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What Is Kirk Franklin Doing?

Posted by Job on November 8, 2008


7 Responses to “What Is Kirk Franklin Doing?”

  1. Devon said

    I really don’t have a clue who any of these people are but I do know it is TBN….and can someone explain exactly what Kirk is doing here??

    Is he trying to say that he fully agree’s with what the Lady here is saying??

    Kind of of though not out of place for some of the stuff that goes on TBN…

  2. May not have the Bentley “yet”…

    These people are deep in money idolatry, Colossians 3:5!

    Kim Burrell, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin, all song birding for the idolatry network, TBN.

  3. Job said

    Devon and IC:

    The person that tipped me off to this stated that Kirk Franklin was emulating “slain in the spirit” and that Kim Burrell was very displeased his playing with God in that fashion. I dare say that I agree with this person’s interpretation.

  4. Devon said

    Wow Job, that is really odd…I really missed that!

    I really do not know much about these people and what their theology is but I am guessing that they lean word faith!??

    I guess these people are big down there huh….I recognize the names but up here in Canada I guess they are not as well known though Kirk Franklin certainly is well recognized!

  5. He wanted to enjoy the song on the floor, he was not really slain in the spirit, otherwise he might not have gotten up so quickly.

  6. I guess these people are big down there huh…

    Sadly, yes.

    I guess if Kirk had jumped around more before he laid on the floor, then perhaps Kim would have felt it was legitimate?

    The truth about “Slain in the Spirit”.

  7. N. Spears said

    TBN – The “Broad is the Way” Network

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