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Sarah Palin’s Former Church Wasilla Bible Suffers Heavy Damages Due To Suspicious Fire

Posted by Job on December 14, 2008

People were actually at the church when the blaze started. They were alerted by the fire alarm, and were able to escape to safety. Firefighters had to work for hours in 20 degrees below zero weather for hours in order to get this fire out. At this time, I should like to point out that though I criticized Sarah Palin a great deal, 1) I never put her in the same boat with George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Nixon, Reagan, Cheney, McCain, Carter, Clinton, or Obama and 2) I never found much of an occasion to criticize Wasilla Bible Church itself. Quite the contrary, I found their statements and behavior that came about by virtue of their being unwillingly thrust into a level of international public scrutiny that they never sought or desired for themselves to be largely commendable. As best as I can tell, Wasilla Bible Church has never sought fame or influence, and they handled being put in what was clearly a very bad situation about as appropriately as one could hope. In particular, their public statement that they very hurriedly had to put out when USA Today tried to make them out as being a “conservative” mirror image of Jeremiah Wright’s evil was flawless. Perfect. It was 100% Biblical and completely unimpeachable. And the fact that they had to come up with a response literally within a couple of hours, upon USA Today’s linking to what they promised was an inflammatory video incriminating the church hosted on their TINY SERVER and USA Today’s doing so WITHOUT INFORMING OR CONTACTING THEM FIRST, was outstanding. It meant that they did not have time to consult with lawyers or public relations people or anything like that, but instead only had time to come up with something reflecting what they truly felt to be true and appropriate. It was a statement that they did not have to retract or claim was quoted out of context. So let it be known that I came away with a much higher opinion of Wasilla Bible Church and its pastor than I had prior based on their prudent and Biblical handling of their moment of crisis! So, in that context, and also based on a cursory examination of their creeds and similar, I am of the opinion that if this fire was set intentionally, it should be viewed as an attack on Bible believing Christians everywhere because of our faith. 

In any event, I wonder why the media continues to depict Wasilla Bible Church as Sarah Palin’s church. Sarah Palin left that church years ago. Both Palin and Wasilla Bible Church confirmed this fact. It just shows that the media will tell and repeat lies as it sees fit, even when there is no apparent reason to do so.


5 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Former Church Wasilla Bible Suffers Heavy Damages Due To Suspicious Fire”

  1. Alex Truth said

    More info Fire:

  2. Kristy Tracy said

    As a member of Wasilla Bible Church, I sincerely appreciate your comments, Job, and I agree with everything you said. The fire was definitly an act of arson and is being handled as such. The church does have insurance and the women who were inside when the fire was set all got out in time when the alarm system alerted them. Thank God they did.

    I have attended this church for almost 20 years, I worked there for 5, and I know the people, pastors and staff very well. When suddenly thrust under the media microscope because of the recent presidential campaign, WBC strove to consistently pray for and extend grace to the very media that worked so hard to make us look foolish. In short, the church tried to act like Jesus. Though they didn’t seek publicity, they welcomed both the liberal and the conservative media with equal openess, recognizing the public’s need for information and the country’s commitment to the freedom of the press.. I was stunned by the animosity directed towards this church which became evident through letters they received, blogs posted all over the internet, and of course, the media. If in fact this fire is a result of someone’s political agenda, I fear there are dark days ahead for Christians all over this country.

    I do have one correction for you…though I prefer to refer to our church as Wasilla Bible Church rather than Sarah Palin’s church, her family does, in fact, attend WBC when she is in Wasilla and her schedule permits.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. That is so sad.

  4. The damage that Sarah Palin’s Former Church Wasilla is suffering due to suspicious fire is telling us something.If there is a proper security installed then there’s a great possibility to prevent fires etc.

  5. Kristy would like us to refer to the church as Wasilla Bible Church or WBC. The church should not be defined as Sarah Palin’s Church, especially as a perjorative if she doesn’t attend. We should respect those who attend as if they attend our own church.
    The Church, Christendom, has been figuratively under fire for awhile but it still stands. I grieve for Christians in Alaska who were not treated right and it seems like a pervasive persecution is on the rise. Homosexuals were attacking Christians and Mormons while the authorities watched. Is it true?
    Some of the videos of prayers to our Lord should not have been made fun of. Even if you disagreed with what is said in prayer then maybe you should have offered up your own prayer for the people there to make it more palatable.

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