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Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified?

Posted by Job on January 12, 2009

Many American Christians state that Israel’s devastating military tactics against the Palestinians in the Gaza campaign – and in general – are justified by terrorism. I wonder if people who make that case are aware of incidents of terrorism in our own history.

First examples: the Ku Klux Klan and related violence. Over a period of many decades, hundreds – possibly thousands – of blacks were lynched. Homes, businesses, and churches were bombed. Not only were there individual citizens targeted, but at times there were mass wholesale indiscriminate assaults on entire communities such as Rosewood, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 and 1923. Government officials not only did nothing to prevent this domestic terrorism whether in terms of law enforcement or prosecution, but in many cases were themselves complicit, down to local, state and federal law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and military officials not only being members of the KKK and other terror groups, but taking part in the very acts themselves, including the Oklahoma National Guard personally killing a still unknown amount of citizens in the attack on the Greenwood community in Tulsa.

The second example: the wave of urban criminal activity – including gang and drug violence but also including random, senseless brutal crimes – that gripped our nation from the late 1970s until the mid 1990s. Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Detroit and Washington D.C. were the flashpoints, but truthfully it was a nationwide problem, as evidenced by Albany, Georgia, not even large enough to qualify as an actual city, not only once being named murder capital of the country but remaining in the top 5 and top 10 on the dreadful list produced by the FBI’s crime statistics for several years. Whole communities and regions felt unsafe, families abandoned these communities seeking safety, and those lacking the means or mindset to do the same (often the elderly and single parent led households) saw a generation of children grow up in fear. Even though the level of direct government complicity in this was nowhere near as high as it was in the first example, they certainly were not blameless. There was a general refusal – even hostility to – enforcing the law in many of these communities and a rejection of notions of law and order by many members of the citizenry and the governments that they elected, which emboldened the criminals even more to commit crimes against innocent people and violently resist law enforcement.

Even though it was never called such, these and other incidents in our nation’s history were clearly incidents of terror, and they resulted in a great many more deaths than Hamas’ rockets into southern Israel. For instance, nearly 4000 people were murdered in one single year in New York City alone. Less than ten years later when New York officials finally began to try to enforce the law, that total dropped to less than 1,000.

So what if the response of the federal government in response to the Ku Klux Klan and other hate group terror, especially after incidents like Rosewood and Tulsa, been to conduct a bombing campaign in civilian areas, residential communities, targeting KKK members, their sympathizers, and families – including those that had committed no crimes – and in the process killing as many innocent civilians as their actual targets, if not more? What if the US government’s response to those criticizing the war on its own citizens as “where the Ku Klux Klan blows up churches and homes and kills innocent people by design, we target KKK members and kill innocents accidentally.”

What if the response to the criminal violence in our inner cities in the 1980s had been to use missiles and machine guns in the public housing projects and neighborhoods where the drug gangs lived and were known to congregate? Do not be naive, such gangs were organized criminal enterprises who killed many innocent people directly and many more indirectly.

In both cases, there would have been massive public outcry against the tactics. This nation would have never supported military action against the Ku Klux Klan and the drug gangs or any of the other groups of people that have spread large scale mayhem in our national history, and certainly not indiscriminate violence that could have had no consequence except kill large numbers of innocents.

Yet truthfully, that is very similar to what is going on in Israel right now. Israel, along with its allies and the media, have done a very good job at portraying themselves as being at war. It is not quite true. They cannot be at war with the Palestinians because the Palestinians are not a foreign state, or even a group operating out of a foreign state with that state’s unwillingness or inability to control them. Instead, the Palestinians are a group of people within Israel’s domain; under Israel’s military and ultimately political control (though Israel does not exert political control over these territories for domestic and international political reasons).

So Israel is not at war in Gaza the way that, say, the United States was at war with Germany and Japan, or even in our undeclared wars – and in my opinion illegal under our own Constitution – which are technically conflicts in Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, and both Iraq campaigns. It also does not even rise to being considered a civil war. (Even if it did, Israel would NEVER call it a civil war because of internal and international political considerations.) Instead, Israel is using military tactics against its own population, people that live within their own borders.

It is true, the Palestinians are not Israeli citizens, and do not wish to be. It is equally true, however, that Israel would not grant citizenship to the Palestinians anyway. Israel’s citizen population contains only 5.5 million Jews against 1.5 million Israeli Arabs. About 1.5 million Arabs live in Gaza, 2.3 million Arabs live in the West Bank. So add the nearly 4 million Palestinians to the 1.5 million Israeli Arabs, and the result would be a roughly equal proportion of Jews and Arabs – 5.5 million – with the Arab Muslim population growing far faster than the Jewish one. Israel would no longer be a Jewish state.

So rather than viewing Israel’s bombing and invading Gaza in the same terms as America going after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, it would truthfully be more analogous to our sending tanks and missiles into our Native American reservations in response to any violent nationalist movement on their part. (I will not say the same regarding a similarly violent movement, whether political or criminal, involving illegal immigrants holed up in a particular area, because like the Palestinians in Israel, the Native Americans were living on the very land that outsiders came to and declared to be a nation with them still on it. Of course, this is not to compare Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to America’s initial – and long running – treatment of its indigenous population.)

So what is it that allows Americans – particularly Christians – to accept tactics against Palestinians that we would have never accepted had they been used against the Ku Klux Klan or the Bloods and Crips? (I wonder who killed more innocent people: the KKK or Hamas? The Crips or the PLO?) Or more accurately, the communities of 99% innocent civilians that had nothing to do with the KKK or the street gangs but would still wind up bearing the brunt of the collateral damage that everyone knows is inevitable?

I will say this on behalf of the Israeli government, however: the behavior of the Palestinians make it difficult to defend this population. Compare the Palestinians with, say, the residents of our inner cities during the crime crisis. Of course, in these inner cities there were plenty of criminals. Even worse, there were a great many criminal sympathizers: politicians and activists who claimed that the criminals were acting out of economic privation and political marginalization, and that efforts to punish them and impose law and order were illegitimate and criminal in and of themselves. Many of them called the police officers an occupying army, or criminals themselves. And keep in mind: it was not marginal people who held these views, but rather the mayors of large cities, members of the US Congress, prominent members of academia, and not a few influential preachers. So you had not only criminals, but those who were pro – criminal, and the latter group was actually the most harmful.

However, this element was not  universal. There were scores in these communities who opposed crime and the leaders and sympathizers that enabled it. Such people petitioned the police, went to various political leaders, and took their case to the media. Some of them even took matters into their own hands by staging “clean up our streets” or “save our kids” marches and rallies, organizing neighborhood watches and cooperative ventures with the police, etc. In some cases this was dangerous work, because the criminal element that had an interest in these communities remaining lawless and feeling powerless at times targeted the leaders and participants of these anti – crime ventures for murderous violence, but they continued their work.

What difference did these people make? Regrettably very little, because it was a small amount of people with very little resources and know how against heavily organized and ruthless criminal networks, corrupt or incompetent government officials, and/or higher profile and better funded community leaders with different agendas. However, despite the failure of the citizens of these communities that worked to promote law abidedness to accomplish anything but prevent a few crimes and clean up a block or neighborhood here or there, the fact is that the very presence of such people let the government and its citizens know that the entire population of these inner cities were not opposed to law and order. Instead there were people, lots of them, who opposed not only the criminals and gangs, but the politicians and activists that were creating and defending the lawless environment that enabled them to thrive.

So I must ask: where are the counterparts of these people among the Palestinians? I remember this one particularly tragic case in Baltimore where this woman tried to stand up to the drug dealers on her block. The drug dealers responded by setting fire to her place of residence, killing her along with her entire family. Where are the people like this woman among the Palestinians?

Now keep in mind: these Palestinians in question need not necessarily support the Israeli state in order to take a stand like this. They merely need to A) oppose terrorism, especially terrorism done by people allegedly representing them and purporting to advance their interests and B) want to avoid the inevitable Israeli response to terrorism. There needs to be a visible movement of Palestinians willing to stand up and say that sending rockets – as well as suicide bombers and everything else – against Israel and claiming that it is done by their leaders with their support is wrong, morally and politically. At the very least, there needs to be Palestinians with the basic survival or self preservation impulse – as well as a desire to protect the lives of their women and children – to hold marches and demonstrations saying “we are not Hamas, we are not Hizbullah, we are not sending rockets into your country, don’t bomb us!” And yes, there should be an effort on behalf of these people to prevent being used as human shields. “Don’t fire rockets from our mosque. Don’t hide your fighters in my school where my kid attends. Don’t stash your weapons in the hospital where I plan to take my pregnant wife when she has our baby. Because when Israel counterattacks, I don’t want my family to die!”

Some people may claim that there are plenty of Palestinians who feel this way, but refuse to speak out for fear of Hamas and similar groups. First, the very fact that Hamas’ (and Hizbullah’s) alleged leadership is so vicious that its own people live in terror of it shows that people who apologize for Hamas, believe that Israel should give them credibility or status by acknowledging and negotiating with them, etc. are not being honest. How on earth could allowing the Palestinians to be ruled by such people be in the best interests of the Palestinians, and how could those who would murder their own people for the “crime” of not wanting to be collateral damage be trusted to not continue trying to destroy Israel?

Second: so what if Hamas will retaliate! Is being killed by Hamas any better than being killed by Israel? I understand the argument that death is more certain for the Palestinian that rejects Hamas. However, the counterargument must be considered: making their opposition to terror and the use of human shields known would force Israel to deal with that fact. Right now, Israel is able to treat all residents of Gaza as potential Hamas sympathizers because there is no hard evidence otherwise.

There are no TV pictures of Palestinians demonstrating in the streets “down with Hamas, we want peace!” or even of their attempting to drive terrorists using them as human shields (and by the way, the terrorists are often long gone, leaving the innocent victims behind, before Israel strikes back!) out of their homes and schools. Al Jazeera would be able to run stories ad infinitum “this man, who risked death trying to stop Hamas from firing rockets from his apartment building, is now dead and his family. They were killed not by Hamas, but by an Israeli air strike!” and Israel would have to deal with it. One of the ways to deal with it: do their best to protect Palestinian dissenters against terror and against Hamas, or at least against being used as human shields, which is enough to qualify you as “a moderate.”

But we don’t see any of that. Instead, we see pictures of Palestinian youths throwing rocks at Israeli tanks instead of throwing rocks at the Hamas terrorists that are drawing the Israeli tanks to their homes, schools, and refugee camps. If you want to blame Israel for your being in a refugee camp, fine. But it is the terrorist using you and your family as human shields that is causing those tanks to fire on your refugee camp, and you yourself saw the “brave freedom fighters” scurry like roaches at the first sight of that tank, leaving you to face down the tank without even the benefit of the same escape route that they took. Now while the Israeli state is the long term problem, the tank about to rain deth on you and your family is the short term problem, and you blame the Israeli state rather than the cause of the immediate problem?

Again, this is the opposite of those who stood up to gang and drug violence in their inner city neighborhoods. Many of them held grievances against America’s political, economic, and social structures and might have actually agreed with the street radicals in theory. But in practice they knew that it was the drugs and thugs killing their kids in the streets, not the bankers and the governors, and those were the ones that they stood up to or went to the chiefs of police begging them to do something about.

So with Hamas firing rockets at Israel and no evidence that any Palestinian opposes it – or even opposes being used as a human shield – how else is Israel supposed to act? What evidence is there that the 1.5 million residents of Gaza not only support Hamas, but support them enough to stand up and sacrifice themselves and their innocent family members as collateral damage?

This is not to say that I support Israel’s tactics in Gaza. Quite the contrary, I really honestly want to oppose it. However, the behavior of the Palestinians makes opposition to Israeli tactics virtually impossible. Israel has just as much responsibility to show that they will not tolerate being subjected to rocket fire as the political leaders of Florida and Oklahoma had to show that they would not tolerate mob violence, and the hundreds of innocent dead people, including women and children, in Rosewood, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma shows what happens when that responsibility is not taken. However, the Palestinians also have a responsibility to unconditionally dissassociate themselves from those who would murder innocent people by firing rockets at civilians and using human shields in the process.

Hamas’ claims that their firing rockets was in response to Israel’s using a blockade to force its legitimately elected regime into crumbling has considerable merit, but the 1.5 million residents of Gaza are not Hamas. If anything, were the residents of Gaza to separate themselves from Hamas’ terrorism while insisting that Israel respect the results of the free and democratic elections that Israel itself allowed to occur knowing full well that Hamas might win, that would pressure Israel to stop punishing the Palestinian people for Israel’s mistakes. Hamas’ refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist is an issue between Hamas and Israel, but Israel’s refusal to allow food, medicine, fuel etc. into Gaza is an issue between the people of Gaza and Israel. But the absence of anyone willing to publicly reject Hamas terror tactics or even their using infants as human shields allows Israel to basically paint the 1.5 million population as Hamas and act accordingly.

It is not right, and it is not fair, but the exceedingly foolish (and that is being kind!) behavior of the Palestinian people allows Israel to get away with its conduct. Israel can and should take responsibility for the peaceful Palestinians, either by granting them a state or by absorbing them within their own state, and then treating the terrorist Palestinians as the criminals that they are. However, lacking the cooperation of Palestinians that are not terrorists, Israel doesn’t have to do a thing. They can simply sit and allow conditions to linger. Why not? The Palestinians are the ones that have to deal with the overwhelming amount of misery and tragedy. It also keeps Israel from having to deal with the not insubstantial portion of its own population – and of its evangelical Christian Zionist supporters – who do not want a Palestinian state, and yes that does include those who wish to drive the nearly 4 million Palestinians out of Israel, including eastern Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank.

Even though it would come at a very heavy cost  – money and Israeli lives  – Israel can and should do better. However, they have no pressing reason – or even no incentive? – to do so, and for that we have only the law abiding and terrorism opposing Palestinians to blame. Some more right wing Israelis claim “there is no such thing as a Palestinian.” That is a spurious proposition at best. But were such Israelis to claim “since there is no such thing as a Palestinian who opposes terrorism in any substantial way, then all Palestinians are terrorists and should be treated as such” then regrettably there isn’t much that can be said – or done – against that proposition. So even if the Israelis are acting in an unjust manner towards the Palestinians, the actions of the Palestinians allow them to get away with it. And since we are dealing with two populations here that save a tiny minority on both sides rejects Jesus Christ, what more can we expect?


76 Responses to “Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified?”

  1. Ahmad said

    Please send this link to all people arround you to see isreal war

  2. oli said

    i think israel should kick gazas @#$% out of the universe andbeyond go jews!!!

  3. Jamie said

    In painting your initial picture of the KKK and other terror-driven activities in the United States, you’re appealing for us as readers to think, no, of course it would have been terrible for the government to launch a brutal crackdown on race-motivated terrorism.

    But in practice, why should we react that way? The KKK was absolutely a terrorist group, and I certainly would not have shed any tears over a crackdown that broke the back of that organization before it caused so much misery. It is for similar reasons that we excuse Sherman’s march to the sea, or why we agree with the use of the atomic bomb against Japan in 1945. It is through the application of overwhelming force that a peace-loving society is best able to make clear the value of peace.

    The Japanese surrendered after the second atomic bomb was dropped, but set aside revisionist hippie notions that their surrender was solely because of lives lost. They had lost many and were prepared to lose more; they surrendered because they realized that, with the atomic bomb arrayed against them, they would lose those lives without inflicting any casualties in return.

    Hamas has one motivation: to destroy Israel. Deaths are of little consequence, because Hamas plans to lose people and even intentionally kills them as suicide bombers when practical. But Hamas abhors losing people without inflicting corresponding damage, because that is how it loses a conflict. Tit-for-tat reprisals play to Hamas’ popular support. Military engagement seriously weakens Hamas, because it exposes the inability of the organization to truly harm Israel and thereby makes all of the suffering for which it calls needless suffering.

    Sixty years ago, it was entirely possible to bomb or bombard a city into rubble in a matter of hours and kill hundreds of thousands with conventional weapons of the era. Israel has a First World military and is capable of much more than what could be done in 1945, yet Palestinian casualties in an area with one of the highest population densities on Earth are measured in the hundreds. That is not “genocide” or some such; if Israel wanted to do so, its military could annihilate every inhabitant of Gaza in a matter of hours.

    We should stop exaggerating Israeli “aggression” in Gaza. The United States lost two buildings on September 11, 2001 and proceeded to invade two countries as a result. Israel endures attack every day and does comparatively little, yet endures massive criticism. Where is the world outcry about Robert Mugabe presiding over the utter ruin of Zimbabwe, where tens of thousands are dying of cholera of all things?

    I’ve read all of the arguments, and only Israel gets this attention from anyone. It’s so pronounced that the only possible explanation is an ingrained anti-Israel bias that views that country’s actions as overwhelmingly different from any other on Earth. It’s time to stop this silly nonsense.

  4. Bendz said


    Really a nice article with thought provoking post.

    No one in the world telling like this. All are just supporting or against… But no one is ready to ask questions about themselves.

    All people must be against of terrorism if it happened in any place.

    Thought provoking post and Keep it up.

  5. Diane said

    Hello Job.

    I dont think we can compare continuous “rockets and suicide bombers” with crime in the US.

    The Israeli State has never been a problem to the Palestinians,… the Palestinian Arabs long term problem is their refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist.

    Those were desert lands, scarcely populated by Jews and Arabs in the 1800s. There were actually more Jews than there were Arabs, and they all lived peacefully together. As the Jews continued making the land livable in preparation for the rebirth of Israel, more Jews returned, but also Arabs started immigrating to the area as well. When the Germans lost wwi and the Turks lost control of that region because of it, the British gave the Arabs 70% of that region (now Jordan), on the east side of the Jordan, while the Jews had to share their 30% with Arabs on the west side of the Jordan.

    But that wasnt good enough for the Arabs, so the area designated for the Jews got smaller, but that still did not stop the attack on the Jews.

    If the Arabs would have focused on living in peace with their neighbors, they would now be a flourshing community.

    Instead of Palestinians fighting against Israel and “demanding” Israel absorb people who hate their existence, they should go to Jordan (which is east Palestine) and live amongst their own people.

  6. David L. Williams said

    It is hard to keep all the aspects in our minds as we try to see who’s side we are on, if any. And most do not even know the earlier aspects, such as Diane tells. I read a similar report many years ago, and find anyone I’ve discussed this with only wanted to talk about the later details. But the earlier ones had a great deal to do with what is now going on.

    Like the Bible tells us, in the Last Days, man will not be able to figure a way out of his troubles. There are just too many aspects involved for us puny humans to be able to ferret out the truth. Too many facets of greed within the parties involved. Too many aspects of prejudice, also. Lord Jesus, come do what we cannot do, straighten this out with Your plumbline, not ours. DavWms

  7. Ahmad

    I have view the pictures and find them horrible. It is indeed a shame that governments fight and children are killed. But Islam has a goal. Its goal is to spread throughout the world by force. I must say, given the chance, these same people you’re pleading for would do the same thing to Israel’s women and children. The goal of Hamas has always been the destruction of Israel and they are using the citizens as a shield. What needs to be done is the people need to rise up and tell Hamas not in my home. You don’t have the weapons to defeat Israel, and we’re not going to let you used us. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Come Lord. Come soon.

  8. Job said


    Three things.

    0. Do you think that any Jew had any idea that the reformation of a Jewish state in Israel was anything more than a remote possibility before World War II? If so, what was this idea based on?

    1. Israel has at several junctures signed treaties promising to establish a Palestinian state. So even if it was possible to force Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, or anyone else to accept the Palestinians before then (and there wasn’t, no nation can be forced to accept people from another country) it isn’t now. If Israel tries to drive the Palestinians out and another nation to take them, Egypt, Jordan, and all the other Arab nations that signed peace treaties with Israel over the years based on the premise that Israel would honor their promises to create a Palestinian state that includes much of the West Bank, Gaza, and east Jerusalem would declare Israel as treaty breakers and go to war against Israel. And since America helped negotiate those very treaties, including Camp David and Oslo, we would not back Israel were they to break them.

    2. On what basis should the Arabs accept the existence of a Jewish state on land that they consider to be theirs and that has very much religious significance to them? In other words, why should Arab Muslims adopt ideas originating in western Christianity (and Judaism) and do so at great personal costs to their own interests? Arabs and Muslims find the very idea of Europeans waltzing in and assuming control of land that was under Muslim control for hundreds of years and is one of the holiest sites of their religion to be repugnant at best and a great evil sin against their god at worst. Tell me why they should feel any different in a way that does not involve Muslims acknowledging the truth of Judaism or Christianity and rejecting their own religious beliefs in the process.

    It would be much better for us and Israel were the Muslims and Arabs to adopt our worldview? Sure. But Muslims and Arabs don’t get a thing. Quite the contrary, they come out as losers in the whole deal. They lose land and lose control of their vital religious sites, and what do they get in return? Peace with a group of people that they see as thieves? They don’t see their refusal to acknowledge Israel as the problem. They see the creation of Israel right in their backyard in one of their holiest sites as the problem. From their perspective, if the Jews had created their homeland in New York or the Ukraine (which is where Muslims view as where they actually come from and their own people) the Muslim world would recognize their right to exist in 30 seconds.

  9. Devon said

    It isn’t about Israel..muslims use that as an excuse…they hate because of Islam..if every Jew removed himself from Israel that wouldn’t stop Islamic tyranny…they want Northern India…the want Spain..they want all of europe…

    Islam is a death cult…that is why the murderous palis and islamists should not brook any of our sympathy…Islam needs to be disposed of into the ashbin of history along with its cousins Nazism and Marxism..

    Sorry, but it is that simple…unless these people are won to Christ, this will go on unending until the return of the Lord….Such is Islam and its fruit.

  10. Diane said


    0. What makes you believe Israel having a homeland and becoming a Nation again, ever left the hearts and minds of the Jews? The Jews didnt just show up there on the Exodus ship from Europe in 1947. Some of them never left, they were a minority, but they were there.

    1. You suggested “Israel should grant them a state or ‘absorb’ them”. Why should Israel absorb people set on their destruction? How do you determine who are the peaceful Arabs? I never suggested Israel should drive them out. Every time there is suppose to be some type of agreement the Arabs start attacking, ruining the whole process.

    2. Much of that “land” was uninhabited (and was not anyones country), but that land has always had a Jewish presence. The area that has spiritual significance to the Arabs, was the spot that Mohammed supposedly ascended, was not an area that the Jews even contended for, they were willing to take the wastelands and willingly gave the Arabs Jerusalem. As Jews revitalized that region other Jews began migrating to the area, and again, that area was not Arab territory or anyones territory. Jewish cultivation of the wastelands attracted Arabs, who also began migrating to that area. As the Arab population grew, they began attacks on the Jews.

    After wwi, to deal with these conflicts, the British designated this region “Palestine” (Romans called it Judea ‘Palestinia’ after the destruction of the Temple), which included land east and west of the Jordan river. East of the Jordon river was Arab Palestine (which is Jordan today) and west of the Jordan river was to be Jewish Palestine. That was suppose to stop the fighting. The Arabs wanted the West Bank, the Jews agreed, and were still attacked.

    The Arabs created a refugee crisis.
    Jordan is the Arab Palestine, and so, Palestinians that are Arab should be taken in by them.

  11. Talk about heavy handed. King Hussein of Jordan slaughtered 3,000-5,000, and some say as many as 10,000 Palestinians in Black September of 1970 when he was alive. Hafez Assad of Syria massacred another 10,000-25,000 supporters of this Muslim Brotherhood in 1982. Today the nation call Jordan occupies 80% of the land that made up the original Palestine. Nearly 70% of Jordan’s inhabitants are still Palestinian Arabs, yet Jordan is not under attack for denying them a homeland. The Middle East War is not about land and nor is it about injustice. It is a religious war against the Jews.
    If they had not tried to overthrow the government of Jordan they would still have a home.

    Arab nations are using the Palestinians. If Muslims in the middle east are so bent on peace, they have thousands of square miles all over the region they can give to the Palestinians. The same Palestinians that fled Jerusalem ahead of the Jews when they arrived to occupy the land.

  12. Diane said

    Bro. Patrick
    you are so right. The Arabs control 99.9% of the land in the Middle East and Israel has .1 of 1% and that is still too much for the Arabs, no matter how many concession Israel makes.

  13. Sharon said

    Your writing is thoughtful, but this piece lacks empathy. By reading your work, I can tell you are truthful, but you lack true understanding of the history of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

    Blaming the Palestinians for their lot in life is like blaming a rape victem for wearing a short skirt. Both the Palestinian people and the Israelis are victems, but the Israelis are victems of their own making. Many critics of Israel point to the Balfour Declaration as the root of the problem – the concept of creating a Jewish state in an inhabited land. From the very beginning of the endeavor, the Palestinians objected, but lived with it and the desert bloomed with Jews from all over the world.

    They could have lived in peace, but there was greed and prejudice that prevented tranquility in the Holy Land. While there are many moderate Jews, the minority Zionist zealots set out to take over the entire area and tried to expel the Palestinians, according to their interpretation of The Promise. Unfortunately, this minority was allowed to steal and plot and kill and humiliate and the moderate Jews did nothing to stop them.

    Here we are, 60 years later, and are we to blame the Palestinians for supporting their democratically elected government? You say they should not support terrorists, but if they support Israel, then they would be supporting terrorists who treat them like garbage. At least by supporting Hamas, they are being fed.

    You are educated and have probably been given advantages in life that have made you who you are today. Given the life that these people in Gaza have had, why should we impose our own standards on them? Half the population of Gaza is children; the rest are under-educated, under-fed, unemployed and misunderstood by the Western world. They have witnessed atrocities committed by Isrealis that you won’t see covered in our media.

    Please take time to research the issue from the Palestinian point of view. is a good place to start and there are hundreds of articles and books on the topic. I hope you will find the research as rewarding as I have. Learning about the history of this land is fascinating and I know that this conflict will find a peaceful solution when empathy is practiced on both sides.

  14. The Prodigal Son said

    Everyone reading this should go to : What Really – to see that IN FACT Israel admitted today that Hamas had KEPT to the ceasefire, that prior to Nov. 5th, when ISRAEL BROKE THE CEASEFIRE – there had been 6 months of peace ! ~~~ Israel attacked UNPROVOKED – get it ? They had it all planned ! Since then during the past 17 days, Israel has slaughtered 920 people… almost half of them WOMEN & CHILDREN ! ~~~ And just because ‘Jewish’ run media tells us that ‘Hamas’ uses Mosques to hide weapons, and uses civilians as shields – DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE ! Hard to ‘demonstrate’ against something that NEVER HAPPENED… especially when you’re being shot at !

  15. Hope said

    1.I disagree that Israel is heavy handed.

    2.Israel has shown great moral restraint.

    3. They have the right to defend themselves against those who seek their annihilation.

    4. The moral confusion in many is bewildering to me.

    “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

    […]This Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), clarifies its picture, reveals its identity, outlines its stand, explains its aims, speaks about its hopes, and calls for its support, adoption and joining its ranks. Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. It needs all sincere efforts. It is a step that inevitably should be followed by other steps. The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah’s victory is realised.”

    Hamas-Their Covenant

  16. Hope said

    You may read the Hamas Covenant here:

  17. Diane said

    Concerning Jerusalem having spiritual significance to the Arabs,
    *Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran*
    Medina and Mecca are…
    If it was so significant, and Holy to the Arabs, surely it would be mentioned there.

    Their interest in Jerusalem being a Holy site seems to be a recent invention… (a 20th century invention)
    Their denial of HISTORICAL and archaelogical facts about the Temple being built by Solomon and rebuilt in the days of Nehemiah, is further evidence of how far they will go in attempting to deceive themselves and others… it is amazing.

    Are they going to deny the fact that Rome destroyed the Temple that the Jews built???? They believe this stuff and unfortunately other people, Christians included, give credibility to their delusion, instead of helping them to see the truth and disspell the myths and lies.

  18. Sharon said

    The Dome of the Rock has been there for 1320 years. This is a holy site for Christians, Muslems and Jews – the rock of Abraham. This is where Mohammad rose to heaven and it is a spiritual site for Muslems throughout the world, despite what others will tell you.

    Zionist Jews and neoconservative Christians have teamed up to rebuild the temple so they can bring on the Messiah. What if their interpretation of the bible is incorrect? This would mean that we have waged these wars throughout the years for nothing. To look at this in a more cynical light, what if a select group are using religion to gain power and money and the religious zealots are actually being used in this giant scheme?

    This issue has been used for political and monetary gain for too long and the Palestinians have paid the dearest price for our complacent attitude. How dare we, as Christians, abandon our faith and the teachings of Jesus to help Zionists fulfill thier dreams. If anything were to happen to the Dome, it would bring on World War III and the zealots who brought it on will look to us, with Talmud & Bible in hand, and say “Look, we are right, the prophecy is coming true”. What we need to realize, though, is it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are bringing on the signs because of our actions to bring on the signs. Get it?

    You need to study this issue from an Arab perspective. Do not feel that, in doing so, you are abandoning your faith. I have never felt closer to God as I do today. My understanding of Muslem beliefs has given me a clearer understanding of my own. True Christians follow the teachings of Jesus and the New Testiment, not the Talmud and Rabbis in Israel.

  19. […] Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified? […]

  20. The Prodigal Son said

    Hope… ~~~ SANE responses : 1) Death toll is equivalent to 50 Palestinian deaths (25 civilians) ~~~ vs. ~~~ ONE Israeli death… ~~~ ~~~ 2) See #1… ~~~ ~~~ 3) SO DOES PALESTINE… ~~~ ~~~ 4) Ditto… people like you boggle my mind ! ~~~ ~~~ Please Lord, help these evil, lying people to grow a heart !

  21. Check this out.

    Exposing error:

    State what the false teacher has said showing proof that it is wrong, or how inconsistent it is with scriptures (not websites)conclude that this is wrong/or heretical because of the proof, explain what is true instead.

    Wrong approach:

    Ranting, bloodthirsty attacks expressing personal opinion, no proof, or inappropriate connection between their “proof” and what the person said.
    Obsession with the person, sarcasm, hatefulness, gossip, ridicule, generalizing specific mistakes, and condemning everything about the person. attacking others who disagree, who may have a more balanced view.
    False accusations, unsubstantiated remarks, assigning evil intent to teaching errors.

    Remember that not everyone with a false teaching is 100% wrong in ALL their theology. They may only have 10% that is wrong, or one teaching that is wrong, but the other 90% is valuable.

    The trap:

    One or both of 2 things will happen

    If you happen to have a critical nature yourself, you will find yourself agreeing with them, and will end up doing an injustice to the person criticized, as well as contaminating your own spirit with negative remarks.

    We must always evaluate something fairly. We can argue with people and disagree, but we must be careful that we do not harm people personally. We must not let our passion for the truth hurt anyone.

    You will spend an endless cycle of self defense as you are constantly attacked and condemned. They will always want the last word, and as you try to give a good conclusion or answer, they will bind you with many confused arguments, and you will feel trapped, into constantly responding to them. This is a huge waste of time, and spiritual energy. It will drain you, and you will never convince them of your perspective.

    Negative Behaviors:

    they will attack, and attempt to destroy any true witness you have they launch attacks at you for innocent remarks

    Positive testimonies are rejected as doubtful, so if God helped you, then you are “lying,” or “deluded.” They do not believe you, since they “see” no proof from you. (They have no trouble lying themselves, however.)

    Your words are twisted into the wrong meanings, and they consistently, and intentionally come to the wrong conclusions, since they have already made up their minds.

    They will put words in your mouth, and claim you said things that you did not say. Then they will attack you for saying these things.

    Claim to have “knowledge” of you that they can use to threaten you with instead of objectively addressing specific issues, they attack you as a person no evidence of Christian love they are only nice if you agree with them they are mean, cold, condescending, critical, condemning argumentative, full of strife, relentless, harassing, unforgiving, they are spiritually blind to anything you tell them, narrow-minded, you never get their approval, they are falsely “objective”, they can be quite savage in attacks –they speak curses over you to influence and control your opinion–they do not believe anything you say. They have a spirit of unbelief present–they are spiritually superior to you – you have to take their advice and conclusions since you are in sin and they are right–they will tell you to repent, since you are guilty–they will focus on, and point out, all your “personal faults,” since they have no truth to fight back with.

  22. nan said

    Prodigalson you can continue to try to explain what is really going on to those that are here, but they will not hear you because they support those people in israel. They will continue to not hear what you have to say, because they believe everything they hear on the news and what this government tells them. George Bush went into Iraq because he wanted Saddam Hussein because Saddam threatened daddy Bush. People always talk about how the Muslims want to control the world. Well from what I can see it looks to me like the Europeans are the ones who want to and are controlling the world. When I say Europeans I include these so-called jews because they are nothing more than Europeans pretending to be someone they are not. Israel is not a country it was a group of people and those people are not them. They will not hear you prodigalson. They don’t care about those people in Gaza because to them they are just a bunch of niggers, spiks, coons, dogs etc to them and I’m just being real. They want them and all Arabs dead, which is sad, but hatred lives. I am a person of color by the way.

  23. reformislam said

    Let us pray for the safety of Palestinian civilians who held hostages by Hamas and the safety of Israeli soldiers. May this campaign end swiftly and may Hamas be annihilated. May moderate Muslims emerge victorious in the struggle for Gaza!

  24. Diane said

    I will certainly pray.

  25. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Yes it is quite obvious that the Europeans are dominating this world. The light skinned people (of whom I am a member) originated in Europe. And now look where they are. North America, South America dominated by Europeans. The idiginous peoples victims of genocide. Austrlia same story there. Throughout Africa and Asia Europeans dominated milatarily, economically and politically. While things have changed the vice grip of control still exists.

    Yet God asks you to Love those people. Trust in the Allmighty and do His will. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. The Lord is not slack in doing his will.

    The European dominated world has led us to the brink of destruction. The European people have advanced us greatly in science. But we don’t need any more new inventions, we need to learn to handle what we have already. The world needs wisdom. I believe that wisdom will come from the native inhabitants of America. Soon it will be their turn to lead.

    The world is like a wheel. Each race has their gifts to give. Now the wheel is out of balance. It will soon be destroyed unless action is taken. We can rely on God’s promises. It will be God’s fire that will destroy the heavens and the Earth not a nuclear holocaust. God will establish his reign on Earth. It will not be a New World Order no it will be Earth’s New Dynasty. God will not let those people who have lied and killed in His name to prosper. You can fool the masses but you can’t fool the Allmighty one bit.

    Saying all this learn to Love those that hate you. If you do so you have taken away their power. Never give up on the dream one day it will be a reality.



  26. The Prodigal Son said

    Nan… ~~~ Thank You for your post… it’s nice to know that there are still some HUMAN BEINGS out there ! ~~~ I know you’re right… This bunch is beyond help. But if I can reach just one reader, it starts a chain reaction of TRUTH ! ~~~ It’s a dirty trick to BE SO obviously racist (the way these poor souls are… ), then call ME ‘anti-semetic’ when I point out that they are racist KILLERS ! ~~~ Let them enjoy their time here… in the end there will be Hell to pay ! ~~~ As for the color of your skin… it makes NO DAMN DIFFERENCE ! You OBVIOUSLY have a good heart… and THAT is what is really important ! Since you brought it up, though… I ‘ll tell you… I’m a middle-aged man of Irish descent… and I love everyone… EXCEPT the enemies of God – I know them by their fruits ! They are liars, pedophiles and murderers ! It’s not for me to punish them… but I can say, “Hey, look what they’re doing !… listen to what they said ! They hate ALL NON-‘JEWS’ !”…

  27. John Kaniecki said

    Prodigal Son,

    Hi hope you are well.

    As one who agrees in part let me state plainly you have gained nothing. Nan agreed with you to begin with. You have presented your point in rantings full of insults. What is the purpose of that? Would you like to be treated like that?



  28. The Prodigal Son said

    John, ~~~ I’ll be well when everyone learns what I’ve learned… ~~~ Tell me – what ‘part’ do you agree with ? … And praytell – How do you know that I’ve gained nothing by trying to wake people up ? Just because no one posted as such, doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there… again, I guarantee you that the ADL is monitoring EVERYONE ! That’s un-nerving… In Canad and Europe you can be put in jail for pointing out the attitudes & nefarious deeds of a CERTAIN group of people… Ask a man named Ernst Zundel… ~~~ ~~~ If I say, ‘I’m just not sure that 6 million Jews died during WWII – after the Jews declared war on Germany – I think it was more like 200,000…’ … then the Government can put me in jail !… If I say, ‘There were NO homicidal gas chambers where extermination of Jews took place.’… Jail ! ~~~ If I say, ‘The term Final Solution referred to the EXPULSION of the Jews… which happened because of Talmudic backstabbing on an international level’… well, you get the picture…

  29. The Prodigal Son said

    John… ~~~ p.s… Who have I insulted ? You ?… If the TRUTH is insulting to someone… then chances are, they are evil. ~~~ Have I insulted Liars ? Let them be insulted ! Was a murderer of children offended ? TO HELL WITH THEM, I SAY ! ~~~ You say I should be ‘gentle’… tell me John – was Jesus gentle when he chased the Money-changing Pharisees from the Temple WITH A SCOURGE ? Do you know what a scourge is ? It is NOT gentle ! (if you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’, you saw Jesus getting worked over with one…) ~~~ We are to be kind and gentle to the poor & downtrodden (the least), and one another… Not to the enemies of God… Jesus SHOWED US who they are… He exposed them and reproved them PUBLICLY… I merely reiterate what he said : “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees… ” The Talmudic Judaism of today IS THAT LEAVEN ! ~~~ ~~~ Peace Brother

  30. Devon said

    Prodigal are you actually defending a known Nazi like Ernst Zundel who is well known up here in Canada… you actually agree that the Holocaust never happened? Is that what you are saying??

    Your getting into dangerous territory with this kind of nonsense…

  31. theoldadam said

    “Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified?”

    Heavy handed might be what Hamas is doing and has done (sending thousands of rockets into Israel without care of whom they hit.

    To me…that is heavy handed. When Israel does that, they will have lowered themselves to Hamas’ level (but that will never happen because Israelis are civilized)

  32. The Prodigal Son said

    … Devon,…~~~ Ernst Zundel is well known in Canada ? Really ? Well known – by whom ? ~~~ … Before I answer your baited question… first tell me : How do you define the word ‘Holocaust’ ? ~~~ Is it kinda like the 60 million Christians starved & murdered in Russia after Jewish invented Communism was in place ? Or do you mean literally… like ‘burnt offering’ ? ~~~ ~~~ Dangerous talking about Jews, is it ?… No S**T, Sherlock !… That’s part of what I’ve been trying to tell everyone.. I can say anything I want about ANYBODY ELSE… EXCEPT JEWS ! ~~~ You must ask yourself… : why has anyone ever had any problem against Jews ?… Honestly, TELL ME – WHAT did Germans have against Jews ? Did they hate them ? If so… WHY ? ~~~ ~~~ That is – if this conversation isn’t too DANGEROUS for you…

  33. Every religion should be focused on peace.
    This is about territory not religion.
    I think the best step is to ban the manufacture of weapons all round the world.
    A total ban on making weapons.
    That would do alot for world peace.

  34. The Prodigal Son said

    To ‘theoldadam’,… ~~~ Aw, not you too ! Come on ! ~~~ How is it that despite ‘thousands’ (ha!) of ‘rockets’ (ha!) – there have only been 3 (THREE) Israeli civilians that have died ? This out of 13 TOTAL dead for the Israelis… and four of those were killed by ‘friendly fire’ ! ~~~ Now Israel is using WHITE PHOSPHOROUS incendiary bombs AND cluster bombs – BOTH of which are ILLEGAL under International Law and BANNED under the Geneva Convention. This constitutes the continued, wanton committal of WAR CRIMES ! ~~~ Israel has slaughtered over 1000 (ONE THOUSAND !) Palestinians… Perhaps TWO THIRDS (65%) of the dead being CIVILIANS !… OVER 220 (TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY) CHILDREN !… And the TALMUD is their licence ! ~~~ ~~~ What the Israelis do to the LEAST of these – they do to Him ! ~~~ Woe to ye enemies of God ! Your time draws nigh ! Soon you will become the FOOTSTOOL of our Lord… and the angels will gather ye tares and cast you into the furnace of fire !

  35. The Prodigal Son said

    P.S. ~~~ The Israeli Government has admitted PUBLICLY that over the course of the successful 6 month ceasefire… HAMAS FIRED NO ROCKETS ! ZERO ! ~~~ Only AFTER Israel began attacking Gaza (using U.S. supplied F-16s) were any (homemade) rockets fire into Israel… in SELF-DEFENSE ! The last feeble, almost futile act of a DYING people ! May God rest their souls…

  36. theoldadam said

    Do you think Hamas inteded to only kill ‘3’?

    If they could kill 3 million Jews, they would happily do it.

    Israel could kill every living thing in Gaza. They are trying to kill Hamas only, but since Hanas hides behind women’s skirts and children’s playgrounds…others die too. For that the blame goes to Hamas. They are the reason for the civilian deaths. Thet revel in all death…even that of their own. They are evil.

  37. Dear Prodigal Son

    You are moved by your flesh in a effort to please God. You have been deceived sir.

    You use words like:

    No S**T, Sherlock – Post number 29


    Then call ME ‘anti-semetic’ when I point out that they are racist KILLERS. Post 23

    We (including you) are called to spread good news, that Jesus died for our sins, repent, return to the Lord, but you’ve pushed that aside to preach your own message, hate the Jews.
    Jesus said go into the world and make discilpes of all men. Followers of Christ, not your own followers.
    Nearly everyone here knows of the talmud and many teaching of some rabbi’s, but we hold fast the words of Christ, go ye and preach the gospel of repentance, that Jesus is the way. What you are preaching will only gather a handful of followers, who will not belong to Christ, but to you.

    You ahve fallen into the trap of the devil sir. He has taken control of your mind.


    The Deceiver has two ways of putting thoughts into the mind: (1) By direct communication to the mind, and (2) indirect, by attacks on the spirit, causing undesirable feelings there, such as impatience through the attacks, which produce impatient thoughts in the mind, followed by impatient words.

    Feverish activity which accomplishes nothing is manifested occasionally, or else perpetual occupation which gives no moment of rest; difficulty with work in the day time; “dreams” at night, with no sense of rest or leisure at any time; suffering, confusion, difficulty of action, embarrassment, perplexity, all emanating directly, maliciously, and deliberately from evil spirits, unrecognized by the man.


    Wrong conceptions of spiritual things give ground to evil spirits, and these conceptions the adversary skillfully cultivates ready for use on later occasions. Imaginations as to how God works in Revival power, and in “Pentecostal” measure, is specially a fruitful ground for evil spirits, i.e., a conception that God moves a meeting, and sways it as the wind sways the corn; and that God moves on the physical man, rather than from the centre of man’s spirit only. These imaginations prepare the believer for Satan’s deceptions in these very forms.

    This entry of “thoughts” from any quarter comes from the deeper cause of a passivity of the mind is the main object of the adversary to produce, ere he can succeed in his effort to obtain control of the believer’s will. The Lord’s words in Matthew 13: 23, that the good ground hearer is “he that heareth the word and understandeth it,” show that the mind is the vehicle through which the truth of God reaches men to win their affections, and bring back the will into intelligent and loyal co-operation with God. In like manner the mind is the hindrance to Satan’s carrying out his schemes to win back control of the believer. For the success of his plans, the enemy knows that the mind must be lulled into inaction and disuse by some means or other, either by stratagem or attack. The arch-deceiver is well aware that any “teaching” of deceiving spirits accompanied by supernatural signs, may be received by the believer if his mind is lulled into passivity so that he does not question, or intelligently reason, what the teachings are, or what they involve.


    Letting evil spirits decide for him, for they are the world rulers of this darkness, and readily seize the opportunity of playing upon his will, and thus he is deceived by them and thinks that he is yielding to the will of God.
    Satan’s entire purpose is to drag back the will into captivity and thus the man himself, so that he becomes passive, though unconscious slave to the world-rulers of the darkness around him, and hence subject to Satan, the god of this world, ruling through his hierarchy of evil powers.

    The actions of the believer thus re-captured by Satan, through his emissaries of evil spirits, are the outcome of the subtle and unknown control of the adversary and the actions again give more ground to the enemy.

    Words are spoken, and deeds are done, almost blindly, either by impulse, or in the confusion of sudden revulsion of feeling; and often without the man intelligently apprehending the consequences of words or deeds. Old habits which ceased to be manifested, show themselves again, and sins which were once conquered, re-assert their power.

  38. The Prodigal Son said

    You said, “they are trying to kill Hamas”…. WHY are they trying to kill Hamas? HAMAS KEPT TO THE CEASEFIRE ! ~~~ Why did Israel SHATTER the 6 MONTH ceasefire by killing Palestinians ? ~~~ Talk is CHEAP, and many people (like you for instance) are full of S**T ! ~~~ This is why the Bible tells us that we will know them by their fruits (deeds)! ~~~ Tell us oldadam, can a BAD tree bear Good fruit ?

  39. You sir are no Christian but a hate filled man. By your own fruit you said (like you for instance) are full of S**T !
    That ain’t even Christ nor does it ressemble him.

  40. theoldadam said

    “WHY are they trying to kill Hamas?”

    …because Hamas wants to extinguish the state of Israel and kill evry Jew…that’s why. Read the Hamas charter…it’s on my blog a few posts back.

    What “bad tree” are you refering to? Islam? No, I’m sure you think the Islamists are just misunderstood…as they plan to slit your throat too.

  41. The Prodigal Son said

    Reverend Patrick Williams… ~~~ If you really are a Reverend, and you really are concerned for me (which you seem to be), then I will thank you. ~~~ Now I will tell you that I am concerned for you as well… That is why I’m trying to get you to step into the Light of TRUTH ! ~~~ TRUTH is the WAY ! You are steeped in propaganda and LIES regarding Jews… and Israel. Western Christianity DOES NOT follow what the ORIGINAL Disciples of Christ did… None of them ! Yet they all claim to be Christians… while they dwell NOT in TRUTH ! ~~~ There is only ONE TRUE Christianity, and you can yet find it in Russia, Serbia and Greece… the Gates of Hell HAVE NOT prevailed against the Church in the East… even through the Anti-Christ communist era, when ‘anti-semitism’ was punishable by DEATH, and synagogues remained – while churches burned…

  42. The Prodigal Son said

    Oh, dear ! The pious Reverend wrote the acronym for S.hip H.igh I.n T.ransit !! ~~~ He must have a DEMON ! ~~~ Honestly, is that all you got ? THAT’S how you reply to my factual postings ? By obsessively dwelling on a ‘taboo’ (to you) ACRONYM, which arose from the transport of fertilizer (manure) over the open seas… to ensure dispersal of methane gas.

  43. theoldadam said

    Here is the latest quote from Ahmadinejad (backer of Hamas)

    “It is not feasible for Israel to live.”

    Discern that.

  44. The Prodigal Son said

    Oldadam… It’s been a while since I used my discernment (I usually just let the Word guide me), but for you… I’ll try… ~~~ ~~~ ‘It’ = B, … ‘is’ = U, … ‘not’ = L, … ‘feasable’ = L, … ‘for’ = S, … ‘Israel’ = H, … ‘to’ = I, … ‘live’ = T…. ~~~ That’s about all I get from your quote… ~~~ All they do is LIE ! … They LIED about Kuwaiti babies thrown from incubators… they LIED about 9/11 & Afghanistan… they LIED about Iraq & ‘weapons of mass destruction’… ~~~ ~~~ Ahmadinejad is always careful to use the word ‘regime’ – which even in Arabic, sounds the same as it does in english… ~~~ Israeli REGIME !!

  45. You are in your flesh trying to serve God. He does bot accept you r living scarifice.

  46. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (flesh, relating to sensual desires, feelings). Not in loud words but prayer. If we are to help Israel it will be through prayer. This is how we pull down strongholds.

  47. theoldadam said

    Prodigal Son,

    Maybe you are right. Israel should just pack up and leave. Nothing short of that will satisfy the blood lust of the Islamists. Actually the Islamists would still hunt them doen (the Jews) to kill them,for there is no room in the Islamic world for the infidel.

    They’re coming for us also. But hey, it’s much better to be politically correct and be a slave than to be free and have to fight evil.

  48. The Prodigal Son said

    Oldadam… ~~~ Why don’t you try to be serious… and TRUTHFUL for a change !.. You know, and I know thatthe criminal state of Black Israel is not going anywhere… ~~~ But they need to STOP killing people ! They need to DEFINE & declare publically WHERE their borders are, and stay within them ! Let them put up ‘The Great Wall of Israel’, and go inside and stay there ! ~~~ Re: “… the blood lust of the Islamists…” … if all they want to do is kill Jews, then WHY did Hamas keep the ceasefire for SIX months ? ~~~ And if poor, persecuted Israel is acting in self-defence… then why did Israel ruin SIX MONTHS of peace, during which time Hamas DID NOT ATTCK !…~~~ by * ATTACKING * & killing Palestinians ? ~~~ Answer me !

  49. The Prodigal Son said

    Rev. P. Williams… ~~~ You said, “You are in your flesh trying to serve God. He does not accept your living sacrifice.” … ~~~ Is that what you meant to say ? Why don’t you rephrase that because I’m not following you… Are you insinuating that YOU know the judgements of our Lord ? Or perhaps He Himself granted you the power to judge for Him my worthiness before the Lord… ? ~~~ I am following the supreme example of Jesus Himself… Who spent much of His short time on earth expounding on the ongoing criminality, usury and immorality of the Pharisees… ~~~ The Judaism of today continues a direct descendant of Pharisaism, and if anything it’s gotten worse since Jesus’ time… ~~~ If there is evil in the world… should we not avoid falling prey to said evil ? And if I can help anyone else see that evil… which presently they DO NOT SEE, how can I be – with good conscience – SILENT ? I CANNOT !

  50. nan said

    Prodigal son I knew this was going to happen if you continued to post. You are beyond anger now. We are to be angry and sin not. You have gone beyond anger now. The subject here was related to what is going on over there. Going past anger puts you in a place of flesh. It’s time for you to step away now. Step away and cool off.

    Peace and blessings
    Peace, be still

  51. nan said

    Sometimes we have to step away for a day, but remember one day is to the Lord as a thousand years. So, step away for a day

  52. The Prodigal Son said

    ~~~ “Hope has two children… The first is anger at the way things are… The second is the courage to do something about it.” … – St. Augustine ~~~

  53. theoldadam said

    “why did Israel ruin SIX MONTHS of peace, during which time Hamas DID NOT ATTCK !…~~~ by * ATTACKING * & killing Palestinians ? ~~~ Answer me !”

    That assertion is pure nonsense and false.

    Read Hamas’ charter and tell me with a straight face if they want peace ot the total destruction of Isreal.

  54. The Prodigal Son

    Years ago I was being drawn to the Lord in Germany. The first church I went to was good, but there was a older lady there who ripped to me pieces everytime i said anything. If I said the rain was coming, she made a comment about. Nothing I said was good enough, and not once did she open her bible to tell me what the word of God said.
    About my fourth visit I’d had enough. I prayed and told the Lord this woman is a Christian, and if this is what a Christian is all about then I don’t want it. I don’t need someone in my face cutting me for being a sinner, since she was once like me.
    Months went by before I visited that church again.

    When I did the woman approached me. She held her head down and said, “I am so sorry for talking to you the way I have. Please forgive me. The Holy Spirit showed me that he was drawing you and if you had not come back seeking him becasue of what I’ve said, then your blood would be on my hands.”
    As a young man God taught her an important lesson that day as well as teaching me what I would face in the future.
    You see, we Christians can’t say what we want to say, and do what we want to do, even if we are right. You have made some good points that must be brought out in love.
    If God was drawing a young Jewish person to this place to learn more about him, and he read some of the things that were posted, then turned from the Lord because he’d heard; that Christians hate Jews, and never sought the Lord again, the soul that what lost would be required.
    For ever thing there is a time and a season. There is a time to talk, and a time not to talk. A time to pray and a time to shout.
    Jesus only gave us two commandments before leaving this earth. In them are fulfilled all of the law. They are (love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and soul, and love thy neighbor.
    This includes Jews who have reject the Lord Jesus. Just as they have rejected, him they will reject us. But we must remember that it is not our job to save, that has been done by the Father. It is not our job to beat them over the head, forcing them to accept Jesus, that is the Father’s place, and we are have not the power to do anything. It is our job to be a living example, speaking the word of God, and living accordingly.

    Years later I found myself being frustated by men and women not accepting the gospel message. I was just like you, so I know what you’re going through. I began to think, “you don’t want Jesus, well go to hell then.” I found myself doing some of the same things you’re doing but I was on a terror against gays.
    “They’re going to hell,” I use to say. “And they need to.” I had that old fashioned Holiness teaching deeply within me. “Go on to hell.”
    One day while praying the Holy Spirit said something that was totally shocking to me. He said, “you may be there long before them, because you have not done as i’ve directed.”
    I thought, “what! I’m a Christian. Holy Ghost filled.”
    Then the Lord made it very plain. “You have not died for anyone. My son did.” Love them, hate the sin. Tell them of me, and the love I have for them, and if they reject you, they reject me, and you have done what I called you to do. Shake the dust off and move on. We areall guilty of sin. One lie makes us a lair. One pencil placed in our pocket without asking for it makes us a thief. One word spoken outside of love make us hateful men and women, but love covers it all. And we are able to move out in the power of God to reach the lost.

    I pray your strength in the Lord. With Love, your brother
    P Williams

  55. The Prodigal Son said

    Thanks Nan… make that two thousand years for our Lord then ! ~~~ ~~~ To Old Adam, ….this is the TRUTH – this is what ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE ! (so please check your facts… and step into the Light of Truth…) ~~~ ~~~ 1) Hamas KEPT the ceasefire. Hamas fired no rockets during a peceful period ofalmost 6 months… until : 2) Israel broke the ceasefire by attacking and killing six members of Hamas – unprovoked… whereupon : 3) Israel commenced a slaughter of over 1600 Palestinians, with over 400 of the victims being children (NOT Hamas !)… Many of these were herded into ‘safe-houses’ which were then promptly bombed ! One such incident claimed 55 children – in ONE building ! … 4) Israeli attacks continue to this day, despite a renewed ‘ceasefire’, and the Israeli forces have not left Gaza… ~~~ You’re welcome…

  56. The Prodigal Son said

    Dear Reverend Williams, ~~~ You said, “You see, we Christians can’t say what we want to say, and do what we want to do, even if we’re right.”… ~~~ ~~~ … Where are you getting this from ? Whoever is telling you this is trying to silence the moral voice of Christians… and you shouldn’t be helping them ! Shine your light on the darkness, Reverend ! ~~~ ~~~ … “Let no one decieve you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them. ~~~ For you were once darkness but now you are Light in the Lord. Walk as children of Light (for the fruit of the spirit is in all goodness, righteousness and truth), finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.”…

  57. The Prodigal Son said

    (cont.) ~~~ … “And have no fellowsip with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful to speak of those things which are done by them in secret, but all things that are exposed are made manifest by the Light. Therfore He says, ‘Awake you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you Light.’ See that you walk circumpectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” … – Ephesians 5:6-16 ~~~ Thank you, Reverend… Christ be with you.

  58. The Prodigal Son said

    (to the moderator : sorry for the multiple posts, but I must respond to :… ) ~~~ When Rev. Williams said, “… (what if)… a young Jewish person… turned from the Lord because he heard that Christians hate Jews…” … ~~~ ~~~ Well Patrick, if he read what I’ve said, he would know that I hate no one – except the enemies of God. They are anti-Christ, and we may know them by their fruits. ~~~ Is trying to have the New Testament BANNED considered anti-Christ ?… Is burning New Testaments in the streets what could be construed as anti-Christ ? ~~~ Don’t you see – if they are anti-Christ – then they are not our brothers and we are not of the same father. Their father is, of course the devil – the god of this age (2 Cor 4:4), and we have been admonished NOT to recieve them into our houses… nor to bid them Godspeed – therfore, I will not…

  59. The Prodigal Son said

    (cont.)… You must divorce the word ‘Jew’ from the context you use it in… for example a Turkic/Khazarian who converts to Judaism is not a racial Hebrew/Israelite – same as if I were to convert to Confucionism it would not make me racially Chinese… ~~~ Besides the young Jew you speak of would likely have already been taught to hate all Gentiles (non-Jews), and especially Christians so he would probably only come here to spread disinformation or to berate us… Otherwise, any young person who does not practice the Judaism of today should therefore not identify themselves with the made-up word ‘Jew’ – even if their mother was one… For example : Br. Nathanael Kapner from Real Jew was born a ‘Jew’, but he has converted to Christianity… therefore he is become my brother in Christ. Even though he was born a ‘Jew’ – I love him for his love of TRUTH !

  60. Kyle said

    Prodigal Son,

    We must remember that all enemies of the cross will be sent to hell including aggressors and victims alike that die without Jesus. In essence both the Jew and the Muslim are condemned without Jesus.

    However, if you are speaking in the secular sense then I agree that the heavy handed response by Israel was unequal and over the top. That being said we can’t overlook the Palestinians actions either. They too have blood on their hands. This is why we must preach Christ Jesus to ALL.


  61. JESUSALEN said


  62. JESUSALEN said


  63. JESUSALEN said


  64. The Prodigal Son said

    Kyle… ~~~ I believe you are right on about the final destination of visible ENEMIES of Christ… but the innocent victims ? I don’t think so friend. ~~~ Are Muslims the enemies of Christ ? If you think they are – you must ask yourself why you think so… and if whoever whispered that idea into your ear may have had some ulterior motive… The Qu’aran actually reveres Jesus and His Mother Mary SPECIFICALLY – BY NAME ! ~~~ So therefore I ask you… is a Muslim child an enemy of the Cross ? Let’s not forget the Israel known only to God… they must surely be the downtrodden of this age, and who is downtrodden if not the Palestinians ? ~~~ F.Y.I. : in Palestine, Christian AND Muslim arabs stand together in poverty against the universal Talmudic hatred which has almost totally destroyed a race of people who are almost certainly the REAL descendants of the Biblical ‘Jews’ (who ARE semetic) – perpetrated by pretenders (who are NOT semetic)…

  65. The Prodigal Son said

    John K. … ~~~ You always speak of ‘love’ – which is great… but listen : … “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in Truth. And by this we know that we are of the Truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him.” … – I John 3:18, 19. ~~~ ~~~ … To Reverend Williams…, I was rather looking forward to your response to my postings above, on Jan. 22nd… perhaps you missed them ? … R.S.V.P. … Thank you ! ~~~ ~~~ … and to ‘Jesusalen’ (Jerusalem ?)… what in God’s All Good Name are you talking a boot ?

  66. John Kaniecki said

    Prodigal Son,

    Hi hope you are well.

    You have touched upon my favorite topic in this universe, Love.

    God is Love. The greatest commandments to Love God and Love neighbour. In case that’s not clear we are to Love our enemy. Love does no harm to an individual. Without Love we have no salvation. If our enemy is hungry we feed him.

    So you may be alarmed with the Illumanati taking over. I object to physical warfare against them as I would the muslims or any other group.

    This deep commitment to Love is the primary force behind Christianity. To those who would advocate carnal warfare I have serious doubts of the legitamacy of their faith.

    Vengance is of the Lord and not from man.



  67. The Prodigal Son said

    John… ~~~ Good day, brother. I too hope you are well… though it is clear that spiritually – you’re good, and that is the most important thing ! ~~~ I would just like to say that while your exaltation of Love is good… you must also exalt equally the Truth, dear John because that is our Way… our Lighted Path if you will. There are a sea of lies out there, but ultimately only ONE truth ! So we must be very careful… ~~~ … “See I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as serpents, and as innocent as doves.” … – Matthew 10:16. ~~~ ~~~ If you think that I advocate violence, you are wrong ! I promote awareness… If we are aware then we wont be so easily fooled into believing a lie, thereby taking a detour down a fruitless path of darkness. ~~~ Truth *IS* Love !

  68. The Prodigal Son said

    ~~~ … “True love for a Christian is to secure eternal life for one’s neighbor, which means you straightforwardly say he is in error, and try to return him to the truth, directing him onto the path of salvation. Encouraging someone to remain in his delusion is not love -but hatred, according to Maximus the Confessor.” … – His Grace, Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren… Serbian Orthodox Church. ~~~

  69. RaiulBaztepo said

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  70. […] Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified? […]

  71. Sal said

    Plese go here, and learn something. Learn to get your mind of the it’s little brainwashed box.

  72. Sal said

    Here is a great speech I found written by a wonderful Jew who converted to Christianity. He gives the history of the land of Palistine before it became the land of Isreal, and he gives the history of how this land was taken. It’s also a warning to all of us here in America. Please go read the speech.

    We truly need to know this information, to clear our thinking and make wise decisions before we pass on our judgements.

    Here’s the link, and I want to say thanks for reading it:

  73. […] Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified? […]

  74. […] Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified? […]

  75. […] Is Israel’s Heavy Handed Military Tactics In Gaza Justified? […]

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