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Tim Conway: Do You Watch The Things That God Hates?

Posted by Job on February 16, 2009

Tim Conway – Do You Watch Things That God Hates?

This reminds me of the movie “The Time Changer“, which came to the same conclusion that Tim Conway does, particularly the scene where the main character attends a movie with a group from an evangelical church!


15 Responses to “Tim Conway: Do You Watch The Things That God Hates?”

  1. Remnant said

    Wow, i guess i wont be going to see Defiance. It’s the new anti-Hitler movie, in case you dont know, and it did look like a very interesting flick. But now that i know it has sex scenes and swearing…Pastor Tim changed my mind. He backed up what he said with scripture. It’s really sad that there is nothing good out there any more. I once rented a PG-13 movie starring Kate Hudson and there was a female nude scene in it! This is a movie that little kids can see! PG-13 used to be a rating that did not allow nudity! I never saw that coming. Soon i suppose it won’t even be safe to rent PG movies. Maybe it isnt now.

  2. Job said


    Check out the movie “The Time Changer” and it will really challenge a lot of the movie and TV viewing decisions that Christians make.

  3. Job said


    Also, I wonder about all of these Nazi movies that they are coming out with these days. I keep thinking that soon, these same people are going to start depicting us Bible believing Christians as the Nazis.

  4. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ Who are the nameless “they”… And “these same people” ? What do these people have in common ? Is there any relationship between “these same people” and those who own and run all the T.V. stations and newspapers ? ~~~ ~~~ On a side note… when you were a child did you read – as part of your scholastic curriculum – ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ ? … And if you did, how do you feel about it now ? ~~~ ~~~ I would also like to ask the same of everyone… (with Job’s blessing). Thanks.

  5. Job said

    The Prodigal Son:

    I am not a Zionist, but I am also not an anti – Semite or a Holocaust denier.

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  7. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ Glad to hear you’re not a Zionist… Zionist Christians are NOT real Christians, otherwise they would not encourage the murder of innocents as they do… ~~~ ~~~ Your responses, however do not address the specific questions I asked of you… Also – do you mean the 6 million Jews killed in WWI… or the 6 million Jews killed in WWII ? Because you know – there were TWO holocausts…

  8. Job said

    The Prodigal Son:

    The only World War I holocaust that I am aware of was that of Armenian Christians killed by Muslim Turks, although I take the position that the ethnic cleansing actually began 30 years prior and only intensified in 1915. I am unaware of anything approaching the killing of 6 million Jews happening at any other time in history. The closest thing to it might have been what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans.

    ~~~ Who are the nameless “they”… And “these same people” ? What do these people have in common ? Is there any relationship between “these same people” and those who own and run all the T.V. stations and newspapers ? ~~~ ~~~ On a side note… when you were a child did you read – as part of your scholastic curriculum – ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ ? … And if you did, how do you feel about it now ? ~~~ ~~~ I would also like to ask the same of everyone… (with Job’s blessing). Thanks.

    I do concede that Jews have disproportionate influence in the entertainment and news media. However, I find the atheist/humanist/liberal influence to be much more of an issue than the Jewish influence, because virtually none of the Jewish media giants are religious Jews … they are mostly secular/humanist/liberal Jews. Get this: if they were religious Jews, the anti – Christian bias in Hollywood and the media would be FAR STRONGER than it is now. Secular Jews are really not motivated to oppose Christianity. If they do, it is for ideological and political reasons, not religious ones. Religious Jews are a completely different story. If religious Jews were as heavily represented in Hollywood and the news media as secular Jews were, there would be a “Jesus never existed, and even if he did he was not the Messiah and he certainly never rose from the dead or was the son of God” movie released every other week that would make “The Da Vinci Code” look like an elementary school Christmas pageant, and there would be news specials attacking Christian doctrines, church history, and making the whole lot of us look like a bunch of bloodthirsty pagan killers on practically every other evening.

    So, the problem with the media, Hollywood, academia, the educational system etc. is not the Jewish influence. It is the liberal influence, which only includes liberal Jews. Incidentally, it includes the influence of a lot of liberal so – called Christians too.

    And no, I never read the Diary of Anne Frank in school or anywhere else, a fact for which I am very glad. Never saw Schindler’s List either, and do not intend to. Basically, I will not bother with anything that has to do with the Holocaust that does not accurately depict the ideology of the Nazi regime, which was 1) occultism, 2) paganism, 3) Darwinism and 4) statism. Until that happens, I honestly reject the idea that the folks who keep cranking out these Holocaust movies are motivated by a desire to understand it and prevent it from happening again. Instead, I just keep thinking that it is an attempt to brainwash people into demonizing anyone who does not share liberal/Hollywood/elitist values. “If you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, then you’re an anti – Semite fundamentalist religious extremist bigot, which makes you a fascist, which makes you a Nazi.” Stuff like that. And I am particularly concerned that because of dispensationalism, tons of Christians are getting sucked right along into it. The Holocaust was a great evil, but if we are not going to actually make known what really motivated the Nazis, if we are going to sit around and pretend that Nazi officers didn’t use Darwin’s “On the origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life” as part of their defense in the Nuremburg trials, or if they never talk about how Hitler was doing occult rituals to help him gain power, then what is the agenda behind putting out all these films anyway?

    Now the History Channel, to their credit, did make a 50 minute documentary about Hitler and his occult practices. But that is about it.

  9. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ Thank you for your honest answer… One thing I don’t understand though… first you said, “I am not… a holocaust denier…”… Then after that you said, “I am unaware of anything approaching the killing of 6 million Jews happening at any time during history.”… Devon can verify for you that what you have said is a serious crime in Canada & Europe. ~~~ ~~~ Have you not heard man : that evil German Nazis murdered in cold blood (for NO reason) 6 million Jews in homicidal gas chambers in WWII ? There were also 6 million Jews killed in WWI ! Amazingly, BOTH holocausts had the same # of victims… and both times Jews were turned into soap & lampshades ! ~~~ ~~~ Now please don’t take me wrong Job.. I am just trying to relate to you the reality of a DEFINITIVE anti-Christ agenda that has always existed. Once they have torn down Christianity, we will be force-fed Judaism via the Seven Noahide Laws (which ARE law in the U.S.) Christianity will be deemed idolatry with the punishment being decapitation !

  10. Job said

    The Prodigal Son:

    I was typing too fast. I meant to write: “I am unaware of anything approaching the killing of 6 million Jews happening at any other time in history.” You might call it a Freudian slip, however. But I regard Freud as a demonized individual whose lies have long been disproven by legitimate science, so oh well.

    Incidentally, I wrote a lot about that “Noahide laws” thing last year. The Noahide stuff is a very seductive deception that is deceiving a lot of people, but I do not believe that it will be the religion of the anti – Christ and the false prophet, because I cannot fathom it being universally adopted. Noahidism is a monotheistic system that requires belief in and servitude to a sovereign transcedent God. If people want that, they can have it in Islam, and Noahidism is no more tolerant of sin and no less demanding than is Islam or Judaism.

    Methinks that the universal religion is going to be something that allows man to worship himself. That is why the number of the beast is the number of a man.

  11. The Prodigal Son said

    … You cannot fathom Noahidism being universally adopted ? When the time comes, you wont have a choice ! Either you will abide by the seven laws (as defined by the Sanhedrin – which, by the way is once again up & running in Israel ! If you recall… the Sanhedrin was the Jewish high court which had our Lord crucified…), or you will not ‘have a place in the world to come’… In other words – you will die ! ~~~ ~~~ They aren’t talking about the hereafter… to Jews, ‘the world to come’ refers to this world once they attain complete control. They believe that all of worldwide Jewry collectively constitutes ‘the messiah’. In this way, worldwide Jewry are actually collectively the anti-Christ… the mark of the beast is their mark. The mark is of a man (Solomon… who also has a connection to the number six hundred, threescore and six.) ~~~ Can you tell me from where (you think) the Seven Noahide Laws originate ? Thanks.

  12. Job said

    The Prodigal Son:

    My interpretation of the Bible (which is generally literary – historical) does not support your beliefs. Romans states that God has not cast off His people, but that the Jews are merely spiritually blinded for a time, until the fulness of the Gentiles comes in. When the predestined number of Gentiles becomes born – again Christians, then Jesus Christ will return, and the Jews will recognize and accept the One that they rejected as the Messiah.

    “They believe that all of worldwide Jewry collectively constitutes ‘the messiah’.” Mainstream Orthodox Judaism does not believe this. Neither does the haredim, haredi Orthodox Judaism. Nor does Hasidic Judaism. Neither does Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism. They are all waiting on a person, a human messiah. As a matter of fact, the Lubavitchers believe that their messiah has already come, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. This Schneerson has already died – in 1994 – and they are waiting on him to resurrect from the dead. (It may be that the Jews may mistake the anti-Christ as the Messiah. I doubt it, but even if they do, so will everyone else.)

    Incidentally, I should point out that I learned a bit about the Jewish religion from reading the Jerusalem Post,, and in particular the Orthodox Jewish weblogs and sites that connect to it. (I have no interest in Conservative or Reform Judaism, even if it is the agenda of the Jerusalem Post to force Orthodox Judaism and the state of Israel to recognize Conservative Judaism … I will say that if the new Israeli government is a Likud – Kadima – Beitenu alliance, Israel may well recognize Conservative Judaism, which would force most – but not all! -Orthodox Jewish leaders to do so in turn.)

    Look, not all Jews are even Zionist! Haredi Jews oppose Zionism. They regard the Israeli state as illegitimate theologically, and state that true Israel will not be reformed until the messiah comes, gathers the Jewish people to Israel, and rules it from the throne of David. So … this “They believe that all of worldwide Jewry collectively constitutes ‘the messiah’” … you had better tell that to the Haredi Jews that actually join protests with Islamists and call for the destruction of the state of Israel, including the Jewish fellows that actually attended Iran’s Holocaust denier conference. The leader of the Beitenu Israel Party, the one that finished third in their recent elections, is demanding a loyalty test, swearing allegiance to Zionism and the state of Israel, as a condition of citizenship. Now of course, Beitenu obviously is aiming this at Arabs, trying to deport Arabs and Muslims from Israel as they possibly can, and those who refuse to leave strip them of their citizenship and voting rights. But a Jerusalem Post oped stated that were this law to pass, the haredi Jews would lose their citizenship and be forced to leave Israel!

    “In this way, worldwide Jewry are actually collectively the anti-Christ”

    The Bible makes it clear that the anti – Christ will be a literal human individual. Even amillennial sorts who wish to allegorically interpret the beast of Revelation have to contend with 2 Thessalonians 2:3, and also the fact that 1 and 2 John’s remarks on the topic were addressed to Christians that were on the lookout for a human individual, and were speculating that it might be the fellow who was Roman emperor at the time.

    Everyone who rejects Christ is an anti-Christ, and that certainly includes non – Messianic Jews. But THE anti-Christ will be a human, and so will be the false prophet.

  13. Juan Mejia said

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Letter about Religion to “Jesus Christology”

    About this Tim Conway…… He is a stupid and deceived Man!! God Hates Adultery, which is a great Sin, fornication, sexual perversions like homosexuality and Lesbianism!!!! God Loves sex!!!!! ANd He wants you to enjoy it with your wife!!!! in marriage!!!!! Sex is good when you do it with your wife!!!! pornography is a sin!!! fornication an adultery!!!! the act of Sex is sacred!!! and holy God made sex!!!! if you watch a movie and there is a sex scene, there’s nothing wrong with that!!!! if they’re not married in the movie or whatever that’s their problem!!!! Every Son and Daughter of God outthere. I challenge you!!!!! WE have been deceived by Satan….. do you know what’s Satan’s most powerful weapon against God’s People? Religion!!!! we live a religion in a religious system. we can be saved and God will always love his children and the world….The question a have for every pastor Man of God outthere is…. How does the world see you?? Let me answer that for you… they seee you as a religious man, a pharisee, that having died to sin stills struggles with it…… God does not want to be studied in theology!!!!! He wants to be believed and Trusted!!! if they world see us as a religion is because we are actiong like so!!!! WE love studying the bible!!! but at the same time we disobey God!!!!! The church should’t be in sin!!!! we sin because we like it!!!!!!! we are content with going to church, debating scripture…..!!!! the world, ladies and gentlemen!!!! is teaching the church how to live!!! while we teach it a stupid religion!!!! We must change!!!!! stop sinning!!!! if God says “be sinless and perfect” is because we can!!!!! Let me challenge you again!!!! is there light and salt in you??? can the world see it and taste it???? believe it or not, it is the world that measures our progress!!! we are a shame to the world!!! not the church!! oh we love each other while we do our religion!!! if we don’t shine in the world and flavor the earth and preserve it, if the world can’t see it in us is because we don’t have it!!!!!! do you know what we have????? religion!!!! Jesus died so that we may have and abundant life!!!! live like a winner inspite of everything while you bring people to Him as they see the light of Christ in you. I could go on, and on…. but I have to stop.. I;m not trying to discourage anyone, but the truth is, and let me make it as simple as posible, so that I can prove to you the fact that we do religion. WE say we love God right? but we disobey Him, that means according to scripture that we are in Sin! for we can’t say we love God and be in sin!!! if we say we love God and are in sin or love sin, we are living a lie we are liars!!!! and that, is sin???? don’t you see it???? I love God and The church. but Sadly the church that goes here and there is a church still in chains!! that’s we struggle so much to bring people to Christ, because they don’t see Him in us, they see a religion! and that is Sin sin!!! We, unfortunately, are making the same stupid mistakes the people of israel made. think About it. I love you all And hope to hear from you.

  14. The Prodigal Son said

    Job… ~~~ Yes, of course THE anti-Christ will be a man… however the spirit of the anti-Christ has been in the world for a long while ! Within the Church resides the Holy Spirit… anti-Christ too has a body here on earth. From this body THE anti-Christ will rise… and he must be of the seed of David, otherwise Jews will not accept him as their false messiah. ~~~ ~~~ Re : whether God has cast away His people… Scripture makes it plain… ‘Certainly not !’. If that were so, then none would have been saved. But Paul himself offers Jews an example of himself to follow… and verse 5 in Romans 11 tells of a remnant who were saved – AT THAT PRESENT TIME… according to the election of GRACE ! Many use this remnant to refer to a group of Jews at some future date, but Paul is clear : The MYSTERY which explains the unbelief of so many Jews is that the Gentiles were being united to the remnant of Jews who remained faithful to God…

  15. The Prodigal Son said

    (cont.)… Therefore the body of believers together – Jew and Gentile form the TRUE Israel ! In Galatians 6:15, 16, Paul calls those “in Christ Jesus” the “Israel of God”, which is of course the TRUE Church. This true Israel is not based on biological ancestry but in faithfulness to God’s Deliverer (Romans 11:26, 27), The Messiah, Jesus Christ. In this understanding, all Israel will be saved. ~~~ ~~~ God’s grace saves the willing… The Jews were not willing, for they were seeking (Romans 11:7) righteousness on their own terms through works of the law and NOT through faith in the Christ. God has given them a spirit of stupor (Romans 11:8), as a RESULT of their refusal to believe… not as the cause of it. ~~~ ~~~ “… Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either” – (Romans 11:20, 21)

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