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Psalm 75:6-7: Should Christians Consider Barack HUSSEIN Obama To Be God’s Man For The White House?

Posted by Job on November 13, 2008

This pastor says yes, but not in the way that you expect.

Therapy for Post-Election Blues


7 Responses to “Psalm 75:6-7: Should Christians Consider Barack HUSSEIN Obama To Be God’s Man For The White House?”

  1. michael sicurello said

    That Hussein thing is a little lame…

    He is now your Commander in Chief.

    Can you support God’s will without being divisive?

  2. Job said

    Michael Sicurello:

    The boy’s name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “good; handsome one”. The name of a prominent person in Shiite Islam and a royal name in Jordan.

    Of course, you may regard me as someone who only knows the name “Hussein” from Saddam Hussein, the fellow that we put in power to start a war with an Iranian regime that we also put in power that resulted in the deaths of almost 1,000,000 innocent people. Well, as someone who well knows that Hussein is a rather common name in the middle east and has nothing against middle eastern people (it is, after all, far closer to where my religion was born than here) your claims that I am doing any harm by speaking of the fellow’s middle name is off base. People opposed to Hussein’s name should realize that their failure to pay more attention to the name and legacy and policies of George H. W. Bush, those same which George W. Bush continued, are what directly led to the presidency of Barack Obama to begin with. George H. W. Bush led us into an unneeded war, George W. Bush did the same. George H. W. Bush provoked Al Qaeda, George W. Bush did. George H. W. Bush kowtowed to the Saudis, George W. Bush did. George H. W. Bush followed the Brent Scowcroft Dennis Ross plan for the Middle East, George W. Bush did. A banking collapse and scandal happened under George H. W. Bush, it happened under George W. Bush. A recession happened under both presidents. Both presidents supported increased relations with China and globalism in general. Both presidents supported nation building. Both presidents increased spending and government programs. Both presidents support abortion. George H. W. Bush signed the clean air act that set the stage for the global warming cult, George W. Bush has endorsed a cap and trade system. And both presidents support amnesty for illegal immigrants. If anything, the name WALKER should cause more concern than the name HUSSEIN in this country.

    Excuse me, Michael, but what was your problem with me again?

  3. roy said

    whats the problem,, we didn’t name him Hussein!!

  4. roy said

    try this again, one of his names is Hussein!! what is the problem withb saying his name??

  5. James said

    All through the bible God’s people had to suffer under bad kings. This is nothing new.
    King David had to be confronted about his sins and he was a man after God’s heart. Hopefully Obama will get confronted by Christians who cherish life. According to the “Audacity of Hope” Obama is somewhat skeptic about Christianity and there is little difference between believers and unbelievers in Trinity. The doctrines taught there are off the charts so only God can reach him from the depths of false doctrines. We need to pray.

  6. Albert Anvals said

    This was an interesting article about the meaning of President Elects name…

    Meaning of Barack Hussein Obama in Arabic and Persian

  7. James said

    Therapy for the post election blues consists of daily devotions starting with praise and thanksgiving to the real savior not the one Farrakhan is thinking of.

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