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Assemblies Of God Leader George Wood Calls Sarah Palin A True Judeo-Christian Candidate!

Posted by Job on October 14, 2008

The second example today alone of religious right false doctrines and apostasy that has happened ever since John McCain’s nomination of Sarah Palin, which I actually thought was an astute move at the time, turned into a slow moving fiasco. First off, the frenzy over Palin shows that the religious right, especially Pentecostals, are just as much on the GOP plantation, unable to act according to their own beliefs or interests, as blacks are on the Democratic one. Why? Well … REMEMBER HARRIET MIERS? This Pentecostal woman was actually much more qualified to be on the Supreme Court than Sarah Palin is to be president. (By the way, she was also more qualified than was Sandra Day O’Connor, who by virtue of her votes on abortion and homosexuality was nothing short of a disaster for the religious right. Her best move was lying to Anthony Kennedy in securing his support for voting against broad abortion restrictions in return for her promise to vote against more narrow restrictions later, and when it came time for her to live up to her part of the deal by voting along with Kennedy for the more narrow restrictions, O’Connor reneged. But hey, since Ronald Reagan nominated O’Connor, she is above criticism because criticizing her would be criticizing the guy who used his first major decision as president on nominating her.)

What happened when Bush nominated her? She was subjected to the most revolting opposition by supporters of the party that nominated her ever, and it even rose to the level of character assassination. Did the Protestant evangelicals like Al Mohler or even charismatics like George Wood and J. Lee Grady rise up to defend Miers? Of course not. Only Pat Robertson did, and even there in the mildest fashion possible. Not only were Miers’ qualifications but also her intelligence and character were shredded by the very same people who … oh never mind. So Miers was pushed aside and replaced with a Roman Catholic, and not only that the third Roman Catholic Supreme Court appointee by a GOP president in a row, and the fourth out of five.

But when John McCain made being a less than eminently qualified Pentecostal (or for that matter evangelical, for please recall how vehement the conservative opposition to Mike Huckabee was!) acceptable, then all was forgiven and the same Pentecostals and evangelicals that sat silently by reacted just the same as they did when Bill Clinton would emulate the Arkansas segregationist Democrats who trained him (NOTHING!) immediately forgot that the same set of arguments which disqualified Miers and Huckabee should have applied to Palin, and promptly began to make Palin not only their political standard bearer BUT THEIR RELIGIOUS ONE AS WELL. Seriously, religious conservatives are attaching a larger religious symbolism to Palin than they did to Reagan or George W. Bush. That is why I still think that McCain may yet pull it out. All of those “Obama is the anti – Christ” people need to consider that McCain is the guy with the wound in his head that was healed, and that would make Palin his false prophet enabler with Jezebel doctrines. I can see the comments echoing from pulpits across America and in all the Christian magazines and websites that Palin would be the strong Christian women who miraculously resurrected the John McCain campaign from the dead! 

Now to the link with the absurd, doctrinally erroneous, even heretical statements.

Opposing Views: What Pentecostal values will Sarah Palin bring to the vice presidency that America needs right now?

 George O. Wood: To my knowledge Sarah Palin has not stated she is Pentecostal. I know she has attended the Assemblies of God Church. We all want a candidate who shares our values, and a candidate like Sarah Palin who appears to have such strong Judeo-Christian beliefs is certainly someone our society needs. A candidate who is sincere in their following of Jesus Christ and is sincere in their Judeo-Christian beliefs is one we would support.

OV: Do you believe that Sarah Palin is a sincere Judeo-Christian candidate?

 Wood: Her own words indicate that she is sincere in her following of Jesus Christ and she has certainly represented those values. Obviously she is very strong in her support for the unborn, and the Assemblies of God has a very strong commitment to the unborn, and other issues that Sarah Palin has indicated she sincerely follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

People, Judeo – Christian values do no exist. First, Judaism and Christianity are two totally separate religions. The very idea of Judeo – Christianity should be just as abhorrent as is Islamo – Christianity or Hindu – Christianity or atheist – Christianity. Judeo – Christianity should be something advanced by liberal religious pluralists and universalists, not people who claim to believe that Jesus Christ is the way and the life and the only way to the Father and eternal life. This shows how dual covenant dispensationalism (and Vatican II Roman Catholic pluralism) has come to dominate the “Protestant” religious right. With all due respect to some of the online discernment ministries, the biggest threat to undo the Protestant Reformation is not emergents like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, and Rick Warren but rather the religious right, and if anything the former is feeding off the latter, especially when you saw the spate of columns from the conservative media wishing that debate moderators Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill, and Tom Brokaw would make McCain look as good as Rick Warren did.

Second of all, Christianity is not a value system. It is a personal relationship with the resurrected Jesus Christ as He was revealed to creation in His incarnation and through scripture, is now sitting on the right hand of God interceding for His elect, and will be revealed to creation again at His imminent return. It is very possible to hold onto a value system without believing in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is equally possible to reject any and all western value systems while believing in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The best evidence of the latter is that Christianity is not even a western religion to begin with. It is a near eastern religion, and the Bible reflects near eastern culture and values. As a matter of fact, some of the worst doctrines have come from trying to impose western ideas on a near eastern book (see the work of the Alexandrian allegorists, Thomas Aquinas and scholasticism, and the Neo – Platonic syncretists) and from using western inventions like JAMES DOBSON FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY FOCUS ON THE FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY as a convenient construct to paint a happy modern face on the Bible’s dark primitive revelation on man’s total depravity.

That, after all, is what the religious right is: a reinvention of the religious left. The original religious left denied the total depravity of man, stated that man was basically good (conveniently ignoring or reinterpreting inconvenient Bible passages that stated otherwise) and could be transformed through culture and education. What was the birthplace of this thinking? Why GERMANY of course. Who manipulated these doctrines and the environment created by it into thinking that he was helping transform mankind for the better by promoting German culture? Why Adolph Hitler, of course!

You see, these people have never heard of Sarah Palin before now. She was never a member of their church. They have never been to her house at prayer meetings. They have never encountered her at a Beth Moore Christian women’s weekend retreat. They don’t even know whether the string of wild rumors about the Palin family’s behavior, virtually all of them circulating all over Alaska long before McCain thrust them into the national spotlight, made them tabloid fodder. 

Their only evidence that this woman is a Christian is her church membership and her claims to believe. Well, excuse me, but that is different from secret society “all religions worship the same God” the first president to pray in a Muslim mosque George W. Bush how? Even better: this is better than Southern Baptists Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson how? Methodist Hillary Clinton or Congregationalist Barack HUSSEIN Obama how? You could talk to any of them, and they would all claim to agree with 80% of the Christian creeds, just as much as do neo – evangelicals whose works are cited in many of our evangelical seminaries.

So no, I take that back. Their evidence that Palin is born again is not her church affiliation or her confessions of faith. Again, many a liberal Democrat leader – and voter – shares those. No, their evidence is politics and culture. If you have the right beliefs and lifestyle, then it means that you are sanctified and justified! It isn’t about the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it is about preferring moose hunting to off Broadway plays. 

Then again, why should we expect any different from a fellow that says “A candidate who is sincere in their following of Jesus Christ and is sincere in their Judeo-Christian beliefs is one we would support.” Does the leader of the Assemblies of God denomination even know that this is a contradiction? Jesus Christ is not of this world. Judeo – Christianity is a VERY RECENT (some say that the term and concept did not exist before the Holocaust and particularly before the establishment of Israel) worldly invention to describe an ill – defined social, cultural, and political movement.

Incidentally, it is based on a lie, the idea that Jewish religion and culture significantly shaped western civilization. Not only is this idea false, but it is one that the westerners of times past that used to force Jews to live in ghettoes would have had an issue with. Case in point: our legal code is not based on the Bible, but rather British common law. Further, British common law only reflected three of the Ten Commandments – killing, stealing, and perjury – and this was so before Britain even converted to Christianity! So, if western civilization was founded on Judeo – Christianity, then so was Babylon by virue of their Code of Hammurabi. And even that is presuming that anything worldly like Judeo – Christianity can save people rather than damn them, which it cannot. 

This is why the Bible calls it “devil’s doctrines.” And if the leader of the 3 million Assemblies of God denomination is trafficking them, then that is really disappointing. It honestly is disconcerting that so many Christians reject not only the Bible and theology, but also history and culture. I am speaking of myself, incidentally, for I was a “Judeo – Christian religious right” zombie until very late in 2006. But hey, at least I can say that I was misled. (Now according to Romans 1:18-32, being misled does not make us blameless incidentally. We are all still without excuse for rejecting the the truth and righteousness of God.)

But if I am able to discover these lies merely by reading a few of the history and theology books that are commonly used in our evangelical seminaries and Bible colleges, then what explanation is there for the many pastors and other religious right leaders that have gone through these seminaries? Did they fall asleep in class that day? Were they preoccupied with personal difficulties that prevented them from reading the relevant sections in their textbooks? And did this happen to all of them? Did every single leader of the religious right and every single evangelical pastor that traffics this “Judeo – Christian values” nonsense somehow possess the very same omissions from their theological, doctrinal, and historical studies? Now if you can believe that, then you can believe that Barack Hussein Obama was asleep, inattentive, or absent every Sunday that Jeremiah Wright said something controversial.

Yes, we are supposed to believe that Jeremiah Wright’s church is apostate and get so angry at its existence because it is Marxist. Since they are Marxist, they have the wrong values, and that is what makes them apostate. Note that virtually none of the “Judeo – Christian” people who thundered against the apostasy of Obama’s church over its rejection of western culture will ever in a million years say the same against Mormons, Roman Catholics, or Jews. Because with these people, it is not rejecting the Bible that makes you a sinner, it is rejecting your values. Therefore, a person is saved by embracing these values. 

Again, how can these people have gone to Christian schools, pastored churches, and studied the Bible all these years without knowing this, and further while refusing to stand against this error? Simple: they haven’t. Which, again, makes them no different from or better than either Jeremiah Wright or Barack Hussein Obama. And that is what makes their vigorous endorsements of Sarah Palin all the more suspect.


11 Responses to “Assemblies Of God Leader George Wood Calls Sarah Palin A True Judeo-Christian Candidate!”

  1. Jewish culture did shape western culture. Jewish people created Christianity and Christians influenced much of Western culture significantly. By that simple example, Jewish people had a great deal to do with the influence of Western culture. Although, Western culture isn’t perfect and many Jewish people lived in ghettos. Jewish people traveled all across Africa and Europe. Much of the religious statues of the OT inspire the organization of Christians. Jesus, most of his early disciples, and 11 of the 12 apostles were Jewish. By definition, there is a clear Jewish influence on the invention of Christianity. Also, education has transformed society for thousands of years. Yet, human beings can’t be saved by his education. Only God alone can save human beings. There is no Judeo-Christianity entity in a technical sense, but Jewish people invented Christianity (One simple example is that Jesus Christ is Jewish). You ought to acknowledge that.

  2. Devon said

    Truthseeker, I hear what your saying…but I wouldn’t likely use the term that Jewish people ‘created’ Christianity per se…

    Christ is a fulfillment of Bibical Judiasm and yes we have much to applaud our Jewish foundations of our faith….

    Regarding Job’s article hear…I kinda liked Harriet Mears but the press tore her to shreds…I really don’t know much about her otherwise…

    As for Palin, Job, she may not be a 5 point calvinist but she is a Sister in Christ from a Pentacostal background and lets be honest here….of the 4 top candidates for Prez and vice Prez, she is the only one that is a Christian..

    I think that is pretty clear….the other 3 are clearly not regenerate believers…at least from what we can discern by their previous actions and present words…

    Take care

  3. James said

    I don’t think Obama is THE anti-christ he just speaks like one. We can infer too much. He was pals with his terrorist neighbor, is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, signed the black values statement, pro-deficit spending, and lately signed onto a massive Panic/Fraud/Bailout/Rescue bill. His wife is now proud to be an American because her sweetypie has his name on the ballot.
    I think Palin is a Christian that would agree with most evangelicals on the right. I’ve listened to her speeches myself to hear that she is a decent candidate. The disappointing characters are the ones who signed that horrible bill.
    I want somebody to pledge to tackle the $10 trillion dollar national debt. That is the real elephant in the room. Don’t be distracted by false promises of tax breaks or health care. Somebody has to pay for it all.

  4. Accepting the dual covenant theology is just as wrong as denying Jewish contributions to Christians then and now.

  5. I see what you mean Devon. I would say that Christianity is a fulfillment of prophecy, because prophecy dictates that a Messiah would come to die for our sins. I have my issues with some parts of Pentecostalism. I believe Palin is a puppet with influence from the CNP and that establishment crowd. I think Sarah doesn’t know who pulls her strings. I could be wrong on this point.

  6. James said

    She could be a puppet if her husband isn’t taking on his role in prayer. He needs discernment to break any ties that are from the enemy. Hopefully, they pray together each night in private.
    I hear people constantly say that she is scary because she is too religious. Her sect of pentacostalism isn’t the problem her faith is what scares people. This is a part of the culture war.
    The country is used to nominal Christians like Bill Clinton who can chat with Tony Campolo and Jesse Jackson after the Monica incident. This president as a Methodist is scary to unbelievers.

  7. thesoulofthecreator said

    this pentecostal is voting Obama!!!! I already have

  8. Beware false prophets. The McCain/Palin Campaign Embraces “Agents of Intolerance”. Read about it at SERENDIPITY.

  9. Job said


    Jewish people invented Christianity, true. But the influence of actual Biblical Christianity on western culture is greatly overstated. Christianity was originally a near eastern religion. I am not promoting eastern values or religions, but most of western culture is either a conflict with or clear rejection of the Bible. Seriously, almost a straight line can be drawn between the western influence on Christianity leading to a liberal, rational, philosophical form of Christianity that led Germany to embrace and enable Hitler.

    It is clear that the Jews invented Christianity. Jesus Christ Himself said so in the gospel of John, and Paul restated it in the epistle to the Romans. It is true, though to a much lesser degree that Christianity influenced the development of western culture. So while it is fair to say that Judaism influenced the west through Christianity, the direct influence of Judaism on western culture is marginal, especially when you consider that the reason why the early church ran off the Jews wasn’t because of the excuse that they were “Pharisees, Judaizers, and heretics” but rather because the Jews rejected attempts by the early church to mix Christianity with Greek paganism. The Gentile Christians did not want to be in the world but not of it. The underclass wanted to hold onto the superstitions and traditions that had long sustained them in their poverty and marginalization. The upper class wanted to retain the respect of the Greek elite, who saw Christianity as primitive, unsophisticated, and loathsome. (The truth is that the field of apologetics originated as an attempt by educated Gentile Christians to show Greek pagans that Christianity was as good as Greek culture. Of course, Greek culture was so wretchedly immoral and abominable that these Christians should have been preaching against it and opposing the pretensions of the Hellenists that they were so cultured just as Moses exposed the pretentions of the Egyptians, but instead they were using apologetics to show that the Torah of Moses was as good as anything produced by Aristotle, Plato, and Homer.) And the middle class wanted a version of Christianity that would suit their desires for class mobility and increased status. If you recall, this was the situation with the Corinth church addressed by the two epistles: people who were of humble birth moved to a port city of low reputation with very few Roman citizens or aristocratic types were using spiritual gifts and strange doctrines to attract business for themselves (especially lawyers who wanted to show off their excellent speaking ability to gain clients) and a reputation.

    It really does appear that as soon as the first and second generations of the church – the apostles and people who could claim to have heard their teachings first hand – departed the scene, Gentile Christians rejected Christianity’s Jewish foundations and got to work replacing it with a pagan one. That is why there is a much bigger body of influence from Greek, Roman, Nordic, Anglo – Saxon, Celtic, etc. mythology on western culture than there is anything from Judaism. As a matter of fact, even most evangelical Christians didn’t know a thing about Jewish culture until pre – tribulation rapture dispensationalism came along.

  10. udtlearner said

    You haven’t studied anything you stated!Heretik!

  11. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Welcome to the blog.

    Please elaborate on your statement. Give us some scripture or knowledge for your conclusions. This is a place to explore the ideas of others who may think otherwise. We are united in the fact that the scripture is the Word of God. So present your evidence for your strong statement please.



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