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Will John McCain Finish George W. Bush’s Job In Implementing The Financial New World Order?

Posted by Job on October 20, 2008

A financial new world order?
Bush says reforms must improve, not fetter, the free market; Europeans hint at more robust intervention.

When President Bush hosts a world financial summit in the coming weeks, one of the least multilateral American presidents in decades will set in motion what could result in a full reordering of the global financial system.

The series of summits that Mr. Bush announced over the weekend at Camp David with European leaders at his side suggests a broad understanding among them: that the current crisis requires the kind of global regulatory reforms that have eluded major powers in the past.

Europeans especially are speaking of a “Bretton Woods II” that could do for financial markets what the 1944 summit at a resort in New Hampshire did for monetary policy.

But the call for a summit also underscores the degree to which a once go-it-alone presidency has shifted to embrace not only the necessity of international cooperation, but also a role of global leadership.

“Talk of a Bretton Woods II has been around to different degrees for 30 years. But the fact it is getting started with an outgoing administration and especially one that was at the center of a significant crisis between America and Europe, between America and the rest of the world, suggests the recognition that there is urgency in the air,” says Simon Serfaty, an expert in US-Europe relations at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. “It also adds legitimacy to the coming process.”

That process, which is expected to stretch into next year and a new American administration, will get under way with a summit that Bush will host sometime after Nov. 4, the date of US elections, according to a statement issued Saturday by Bush, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and European Union Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

The initial summit is expected to be a kind of expanded Group of Eight meeting, assembling the leaders of the most industrialized nations and those of major developing economies like China, India, Brazil, and South Korea. (Please know that inviting developing nations is a major step to a truly global system, as the following step would be to invite the third world nations.) It would aim to assess the current global crisis and to come up with a set of principles of reform.

Actual agreements on reforms could come at subsequent summits, but the initial meeting would allow Bush to place his stamp on the process before leaving office, while also facilitating a continuity of American leadership.

Saturday’s meeting offered a picture of transatlantic unity, but that hardly means the road ahead will be discord-free. Bush says future reforms and new international regulations must improve but not fetter the free market, while European leaders hint at much more robust state intervention with tighter regulations. (Bush has to keep this pretense in order to retain conservative support, especially among evangelicals, for policies that they would never accept from an overt liberal like, say, Clinton or OBAMA. A reason why McCain would be useful. Then again, Obama would be useful in bringing America in line with Europe and getting the nonwhite, er, developing nations to go along too.)

Bush recognized the need for “regulatory institutional changes” but added, “It is essential that we preserve the foundations of democratic capitalism – commitment to free markets, free enterprise, and free trade.” (Speaking with a forked tongue. In an essentially global economy, there will be no more statutory or regulatory barriers between markets, enterprise, and trade between America and Brazil than there are between Alabama and Texas. Ironically, the very ENLIGHTENMENT principles that our oh so wise freemason and deist founding fathers came up with to govern interstate commerce within this own nation, which lest we forget was originally intended as a federalist contract between loosely affiliated largely independent and sovereign states … please recall that “state” actually refers to an individual sovereign political entity and subdivisions between a state are actually called “provinces” or similar … will work quite nicely for global commerce among member nation states – and city – states like THE VATICAN. Please recall that Rome before it became an empire was a city state. For the record, John Calvin’s Geneva, which is credited with inventing modern capitalism, was a city state as well. So despite the endtimes theories of many conservative evangelicals, the economic new world order need not be socialist or communist. It can be capitalist, or merely a union between capitalist and socialist economies just as our own nation has long been a union of more laissez faire economic states and states with heavy government subsidies, wealth distribution, and regulation.)

In response, President Sarkozy said, “The president of the United States is right in saying that protectionism and closing one’s borders is a catastrophe…. But we cannot continue along the same lines,” he added, “because the same problems will trigger the same disasters.”

Mr. Barroso was more succinct: “We need a new global financial order.”

Those words could send shivers through a White House that is suspicious of the current chorus of world leaders – European, Russian, and others less friendly to the US – who are hailing the current economic crisis as a moment to usher in a multipolar world. Bush indicated he seeks to maintain some degree of American stewardship over the financial reform effort when he politely declined the offer of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon to host the expanded G-8 summit at the UN in New York. (Again, can’t tip off the religious right. Please keep in mind that neither McCain or Obama will be beholden to the opinions of this group in any way.)

Among the issues the White House has indicated it would endorse for a reform agenda are rules for the international flow of investment funds, improved oversight of increasingly global financial institutions, and means of boosting the transparency of international financial transactions and markets. 

But European leaders have called for what sound like much deeper reforms. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, for example, has proposed a reorganization of the International Monetary Fund – a Bretton Woods institution.

Behind the European proposals is a sense that the financial crisis and America’s darkening economic prospects make this an opportunity for the European Union to play a bigger international role. Last week at the close of a two-day EU summit on the financial crisis, Sarkozy predicted that an international summit would take place before the end of the year because “Europe wants it, Europe demands it. Europe will get it.”

More than a show of unity with a declaration for a series of summits will be needed if the world is truly to come together to address the crisis, some observers note. “Unity of purpose is not found in a meeting or series of meetings. It’s found in purpose,” says Danielle Pletka, vice president for foreign-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. (Ah, the Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life language. How convenient. And how disconcerting that a generation of evangelicals is being brainwashed with the New Age doctrines of the new world order globalist Council on Foreign Relations member and pastor to the world’s biggest pornographer Rupert Murdoch in Rick Warren. Also, the “unity” thing is just recreating the tower of Babel so that the second Nimrod, the man of sin or the anti – Christ, can come on the scene.) “Whether that’s something the major players in this crisis can come together on remains to be seen.”

But Mr. Serfaty points out that the Europeans chose to engage the Bush administration, when just a few years ago the deep divisions over the Iraq war were disrupting such cooperation. (A key component to spotting people who are sold out to and working for Satan is their ability to manipulate you into thinking that you are in control when they are secretly calling the shots all along, as that is precisely how Satan works. By the way, who is the better manipulator in this race … McCain or Obama? I give it to Obama, but only by a nose.)

“Rather than seeing any kind of disconnect,” he says, “I think we should emphasize the fact the Europeans are doing what [the Americans] want them to do, in that they are coming together and taking a proactive approach to this crisis.”

So you see, no matter who gets elected, the anti – Christ globalist system is going to be implemented. Do not put your trust in Obama, McCain, or any other thing or person of this world! Instead, put your trust in Jesus Christ!

Follow the three step salvation plan today!


14 Responses to “Will John McCain Finish George W. Bush’s Job In Implementing The Financial New World Order?”

  1. sgtphoenix said

    The new world order will come to pass no matter who get’s into office. The groundwork is laid and we are stepping into the last days just as the Bible predicted over 2 k years ago. Our political system is a 2 party paradigm that no matter which way we vote, the elite (money changers) win.

    Our politicians are sold out, greed is the name of the day. The falling away from sound doctrine has been happening. Strong delusion seems to be ruling and people are believing lies in mass amounts.

    Witchcraft will run rampant in the last days, and the word translated to get witchcraft comes from a greek word that means pharmacy, and drugs, bot legal and illegal is the tone of the day, they have a pill or shot for everything.

    The financial system is in control of a few, lies are told to give them unlimited power (read bailout bill). It was not about 700 billion, it is closer to 5 trillion, but the amount was a diversion anyway, it was the unbridled power given to the (privately owned) federal reserve that was the real objective.

    People need to get on their knees, because He is coming soon, ready or not! Make sure your lamp is full of oil, for when the bridegroom comes, there will be no time to buy!

  2. GraceHead said

    Guess who said what about Obama? [Check this out].

  3. Job said


    I agree 100%!

    Gracehead: Well, I have real doubts about extrabiblical prophecies and revelations. So many have been led astray …

  4. ERIC COUFAL said

    The political crisis in the US began with the fraudulent election of GWB, a nefarious attack to democratic principles, as endorsed by the US Supreme Court, so no wonder there is both a political and a financial crisis now.

    If the US government (at least the incoming administration soon after taking office) doesn’t incarcerate a significant number of white collar criminals in the US and impounds their assets (both from the private and the public sectors; entrepreneurs and politicians alike, at the highest levels, whether members of the Illuminati clan or not) who are to blame for unfair business practices, political corruption, insider trading, favoritism on juicy war and other public contracts, self demolition of buildings and institutions, abusive secrecy about relevant information and technology that should be made public for the advancement of mankind (i.e. the Disclosure Project), including all sorts of tax / financial simulation and manipulation schemes, which combined blatant crimes have led the US to this collapse, and whose conduct is legally sanctionable by law and in equity, so as to demonstrate that there are rooted solid principles in the US legal system, sufficiently strong and valuable to shelter those main street citizens who abide by decent standards of living, and to punish wrongdoers until they repair the damage, with punitive and decisive action, the conclusion is simple: NO MONETARY BAILOUT WILL EVER BE ENOUGH FOR THE US TO REGAIN CREDIBILITY, because it is conducted at the expense of innocents and for the shared benefit of criminals. That is abuse of power … pure and intolerable injustice. If the Judicial system remains a silent puppet, just as the two other branches of government have clearly become noisy ones, the free fall of this crisis will not end, because what is being done is simply immoral, no matter how it is labeled or justified.

    THE WORLD URGENTLY NEEDS A MORAL BAILOUT, and both the US Executive branch and the Legislature (composed of politicians mostly interested in their selfish careers, and not in the common good as public servants) don’t seem to have a clue of what that means or how to implement it, except with more of the same which wont solve the roots of the problem.

    It is the Judiciary (not composed of biased politicians but by persons of allegedly good moral character with standards of ethical behavior), through the Supreme Court, the branch of government that is constitutionally in charge of administering Justice, so IT IS ABOUT TIME FOR THE JUSTICES TO DO THEIR JOB and save us all from what is coming.

    Regardless of the merits, the US achieved international respect when President Nixon was impeached, which led to his removal from office after Watergate. During the last few administrations all kinds of lies and deceit by Presidents in the US have not been sanctioned and have not only been tolerated but continue to be even applauded, with a much worse component of dishonesty than the Nixon era, including shameless ridicule, so the outcome is exactly what we have and where we stand right now: economic, political and moral decay.

    If a country has the government it deserves … there’s no more time to waste and the US as a country should regain worldwide credibility, because further delays in taking effective action with a principled bailout will unfortunately turn over governmental leadership to others abroad, just to save those few liable criminals in-house (politicians and bankers), and that will be at the expense of freedom and international peace, let alone the continued bankruptcy trends of the US economy and its political system, fundamentally due to more than obvious moral insolvency from the top down.

    Eric Coufal, Esq.

    Attorney and Counsellor at Law, admitted to practice in Mexico,

    and in the United States, by the New York and New Jersey Bars

  5. Job said


    That is a mighty long manifesto that contains some truth but in reality addresses only part of the problem and offers a false solution. The entirety of the problem is that both political parties as well as virtually every major global political and economic leader, movement, etc. is involved just as the Bible, including the books of Daniel and Revelation, predicted and Jesus Christ is the only answer.

  6. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Yes, we certainly need political reform. But more important we need spirituality. Empires, and America is without a doubt an empire, have declined because of bad morals.

    I am promoting more than morals but a relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many ways to fight the beast. Long ago, at least to me, people sat at ‘white’ only counters and got beaten for it. Others marched in the streets. Politicians capitulated and the rules were made different. Things changed. Action brought results, whereas silence equals death.

    Where your gift are I do not know. I just urge you to use them. We are an army righteous and true. Every one is that army has their own particular gifts unique to themselves.

    This is a site dedicated to Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian I urge you to investigate. Take care of your own yard before you fix somebody elses.

    Finally the movement against tyrranny can only suceed if it is disciplined enough to be peaceful and non violent. I get that from both God’s Word and my wisdom. Blood may be flowing in the streets of America come the new year. You can’t fight tanks and jet planes with hand guns! But you can destroy the whole New World Order by faith in Jesus!

    I am not afraid but tense with anticipation. God has been preparing the whole of creation for these final moments. I trust myself into the hands of the Allmighty. Just like Daniel was delivered through the Lion’s den so shall it be.



  7. […] Will John McCain Finish George W. Bush’s Job In Implementing The … […]

  8. James said

    The difference between the GOP and the DNC is like the difference between parole and mandatory rehab. The person needs a change of heart before they become model citizens.
    Deficit spending is the reason we are in a financial crisis. We are looking for goodies from the government but not paying down our national debt. The differences between the major parties is one promises more than the other. One is led by darkness while the other is very dim.
    McCain will be a lame duck at best if he is elected and may slow down the socialism railroad by removing a few coals from the boiler. Obama will the conductor of that train shouting “full steam ahead.”

  9. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    What is your dislike towards socialism? A turn to the left would help us out wonders if it was done in the right way.

    I believe that it is more important to have Godly men and women in power than any particular party. Look at David who was a king or Moses who was a theocrat.

    Capitalism contributed to what got our country to where it was. The past is very murky but the statement is true. People in this society of America are too materialistic. Do women really need twenty dresses and shoes and pocket books to match? Do we need flat screen tv’s, sports cars, luxury cars, ipods for all?

    Socialism supports such things as health care for everybody, a good solid education, less worldliness, more of a sense of community, better, smarter transportation systems, and human rights.

    I understand fully that capitalism in this country is breaking down. The primary reason it is breaking down is that the people who participated in it have worshipped the god named mammon. That is they were full of greed and the love of money. This excessive greed has led us into this ‘crisis’. And instead of allowing these people to pay the penalty for their mistakes we gave them more money! Where are the capitalists that used to be calling for ‘free’ markets? Why don’t the capitalists allow the ‘invisible hand’ to control the market now? Because now it is their own prescious fortunes and welfare on the line. Why is it a crisis when the rich man’s system is falling when he faces what the poor man faced for centuries all along? Economic ruin is not the end of the world and for us Christians. In fact it will open the door for the gospel of Jesus Christ, just as a window opened after 911.

    I also realize that socialism promotes apathy and laziness. In fact to create a truly competent socialist environment would be more difficult than creating a capitalistic one. Quite frankly the vast majority of the world isn’t prepared for it. There will always be people willing to take an intiative if they see personal gain in it for themselves as in the capitalistic system. Yet the socialistic future is far brighter than what the capitalistic one could bring.

    Yet the primary difference between the two philosophies is this. The capitalist approaches the system and says what can I get out of it. The socialist approaches the system and says what can I give to it.

    I would love to see the emancipation of the inner city. The people who live in these neighborhoods should be empowered to create their own destiny. The only thing the United States government should do is stop the flow of drugs into these areas.(The CIA of course brings in the majority of the illegal drugs.) I believe that people in the ‘hood’ if left to themselves to organize would create a society that would be superior than what they got. Simply said I believe that these people could cure the crisis they exist in. Because they are in crisis it would bring them the courage to do the things that must be done. And if there were any good people who cared to lend a hand in the manner they should go to those places themselves and lend a hand. Not going there to give some money to relieve their guilt as liberals do nor to postulate some theory and the retreat as intellectuals. But to actually stand side by side with these people on equal terms and sharing their lives and dreams as one.

    As it is one living in this areas must flee the community to excell. Only the best and the brightest from these areas will succeed in the American system. Furthermore in the rich areas most likely all will meet success. (I speak of success now in terms of the carnal standards. Better to be an impoverished Christian then a non believing billionaire.) I speak these things from experience viewing the societies of Irvington, Newark, East Orange and those of Glenridge.

    Any way James if this sounds bad to you don’t worry. Obama is not a socialist any way.



  10. James said

    I’ve had the opportunity to travel to various countries and I wouldn’t trade our system over any other. We have a mixed economy of socialism with capitalism as you know. When I go to the supermarket I see row after row of food. Not only that but every major city here has a chain of supermarkets. I can go to McDonalds and buy a hamburger for a buck plus tax.
    Our poorest neighborhoods have satellite dishes, PS3 consoles and the latest computers.
    I live in an urban area where I see first hand the fraud of section 8 housing. Women with children will sign for an apartment and the boyfriend moves in.
    The schools are full of gangs but the only morals being taught are to stop bullying the gay students.
    If we want to make a change toward morality then we are deemed as hypocritical at best.
    When I was a young man I heard missionary stories of people going to Africa. I think that we need to keep the missionaries here to evangelize this nation.

  11. Devon said

    John, a turn to the left helps NO ONE…the last thing a poor economy needs is socialism….and Obama, we will have a full blown wealth redistributing socialist loving neophyte in office…

    With McCain..ugh…we get a moderate…better alternative clearly….but hardly the right man at these dangerous times…

    If we elect obama, your country will be poorer economically, militarily, morally and in every other capacity….

  12. James said

    McCain would do the least damage. The DNC will be stronger and pushing more socialism and opposing our morals through legislation and the courts. The enemy works through our elected leaders, we need to pray for them. Secularists want to minimize our Christian influence in every way. The cultural war is a part of the spiritual warfare in this nation. Jesus told the parable of the sower. We need to plant good seeds or the harvest will be all tares for the fire.

  13. Devon said

    I couldn’t agree more James…that is why I am in disagreement with my fellow brethren who think they are both equally bad…

    Obama would indeed be far far worse…but thankfully whoever wins, as I was reading Psalm 2 today, the Lord is in control..the nations rage and plot but our Savior is in control…

    Yes…we as the children of the Lord musn’t be downhearted regardless of any election result…I like you, James, hope for a McCain win but we know who has all things in his hands..

    I am often reminded of a famous saying from Martin Luther, the great Christian reformer, who pointed out that ‘Even the Devil is still God’s Devil’……..meaning everything is under control even when all hell is breaking loose….and I think we all agree that the ride is going to get much rougher from here on in!

    Take Care.

  14. James said

    There are three states that are dominated by the DNC that could forshadow the DNC’s domination of the federal government.

    California is dominated by the DNC even though big Arnold is governor. The state has major fires (emergencies) and is in financial disarray because government programs are bleeding the system. The borders are a joke and only a handful of people are willing to take a stand. San Francisco, where Pelosi is from is becoming more like Corinth. The mayor went against state law and set up gay marriage for everybody and it keeps going back to ballot. They want to decriminalize prostitution now on top of all other sin. Southern California has too many gangs to count. There is no strong voice of morality.

    Michigan was honored for car industry in Detroit. Governor Granholm is throwing dollars everywhere but the state is going through a major Exodus. The labor unions have taken their toll. The entire Metro Detroit area looks like it’s been bombed out.
    One mayor, Democrat, sits in jail for adulterous acts. Crack houses outnumber the banks. Welfare and crime are rampant. There are beautiful places to complete partially constucted homes.

    Massachusetts is the home of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and now Deval (change) Patrick. Patrick was the candidate of hope and change before Obama. Patrick was praised by the black clergy as their man in public but behind the scenes some didn’t approve of all the gay marriage stuff. Morals are in a free fall. The city of Gloucester could have had big money for abstinence education but didn’t want any trace of hypocrital religion. They would rather see their girls have a pregnancy boom.

    Obama will be our greatest adversary against morality. All of the unsavory characters in Obama’s past will be vindicated. I don’t want to see Farrakhan celebrate a new “savior.” Micheal Moore, Larry Flynt, Castro, Chavez, Maxine Waters, and Ghadafi, would all celebrate.

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