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Does Most Modern Gospel And Christian Music Worship God?

Posted by Job on December 26, 2008

Listening to Christmas carols this year on contemporary Christian radio, I made note of the fact of how the vast majority of the songs, especially the older or traditional ones, were actually about Jesus Christ. A quick inventory of the older Christian songs and hymns that I ran through my mind turned up the same thing: most – though not all – of them were in praise of God, His actions, and His attributes.

Not so with modern Christian music. It appears that easily more than half of the modern Christian and gospel songs is not music about God but rather music about Christians.  Often it centers around what Christians (and often the artists themselves) think, what they do, how they live. This is not to say that modern Christians do not deal with the worship and praise of God or the mighty acts of God. But the rub is that the songs are about how God is blessing them and how praising God makes them feel. Instead of “Praise God for He is wonderful, righteous, and holy” it is “praise God for giving me increase.” Instead of “worship God” it is “worshiping God makes me feel so good” or “praising God gives me the strength to make it through the day.” 

I have to say that there is a particular artist who is very popular in both gospel and contemporary music right now (a rarity) who refers to himself as a psalmist. To me, it is very strange, because if you actually read the Psalms, the heavily dominant material is clearly describing God and/or worshiping and praising God merely for being God. Even the references to God’s blessings, the effects that worship has on the believer, or the life of the believer are generally clearly subservient to and a function of God and His attributes. Yet this modern psalmist makes songs that are almost entirely about receiving things from God and his personal Christian life. 

Does anyone else agree that this is generally the case? Or is it simply my lack of exposure to both modern gospel and Christian music and such music in times past? However, if my observation is correct, is this shift from “singing about God” and “praising/worshiping God” in Christian and gospel music to “singing about Christians (especially if the Christian is me)” and “praising and worshiping God is wonderful because of how it makes me feel” and from “God is righteous, holy, powerful, and wonderful” to “God is good because of what He has done for me” a cause of current trends in gospel music or is it a reflection of it?


7 Responses to “Does Most Modern Gospel And Christian Music Worship God?”

  1. Job,

    This is a great topic and thank you for sharing. From my vantage point, it is very rare that we find music that is considered “Godly”, as most Christian music is worldly. As a musician, I understand that satan utilizes music as a means of ensnaring individuals emotionally. This subject can get very deep and scary.

    Happy Holidays

  2. David L. Williams said

    Hi, Job…. Yes, I agree with your observations about modern worship. I attended the Anaheim Vineyard Fellowship when their worship music spread thruout the world in the early 90’s. For some time, I entered the worship deeply and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. But in time, the music slightly changed to as you said, singing about what we get from God. Feel good stuff. I noticed I was no longer joining in, and it took a while before I understood why I hesitated.

    Once in a while, the worship leader might choose a hymn like “Amazing Grace,” and you could feel the presence of the Lord fill the sanctuary. It seemed even angels joined in the singing. ..DavWms

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  4. E.Bert Todd said

    This is why the correct term for most of this stuff should not be Gospel, or Christian, it should be ‘Christertainment’
    Music that is for the entertainment of Christians, not for the glory of the Most High.

  5. N. Spears said


    Thank you so much for this article. I was have a debate with my wife about current Gospel music, but couldn’t explain my point of view in words. You explained it perfectly. I was telling her that music like Mary Mary is watered-down and not Glorifying God. I was comparing it to my favorites like Lacrae and Shai Linne that rap about nothing but glorifying God.

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  7. Hi Job,

    I am a Christian songwriter and share your concerns about certain types of modern Christian music.

    I have tried to write an alternative type of song, intended for congregational worship, and readers might be interested in visiting my website at, from which audio files, words, guitar chords and sheet music can be downloaded for free.

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