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Catholics And Mormons Working Together And Defending Each Other. Interesting!

Posted by Job on November 5, 2008

Keep in mind: Roman Catholics consider Mormons to be just as Christian as Protestants. They also find Mormons more agreeable, and have a very similar worldview. As evangelicals move in an increasingly liberal direction, I expect Roman Catholics to increase their involvement with Mormons, and Mormons to use that increased activity to raise their profile and be more successful in converting people to the deception of freemason and studier of the occult Joseph Smith.

California Catholic Conference Condemns Outrageous Anti-Mormon Campaign Advertisement 


3 Responses to “Catholics And Mormons Working Together And Defending Each Other. Interesting!”

  1. jennifer said

    No surprise from me! My family and I had to live in Nevada(border Utah-husband was in Law Enforcement, and transferred) town that was all mormon(600people) and 31 non that attended the only Christian church in town. Talk about living in a shadow. If we did not homeschool, I am certain it would have been even harder on my children. Mormons put out a wonderful rosy front, UNLESS you tell them that you are a Christian and do not share the same God with them. They serve a christ that is brother to satan. They believe in so many things that do not come out in main stream. Ever interested in lots of stuff not in mainstream feel free to email me. I felt pressed to arm myself about everything they are…and we lived very close(40 miles) to mountain meadow where the massacre by mormons took place on 9-11 in the 1850’s…

    sorry to take a comment off in another direction. You are a breath of fresh air in times where *christians* are venomous towards Christians who did not vote. I am praying for your time to continue to blog.

    Take care

  2. Seth R. said

    This post confuses me a bit. As far as I knew, the Vatican still refuses to accept Mormon baptisms.

    So, doesn’t that mean that the Catholics do not consider Mormons to be “just as Christian” as Protestants?

  3. theoldadam said

    So many Catholics are just plain ignorant about the Christian faith and leave everything up to the clergy. So many of the clergy believe that their church (the R.C.Church) is the only game in town.

    It’s funny that they get along so well, because Mormons believe the same thing…that their “Church” is the only game in town.

    Maybe their bond is that they both have a lot of goofy theology that they made up out of whole cloth to help them attain a righteousness predicated on their own “religious performance”.

    What I like to do with both of them, is to pour the ‘Law’ on them.
    ‘Are you doing enough?’ ‘Are you living the righteous life and not being selfish?’ Questions like that expose their hypocrisy, and plant the seeds of doubt (they do that to us all).
    Then, you can present the gospel to them and that liberating Word of Christ and the complete forgiveness and love that He has for sinners just might do something to them…as it did to me.

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