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Apparently Buying Five Billion Dollars Worth Of Arms From Israel Since 2002 Made India A Terror Target!

Posted by Job on November 29, 2008

Officials: India mishandled hostage situation


15 Responses to “Apparently Buying Five Billion Dollars Worth Of Arms From Israel Since 2002 Made India A Terror Target!”

  1. idealistard said

    I believe events in Kashmir rather then arms purchase made India the target.

    “Since July this year, more than 40 protesters, all unarmed, have been gunned down by Indian security forces in the beautiful but deeply troubled Kashmir Valley.

    The deaths are no more than a tiny addition to the 70,000 people who have been killed there since armed revolt first broke out against India in 1989.”

    more on bbc

  2. Muslims have been active in terrorism in India since Pakistan was created. This episode was more severe, but this is nothing new. Just the “religion of peace” at it again.

    In this world of trouble and strife, you will find Islam at the center of it in 90% of the cases.

  3. Devon said

    Actually, Islam’s history of brutality into India goes back many many centuries predating even partition in 48…..perhaps some of the greatest massacres in human history were perpetuated by Islam against India in the centuries past!

    It would have made no difference for India had she bought her arms from whatever country….Islam loathes India and has done so for centuries!

  4. theoldadam said


    I stand corrected. You are so right! Muslims seem to hate whoever it happens to be that opposes Islam…whoever and wherever they happen to be.

    But they are very nice people (I hear that all the time).

  5. Job said


    I meant in the current context of the war on terror, not Muslim violence in general. I was thinking that the coordinated nature of this attack means that Al Qaeda’s fingerprints on it, and their strategic military relationship with Israel is what might have drawn the interests of Al Qaeda. I was of the opinion that most of the Kashmir related violence was limited to the Kashmir region.

  6. John Kaniecki said

    And people wonder why we need a saviour. It is so sad.



  7. theoldadam said

    There will never be peace on earth without Christ. We will continue this madness until He returns.

    But, with each passing day He pulls another fish into the net.

  8. Devon said

    I don’t think it would be Al Quada as there are so many Islamic terrorist groups….and I know the Indian Gov is saying Pakistan is behind it but I doubt that also…Pakistan couldn’t be this stupid to risk an all out war with India…a War which they will lose badly…

    I think this is likely some new Islamic terrorist group..mayby working with others…who really knows….India has been battling this stuff for centuries…

    The Kashmir issue is indeed a flashpoint for Islamic terrorism but muslims have attacked all over India in the past and will continue to do so…….

    The bottom line is that Islam doesn’t need any excuse to commit atrocities…if you are non muslim, you are always going to be a potential target…

  9. Diane said

    Hello, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

    Has anyone heard about the reporter who saw police not returning fire on these terrorist? I wonder why the police would do nothing while civilians and other policeman are getting shot. This is a very strange response, seeing they should be use to dealing with terrorist.

  10. Devon said

    Diane, I had read that too…it was I think in the IndiaTimes….I’m not sure what to think about that? Poor Police…bad training…perhaps they were Muslim cops that wouldn’t shoot on their own ummah???

    I can’t say…one cameraman was sitting their telling the Police to shoot at the terrorists and they wouldn’t….he said the terrorists were sitting ducks and could have been taken out at that point….

    I got a feeling it was just poorly trained and equipped Police but in Mumbai, they have had this kind of terrorism before so you think they would have some readiness and professionalism about these things?!!

    The question is now…do the Hindus respond back in the usual bloodletting that is known in India? That’s when things can get really ugly….so sad…

  11. Diane said

    I hope and pray there is no retaliation and that theyre able to find the group responsible.

    Some think the non response was the result of PC indoctrination/training… you see whats happening in London, but I think the possibility of the police being muslim and unwilling to shoot another muslim is more plausible, but who knows.

    May Christians continue to spread the good news, watch and pray.

  12. Job,

    I was of the opinion that most of the Kashmir related violence was limited to the Kashmir region.

    I must say you’re very wrong in that view.

    India and Pakistan have been fighting even BEFORE there were the independent nations “India” and “Pakistan”. This is why the British came up with the idea of putting the Muslims in “Pakistan” and the Hindus in “India”. Because the 2 groups NEVER got along. That’s why their area was unstable enough for an outside force like the British to come in and take over in the first place. The Kashmir dispute is a more modern topic of their fighting and terrorist actions related to the Kashmir dispute take place in various parts of India. Of course India would buy arms from an enemy of Muslim nations, but the fighting between Muslim and Hindu is very very old.

    And we know many of the terrorists who have attacked US interests are in Pakistan. Many years from now, the public will learn of actionable intelligence provided to the Bush administration by Indian intelligence, which nothing was done about. Just like we’ve learned how Bill Clinton was provided intelligence he sat on. It’s going to come out after Bush is out of office that he’s done some of the same.

  13. “The only gunman captured after a 60-hour terrorist siege of Mumbai said he belonged to a Pakistani militant group with links to the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, a senior police officer said Sunday.”

  14. Job said


    It would appear that I stand corrected!

  15. nan said

    It’s called wargames. It’s a setup from Satan up. These people were sent by the powers that be.

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