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Gospel Music? Yes? No?

Posted by Job on January 21, 2009

I say yes.


15 Responses to “Gospel Music? Yes? No?”

  1. Devon said you need to even ask on this one Job?? Absolutely Gospel music…a beautiful old hymn by one the great Gospel Singers in history…Oh yeah.. this is great…and I have never heard this version by Mahalia…

  2. Hope said

    YES!!! Thank you for posting this recording, it is beautiful and powerful! What a beautiful, rich, soulful voice Mahalia was given. HALLEJUJAH!!!

  3. Arie said

    I didn’t know Michaels mother could sing so well.

  4. nan said

    Yes and that’s not funny Arie

  5. theoldadam said

    If that’s not gospel music then there is no gospel music.

  6. Job said

    The reason why I asked is because it was a commercial recording.

  7. Arie said

    Oke, it was a little fit bunny.

  8. Yeah, I have to agree. It’s not like this was Beyonce rocking Amazing Grace. This was the great Mahalia Jackson, the unadulterated queen of Gospel music!

    A resounding yes from HiScrivener.


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  10. Remnant said

    How does a God-fearing Christian woman raise up all her children for Hell then? It boggles the mind.

  11. Because theology is spiritual, all translation… DOXOLOGY is personal. And that is where the world of interpretation befuddles the mind.

    Case in point her, or that harlequin windbag, Shirley Caesar. Check “The Writing on the Wall” for her fine work.


  12. Job said


    Yeah, I forgot about how Destiny’s Child used to put a gospel track on every album, which they would never release as a single of course, and then go out and flaunt their bodies in videos. I still remember Beyonce’s claim that she refused to allow her character to be depicted having relations in that Austin Powers movie because of her Christian beliefs. Talk about selective theology … excellent points.

  13. Devon said

    Wow…I didn’t even know that Beyonce claimed to be a Christian?? I mean, its not like you could ever tell with her videos and stage show??

    You know, I get the strong feeling that a lot of these entertainers think they can just do whatever they want but as long as they acknowledge ‘god’ every now and then in their speeches and interviews, that that makes it all ok…

    Mayby they think they can ride into heaven on their parents coat tails??

    I would hazard to guess that these people never crack open their Bible….

    Very sad…Whitney Houston, Kayne West and others..all doing the same thing..

    And am I ever disappointed in Shirley Ceasar….I have really enjoyed her Gospel music in the past…

  14. Job said


    “I didn’t even know that Beyonce claimed to be a Christian??”

    Oh yeah. As a matter of fact, in the song “Survivor”, they actually claimed to have endured pressure to compromise their Christian faith by the entertainment industry. And one of the members of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, actually released a Christian solo album. Despite its mediocrity, it received heavy airplay on Christian radio and Christian video shows. Seriously, there were plenty of better songs at the time out by actual Christian artists, but they gave all of that airplay to Michelle Williams solely because of her secular fame.

    “Maybe they think they can ride into heaven on their parents coat tails??”

    Beyonce’s father is her manager, and her mother selects her wardrobe.

    “And am I ever disappointed in Shirley Ceasar….I have really enjoyed her Gospel music in the past…”

    Well, I stopped supporting Shirley Caesar after she appeared in the T.D. Jakes stage show “Behind Closed Doors.” Endorsing the deception of a oneness heretic she was …

  15. The Prodigal Son said

    Beyonce has not done anything nude or lewd that I’m aware of… She’s singing and dancing ! That’s all… I think she is a beautiful person with a beautiful voice. ~~~ ~~~ Gospel music (yes !) is similarly beautiful… IF it is from the heart… Fakers/wannabe moneymakers are transparent (and numerous !)

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