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Gospel Music? Yes? No?

Posted by Job on November 14, 2008

Which two of these four videos best represents gospel music?


16 Responses to “Gospel Music? Yes? No?”

  1. Polycarp said

    I am going to go with the top two.

  2. Job said


    Justin the Martyr describing Christian baptism in AD 140:

    “for they are washed with water in the name of God the Father and Lord of all things, and of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit”

    140 AD is less than a generation after the death of the apostle John. So, have any idea how a Trinitarian baptismal formula developed so quickly, when so many people who had received the faith from the apostles first hand were still not only heavily populating but generally leading the church?

    Oh yes, and I agree with your reply above.

  3. Polycarp said

    Job, since this was not the place for that, I was not going to address it. Justin also contributed significantly to the Trinitarian Doctrine. Several times, Justin only baptizes in the name of the Father and the Son, hardly Trinitarian.

    Speaking of Gospel music, or what passes for it, I would rather John Newton than anyone today.

  4. Polycarp said

    Job, I keep coming back to this post. You have truly said a mouthfull with this post. Thanks again

  5. nan said

    TOP TWO Mary Mary has gone over to the other side in their music. Madness abounds. Whatever happened to just singing for God all these videos and too much racket in the church instead of music and fancy voices has gotten out of control especially in the black church. Vanity, vanity all is vanity. And now they have something else (THE ILLUSTRATED SERMON). The chuch has gone theatre. Pass the popcorn and raisinets please.Oh and don’t forget my big soda!

  6. I stopped listening years ago. I sing to myself and ignore the worldly gospel music show.

  7. Job said

    Reverend Patrick Williams:

    I have always wondered … is it the content of the song or the witness of the person that sings it? I guess that they are related.

  8. They should be related, however when I see a singer dancing wordly while singing about Jesus, I have to ask what are they witnessing. I watched a entire church do the electric slide to a Christian song and it was recieved as worship. Recieved by who, is the question? It will be recieved by man as praise, but is a strong stench in God’s nostril. Strange smoke (praise and prayer) and fire (worship).
    Someone will say well stop hating; God is love and knows we are doing our best to worship Him. Well, tell that to Aaron’s two sons who stood before God.

    3:4 And Nadab and Abihu died before the LORD, when they offered strange fire before the LORD, in the wilderness of Sinai, and they had no children: and Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest’s office in the sight of Aaron their father.

    There are opinions regarding the actions of the sons. Almost all agreeing that a sin was committed. As to the nature and cause of the sin, the commentaries differ.

    According to one approach, the problem was that the two entered the Sanctuary drunk, evidenced by the section in the Torah which follows this episode; Aaron is warned against entering the Temple to perform service while intoxicated:

    And God spoke to Aaron saying, ‘Do not drink wine or strong drink, neither you nor your sons when you enter the Tent of Meeting lest you die.’ (Leviticus 10:8-9)

    The logic is that this is mentioned now, following the deaths of Aaron’s sons, because that was their sin. Alternatively we may say that the problem was that the offering of incense was not called for, but it was the drunkenness which caused the error in judgment, resulting in the “strange fire” which was offered.

    Bottom line is we can’t worship God the way we want.
    Wisdom: We can worship the right God, the wrong way. The way we think He should be worshipped. Amen.

  9. EnochWalked said

    Praise the LORD!

    The first two are praise and worship.

    MaryMary is Pop/Top 40. My old saying is…if you can play it in the clubs…then you can’t play it or sing it in the house of the LORD…the problem with gospel music today in the USA…and this includes black and white…there is no restraint. MaryMary moves the flesh..moves your body…now I know their albums because I am married to a MaryMary wife(another story)! They grew up singing the old time way and have some traditional songs on their albums…but….they claim to be singing for the LORD…then I say sing for free…renounce record contracts/stop shooting videos to be on Video Gospel/Bet/the Word Network!

    Brother Job,
    When the pre-tribulation rapture does not occur and it will not according the Holy Scriptures…We shall see home much they will sing about Heaven. Other than the remnant, the overwhelming majority of Christians in the USA are MaryMary types and in love and entangled with the world…I know…I used to be one!

  10. Job said

    Reverend Patrick Williams:

    “According to one approach, the problem was that the two entered the Sanctuary drunk”

    That is strange. Scripture specifically states that they died because they burned strange fire before the Lord in Leviticus 10:1-2. I wonder where the alternate interpretation comes from, and why. Now people can debate the REASON why that rule existed in the first place. The explanation that makes the most sense (to me) was that God wanted to make a clear line of separation between things done before Him and things done before false gods. He wanted people, both Israelites and pagans, to be able to easily clearly tell which God Israel was worshiping – HIM – and which gods they WERE NOT worshiping – all other gods – rather easily. God did not want anyone to mistake worship of Him for worship of a false god. (Now that explanation seems to fit your reply quite nicely, incidentally!) But scripture is clear that they died because of offering the wrong incense. God gave Moses in Exodus specific instructions on how to make the incense offered to Him and warned Israel through Moses in Exodus what would happen were any other incense offered.

  11. Hi Job: I too believe they did something not called for before God. There are four very possible suggestions,

    They offered their offering in the wrong way. According to the instructions the priests were to take the fire for offerings from the altar. This was a fire that was kept going constantly. It is possible that the brothers produced fire from another source.

    They offered their offering at the wrong time. God was very specific on when the offerings were to be made. It is possible that the brothers wanted to duplicate what their father Aaron had done and so they disregarded God’s timing.

    They offered their offerings in the wrong frame of mind. Some scholars suggest that in these offerings Nadab and Abihu were actually drunk. They were caught up in the celebration and in their drunkenness made these offerings. This view is based on the warnings about wine in verse 9.

    They offered their offering in the wrong place. Some have suggested that these brothers entered into the most holy place of the tabernacle known as the Holy of Holies. This was square room that contained the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat. This place was considered the habitation of God. This room was to be entered only once a year and only by the High Priest. In Leviticus 16:1-2 . This would also make it strange fire.

    According to Jewish tradition, our prayers ascends into heaven within the smoke. This is said to hide our prayers from the prince of the air.

  12. Kyle said

    Let me talk about the emotions I got when I watched all four. The first two vids brought me quite a bit of happiness watching the simplicity of a child singing classic hymns. However, the 3rd vid was not disturbing but was rather your typical empty new Christian “so-called” gospel music. Now as for the fourth vid, well lets just say I had to stop it before 30 seconds even transpired.


  13. John Kaniecki said


    The book of Acts no less than three times tells the story of Paul’s conversion. A brilliant light so bright that it blinds him beckons him to follow the Lord Jesus.

    Paul thought he was serving God. He had a zeal that was unmatched. When he saw the light he was changed with a complete transformation. What was old and cherished became rubbish. He earnestly went forth with his new faith.

    I will be praying for you all.



  14. James said

    I had the same reaction. The first two are pretty cute home movies. The 3rd song has the R&B catch. I’ve heard it a lot but haven’t seen the video until now. The last one was a waste of computer memory.
    I am pretty flexible about gospel music as long as they don’t do close ups of women’s backsides like MTV. I don’t want to watch something then get a punch from my wife.
    A woman singing in a choir robe has a stronger appeal to my spiritual nature than the tight pants which brings out the carnal side.

  15. Devon said

    I guess I am in general agreement here with everyone else…The first 2 videos are precious…and wonderful hymns..

    The third one I don’t mind…I have seen it quite a while ago…not bad but I really do not like contempory Christian music….I really am a Hymn guy either in Southern or Black or Traditional style….

    The fourth is not good….it really is playing on the attractiveness of these ladies…and that shouldn’t be when we are supposed to be gloryfying the Lord….

    I do have some respect for Mary Mary though…they got in trouble a few years ago for saying homosexuality is wrong…or something to that effect..of course the liberal media picked it up and ran with it…..


  16. N. Spears said

    I am Shai Linne, Lacrae, and Trip Lee type of guy. Don’t care for the music unless they are speaking scriptural truths. If it’s watered down I don’t listen to it.

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