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How Is Your Spiritual Portfolio Doing?

Posted by Job on November 12, 2008

I was listening to the radio yesterday (an evangelical Christian channel) and the host of one of their more prominent Christian talk shows was doing a commercial for an investment/financial services companies that mentioned the recent stock market slide that was to the effect of “recent stock slide wiped out your 401(k)? worried about your retirement? well contact us!” Now I could play the people cheap by using Matthew 6:25-34 as a scripture citation, but the truth is that nothing in the Bible precludes sound financial planning. So I will just say to Christians concerned about the goings on in the financial markets: live and plan wisely, but ultimately remember to pay it no heed. Most Christians throughout history and even in the world today have practically nothing when compared to our standard of living that we so often fear losing. (The early church was particularly known for its poverty and dignity in the face of it.) 

Further, wealth, even that which we come by through honest and prudent Christian living and management of our affairs, is temporal. It will have no place in eternity. So, we should concern ourselves with our accumulation of things in the spiritual, which will live forever with us in Christ Jesus!

So, Christian, how is your spiritual portfolio? Up or down? Rich or poor? Hot, cold, or lukewarm? Time for an inventory check. What is your portion of below, and how are you using it in your daily life?

Do you have the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance? Please see a very good devotional on this topic below.

Fruit of the Spirit – Visible Growth in Jesus Christ

 That is not all! Instead, you also need these on your spiritual ledger, the fruits of the spirit: faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretations of tongues. Now don’t let “charismania” make you wary of this topic. Instead, read this devotional!

Gifts of the Spirit – What Are They?

Material wealth is temporal (as is the lack thereof for you Christians for whom God has in His divine sovereign providence chosen to elect modest means as your lot in life!) but things of the Spirit are forever! So Christians, go out and make truly wise investments, which will be those that last forever! Study your Bible, pray and fast often, fellowship, evangelize, engage in good works, and resist the devil so that he will flee from you so that your spiritual portfolio may be full!


9 Responses to “How Is Your Spiritual Portfolio Doing?”

  1. sjgwin said

    A good word. Thanks. It blessed my heart.
    We have struggled and struggled to live by faith and its good to be reminded.

  2. Job said


    Well, the struggle is a good thing, because it means that you are still trying. If you had rejected the Bible in this area by no longer to try to live by faith, then you would have a problem! So it is a small thing and not a great thing that you are contending with though it may not seem it. Just be faithful and continue to press toward the mark and the prize that is Christ Jesus. We will understand it better by and by, and this is just one of the things that we have to suffer while being conformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

    P.S. It is a struggle for me to live by faith as well, so we are fellowservants in this area!

  3. theoldadam said

    Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing living the ‘Christian life’, or if ‘I’m walking the walk’, I usually say …’not too well’…but then again it doesn’t have to go too well. It doesn’t depend on me. I am declared righteous for Jesus sake and that is enough.”

  4. Job when did you stop believing in the functioning of the Holy Spirit today?

  5. Job said


    1. How can you ask that question in response to a post on gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit?

    2. Since the Holy Spirit is what draws men to Jesus Christ and accomplishes their new birth in Christ, their salvation, are you suggesting that I do not regard myself to be a born again Christian by claiming that I do not believe in the functioning of the Holy Spirit today?

    3. Some premillennial dispensationalists claim that the Holy Spirit will be removed from the earth after the rapture of the church. Are you alleging that I believe that the rapture has already taken place and we are already in the great tribulation?

    Or are you claiming that failing to believe in certain charismatic practices is denying the functioning of the Holy Spirit today? If you are, then that is totally ridiculous. Keep in mind: you are not even talking to a cessationist. I am not, repeat, am not a cessationist. I even made a post not long ago where I stated that cessationism was not Biblical, that it was against the Bible to claim that the “perfection” that was to end tongues and prophesying referred to the completion of the canon and not the return of Jesus Christ. That was a terrible misuse of scripture that is completely unjustifiable.

    Of course, your claiming that I do not believe in the workings of the Holy Spirit or even in charismatic activity merely because I reject certain teachers (who by the way by their doctrines and fruits have been proven to be false and abiblical, which is why your movement is rejecting the authority of scripture in order to adhere to them) is just as bad as twisting Corinthians out of context to claim that sign gifts ended when Revelation was completed.

  6. Job said


    In short, I believe in the sign gifts. But sign gifts makes up only a subset of Christianity. Sign gifts are basically irrelevant to the daily living of spiritually mature Christians, and 1 Corinthians explicitly states that. As a matter of fact, that is the entire point of 3 whole chapters (at minimum) of 1 Corinthians. Do you reject 1 Corinthians? And how could you, because how else would you even know the existence of the sign gifts, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, or God the Father except through the Bible? How can you claim that the very book that taught you about these things in the first place have no authority, or less authority than the random (and often conflicting!) revelations that random people (who very often DO NOT live godly lives!) have?

  7. dawkinswatch said

    Okay, what about Distinguishing between spirits,

    Interpretation of tongues,


  8. Job said


    “Okay, what about Distinguishing between spirits, Interpretation of tongues, Discernment?”

    I will go ahead and be redundant and repeat what I have stated many a time.

    I have not seen any Biblical evidence at all that states that these gifts are no longer present in the church.

    The scriptures that I have seen cited to support the position that these gifts are no longer present in the church I have found to be unpersuasive at best and false doctrines coming from willful thesis driven misinterpretation and poor context of scripture at worst.

    So as I believe the Bible to be the final authority, I have no choice but to take the position that Distinguishing between spirits, Interpretation of tongues, Discernment, and all of the other gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit as enumerated in scripture still exist. That has generally been my position. I may have abandoned it briefly when I left Pentecostalism behind, but after once again studying the scriptures, I re – adopted it. I repeat, I am not a cessationist. If I ever was one, it was only briefly, a position that I held until I had a chance to better study the scriptures that cessationists use to support their position.

    But this should not surprise you. I have told you this before. You take the stand that I take against doctrines that violate the Bible and the preachers who teach doctrines that violate the Bible and use it to claim that I am cessationist. This is the thing. Because I use the Bible as my final authority, I cannot be a cessationist. Since you reject the Bible as a final authority and state that modern prophetic revelation is the final authority, were your local pastor or one of the other preachers or prophets that you have joined yourself to were to declare that God told him last week that distinguishing between spirits, interpretation of tongues, and discernment is no longer needed in the church and those gifts are officially gone, you would have no choice other than to accept his doctrine, because your authority is not the Bible.

    Me, on the other hand, were my local pastor to get up and claim that God told him something that I know clearly contradicts the Bible and that his revelation is what we will now believe and practice, I would immediately remove my family and myself from that church and not look back, because my final authority by which my pastor, myself, and my local church is judged is the Bible.

    That is the difference between you and I. It is not whether we believe that all of the gifts and fruits and workings of the Holy Spirit as enumerated in the Bible are present today. It is our view of the authority of the Bible. I view the Bible as being the authority, and regard all prophetic utterances, actions, and teachings to have to submit itself to the Bible or else the God that gives the prophecy and the God that gave the Bible would either be two different gods or one god divided against himself and therefore no god at all. Meanwhile, you seem to see nothing wrong with a bunch of prophecies, teachings, activities etc. that reject scripture because for you scripture has less authority than prophecy. Of course, you seem to have no problem with the issue of prophecy from God contradicting scripture from God divides God against Himself. You also seem have no problem with prophets whose prophesies contradict each other. You also seem to have no problem with two prophets giving contradicting prophesies. Which means then that for you, there is no authority. Your orthodoxy and orthopraxy is situational, based almost entirely on experiences, experiences by the way are commonly reported by people who practice other religions (many religions have their prophets, discerners, healers, etc.)

    So instead of your routine suggestions that I am a cessationist, which I always refute and are now getting to be more than a bit wearisome for me, might we move our discussion to another area, such as the reliability, authority, and utility of the very scripture without whom you would have never heard of distinguishing between spirits, interpretation of tongues, or discernment to begin with? Thank you.

  9. dawkinswatch said

    If you believe in gifts why were you againts Todd Bentley praying for the sick, you joined up with the unbelivers and went against scripture.

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