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What Genesis 1 Tells Christians About Evangelism

Posted by Job on November 19, 2008

Please direct your attention to the account of creation in Genesis 1. After you have done so, please notice what it says about God’s creations of living things: plants, animals and humans. Five times, in Genesis 1:11, Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:24, Genesis 1:25 and it is mentioned that after God created living things, He gave living things the ability to reproduce after their kind (using the King James Version manner of speaking). That means that every living thing that God made has the ability to bear fruit, to produce offspring that is similar to its parents, to replicate itself. This applies not only to the plant and animal kingdoms or to human beings in natural terms. There is a spiritual principle here too. After all, who can deny that the church is a living thing? The church is the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ is alive, not dead. Upon His resurrection, the angels at His tomb bore witness of this. They stated “why do you seek the living among the dead?” Jesus Christ before He went to the cross told this to the Saduccees who challenged Him about the resurrection: that God and the Kingdom of heaven have rule and dominion over the living, not the dead. Those in the Body of Christ will never truly die, but will have life everlasting. Meanwhile, those outside the Body of Christ will suffer not only a physical natural death, but the second death in the lake of fire. Just as the Body of Christ is most certainly alive, then its members, individual Christians, are alive too. Not only are we alive, but we are new creatures! So yes, Genesis 1:11, Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:24, Genesis 1:25 speaks to us. As living beings that are new creations of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, we will also reproduce after our kind. That is, we will heed the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and bear good fruit by fulfilling the Great Commission, testifying of the Lord Jesus Christ and His great salvation to any and all that will hear, and produce disciples that will enter the Body of Christ just as we did. After all, how did you enter the Body of Christ. Perhaps your parents took you to church and you heard a sermon. Perhaps a family member or a coworker shared the gospel with you. Maybe you heard the gospel on radio or television. Or perhaps it was a stranger who took a minute of your time that changed you for an eternity, and maybe he or she even gave you a tract. No matter the method, these people were fulfilling the mandate – not option but mandate – that Jesus Christ gave His true followers to spread the gospel to any and all. And this mandate was not some new thing, but rather a restatement and application to the church what was already given in a place like Genesis 1:26-28, which told all living creation including humankind to multiply, reproduce and fill the earth. To the church in particular, Genesis 1:26-28 is tied to Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission! As living things, as living men, we are able to fulfill this mandate through evangelism. Even those of us who are not able to bear natural children due to God’s not willing us to bear them for one reason or another will produce much fruit for the Holy and righteous God in evangelism, and in this way fulfill the prophesy given in Isaiah 54:1. (By the way, amillennial, dominion, and official theologists please take note of Matthew 28:17-18, which states that the dominion of the earth, all things, has been given to CHRIST JESUS. So the great commission does not refer to politics, economics and culture, only evangelism.) So this is yet another way that the new covenant is a greater spiritual fulfillment of the lesser natural covenants that preceded it, and how the old covenant prophets bore witness that just such a thing would happen. So Christian, set aside all of your worldly distractions that Satan and his workers have erected before you to hinder you from accomplishing good works that glorify the Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ and with the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and concentrate on the task at hand, which is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ among our family, neighbors, cities, nations, and to the ends of the earth. Heed the command of your Savior and your Lord Jesus Christ. Go and reproduce living things after your kind which God the Father will then conform into the image of His Son.


3 Responses to “What Genesis 1 Tells Christians About Evangelism”

  1. Miseti said

    You are so right! I have never seen the connection but now that you mention it, I see it. And also true that spreading the gospel is not an option but a mandate which begins by first living the gospel truths before you even think of opening your mouth to talk about it. It is also a pity to see that many Christians don’t realize that the great commission doesn;t include politicking, the so called ‘prosperity religion’ and such time wasting world loving tactics which the enemy has invented in these last days when the battle is fiercest to prevent us from reaching our spiritual potential and thereby gaining entry to heaven. These tactics are here to prevent us from taking up the cross as the Lord admonished us but there is no crown without a cross for it is that cross that is to be exchanged for the beautiful crown!

  2. EnochWalked said

    Praise the LORD!

    Well said Brother Job. Excellent commentary.

    I believe in predestination/the elect and the total Sovereignty of GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS SON the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I do believe a Christian can lose his/her salvation. I do not confess to either camp….(Calvinist) or Armininian.

    How do Calvinist evangelize since they believe Salvation is only offered to the elect and salvation is only a work of GOD?
    I say in this regards GOD is the ONE WHO draws sinners, but HE…needs a body(the body of CHRIST to operate in and through) to represent HIS SON. Redeemed man has a
    responsibility to draw sinners to HIM by their life, behaviour, witness, and testimony…I believe according to the scriptures..All scriptures.

    2nd Question: I am praying about the parable of the tares…I am waiting on a witness from the Holy Spirit before I get peace on it….According to the parable of the tares, a tare is planted by Satan, children of the dark…therefore, the tare cannot be redeemed? I am really wrestling with this. I believe a Christian is to be salt and light to everyone. I need your Christian wisdom or anyone else out there that may “revelation knowledge” on this question.

    Thanks and GOD bless you for all you do in JESUS NAME!

  3. Job said


    “How do Calvinist evangelize since they believe Salvation is only offered to the elect and salvation is only a work of GOD? I say in this regards GOD is the ONE WHO draws sinners, but HE…needs a body(the body of CHRIST to operate in and through) to represent HIS SON. Redeemed man has a responsibility to draw sinners to HIM by their life, behaviour, witness, and testimony…I believe according to the scriptures..All scriptures.”

    You answered your own question 🙂

    “According to the parable of the tares, a tare is planted by Satan, children of the dark…therefore, the tare cannot be redeemed?”

    Well, remember, creation and all of humanity fell into sin because of the actions of Adam. Though Adam was solely responsible for his sin, Satan DID play a role … it was his plot from beginning to end. The unsaved are of this world, and Satan is the ruler of this world, so they are part of his system, his dominion, and will be until the day of the Lord when final judgment falls upon them.

    “therefore, the tare cannot be redeemed?”

    No. As a matter of fact, your own interpretation of this parable is an explicit statement of predestination theology. Yes, Christians are to be salt and light to everyone. Jesus Christ said so in the sermon on the mount: that God sends rain on the good and the evil (in an agricultural society that is a powerful statement, as rain grows crops which people need not only to eat to live, but to sell in order to produce commerce … so it meant that God allows the good and the evil to live and prosper … it is what is often called common grace that God shares with all, saved and unsaved). So we are to do the same, to love our enemies. In a spiritual sense, our enemies are the unsaved because, again, they are of this world, and until they leave the satanic worldly system by joining the Body of Christ and become our brothers and sisters, they are enemies.

    So while the tare cannot be redeemed, we as Christians have no idea beforehand who is a tare and who is a wheat. Only God knows. So we are supposed to preach the gospel, our job, and then let God do His job, which is to use the gospel to save whom He will.

    Revelation knowledge? Nah, just good old fashioned Bible study! Incidentally, the doctrine that you can lose your salvation comes from Roman Catholicism. It was actually based on the idea that the pope holds the keys of heaven and has the power to condemn someone to the lake of fire by excommunication, and of course the pope allocates that power down through the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical hierarchy to make local decisions on his behalf. It got into Protestantism when the Anglicans split from the Roman Catholics. See, the Anglicans initially weren’t REALLY Protestant, the king of England just wanted to divorce his wife. So, he set up a copy of the Roman Catholic Church with himself as the head. So, the Anglicans preserved the Roman Catholic excommunication doctrine. Except that it could not work exactly the same way, based on the pope’s being the replacement (vicar) of Christ and holding the keys to heaven and hell on earth. The king of England never asserted such spiritual authority for himself. So, the excommunication doctrine of the Roman Catholics was transformed into “you can lose your salvation by sinning” doctrine for Anglicans of the time. It really was along the same lines, the only thing missing was the lack of a pope and a priesthood to excommunicate and reinstate.

    How did it get into popular strands of popular Protestantism including Baptists and Pentecostals? The Wesleys. Though they ultimately started their own Methodist denomination (which not only produced the Pentecostals and other splinter denominations but also heavily influenced some free will Baptists) they were Anglicans initially, so they retained the historic “lose your salvation” doctrines of the Church of England. When you consider their doctrine, that to a great extent explains why “the method” was so important to Wesley … it was not only to grow in grace but to remain in salvation! You see, once you start believing that you lose your salvation, you inevitably develop a works centered faith. It does not matter whether it is works centered in the beginning (to attain salvation), in the middle (to advance in faith), or in the end (to lose your salvation) the result is the same. Of this I well know, for I grew up in a “lose your salvation” Pentecostal Holiness church, and only recently was able to finally get their works doctrines out of my head, and it was only when that happened that I was able to FINALLY emerge from my lifestyle of living in sin and fear! Prior to then, I had witnessed many great things, including healings and prophecies, but I was unable to stop living in sin until I trusted the cross.

    So let me tell you … anyone who believes that they can lose their salvation is better off being a Roman Catholic. The reason is that if you are a Roman Catholic, then you have the pope, the priesthood, and the church on your side. The reason is that WE ALL SIN. And ALL SINS ARE EQUAL. So there is none of this about how you lose your salvation if you commit adultery or murder because those are “big sins” but if you tell a little lie you are OK (which basically is the Roman Catholic penance system which affords bigger punishments for bigger sins). The proof of this is that Jesus Christ states that even LOOKING at a woman lustfully is the same as adultery, and buddy in this modern world where there are models placed in every magazine, every TV show, on billboards etc. then there are a lot of adulterers out there CONSTANTLY losing their salvation every time they drive through a business district or watch TV!

    So if you are Roman Catholic, then based on your infant baptism, being a member of the church, receiving extreme unction/last rites when you die, and if all else fails purgatory, then you are covered. But if you are Protestant then you have no hope. 1 John 1:8 makes it clear that all Christians sin. And please look at what Paul says in Romans 7:

    14For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.
    15For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.
    19For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

    Sounds like a person constantly – or almost constantly – losing his salvation to me, what about you? So the Protestant who believes that he can lose his salvation is one who believes that he has no hope. That is, unless such a person has some belief in his inherent righteousness that the entire Bible clearly and consistently rejects from beginning to end. The work of Jesus Christ IMPUTES righteousness to us by GRACE. It does not make us INHERENTLY RIGHTEOUS in this life. That does not happen until perfection comes, which is the resurrection (for those that sleep, those that are alive are caught up) and we are made incorruptible. I mean, consider Abraham. “And Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” Romans 4:3, Galatians 3:6, James 2:23. It does not say that Abraham became inherently righteous through faith. It said that God declared or called him righteous because of Abraham’s faith, and as a result Abraham’s sins were covered by grace.

    We are under a new covenant that promises perfection, but that perfection is not attained until we get our new bodies. Until then, we are still weak and completely reliant on the grace of God and can do nothing without it. The grace of God is not arbitrary. It is not weak. It is not fallible. Also, God cannot be overpowered or overcome. The very gates of hell cannot prevail against the grace of God. So if the grace of God saves a person, then the acts of a person cannot overpower or defeat God’s grace. Man cannot box with God, his arms are way too short. That was the lesson learned from the book of Job, remember? It is not works, but grace. If good works cannot save a man, then bad works cannot condemn the man that God has saved. The Bible is an eminently logical book (“come and let us reason together”) so for a person to be unable to be able to gain salvation by good works but yet be able to forfeit his salvation through evil works is an internal logical contradiction that will never exist within a Godhead that is orderly.

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