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Want To Work For The Anti – Christ Globalist Money System? Here Is The Company To Apply For!

Posted by Job on November 13, 2008

This is an actual advertisement targeted to college students forwarded to me by a ministry supporter. I regret that the graphics that were in the email do not show up correctly. I have used “@” to replace some information that would reveal the college that the sender attends, I bolded a section that shows that our government is behind this scheme, everything else is as I received it. By the way, the name of this company, Denarii, is a plural form of denarius, which was the currency of the Roman Empire in the time of Jesus Christ. (To you King James Version bigots like myself, it is commonly translated as “penny” in the New Testament.) Oh yes, and this “be a part of true change” business? Hope! Change! Obama! Classic. 

Sizzle Money


Be a Part of True Change!


Socially responsible & community-focused Denarii Payments, Inc.

searches for young, disciplined, & proactive individuals……


Candidates must:


  • Be critical thinkers
  • Be fluent in Spanish & English
  • Have an understanding of Hispanic customs
  • Attend a free SizzleMoneytm   Training Seminar
  • Pass the SizzleMoneytm Exam




  • Be part of an organization launching ground-breaking technology
  • Be part of a socially responsible company that puts people first
  • Work at your own pace
  • Attractive earning potential



@@@@@ @@@, @@@ @@@@

11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Information Session Every Hour

Conducting Interviews


About Denarii Payments, Inc.

Denarii developed SizzleMoneytm to respond to the demands of working families who need an easy-to-use safe and secure method of electronic commerce and money sharing.  SizzleMoneytm is a community-centric mobile financial serice that enables anyone to exchange funds and make retail purchases through our secure text messaging service.  SizzleMoneytm  works on any cell phone and on any cellular network in the U.S. Accounts are FDIC insured and have no minimum balance requirements and, more importantly, have no hidden fees.  Our modest transaction fees are “pay-as-you-go” charging only for what is used.  Our neighborhood iSizzle Representatives or local participating merchants are available to assist in opening new accounts and making additions for active SizzleMoneytm customers.

Visit for more information.


3 Responses to “Want To Work For The Anti – Christ Globalist Money System? Here Is The Company To Apply For!”

  1. I don’t think this is one to get worried over. Call me when they are acquired by Verichip.

    Hope you’ve checked out the video I put in this post.

  2. Christians taught the wrong understanding of anti christ!
    Body: I am still getting massive numbers of e-mails from people who fear that the anti-christ was just elected president. How can we minister to frightened Christians in deep despair? We do have the spirit of Babylon rising in our own country, and the foundations were being built long before 2008’s election.

    The public is not challenging the salaries of Police and firemen unions. These organizations are not needed in our society. Yet they have taken control of New York City, California and many other cities and states. These government unions are masking their use of public employees in an organized effort to grow government and remove local control of government. Unions were originally created to help private sector employees and were never intended for gaining government power.

    The Soviet Union was another massive government workers union! Our city government located in my town is entirely unionized, they represent a left wing voter block that we cannot remove in the election process. Arnold the governator tried to break California’s public employees unions power and quickly learned that they were strong enough to terminate him. When will the people in this nation see these trends? Our schools are unionized, and controlled by the left, and have educated a generation of kids who feel perfectly at home with socialism.

    I have spent years writing a book to re-educate people by waking them up to the fact that we are supporting a state growing within a state, and it has formed deep roots within our most trusted institutions. This government power and abuse are a twin prophecy connected to the 3 Hebrews who were forced to fall down and either worship the golden statue erected by the state of Babylon, or die in the fire. (Daniel Chapter 3) The Idol we must bow and worship today is political correctness! If we do not do this we may be fired, or destroyed by character assassinations directed by the Babylon media. If you do not fall down and worship the image of the beast you must be destroyed. (Daniel 3) That is how they sought to destroy Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, even though Bush desperately tried to stop Freddie and Fannie 7 times.

    The time has come where we cannot buy nor sell, nor have employment without our tax money being used to build this modern Babylon. They are literally building a political God of gold by taking our own money, robbing our own job. They are ignoring sound principles and offering us as sacrifices to appease their angry god.

    We are like cattle (property) being lead by those we have elected to the slaughter. Our thoughts are that these people are honest humans who intend to take care of us. We are being lulled into slavery by the beast of Babylon. And they have us paying for the transportation to the train station, the ticket for the journey, and all the failing plans of scheme. They are empowering their status by allowing us to think all is well as we become enslaved to build their palaces with our sweat and money! They are actually Beastly men who have sold out their own humanity. Everybody is anxiously looking for the mark of the beast while we are being marked by the Beast through our service in Babylon with our own right hand. The mark in the forehead is not a computer chip, like Christians imagine. It is a mark of deception brainwashed into their minds, or foreheads.

    Look how people just voted with their right hands! What kind of Beast has entered their brains? Is it not the mark of the beast implanted into their thought processes by the media? This deception causes people to sell out their own freedom! Peoples’ right hands voted for slavery in Babylon. Your right hand is the work hand! By their own will people in fear sacrifice their freedom thinking they are accomplishing a greater good. The poor are being used to justify this mass robbery done through slave taxation. Our education systems, and our health care are to become the final foundation to construct the monsters idol. Poor people become the image of the golden idol. The money Idol in which the beast hides himself behind, in order to hide the fact that our sacrifices are not for the poor after all, but actually for the beasts own glory. The poor are just pawns, and will soon become slaves to this modern Babylon after their plight is used.

    I have great hope that this failing economy will not respond to Babylon’s social fixes, and things may get much worse. Christians do not comprehend what the mark of the beast is! This makes it easier for them to also be enslaved by spiritual ignorance. They think a tattoo is coming that will be placed upon their head. This blinds them from seeing the true mark! They misplace the Bible’s true meaning of the real mark.

    The mark is spiritual, and not literal! There were not any computer chips present when Cain was marked in ancient times! The number 666 is the measurement of Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol. The mark of the historical calendar for the Babylon system, was 600 BC. Sixty cubits high and six cubits wide. See Daniel Chapter Three verse one. Therein resides the meaning of 666. Herein is depicted Babylon’s beastly slavery as recorded in your own Bible. How did so many miss this? The measurements are written in the Bible.

    I am still getting frightened e-mails from lots of Christians who believe that the anti-christ has just come to power. Millions of these people have been taught wrong meanings for the “Beast of Babylon” from self serving preachers who do not understand, nor can they properly identify this enemy within correct Bible context. Suddenly after the election millions of these people are confused and lost, not knowing where to turn for spiritual understanding! The evil one wants to destroy America. America protects Israel.

    The enemy wants to remove our presence in the Middle East. This is why Sarah Palin and others supporting victory in Iraq must prepare to lead America after they learn hard lessons. Perhaps I can help re-educate willing minds when they begin to feel the hard times.. I believe God will even give ignorant people another chance. He will attempt to teach them something before he resorts to his final judgments.

    I am trying to be of some positive assistance, even though I am not a writer, and require another author to help me articulate and promote my book. Help me to reach thousands of frightened and confused Christians, who do not understand what prophecies are happening, or where they can go to find the correct biblical information, to change it.
    Read about the 8th beast on this sight www. eternaltrut. net

  3. Miseti said

    Ok am going to attempt to be brief for what Ive got to say can fill books but I don’t want to be too long. First let me state that most of these politicians are members of secret societies chief of which are Jesuits (their name not withstanding they have nothing to do with Christ), Free masons, Council on Foreign Relations, Skulls and Bones (Yes Bush is one of these), the Bohemian etc. So there is no need to expend energy or passion on these politicians Sarah Palin included, they really aren’t for Christ as they are trying to make us believe they are working for another power which is opposed to the plain cutting truth of our Lord.

    Now to the beast, let’s start from Rev 13:1 “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns….” Compare this scripture (we are to interpret scripture with scripture) with Rev 17:3 “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns” (the same seven heads and ten horns). So from this we can deduce that this beast of Rev 13 is the same as the woman of Rev 17. I will assume that am talking to bible students who have made strides, so I will state that a woman in prophetic terms means a church (that is why the church (the woman) is Christ’s bride who is the bridegroom).

    Now prophetically speaking, a pure woman means a pure church (See Rev. 12) and a harlot means an apostate church which has gone astray (Rev 17). So the beast of Revelation 13 (which comes out of the sea) and the harlot (Babylon) of Revelation 17 are one and the same thing, therefore this prophecy is not talking about a politician per se but a religious power (united with a political power). Due to time and space, to help identify this church power, I will jump to Rev. 13:5 which says “And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty two months” . Prophetically speaking, a day stands for a year, therefore to get the true duration for this forty two months we have to take forty two times thirty and we get 1,260 days which translate to 1,260 years. So then this church which combines with political power and which has seven heads and ten horns was to continue for 1,260 years. The only church power that fits this bill is the Roman Catholic power which had absolute power for exactly 1,260 years; from AD538 when it was formally instituted to AD1798 when this power was wounded when the pope was taken captive by Napoleon and papacy lost it’s former power. There was no pope for sometime but the wound was healed when papacy was restored, but it has never regained it’s former power. But it has never lost it’s desire and thirst to get back it’s former absolute rule with which it ruled the world and massacred millions of true bible believers for 1,260 years.

    Enters the other beast from the earth, Rev 13:11 “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”. Beast coming up out of the earth signifies a power coming out of a sparsely inhabited area. This fits the United States perfectly and looking like a lamb means it’s defence of liberty especially religious liberty in the former times which was embedded in it’s constitution. But spake as a dragon fits perfectly well what the U.S has become at present time and is still evolving to fully become in the not so far future judging by the present events.

    Rev 13:14 “And deceived them that dwell on the earth, by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the would by a sword, and did live.” You understand this, then you have solved the puzzle. The key words are: “they should make an image to the beast”, we are not to look for some new beast, no! It is the same one with seven heads and ten horns (the papacy) that this new beast from the earth (The U.S) is to make an image to. In former times, the papacy combined civil and religious power to wield absolute and arbitrary rule of dictating the conscience of men. This is to be replicated in the near future when protestant America (Yes you read right, Protestant America!) is to unite with the state to enforce the mark of the beast. Now what is the mark of the beast? It is a mark of authority which shows that the beast (papacy) has power. The mark of papacy’s authority is Sunday (surprise surprise), Sunday worship is a papal institution but which the whole world (or almost the whole world) has taken up with such gusto as to leave someone who knows their bible in total bewilderment for there is nothing in those sacred pages to support such a course. And of course papacy is only too happy to sit back and enjoy their ‘power’ over the whole world as the people who profess to follow the Lord are only happy to follow some of His commandments but not all.

    Notice that I said that papacy has never lost it’s desire to rule the world and in this image of the beast, the papacy is very much in the driving seat through the Jesuits. These Jesuits are everywhere and in every branch and they own practically almost everything, from the Federal Reserve Bank (it isn’t owned by Americans like you have been made to believe), to all the main stream media to churches, mosques and synagogues! So for those alarmed that that company represents the beast, you haven’t gone deep for you will realize that many of us actually work for the beast! (and mark you, you could be working in a church). And most of the politicians belong to this class (you can’t go far in politics if you didn’t). I would like to say more but I will stop there for now so I don’t weary people down.

    We have more to fear from the religious figures than from politicians. Remember during the time of Jesus, it was the religious figures (Pharisees and Sadducees) who incited the political class to crucify Him and it is the religious class of all ages who killed God’s prophets and like the bible tells us, there is no new thing under the sun. Be very afraid of religious teachers who are not following all of God’s commandments but only going after covetousness for very soon they are going to unite with the political class to kill God’s people.

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