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The Bible Requires Christians To Pray For Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Correct?

Posted by Job on November 5, 2008

For the record, I do not believe that Obama is the anti – Christ. A reason is that my belief is that the anti – Christ would have received more than 51% of the popular vote. I mean, think about it. Were Obama the anti – Christ, what basis would 48% of the population have for opposing him? The only person that should have any basis for opposing the anti – Christ should be Christians. As for everyone else, well let us face it, they rejected God as well (read Romans 1:18-32!) and the anti – Christ should be right up their alley, just what they are looking for. 

See, that is part of the great deception of political, cultural and state Christianity. Instead of making the issue things that are of and in Christ versus everything else, we make righteousness, good, evil etc. a function of supporting this political position or that cultural position. Just as the prosperity – Word of Faith people claim that gain is godliness, cultural Christianity claims that worldliness is godliness. Do you not know that the Bible pronounces woe on those people? We think that opposing free market capitalism, a strong defense, traditional and family values, an aggressive military, western culture and the mythology that we have built up surrounding American virtue makes one a possible anti – Christ. So, by virtue of listening to James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and everyone else who pushes these lies, we ignore the truth: that everyone who is not born again is just as much of a supporter of Satan and the great harlot Babylon worldly system as anyone else. Satan does not care what your worldly allegiances are. So long as you have worldly allegiances at all, then you are on his side. Take professional sports, like the National Football League. The NFL doesn’t care if you root for the Cowboys or the Redskins, either way they make money off you. The NFL even redistributes money from one team to another. So some of the money that you generate for the Cowboys by watching them on TV generating advertiser revenue, buying their tickets, buying their apparel, and visiting their websites and drafting their players in fantasy football (internet ad revenue) goes to your hated Redskins anyway, and it also goes to the Eagles, Giants, and even the Bengals. Satan’s system is the same way. So long as you love any part of the world you are invested in Satan, and that means that you are invested in the anti – Christ that is to come.

So failing convincing evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is the anti – Christ, I am reminded of the Bible’s admonition that we are to pray for our leaders while opposing any wickedness that they engage in and lead the nation into with the power of prophesy, which includes the gospel of Jesus Christ, our testimony, condemnation of their wickedness, and warnings of judgment on the great and terrible day of the Lord. As Obama is incontrovertibly evil and will do great wickedness in the world just as so many of our presidents before him, yes Christians should oppose him in all the avenues that the Bible suffers us to.

Now were Obama the anti – Christ, I do not believe that we should pray for him, because the Bible states that we are not to pray for people that have sinned the sin unto death, which would definitely apply to the anti – Christ and the false prophet, whom the Bible explicitly states will be cast into the lake of fire, and furthermore BEFORE judgment day at that! But failing his being the anti – Christ, believe that the Bible explicitly compels us to pray for this Obama. If I am wrong, please let me hear your Bible – based thoughts. Thank you.

(P.S. I would have written precisely the same post regarding McCain, minus the anti – Christ portion.)

Update: Was listening to Christian radio this morning and it stated that last night CNN rolled out this new holographic projection technology used to create stunningly lifelike IMAGES of people. The disc jockey called it “creepy” and stated that he did not know the reason why. So yes, though my belief is that Obama is not the anti – Christ, still be watchful and pray.


13 Responses to “The Bible Requires Christians To Pray For Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Correct?”

  1. Devon said

    Job, to your credit, you have been consistent in your messages vis a vis this election…you didn’t like either candidate and you never wavered on that…..I may not agree but I certainly respect your position!

    And I also agree that Obama is not the anti christ….but he sure does give an idea of how the real anti christ could come along…

    Blind adulation and worship…full media behind you…..

    And you know what is funny…all these years, I have just always assumed that the Anti Christ will be white…mayby jewish…, who knows….

    As much as I am appalled at Barack’s views, we as Christians must be praying for this man and his protection and that he will turn to Christ as His Savior!

    Take care

  2. He is not the Anti-christ but he sure is functioning in an anti- christ spirit.

    He should forget about gun control because that is the beginning of troubles rlight there.

    He should also not be pushing the CFR’s road map to peace.

    Daniel & says that the anti-christ is a Roman Empire, but Obama with his gay and pro arbortion agenda is bad for conservatives.

  3. Pandu said

    An atheist is anyone who does not accept that Krishna is God.

  4. Job said


    You are wrong about Daniel. You are using the Martin Luther John Calvin amillennial interpretation. A literal interpretation of Revelation, Daniel, Thessalonians, etc. reveals that the anti – Christ is a literal individual. Please recall that the anti – Christ and the false prophet will be cast into the lake of fire. You can’t cast an institution into the lake of fire, only people (and evil spirits).

  5. Jonathan De Leon said

    I do agree with you job regarding the identity of the specific Anti-christ. Barack Obama isnt him.

  6. You are right Jesus Christology, I meant to say Emperor

  7. Bob said

    Yes you are correct, we do need to pray for Obama. And also, he is not, the anti-christ. The anti-christ will be of Roman descent, according to the Bible. I could go on, and on but, I won’t.

    My own belief is that the anti-christ is alive now but, not even he knows he is the anti-christ.

  8. James said

    I went to a funeral last night and the matriarch preached on hope for the future and included Obama.

  9. Job said


    Wow. Well, I was not alive for the Kennedy nonsense and am too young to remember Reagan much, but this fixation over Obama is much more than I have ever seen. Then again, maybe other nations also go crazy over their leaders as well.

  10. nan said

    The anti-christ is one who rejects Jesus Christ. We should not focus on praying for just one person. We should pray for everyone. I don’t want to go to church and hear about Obama, Bush or any other politician. I want to go hear the Word of God so that I can go tell others about him. We should be preaching on the Kingdom of God and the second coming of Christ. Bringing politics into the church kills the Spirit and God will not enter into that.

  11. Devon said

    It is naive to think you can avoid politics in the Church!

    The fact that the Bible speaks about Homosexuality and its evil and when life takes place, means it is impossible to avoid politics!

    We cannot neglect these evils…along with all the other evils in this increasingly wicked world…and while we are still allowed to vote, we must do our best to vote out people that would support partial birth abortion, the gay agenda etc etc…

    Of course the best way to deal with this overall is to preach Christ and Him crucified….that is the key obviously…but we must also be willing to stand when we are faced with evil…

    Great Christians before us fought against slavery, fought for the poor and oppressed, fought against Jim Crow….fought against pagan evils such as human sacrifice…and so on and so on…

  12. Timothy said

    Also, the same ones crying about preachers not exposing moral ills are the same ones supporting preachers back in the day legitimately exposing the evils of Jim Crow.

  13. James said

    We as Christians today can look clearly at human rights abuses and speak on them. The civil rights preachers and the abolitionists were crucial in bringing and end to slavery and civil rights. I hope we can agree on that.
    Churches are political and boost politicians that are often corrupt on too many occasions.

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