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Attention Religious Right Evangelicals: George W. Bush’s View Of The Bible Is No Different From Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s!

Posted by Job on December 11, 2008

George Bush does not believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally, but that “you can learn a lot from it.” Add this to his claim that Christians also pray to the ancient near moon god of the Muslims, whose name is LITERALLY sin (i.e. wilderness of sin and Mount Sinai in Exodus!) and his statement that belief in Jesus Christ is not required to go to heaven. Now how many religious right pastors and other people of influence (including, by the way, Billy Graham!) have personally attested to George Bush being a man of strong faith who believes in and lives by the Bible, is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and consults God in everything that he does?

I have to tell you … I heard about this on the a conservative talk show this morning while driving around. Of course, the host defended Bush, and a bunch of other professed Christians called up doing the same. See, for these people, Christianity is not about God or the Bible. It is about A) your own feelings, desires, goals, etc. and B) country and culture, you know, “values.” How many evangelicals knew this when they trudged to the polls? When they got into running debates and arguments over the godless liberals in defense of this man? When they supported the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the bailout, his free trade policies, and basically everything else questionable that he has done? So, what do you say now?

 George W. Bush does not believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally. He does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. He believes that all religions worship the same God. So what difference is there then, theologically, than Barack Hussein Obama’s Jeremiah Wright black liberation theology Christianity?

Now evangelical or fundamental Christian, you are welcome to believe that George W. Bush was a great president for this country by agreeing with his leadership and policies. It is not my purpose to take my position on that. However, if you believe that George W. Bush is an evangelical, fundamental, orthodox, traditional, or otherwise Bible – believing Christian, then your problem is with the truth. See the video below. The question is whether you would have given the same level of support to Bush and his policies had you known in advance that Bush was no different from Barack HUSSEIN Obama theologically.


18 Responses to “Attention Religious Right Evangelicals: George W. Bush’s View Of The Bible Is No Different From Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s!”

  1. pastoralmusings said

    It’s really sad that he was able to fool so many people so easily for as long as he did.
    It was obvious to me, as soon as he stated that Christians and Muslims worshiped the same God, that his faith was not evangelical
    Thanks for a good write up on this.

  2. nan said

    Well, well, well, and the Christians wanted him in office because he was a Christian, and he was head pastor of the church.. LOL they got what they prayed for. I knew was a liar from the beginning. They fell for that man hook, line and sinker.Christians need to come out of this pagan Christmas to. They have been falling for that for years. When will they wake up the the deception of that. Jesus told us to remember the Lord’s supper and that as often as we did that we are to remember him. He said nothing about his birthday. It’s time for Christians to stop making excuses to celebrate that pagan day just because everything is soooooooooooooooooo pretty.Christ is no way involved in that day.

  3. Devon said

    Who’s arguing? This has been common knowledge since 2001/02 when he stated that muslims and Christians worship the same god….

    But he was still the far better alternative compared to the openly earth worshipping gore or the elitist empty suit kerry….

    There hasn’t been a Christian President probably since Jimmy Carter…and that may not even be true….I think for a truly regenerate Christian to win the Presidency is next to impossible…look at what the press did to Palin!!

    And then, you have to ask yourself, just because someone is a True Christian, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be a good leader…ie Jimmy Carter who ranks as one of the weakest presidents ever….though I would likely always give my vote to a True Christian leader first…..usually anyways….

  4. Yvette said

    I don’t see why anyone is surprised. He’s shown time and again what is about. He’s just laughing that he was able to fool so many, just like Obama is.

  5. Yemi said

    Can you please explain why you relentlessly highlight Obama’s middle name?

  6. Mike Thompson said

    It makes you look like an idiot when you capitalize HUSSEIN when referring to Obama. Whenever I need to take a break from work and laugh I come to this ridiculous website! Thanks for that! Hey, do you think that rainbows didn’t exist before the flood?

  7. At least he is prolife. All of the presidents in the last 30 years have been disappointments. I vote for prolife or 3rd party.
    Obama will side with the eugenics pro-choicers. They will make sure planned parenthood is in minority neighborhoods.

  8. theoldadam said

    It’s a good thing that I voted for him to be my President …and not my pastor.

  9. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I don’t know if Bush was pro life. He never tried to illegalize abortion despite having control of the House and Senate.

    I think the true test will be to see how the judges he appointed act. Though many may speculate on it we won’t know their impact until years later.

    Devon I wasn’t excited over Kerry but I thought Gore would have done better than Bush. Gore did show a lot of grace not contesting Florida further. A protracted fight could have seriously divided the country and Gore took the high road in that. Bush’s legacy really won’t be determined until later. First we have to see what the long term ramifications of the war are economically, politically and militaraly.

    I liked Jimmy Carter. He may have made many mistakes but he had a back bone. He was the only president that really stood up for human rights instead of just giving it lip service. All other presidents Democratic and Republican would support the side which was the most anti communist. While some may argue this may have been benefical in the short term it certainly was not a good long term strategy. Also Carter helped make peace between Israel and Egypt. The peace has held and may be the most prominent reason why there hasn’t been an all out war involving Israel and it’s neighbors.

    Also I don’t know if you realize this but during the Three Mile Island crisis Carter came down to the area to supervise the handling. As a graduate of the Naval Academy in Nuclear Engineering he could grasp the complex things going on. If the reactor blew up then Carter would have most likely perished.

    I was young when Carter was president. I recall the gas crisis and the high inflation. Of course there was also the taking of the hostages in Iran. Another tid bit of history is that Reagan actually negotiated with the Iranians not to free the hostages until after the election. After he was put in power Regan unfroze the financial assets of Iran that Carter had frozen.



  10. Meg said

    I watched the whole interview on television and I am not supprised.

    I found Christian Website stating that Bush did denies Christ-

    Bush Denied Christ:

    I also found a website that Bush are not pro-life, endorses condom use, and and many more edivence that Bush is NOT a conservative at all:

    I also found a Christian website shows that Bush had said that Muslims and Christians are worshing the same God:

    And I also found a Christain website that Bush is in some kind of Skull and Bones cult and shows that he has a family history are in it too-

    Skull and Bones Exposed:


    Bush Family Fortunes(Video):

  11. Devon said

    Carter had backbone?? Are you joking??? Carter was gutless and horrible economically…Carter is living proof you can be a Christian and be a horrible leader…

    And Gore HAD no right to contest Florida..he lost it fair and square..unless of course you buy the deceit of the looney left and its propaganda! Gore was the reason the debate went on…the guy is the biggest blowhard mother earth worshipping moron on the political front…

    America dodged a huge bullet in not electing its first new age president…alas, now they have elected their first radical socialist…between gore and obama, I probably would take gore…and that is plainly awful..

  12. theoldadam said

    Jimmy Carter’s inability to discern good from evil is a good part of the reason we are having many of the problems that we are having in the Middle East.

    He is Still causing trouble for the U.S. and coddling Islamic terrorists. And the left wing judges he appointed are wreaking havoc all over the country. And I voted for him!

    He was the last Democrat I voted for, but hey, I was young and dumb.

    I’m still dumb…but a little wiser.

  13. Devon said

    Hi Oldadam, yeah if I was an American and could have voted in 76 I probably would have went for Jimmy…at least he was against abortion and he did publicly proclaim his faith which I think was/is real…in the past their was some great democrats…now the party is so far left their isn’t much to choose from….

  14. theoldadam said


    So true.

    If college students were to read any of JFK’s speeches (not knowing who delivered the speech) they would swear it was given by a Republican.

    Todays democratic Party has been hijacked by Leftists and the people are too ignorant to realize it.

  15. Bush is an awful president but a prolife likeable guy.
    He has been the best advocate in the white house for the unborn in many years.

  16. theoldadam said


    Bush has been quite the advocate for the ‘born’, as well. He has kept us safe and not re-attacked after 9/11.

    All the terrorists that would love to do us in are now busy in Iraq ans Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    When we pull out of those places…watch out.

    You think Bush was an awful President? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  17. I expect Obama to hold good press conferences as long as the news guys don’t waste their time with probing questions. He’s already cut off questions about the Illinois Senate scandal and he hasn’t been sworn in. He is already brazen.
    He will crack if he gets the same scrutiny with the press corp as Bush does. He is a good speech maker but his lack of experience will outweigh the hope and change facade.

  18. If Obama was converted in a Black liberation theology church then there would be a difference from George Bush. Both are off course but you can’t really say Bush is no different. Both could be disappointing to their congregations and church elders and speak in skeptical ways about the bible.

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