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The Cause Of Homosexuality In Animals Discovered: Corporate Pollution!

Posted by Job on February 19, 2009

For years, homosexual rights advocates have used the occurrence of homosexuality in animals as part of the “God made us this way so we have to reject what the Bible says” argument. Well, see the article below, which contains, among other things, this blurb: “In California researchers found what came to be known in the press as “gay gulls”: same-sex seagull couples shacking up together in the nest, protecting eggs with abnormally thin shells that often harbored dead chicks. DDT was the suspected culprit.” Still more proof that the Bible is right: homosexuality is an unnatural abomination that was never part of God’s plan.

However, if this article is correct, because of pollution, homosexuality is only one of the many unnatural things caused by pollution. It is still more evidence that we are living in the last days, and that we need Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior.

Is One Very Tough Rat a Very Big Risk to Human Health?


21 Responses to “The Cause Of Homosexuality In Animals Discovered: Corporate Pollution!”

  1. theoldadam said

    Pollution is the cause, but not the poulltion of the environment.

    It is the pollution of our souls… by sin, the world and the devil.

    Homosexuality was rampant in many societies thousands of years ago.

    Sin IS pollution.

  2. Job said


    If chemicals were not a cause or contributor to sinful behavior, then the Bible would not contain all of its polemics against the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages. The Bible makes it clear that drinking too much alcohol impairs judgment and makes self – control difficult. So, it declares drinking too much alcohol while knowing the sinful behavior that often results of drunkenness a sin in and of itself.

    Now you could assert that alcohol causes a lack of sound judgment and self control due to evil spirits. Now as I certainly believe that evil spirits do play a role in alcoholism and other forms of addictive and dependent behavior, it is my position that drunkenness is the result of the effects that alcohol has on the brain. And it is not just alcohol. People who use other drugs, especially hallucinogenic ones like PCP, LSD, peyote etc. report not only altered judgment, self control, and perceptions of reality, but also altered desires and cravings, especially those who abuse them for long periods of time. Again, while I certainly attribute at least part of the addiction and dependency to hallucinogenic drugs to the work of evil spirits, I still regard the effects of, say, opium to the chemicals acting on the brain.

    The writers of the article that I linked to (and which I sincerely hope that you read) are simply stating that pollution is causing an alteration of the natural brain activity of humans (and other animals, whom lest we forget are not tainted with original sin) that results in unnatural behavior. If the effects of alcohol or cocaine on the brain causes a person to go out and do things that he would never dream of ordinarily doing, then what prevents a brain or hormonal system damaged by pesticides and chemical byproducts from doing the same? It is the same as claiming that if a person snorts cocaine he is sinning, but if he puts the cocaine in a cake that he is baking and then eats the cake and feeds it to his toddler child, then he is fine … no harm will come of it either to him or the child.

  3. theoldadam said

    Our Lord made 180 gallons of wine for a wedding party.

    Tell Him about your theory.

  4. What if it is not the chemicals in the dump but all the stuff. Could Homosexuallity also be linked to overstimulation or materialism? Is TV and k-12 schooling not similar to the overabundance of stuff in a garbage dump?

  5. Nathan said

    The “wine” that the Lord Jesus Christ made was not alcoholic! The New Testament is translated from Greek. Wine in Greek means anything that comes from grape whether ferment or not.

    One can derive what type of wine or drink the Bible is talking about from the context it is written in.

    The Bible says in Proverbs 23:31 “Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.” The translation is: Do not drink fermented wine (drink)! Drink means any liquid in Aramaic which is what the Old Testament is mostly originally written in.

    The Bible also says in Habakkuk 2:15 “Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!” The translation is: Anyone that gives someone else any fermented drink is cursed. This is because only a fermented drink or wine can cause a person to become drunken. Noah drank fermented wine and that is why he became naked. Drinking alcoholic drinks of any sort cause a person body and spirit to be impaired for a while.

    God would certainly not curse himself!

    The English have many words for wine (beer, alcohol, red wine, etc.) when the Greeks have one word for wine but the Greeks have three words for love (agape, eros and philos) when the English have only one word for love.

    Do you get it Theoldadam?

    I’m glad you did!

  6. theoldadam said

    “The “wine” that the Lord Jesus Christ made was not alcoholic!”

    Where in the bible does it say that?

    Are you kidding me? They partied for a week during a Jewish weddding!

    Did the Pharisees and Saducees call Him a drunkyard and a glutton because He did not enjoy the parties with them?



    Of course He mad wine, and drank wine…so what?

    If you want to bea a tea tottler, that’s fine. Why in Heavens names don’t you have to force your wacky, unbiblical views on the rest of us?


  7. I wonder if the wording “New” and “Best” and the reality of the wine being “New” give us more clarification on whether the wine was fermented?

  8. Job said


    Yes, Jesus Christ drank wine. Drinking wine is not a sin. Drinking wine in excess, getting drunk, was the sin. My goodness, you know perfectly well that the Bible declares wine to be a mocker. Do you know what the Bible also says? That wine is not good for people in responsibility. Instead, it should be given to the poor so that the poor man can drink and forget his poverty.

    Look, you know perfectly well that chemicals alter the mind, which causes changes in judgment and behavior, and the Bible says so. Remember Noah’s getting drunk. So why are we even disputing about this?

  9. theoldadam said


    You need to quit worrying about other people and worry about yourself and the sins that you are doing.

    That would be much more product worrying.

  10. “If you want to bea a tea tottler, that’s fine.”

    I think it is more a matter of if one wants to be obedient and if pleasing the Lord is a priority out of a regenerated heart. What does “getting real” have to do with a Christian walk?

  11. theoldadam said

    You can drink wine and be obedient.

    When I say “get real”, I mean stop being so cotton picking ‘religious’.

    None of us can handle out own lives (sin wise) without worrying about someones else’s sin.

    There is nothing wrong with alcohol (God did make it…I don’t care what you say…you are wrong)

    We are not to be drunk.

    We can abuse (and often do) all the gifts that God has given us that is why He died on the cross and forgave (forgives) us.

    Remember…the ones that Jesus had the most trouble with when He was here walking the earth, were the good religious people.

    He had a special soft spot for ‘the real sinner’. Those scumbags like the publican, who knew their real need of forgiveness.

    Thanks Kyrie!

  12. “There is nothing wrong with alcohol” Fermentation is a corruption. God doesn’t make things corrupt.

    “We can abuse (and often do) all the gifts that God has given us that is why He died on the cross and forgave (forgives) us.”

    What about all the victims, disfigured people and dead bodies one leaves in their wake exersizing said rights to forgiveness?

  13. theoldadam said

    What about all the victims, disfigured people and dead bodies one leaves in their wake exersizing said rights to forgiveness?

    What about it?

    You too, will be one of thoses bodies. And me too,

    The wages of sin is death. We are all sinners.

    Sin isn’t something we step in and out of like so mush dog stuff.

    Sin IS OUR CONDITION. IT IS A PART OF US. Not just the alcoholic or drug addict or rapist or thief. Sinners are people like you and me who do not love our God and our neighbors as ourselves.

    I am no advocate for drunkeness. But millions of Christians enjoy of a glass of wine or beer now and then. Millions of Christians partake of wine in the Lord’s supper. It’s OK.

    Penicillin is fermented. Is that bad? How many millions of lives have been saved by that fermentation process,

    Really…I think there are bigger fish to fry.

    Give people the gospel. The Lord will work on them. He will heal them of their sins.

  14. theoldadam said

    We do abuse the gifts that God has given us (we sin).

    Food is a perfect example.

    I know many Christians that eat too much (I’m one of them).

    That’s called gluttony, and is just as serious as drunkeness.

    How often do we rail against gluttony in this society? Do we approach our brothers and sisters in Chrisy who happen to be overweight and rip into them for eating too much?

    Almost never, I would say. And for good reason. Each of us knows our sins and the Lord works what repentance He works in us.

    I’ve got ’em…and I know you’ve got ’em too.

    He died for those sins. We ought do our best to not sin…but our sin is covered by the blood of the lamb.

    That’s the Good News!!!

  15. Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, he came to make dead people live. God cannot look upon sin. Whenever one sins, they are separated from God.

    You are right that there are bigger fish to fry. I am not concerned with alcohol as much as a noted protection of the right to consume it. I am concerned for the shame, guilt, or imprisonment one will bare if they fall while drinking a little too much and concerned for the person that will be harmed in any accident, adultry, or other violence that might occur because of it’s consumption.

    I have a friend who was driving a boat while drinking and a wave knocked the boat into a little girl and mangled her. He was not drunk, the little girl lived, but my friend still bares the shame of going to prison because he had alcohol in his system when the accident occured. The consequences can still happen even if a small amount is consumed.

    You are right that God doesn’t look to see who is good or bad in relationship to the law, but he does look to see who will recognize His image in a person of God.

    The free person is not the one who insists on their right to do whatever they want. The truely free one is the one who can say no thanks and walk away with no negative feelings. The addictive agents in an addictive substance, over time, can make walking away from it difficult. I have lost three friends to alcohol addiction.

    In that Adam named the animals and plants, this shows we were given dominion over all the plants and animals. In the fall, everything was corrupted. Substance addiction is actually the dominion of a plant over a person.

  16. Any time one sins, because you are separating yourself from God’s protection, even in the smallest thing, it is like giving a blank check to Satan and telling him to do whatever he wants with your life.

  17. theoldadam said

    “Any time one sins, because you are separating yourself from God’s protection, even in the smallest thing, it is like giving a blank check to Satan and telling him to do whatever he wants with your life.”


    I think we ought keep track of our own checkbooks…and not others.

    We have plenty to do keeping ourselves straight.

  18. “I think we ought keep track of our own checkbooks…and not others.”

    I agree we must keep the log/speck thing in mind but:
    Luke 17:3 “So watch yourselves! “If a believer sins, correct him. If he changes the way he thinks and acts, forgive him.”

    Not everyone hates reproof:
    Proverbs 9:8 “Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you, Reprove a wise man and he will love you.”

    In Genesis, God warns Cain that if he worship his own way and not God’s way by avoiding sin (missing the mark), the consequenses are severe:
    Genesis 4:7 “If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

    There is also the sin of omission; not stopping a sin from occuring, one could find one’s self guilty if they don’t speak up.

    I got in a lot of trouble in my life because no one bothered to tell me what I needed to know. I had heard about minding one’s own checkbook but I never knew there were so many out there who really thought the rules in the Bible were bad. I always thought the Bible’s suggestions were good, some a little odd but there most likely for a reason, like the shellfish stuff. I thought anyone who thought otherwise would be rare and were either behind bars or hadn’t gotten caught yet. I never considered an intelligent person would purposely act badly without the fear of going to jail or without even getting scolded. Had I been warned, I would have learned the entire councel of scripture much sooner.

  19. theoldadam said

    I understand getting into trouble. Even when warned we still do bad things.

    You and I know God’s law…and yet we still choose to sin.

    St. Paul tells us that when the law came in, sin increased.

    Letting people know about the dangers of drinking and drugs and sex and…whatever…is fine, and we ought do it.

    But thinking that we can go around and clean up the world of CERTAIN SINS is a pipe dream, and it says that we fully do not understand the depth of sin.

    At our church, the pastor uses God’s law in each and every sermon…to convict and kill us off to the god project. Wherein we will think that our performance or behavior is worth something in the eyes of God. It is not. It is filty rags. But after that law has killed us off…then the gospel is announced and we are raised with Him…again.

    Jesus Christ will change lives…the law…will only convict and kill (theologically).

    So, we do our best…we mess up…He forgives us.

    repentance and forgiveness…the life of the Christian…over and over, and over again.

  20. It all comes down to the heart, doesn’t it. What do we love more; Jesus or our sin.

  21. theoldadam said

    “It all comes down to the heart, doesn’t it. What do we love more; Jesus or our sin.”

    Remind yourself of that the next time you find yourself not giving enough to the poor, visiting the prisoners in prison, not doing all the things that you know you ought be doing as a Christian.

    And then remind yourself that Jesus loves sinners.

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