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CNN’s Creepy Hologram: The Image Of The Beast That All Will Worship?

Posted by Job on November 8, 2008

CNN states that they have big plans for this technology.


9 Responses to “CNN’s Creepy Hologram: The Image Of The Beast That All Will Worship?”

  1. Job, are you saying that you feel hologram technology might be used in fulfillment of Revelation 13:15?

    That may be possible. However, I can’t say I feel the hologram was “creepy”. I also don’t feel it makes holographic technology inherently evil. What is evil is the beast, not the means used to project the image. A painting on a wall of an idol could be the image of the beast, that does not make all pictures bad.

    I think it was an impressive leap forward in technology. They need to work some of the ridges out, but otherwise it was impressive.

    We’ll all probably have holographic TV projectors in the future.

    One thing is for sure though, this type of thing will make those in the media feel a need to look “pretty” all over. They probably won’t even want to be pregnant. It will play into vanity big time.

  2. theoldadam said

    I agree with I.C.

    CNN may be creepy but the technology is neat (this dinosaur will not use the term ‘cool’ in that context)

  3. Devon said

    I don’t know…this is kind of eerie to say the least…it does certainly seem to be a technology that the evil one will use to his advantage to be sure!

  4. And it runs off ELECTRICITY. OK, should we call electricity “eerie”?

  5. Devon said

    I am an Electrician’s son…my brother is an electrician…my 3 nephews are electricians…my cousin is an electrician….

    I can safely say to you IC that electricity is not scary…

    I think were talking about the abuse of this technology that is creepy….

  6. Devon, you must repent of that association you have with eeeelllectricity! You’ve got to break that “generational curse” over your family 😈 😀 ….

  7. Devon said

    No dice IC….I get all my wiring done free in my household…ha ha ha….havn’t had to pay for an electrician all my life…

  8. I love your request for directness concerning the mark of the beast. The mark cannot possibly be a computer implant in the skin. Revelation 15:2 states we must over come the mark of the beast and gain victory over it through the blood of the lamb. How do you overcome a computer implant? And how would this be accomplished through the blood of the lamb. Did Jesus die for computer chips? The beast of Babylon has something to do with our fallen sin nature obviouly.
    Rediculous theology millions are buying into.
    No man can be sent to hell for something his government forces on his family. Please awaken all christians to the truth in your Bible ! It is now here for you to prove.

    The mark originated with Cain, in the old testiment. Cain killed his brother Abel and sought to cover up his terrible sin. God asked, where is thy brother? Cain said, I know not, am I my brothers keeper? Cain was then marked after becoming the first example of this Satanic behavior God hates.

    God cursed the works of Cains hands when the ground he tilled would no longer bring forth her streangth. Thus identifying this mark by a curse on Cains right handed works. Why? Cain had yielded himself to Satans power.

    It was Satan who was simbolized as the cursed beast (Serpent) in the garden of Eden.

    A type of snake bight or mark identifying the evil nature Satan injected into mans fallen nature.

    The next and even clearer example is once again exemplified when Joseph’s eleven brothers sought to kill Joseph and sell him into Egypt. The brothers hid this sin from Jacob their father, they killed a wild beast and placed this animals blood upon Joseph’s coat of many colors, with an actual bloodstain. The brothers then lied to Jacob, and gave unto Jacob Joseph’s coat with this mark of blood, this convinced Jacob that his birthright son was truly dead. The secret plan Jacob knew not, was that the mark upon Joseph’s coat was really the “mark of the beast” and not from Josephs body .

    The mark of the beast becomes a deception which hides and removes Gods will, and replaces Gods will with Satans deception and plan. It was Gods will that Joseph become the birthright son. Suddenly Joseph is removed from sight by a hidden cover up, by a mark from a beast, or lie.

    The brothers sold Joseph to the Egyptians for money. Thus buying and selling the beastly mark for gain. The interpretation of an anti christ is to remove Christs will, and then replace it with the mark of the beast, or Satans will.

    Selling out God. When Nebuchadnezzar forced the world to worship his golden God in Babylon, he used the power of the state to replace the true authority of God with a manmade lie.

    Nebuchadnezzar also used Gold or money to build his God, and sell out the worship of the true God.. Again replacing Christs will on earth with Satans mark.

    After doing this sin God cursed Nebuchadnezzar with the nature of the beast. Read Daniel chapter four. Nebuchadnezzar was marked similar to Cain, being removed from men, becoming insane like a wild beast.

    He later repented after 7 years of going through a terrible withdrawl from this evil addiction of power and pride. the 666 number represents Nebuchadnezzars statue and its size. The statue was gold, which represents Nebuchadnezzar himself as made of gold. “Daniel 2.” He was the 600 BC man. The entire world represents the power of one single man in 600 BC. His giant golden image was measured exactly 60 cubits high and 6 cubits wide.”Daniel 3:1″. This marked Babylons attempt to replace God by a six hundred and three score and six. man. “Dan3-1”. In otherwords you can find the answer to the worlds greatest mystery right inside your own Bible.
    God freed the the beast of Babylon from his evil nature. Evil men today are removing God given freedoms from America by deceptively replacing “one nation under God” with a beastly state plan of socialism, in order to make slaves of free Americans. The same spirit of Babylon today, is once again seeking to remove our God, and replace him with a golden God of the state. They are setting up a God of gold made from our own money. Why? To force us to worship this golden God of state or become fired, or removed or destroyed through political correctness. So no man or women in America can buy or sell, or have a job unless he is contributing to this evil BABYLON GROWING WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY. LOOK AT THE TAXATION AND THE BAILOUTS GOING ON BECAUSE OF FREDDY AND FANNY. And no one will put KrIss Dodd nor Barney Frank or Obama in jail for causing it.. Instead they have all been placed in charge of this bail out money…Every man, every women, and every child born today, including the unborn, must now pay money for a huge national debt placing us forever on the hook. This money is going directly into the social democrats hands in order to seal America, and change it into “one nation under their liberal god.
    A modern god of gold like unto the 666 god in 600 BC is being constructed for America to sacrifice and worship. All small and great , rich and poor, must now sacrifice for its construction for the creation of change… Remember Obama saying that all Americans must now sacrifice for his change? We are now changing America into the beast of Babylon by the use of our own right hand works and our own money being robbed. This has all being made possible through the deceptions within our own foreheads or decieved minds.
    What kind of evil beast got into half of America’s foreheads, or intellects, and caused them to vote for their own slavery? Millions of votes cast against a free America? It was an evil beast which decieved their minds through lies coming from the politically correct media. The mark of their votes came directly through their right hands and from their foreheads. Now all of us are forever on the hook unless we can awaken our fellow christians !
    Plese help get this new biblical understanding to as many christians as possible. Why? They have been decieved by thousands of money grabbing preachers who have downloaded the wrong understanding of the mark of the beast into christians minds! These decieved christians are still waiting for a computer chip implant, when the mark is already upon them. Watch the online video from start to finish and understand Babylons mark. today.. Click
    http://www.eternaltruth. net

  9. Marshall Ramsey II said

    Mr. Gregersen, the Bible does NOT say that the tribulaiton saints must overcome the “mark of the beast and gain victory over it through the blood of the lamb.” What it does say is that they “overcame the dragon by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Also, the mark of the beast is a type of RFID implant. I have seen pictures of RFID chips so small that they are literally smaller than a grain of sand. All others are forerunners of this. It can be done using electronic tattooing.

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