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Homosexual Activists Attack Michigan Church

Posted by Job on November 11, 2008

I wonder if we are going to see more of this in the future. Of course, the major media is ignoring this.

Michigan liberals attack Lansing congregation in the middle of Sunday worship


13 Responses to “Homosexual Activists Attack Michigan Church”

  1. theoldadam said

    We will see more of it. Lot’s more.

    Thye easy days for the Church in America are about to end. Maybe this is how it should be. I don’t like it but the Lord will strengthen us by fire.

  2. Devon said

    This is brutal…yikes…I expect this in San Francisco not Lansing…and yes, not a peep out of the liberal media…

    Kinda funny this week in California where the gays were whining about prop 8 and calling Black Americans that voted yes, the N word….70 percent of Black Californians voted Yes for Prop 8 which is wonderful…and the gays showed their true tolerance by calling them derogratory names….

  3. I have for years wondered why they wanted to say the black struggle was the same as theirs. Ours was for basic rights and skin played an important role. Their is for the right is sin, and an attempt to get us to agree with them, by rejecting the word of God. The devil is smooth at twisting isn’t he.

  4. nan said

    Didn’t Jesus whip some people out of the church. What’s wrong with defending the sanctuary and women and children in a situation like this

  5. Devon said

    Nan I wondered the same thing…in this case, I would think we would be allowed to use physical force when people are attacking us in the sanctuary….though their is some grey area here….

    Rev. Patrick, the gay agenda wants to attach itself to the Black American struggle so as to gain some legitamacy….we both know of course it is rubbish….Being Black is God Given…being gay is a sin ……..obviously they are not comparable from a Truth pov…but that will not stop the evil homosexual movement…or any other evil ideology….their father is the father of all lies!

  6. John Kaniecki said


    Hope you are well.

    Give them an inch and they will take a mile. If the barrier is broken to allow men with men or women with women what is next? Men with boys? Multiple wives? Group marriages?

    I hope this is not a trend to be duplicated. I wonder what would have been the response if the parties reversed the roles?



  7. Job said


    That was my position as well. But as doing just that would have given the homosexual activists just what they were looking for to make this church a national example at this critical time, with the left feeling emboldened by Obama’s election and homosexuals angry over losing the California proposition AND so many Christians that have so much invested in the Republican party dispirited because of that party’s electoral misfortunes, I feel that in this instance they did the right thing. I believe that the Holy Spirit interceded for these people in this instance, instructed them in the right way, and prevailed. The filthy insurrectionists came in and interrupted their prayer service, so that is what probably had the people in the church open and submissive to the will of God instead of acting on their own thoughts.

    The Bible seems to be in conflict at times. In one part, Jesus Christ speaks of peace and turning the other cheek. In other parts, Jesus Christ ran the thieves out of the temple and stated that He came not to bring peace but a sword to divide people even in their very households. In one part He told His disciples to take their swords and cloaks with them. In another area He told Peter to put away his sword! (Take the Proverbs … one verse says to answer a fool, the very next verse says NOT to answer a fool!)

    But it is not really in conflict. Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything. It takes wisdom and knowledge under the superintending of the Holy Spirit to know when to heed one Bible teaching or example and when to answer another. As Mount Hope Church is now NOT being held up as an international example of committing homophobic hate crimes by people angry at McCain’s losing the election (which is of course how the media would have portrayed it) I thank God that it was a time of prayer that the evil people interrupted or at least shortly thereafter the time of prayer – and the church stated that during the prayer service they actually prayed for Obama as the Bible requires! – and not some less Biblical activity, as I am certain that it was a mighty victory over God that frustrated the aims of Satan that happened.

    After all, Jesus Christ did stand up to the wicked men in the temple when He chased the money changers out. But there were other instances where He went secretly instead of openly and boldly in the temple. There were instances where He had to escape attempts on His life, but when it was time to go to the cross He made no attempt to escape. There is a time and place for all things, and as Jesus Christ was one who regularly prayed to the Father, He had the wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit He had the wisdom to know when to do what. It is amazing, even though He was fully God, He still oft sought the guidance of the Father before He did anything. How much more should we? Glory be to God for His guidance, grace, power, and mercy!

  8. As an usher or gatekeeper you have to keep order in the church and on the grounds as part of your mininstry. I would do whatever within legal grounds to keep order. Some ushers are hired security officers as I was years ago. We had the authority of citizen’s arrest but at the same time could not confine anyone illegally. In other words we help them find the exit.

  9. nan said

    Since these people were disturbing the peace and causing fear in women and children, the men should have made some citizens arrests because of indecent behavior by two women kissing in church, them being loud and disrupting the service. The men should have threw down up in there. It’s a shame they didn’t. By not letting these people know that we are not going to put up with this they would think long and hard before they went up into another church with that kind of mess. By them not doing anything in defense these people see the church as hey they are not going to retaliate so let’s just keep doing this, What church are we going to next week. They are having a really good laugh. There is a time for peace and a time for war. NOW IS THE TIME FOR WAR PEOPLE, SO LET’S ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. James said

    There is an ordinance in my state concerning disrupting a religious service. Maybe Michigan has a similar law that they need to knock the dust off of.

  11. Vernon R. said

    Homosexuals are energized and encouraged by increasing political and public support. How can we follow Jesus Christ while supporting civil leaders who invoke special rights and laws which protect vile homosexual behaviour?

  12. Regarding saints using violence in relation to this particular event.

    Jesus chasing money changers out of the temple is NOT comparable. A building owned by a church group today is NOT the temple. If you want to chase money changers out of a temple, get greed out of your life and greedy people out of the church body, as in rebuking the prosperity heretics.

    There are no reports of any saints being physically harmed, so there is no true foundation to claim saints should have beaten any of those reprobates.

    The only justifiable response (and from what I’ve read this is what occurred) was to physically “help” the reprobates find the door. I think this is what “Evangelical guy” was getting at and having been an usher for many years myself I can totally relate. Sometimes you have to help people find the door, but this must be done without trying to use an overwhelming degree of violence. It involves as many saints who are willing grabbing the reprobates and directing them to leave, but not making any intentional efforts to harm them in any way. And even if necessary restraining any of the reprobates, but not any illegal confinement.

  13. And if some reprobates tried to see if a church claiming to follow the Bible might believe the truth of Matthew 5:39, I wonder what the outcome would be if they looked you (any of you reading) in the eye one Sunday morning and said “I don’t believe in your Jesus” and slapped you in the face?

    When we’re talking about the church responding to acts by reprobates, we’ve got to be VERY careful and not speak or act too hastily.

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