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Will Obama Support The United States of Africa?

Posted by Job on February 2, 2009

DAKAR, Senegal — President Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya was named chairman of the African Union on Monday, wresting control of a body he helped found and has long wanted to remake in his pan-African image. His installation as the new head of the 53-member body resembled more of a coronation than a democratic transfer of power. Colonel Qaddafi was dressed in flowing gold robes and surrounded by traditional African leaders who hailed him as the “king of kings.” Colonel Qaddafi is an ardent supporter of a long-held dream of transforming Africa, a collection of post-colonial fragments divided by borders that were drawn arbitrarily by Western powers, into a vast, unified state that could play a powerful role in global affairs. He has repeatedly proposed immediate unity and the establishment of a single currency, army and passport for the entire continent. He pledged Monday to bring up the issue for a vote at the African Union’s next summit meeting, in July.

Qaddafi, as New African Union Head, Will Seek Single State 


19 Responses to “Will Obama Support The United States of Africa?”

  1. Devon said

    No I don’t think Obama would…or he would be foolish to do so…Indeed, most Africans and their leaders will not support this idea with a lunatic like khaddifi at the head of it….Also consider the Arab/African fault line…..

  2. Job said


    Remember, the Bush administration declared Qadaffi and his regime to have changed, rehabilitated, and now our ally several years ago!

    As far as the African (black) versus Arab fault line … I am believing that such is exactly what Barack HUSSEIN Obama was installed into office by the new world order to bridge. After all, who did Obama give his first interview to after taking office? Al – Arabiya!

  3. Devon said

    Well if the African peoples have any say in this issue, and that being a big if, I cannot see them being ok with someone like Khaddifi…of course I cannnot speak for the sub saharan African leaders how they would view this…but considering the history and the way Arab Muslims have treated Africans, surely they would object to any kind of union with such people…..

    Should be interesting area of the world to follow though…

  4. We elected a person with minimal experience, platitudes and a wonderboy smile. We really don’t know what he would do from his experience about this issue.
    I can only hope Libya doesn’t control Africa. They adore Obama and many people will be persuaded towards socialism with every one his latest speeches.

  5. John Kaniecki said


    Can anybody say Kingdom of the South?

    Daniel 11.



  6. Blakevangelical said:

    They adore Obama and many people will be persuaded towards socialism with every one his latest speeches.

    The most recent bail out is an introduction to socialism. The government is moving to control private business. Mr. Obama had a plan and he’s working it. So many Christians can’t see it because they been decieved. I heard several people say he is the black messiah.

    1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

  7. Have Christians adopted socialism now or do they refuse to acknowledge the socialistic rhetoric. What he says is crystal clear socialism yet there are so many who deny it. They won’t be honest about the man they helped to elect.
    The bailout scam bill from last year put us on the fast track to socialism. This last bill is just another rocket booster towards communism.

  8. John Kaniecki said


    Hope you are well.

    Could you give me some Biblical scriptures why you oppose socialism?



  9. John Kaniecki said


    Furthermore the ideas behind the New World Order are not socialist. In fact it is just the opposite. The elite would like to dominate and control every aspect of our lives. This includes religous, political, economical, philosophical, social. Thus the ecumenical movement. Many are afraid to stand up for the scripture.

    Regarding socialism not all who adhere to this political persuasion support abortion or gay marriage. These two aspects are not integral for socialism.



  10. John K.
    I can’t believe what you are writing now about socialism. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention enough on this site to sort through it all. I won’t ever support support socialism. I will support charity from the hearts of individuals. The welfare state makes it easy for a woman to get fertilized twice and now with 14 kids. The welfare state diminishes the role of men and fathers to the point where they are not needed. They may as well be dead or in prison. It is grossly unfair for those of us who pull the wagon to peek inside and watch able bodied people do nothing for themselves but collect a check. Haven’t you seen the expensive cars and clothes on welfare recipients. In the poorest neighborhoods they still manage to have a better car, better computers, and satellite television.
    What biblical evidence can we say opposes socialism? Hasn’t the fool said in his heart “there is no God? Marx was the guy who says that religion is opiate for the masses. Don’t socialist countries oppose God while our country seems on the same route. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!! What about the crackdown on religious freedom in China where so many churches have to stay underground.
    Why were the tax collectors of the bible hated as vile, corrupt sinners? They took other people’s hard earned money for their own gain. Look at the examples of people in high office who would lay heavy taxes on YOU but won’t pay their own taxes or employee’s medical benefits. They want other people to get soaked with the bill but keep themselves fat and rich. They are hypocrites.
    If a man doesn’t work isn’t he worse than the infidel? If he doesn’t work then he shouldn’t eat.
    I am not entirely heartless. The elderly or physically unable folks should be helped but those who sit at home with Doritos watching Joe Brown should be evicted to sleep under a bridge. I have no respect for them.

  11. Diane said

    With wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Im sure Obama would stay away from such ideas coming from Qaddafi.

  12. Devon said

    John is right about one thing …I had Socialist Farmer relatives that were strong Christians here in Western Canada….they seemed to think that Socialism as an economic idea was Biblically based and was good for the here and now….and yes, whilst they were for the economic principles of socialism, when it came to social issues, they were staunchly conservative…ie Against the Radical feminist movement, Abortion, Homosexual agenda etc etc…

    Granted that was the socialists of 40 years ago in Western Canada…they no longer exist…the Far Left here in Canada, like in America, is completely run over by Anti Christ people…

    Truly socialism is a appalling way to run an economy but I do understand why some Christians get enamored by it…at least early on…I don’t know how many times something has to be tried before people realize that it is bankrupt..

    If Obama is taking America down a socialist path, then you guys and the whole world is going to be in a horrific state…

    If only we could find leaders out there that are actually fiscal conservatives who would run our economies wisely…alas, they do not exist…spend spend spend…Bush spent like a drunken sailer and Obama will easily out do him…..yikes…

    Batten down the hatches brethren….it looks like some of those seals of Revelation may start being opened…



  13. Diane said

    Devon, I truly hope your relatives weren’t against women having the right to own property, equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, and pushing for legislation against domestic violence. A lot of Christian women were harshly persecuted just for bringing an awareness and change to the perception of women being looked at as property instead of the being viewed as they should, as being in the image of God.

    There are women groups that are anti-God, anti-marriage, anti-family and pro-abortion, and unfortunately, Christian women who love the Lord get lumped into the same group, even though there are vast differences in the beliefs of these two groups.

    Anyway back to socialism, Obama and Africa…..

  14. John Kaniecki said


    Hope you are well.

    I agree with you totaly about the welfare state. It is an evil. But ask yourself this question. Why haven’t the republicans and democrats ended it?

    What would socialism bring? Health care for all, paid college and trade school, higher wages for the lower incomes, work projects like initiated by FDR. Building roads, parks, utilites, dams and so forth. It worked well before it will work again. Where will we get the money? From the milatary. The USA spends more money on the milatary than all the other nations of the world combined.

    Look at the unjust treatment. Poor people using drugs get raided by swat teams and thrown in jail. Middle class go to rehab. Rich people go to a tropical islands for rehab. I know for certain on Wall Street illegal drug use is common. But the police will never raid them.

    I drive in my surrounding communities. I see mansions in Glenridge and beat up buildings in Irvington. What an injustice! In Glenridge you get the finest schools, nannies to watch you, private tutors, no worries of paying for college. In Irvington you got gangs, guns, drugs and substandard facilities and little resources.

    Now understand this the root cause of these situations can be traced back to grave injustices. First of all this land belongs to the indians. No matter what you say it was stolen from them and it is their rightful possession. The poor African Americans are badly effected from slavery. Around the world you can trace many evils in society from the effects of impearialistic Europeans. Socialism would be a step in the direction of resolving those evils. Today these third world countries are still economically dominated by the west.

    Marxism you are right is not a an ideal pattern to build on and I must reject him and Lenin as well as Stalin, Mao and Trotsky among others. But the basic concept is not a bad one. That is a community sharing their resources and caring for each other.

    Capitalism is infected by evil because it is a system based primarily on making money. Thus money has become many people’s god. The Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. That is gospel. How many times have cruel things been done and they were legitamized by “the bottom line” or “it’s only business.”

    Socialism in America now would be a very good idea. I am not a socialist myself I view every situation as a unique. Different circumstances dictate different responses. God ruled through Moses and through Kings while in the book of Judges his people did whatever they wanted.

    Socialism now would avert a lot of hardship and pain. It would produce a safety net to protect the unfortunate, would force the idle to get to work, and would rebuild the country.

    I assure you the New World Order is not socialism. It is all about elevating the elite to the level of God. They want to control every aspect of your life. That is why people with diverse backgrounds are uniting. To consolidate their power.

    By the way I believe the scripture says anybody who doesn’t take care of their family is worse than an infidel.



  15. Diane said

    The leaders in that region having concerns and “wanting to take it slow” is an understatement. This is pretty scary stuff for the citizens of these countries and I cant see anything beneficial coming from a United States of Africa..

  16. Devon said

    No Diane..ha ha…they didn’t go that far…I was referring to the Betty Freidan, Bella Abzug nutty men hating Feminists types.NOW..ha ha ….all those issues you refer to were done and settled a long time after I am referring to…the late 50’s up here…..

    Up here in Canada, we do have a group called Real Women that is a Godly group that focuses on true rights for women and that is against Abortion and the Gay Agenda and the Men hating feminist types…

    Take care


  17. Diane said

    Actually, both the Men hating and Women hating groups gives me the weebie geebies…. Thanks Dev

  18. Devon said

    Are there actual groups out there that are formed by Men that hate women?

    I havn’t heard of any organized groups of males that promote such things……certainly I know of individual men that hate women and it is indeed sad but I do not know of any groups that do so….

    Of course you could take Islam as a whole group that certainly is pretty hostile to women…..

    Take care


  19. Diane said

    I agree, there isnt an organized group of men, that I know of, that focuses on the hatred of women, but NOW wouldnt claim ‘hating men’ is their focus either, even though their attitudes at times from some of them are clearly hatred and distrust of men. It’s a self defeating attitude.

    However, the hatred and distrust of women can also be found in all religious groups and among atheist. It’s pretty much like what you said, it’s in the hearts of the individuals…

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