time educator, had the opportunity to be in a school where the children practice TM. And the kids are so bright, alert, happy, and free from violence, sickness and all the things that are so common in other schools. It is no wonder that TM is now spreading rapidly into schools in all parts of the world. This is a wonderful thing. And apparently, especially in South America, Ministers and Catholic Priests are supplorting it. They have no fear. And I think no Christian should be afraid of the influence of TM. Good is good. I do not believe that Christ wants us to suffer. I have found from experience, that as one goes toward the light–darkness is not the result.

    I hope this clarifies at least a little what TM is, does, and why so many Christians find it to be a wonderful adjunct to their health, happiness and spiritual progress.

    Best Wishes to you,


  4. Jeff said

    I do appreciate your comments. However, the core of my thesis is quite contrary to your understanding. I realize this may sound “closed minded,” but so be it. My thesis is based upon a trust of the scriptures- period. Just as you note that TM has served you well, so scripture has proven itself sufficient in my quest for spiritual revelation. It is my trust of scripture which has given me a distrust for TM. I do not accept that the experience of TM is relegated solely to one’s “inward” experience. Even according to the teachers of TM, it is in essense a thing in which outside powers are at work; guides who bring enlightenmment and “understanding” to the open mind of the subject. This process is relegated to spiritism in scripture, and God unconditionally noted that it is not for his people.

    For what it’s worth, I believe you. I’m sure that TM has given you a sense of peace and enlightenment. Yet, in my understanding, this is something akin to being “plugged into the matrix;” being in a place of perceived satisfaction, which serves well to keep one from searching beyond one’s immediate perceived reality.

    I also agree with you that TM is heralded by millions as safe, wholesome and profitable. In Jesus’ analogy, wide is the gate which leads to destruction, and many will find it, but narrow is the gate to life and few will find it.

    Lastly, as you have so generously shared your own testimony with me, allow me to share mine. I have found a greater peace than anything I believe one can find in one’self or the astral plane combined. It is the peace of knowing that I have been forgiven of my sins and that I have a unifying fellowship with the true God of creation. That peace comes solely through the person of Jesus Christ. It is not simply “out there” for the taking, but had to be purchased by one who was worthy to do so. His death on the cross subtitutionally paid the penalty of my own sins. He has granted me redemption and purity by hiw own work. As such, I live to serve him who created all that has been made, with the promise of a future redemption from any remnants of insecurity I may find in this life.

    If your practices of TM ever leave you longing, please consider my testimony to you. There are certain things in life which are to be lost, rather than found; among them the guilt we all share over our sins and failures. One cannot have true peace outside of forgiveness.

    Best wishes to you, sir.


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