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Covenant Theology in Reformed Eschatology

Posted by Job on January 25, 2009

Recommended by PJ Miller.

The Significance of Covenant Theology in Reformed Eschatology


8 Responses to “Covenant Theology in Reformed Eschatology”

  1. Devon said

    You know, I have a Dear Brother in the Lord that is a Staunch Reformer and is very excited about this Covenantel Theology…He tried sharing it with me on a couple of occasions as to what it is exactly and I must say I still do not understand…Hmmmmm…

    Anyways, all I know is that some great Saints past and present held strongly to Covenant theology so there must be something to it…Lord know’s it went right over my head though…..


  2. Job said

    A Link To A Book On Early Christian Doctrines

  3. dvopilgrim said

    Devon, thanks for your curiousity. I have a section of a Website devoted to Covenant Theology articles:


  4. dvopilgrim said

    Devon, thanks for your curiosity. I have a section of a Website devoted to Covenant Theology articles:


  5. Job said


    I saw this article abstract by Kim Riddlebarger:

    A Present or Future Millennium? by Kim Riddlebarger Oct 31, 2003
    Many are quite surprised when they discover that all of the Protestant Reformers are amillennial, that understanding of eschatology which sees the millennium as the present course of history between the First and Second Advents of our Lord.

    Though I adhere to the doctrines of grace, concerning eschatology I am less interested in the opinion of the Reformers than I am the doctrines of first and second generation Christians who received the faith while it was still basically Jewish and before it merged with Hellenism.

  6. dvopilgrim said

    Job, why are you more interested in Christianity when it was still “Jewish”? Also, do you think that our Christianity today is Hellenistic?

    • Job said


      “Job, why are you more interested in Christianity when it was still “Jewish”?”

      Because that was the original New Testament faith.

      “Also, do you think that our Christianity today is Hellenistic?”

      Well, since I take the position that Catholicism and those things very close to it are not Christianity, then my answer would have to be no. However, some doctrines do appear to be the product of western reinterpretations and inventions. Paedobaptism would be one of those, as well was the concept of the church – state (or today’s equivalent the “Christian culture” … anything that keeps the idea of the ekklesiola within the ekklesia going). Another was the commonly held (until the time of William Carey) view that the great commission was only meant for the apostolic era and was fulfilled in their time.

  7. The Prodigal Son said

    you seem to be stuck on the notion that Christianity was ‘Jewish’ in the beginning… ridiculous ! From some of your other posts here (Jews against Jesus, etc.), it is obvious that you are aware of the (premeditated) movement of Jews attempting to ‘reclaim’ Christianity as ‘Jewish’… you yourself have proven that you can’t believe a word these Jews say about Christianity… so therefore why do you choose to reject SOME Jewish propaganda, but then ACCEPT other propaganda which OBVIOUSLY comes from the same source ? You must discard ALL of the Pharisaic LIES !
    Look Job… from the very beginning, Jesus preached to Jew AND Gentile ! You know that… don’t you ? With the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the world… the only begotten SON OF GOD (NOT a Jew !), the distinction between Jew and Gentile has been overcome !! Now, all those who truly follow Him… Jesus the Christ, have become the chosen people of God.
    Christianity, from the beginning was about tearing down the wall between Jew and Gentile… ordained by God Himself !… Will you now help these ‘Jews’ in trying to rebuild that wall ?!?

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